Britney Parties In Las Vegas

Britney has been enjoying herself in Las Vegas. She has become quite the chameleon…changing her look constantly. I miss her short hairdo! She still looks great though of course. Here she is pictured with Paris Hilton on Saturday.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney was spotted at the Palms Casino Resort Friday donning a disguise of a pink wig and big, dark sunglasses. Before her partying she enjoyed a shopping spree at Caesars Palace’s Forum Shops.

Britney also did pretty well at the tables, gambling at The Mint, the Palms’ high-limit lounge. There, Britney got lucky and enjoyed $10,000 in winnings from blackjack!

She also was introduced to Mario Lopez at The Mint. The two, along with a small group, then headed up to Moon Nightclub and partied the night away. Sounds like fun!
Britney Spears

And here she is with her former manager, Larry Rudolph, in Las Vegas on Friday.

Britney Spears

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  1. leam says

    I have no comment I know how much u been threw the last couple of years. Its good that ur finally geting ur lfe back. I hope to here ur new album soon sincerly ur fan leam

  2. leam says

    I have no comment I know how much u been threw the last couple of years. Its good that ur finally geting ur lfe back. I hope to here ur new album soon sincerly ur fan leam

  3. Shea says

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  18. LeAnne says

    Now, back to the whole reason for this blog…..Brit and Paris. I just can’t believe Britany is being so open about this partying every night when custody is a huge current issue for her. I saw on a news show last night that she has made a week of partying. I realize she just got out of a divorce and I realize that she is still young, but with FedEx breathing down her neck about custody you would think that she would keep her partying to a minimum.

  19. Shea says

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  22. LeAnne says

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  23. Janet says

    I saw the picture of Brit and Paris with the leopard on. Not a good choice. And, she does look like she’s putting her weight back on. Must be water weight from to much boozing. She shouldn’t be dressing like Paris at all. What’s with her hanging out with Paris all of a sudden. These people are all single with no children. Definately not a good influence. Go home Britney and do some bonding with that new baby of yours.

  24. Paula says

    Check out Looks like Britney is putting her weight back on. Now I know who is giving her fashion tips. Paris Hilton!!

  25. Shea says

    By the way, does anyone know a good website where I can meet other lesbian women? I’m having no luck at gay bars.

  26. Shea says

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    She/ or he? is just a sad lonely mean person that has NOTHING better to do then to sit at her comp eating her twinkies, prob goes on blogs ALL day dissing others, and has no life to speak of. Just sad.

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  28. carleigh says

    To Leanne…I wasn’t having a battle of whit’s with my cyber stalker. Actually I could give a care less what that moron has to say, I just think it is very unoriginal and sad that someone has to incorporate part of my ID into their own. I think every person should be entitled to pick their OWN name and post their OWN topics and if someone doesn’t agree about it, so well. Who really cares. I don’t know what your comment was insinuating but there was no battle between me and the Carleigh hater person because I have no time to deal with obvious stupidity and better things to do then let what that idiot has to drivel and drone on about. I enjoy blogging here and won’t let an idiot like that deter me from it. Happy blogging to you and word of advice practice what you preach….there was no battle because that person doesn’t have the whits or talents to match the likes of me and I don’t deal with stupid idiots I ignore them altogether. And finally BTW..I have always blogged under Carleigh and always and only Carleigh. Anyone who has been here long enough knows that I don’t have to hide behind a peusdo ID to get my points across. have a nice night and happy blogging to you.

  29. I think it's about says

    79. 2kids2many
    No problem, like I said I thought it was funny-you were being sarcastic about everyone off the subject, I remembered your “off subject” post. At least you mentioned that. I just thought it was funny, because I did mention it to my niece for her little ones, and within 2 hours she called me back and said she ordered one.
    I will mention it again after Christmas.
    I apprieciate your apology, and thank you, but really it is no problem. I understand how it gets here sometimes, I should have written more in that post, I was just laughing about it. Sometimes I forget not everyone has my families sense of humor. Have a nice (are you from US?) Thanksgiving!

  30. dori says

    I really liked Brit with the shorter hair wonder why she flt she had to ad the length and make it look long and stringy. Now it’s ugly.

  31. 2kids2many says

    Leanne…I don’t need to “calm down” I volunteer for the Special Olympics and we don’t call them “retards”. That is a derogatory remark…like the “N” word…totally uncalled for. And if you were ever so lucky to have a (mentally) handicapped person bless your life, you wouldn’t like that word either! SOME PEOPLE just can’t see them for the wonderful, special people they are! Shame!

    And, not that it is any of your business what my handle is (but you obviously want to make me look bad) 2kids2many refers to my 2 dogs that are worse than my children. My husband and I always say we have 2 kids to many. I thought it would be a cute handle. So…don’t even try to make me look bad. In the process, you only make yourself look bad. Oh! and by the way, thanks! I AM a great parent! Nice of you to recognize that.

    #76…sorry about that, I thought you were being sarcastic (there seems to be alot of that on this website). I hope your niece likes the Weemote Control. It is really cool! It’s amazing the products that have come out to make parent’s lives easier! again, I do apologize!

  32. LeAnne says

    Oh and by the way….not sure if your screen name is referring to you, but if it is…..I hope your kids don’t see it. Really nice…..”two kids too many”. Wow. Great parent.

  33. LeAnne says

    2kid2many……I didn’t post it to be cool hun. If you let a blog comment upset you, then perhaps you need to stop reading them. I didn’t call you a retard….so calm down.

  34. I think it's about says

    It was a funny remark to YOUR sarcastic remark #71. Nothing about it made me upset (look in the mirror).
    I even told my niece about it for her little ones.Thats why I remembered it, she is getting them one for Christmas. Don’t take everything so serious, it was in fun.

  35. 2kids2many says

    #72…if that was meant to be a sarcastic remark towards me…screw you! I merely found a product that has made my life so much easier and thought it would be nice to share it with other mothers. If that so easily makes you upest…get some therapy because you obviously have anger issues. and besides, that was on another thread.-days ago. what do you do, memorize everything I say. Get a life!

  36. LeAnne says

    Fighting on the internet is like participating in Special Olympics….at the end of the day you are still a retard!

    Carleigh and Carleigh Hater……the next time you two want to have a battle of wits….please don’t come unarmed!

  37. carleigh hater says

    LMAO off or should I say Carleigh or should I say Pebbs or should I just call you Miss MPD…multiple personality disorder. Poor Carleigh so many people hate her that she has to use different handles just to beable to say something. What a crying out shame.

  38. J says

    Ladies you’re acting like children. Since you’re so confident about your looks and personalities why don’t you both post pictures of yourselves and give us the links? You can unabashedly call perfect strangers fat, ugly, and manly thorugh the anonymity of the internet. Let’s take that away and see what happens.

  39. LMAO says

    oh yea, wonder where imo…is carleigh hater? I’m sure not too far unless you sat on her!!! lmao!!lololololololol!!!

  40. LMAO says

    carleigh hater your short and fat at 5 inches and 9 whatever and 127 pounds. If your going to brag about you height and weight get the little marks right. hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahah!!!!! And if you’re 5′ 9″ at 127 your a stick!!! lmao! ahahahahahahah

  41. carleigh hater says

    wow a woman police officer….can you say “Butch dike Lesbian!” who wants to be a man! You’re turn Shea –since you can’t keep your big manly mouth shut and have to get the last word in! go pump some iron or write a ticket, She-man. and if 5″9, 127 lbs is a fat ass, then I guess I AM a fat ass. Better to be a fatass than a She-man. (Probably got facial hair too..pluck it honey!)

  42. shea says

    hey Carleigh hater….what the heck do you think YOU do?? …you actually use someone elses handle, you dont posts on anything UNLESS carleigh does, and ALL that you have to say is stupid things about other posters!! …if thats not tryin to dominate this site I dont know what is. I dont see no shoving down throats of anything…MY GOD this is a computer site! IF you dont like what a certain person says then DONT read it! You say carliegh cant shut up…fine well you cant NOT respond either. Dont compare me to carliegh ( i dont have anything against you carleigh, btw) I actually say my opinions on topics…ALL you ever say on here is nasty things about the people that do have a thought in their heads. ITS ok for you to state your thoughts but when others difer from your way of thinking you diss them. Id rather be a wanna be then someone like you. Ive only had one child, but as a police officer i gotta be in shape….. I love my body and I wouldnt want anyone else thanks, exspecially YOUR fat ass. I guess i did get to your LOL…. “bitch?” LOL too funny

  43. carleigh hater says

    No–I don’t hate everyone. I just hate people who have to dominate this board and try to shove their opinions down the throat of everyone over and over and over again….like Carleigh. and I hate the Carleigh want-to-be’s who dont have an original thought in their head so all they do is back up Carleigh-like Shea does. and as far as me geing fat, Shea. Ha. you only wish you had a body like mine. 4 kids later and i still look hot in a string bikini. bet you can’t say that, bitch.

  44. FACE IT! says

    Britney isn’t a good mom. She appeared to be one when she was married and when she was pregnant with her second one. You saw her alot with Sean because she didn’t have anything else to do but be with him while she was pregnant. Now, I’m sure she feels tied down even tho it doesn’t look like she is because she’s never seen with her babies anymore. She is 24 years old and I really don’t think she thought the whole motherhood thing through. Kids are a huge responsiblity. Somebody said you should get your partying days out of the way before kids come and I wholeheartedly agree. Not so much to not go out. That’s fine, just don’t go to the extremes this girl is going to. Hanging with Paris is only going to get her in trouble because that girl is just one party after another. In the videos Britney looks a little star struck to me and so immature. Not like someone that has children waiting at home or someone that had a successful career. None of those people that I know of have kids tieing them down and Britney might become a little envious of that. She does have nannies watching them but I’m sure in her little mind there is some nagging guilt hanging out in there. But I think the wanting to be free and easy will overcome the guilt. You haven’t seen the last of her behavoir. She is eventually going to do something that will shock everyone. Why? Because she is Britney Spears and she doesn’t think past her own selfish existence. She is a me, me, me person and the children will suffer. And, just because she has tons of money doesn’t mean a child will be happy. It takes a parent that makes a child happy, not money.

  45. Shea says

    Carliegh hater, your so dumb you couldnt even understand my post. Looks like i got to you lol. opps, I guess i was wrong on ONE thing, you like twinkie’s not ho ho’s, kinda funny how you didnt try to disprove the fact that your a fatass that just sits on the computer all day dissing others opinions and thoughts… your NOT a lesbian??? LOL. I never even called you a lesbian. I also believe you got it wrong, YOUR the one with a fasination with carliegh, you got her name….you always HAVE to say something about her… STALK her on topics…its really kinda wierd and SAD, and no one likes you nor do they ever agree with anything you have to say. maybe you should take a cue. Take your fatass to the supermarket for exercise, buy some carrots instead of your twinkies and let your legs do the talking instead of your fingers. But then again I bet your fingers are fat too ewww. so give us some more stupid comments about posters that actually have a thought in theirs heads about topics on here, unlike you, all you look like stupid.

  46. babyhates says

    NICKI – I just saw that ! There all krazy I tell you !!!!! Life is to short to sit at home and cry about all your mistakes ~

  47. wendy says

    so has Kevin – he has two kids but that didnt stop him going out to strip clubs did it??
    let her be – let her have a bit of fun – life is too short!!!!

  48. MissyMama says

    No life does not stop when you have kids and parents are entitled to time away…but when you have a new baby, who is barely 2 months old at home, spending your nights partying is not what a responsible parent would be doing.

    The first few months of a childs life are the most crucial in establishing a firm bond with it’s mother. I think what is trying to be said here, is Ok Britney, we get the point, you dumped the loser, your free and you want to have fun. Thats great, but you’re not completely unattached, you have 2 kids at home that need you.

  49. Josh says

    Kelly, either im missing your point or you are just a simple loser ! So, Britney went out, and she has 2 kids. But, you seem to have used this message board to inform the world that you too have 2 children . Maybe, you should think of the life britneys children will have, and place it in a comparison with the life yours will, or are having. I dont think a brain surgeon is needed to predict wich one will be for the better.

  50. Nicki says

    Wow, now they are saying no sex tape exists (which is good) and TMZ will have a statement soon from both thier lawyers.

  51. babyhates says

    I guess…………… well actually if she says they can have it for free then why whould they pay the other person since they both are on there. KRAZY I KNOW !!!!!!!! I think it JJ that did her hair !!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Nicki says

    babyhates~ I saw the bad weave job on the back of her head. Looks like she had Sean Preston do it for her.
    The video-I think it would be brilliant of her to just give it away so FedEX can’t make a dime off it. How many copies of it did they make? They each have one?

  53. babyhates says

    mom of 4 – She’s been spending time with “Larry” because I think he’s helping her with her come back. I think he might be her manager again 🙂 I hope that helps her come back…. now all she needs is a writer, music, a personal stylist, and hair care person !!! Did anyone see the pictures of the back of her head ? It looks so horrible. I also read that she is gonna give away the porn video so FEDEX doesn’t get any more money from her.

  54. Diana says

    Carleigh hater – life is too short to start getting nasty, nothing will be accomplished only you getting more and more frustrated and not solving anything. It should be posts on here about the pictures and celebs not getting personal with one another.

  55. carleigh hater says

    #42 there you go changing your handle again carleigh/ pebbs/ hey!! YOURE the one that needs therapy for your multiple personality disorder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o and by the way, i wouldn’t want to know Carleigh personally…she’s a know it all bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. mair says

    Can anyone tell me who that guy in the white t-shirt is? Is that the manager? That skagie, toothless-looking wreck? Oweew..WHAT is she doing with him, no matter who he is? Thanks.

  57. Hey says

    You people know that’s that stupid person that goes by imo…she’s not fooling anyone. She tries to run everyone off and succeeds sometimes. Poor Pebbs got fed up. And I hate to post too because of people like her. She needs some serious therapy for her mental problems. Or she’s one of those convicts with access to the internet. Of course they have anger problems. Yeah, must be that!

  58. Diana says

    Carleigh Hater – do you personally know Carleigh? Or are you just one here to be plain nasty? Let bygones by bygones and just make up. It isn’t worth being so nasty to other people, you won’t succeed in anything and believe me I think there are more people against you than Carleigh.

  59. carleigh hater says

    Shea-gay…”EAT ME?” ewww…what are you some kind of LESBO? that is just GROSS! Honey–they make other websites for “people like you” who fantasize about other women eating them. I’m sure this is going to disappoint you–but since I am a “straight” woman (and not interested in your sick perverted fantasy of “eating you”) I prefer a good old fashion cream filled twinkie. not a “ho ho” (the snack cake choice for lesbeans) Wasn’t it your brother who was gay? DANG! Does homosexuality run in your family or something? Please keep your GROSS, unhealthy sexual comments to yourself and keep me out of them….PLEASE!!

    And Carleigh–thanks for proven me right (#36) you are physically unable of keeping your BIG mouth shut. By responding with “I’m not going to respond”—- YOU RESPONDED. WHOS THE DUMB ASS NOW! Hmmm…there ya go Shea-gay! Go fantasize about Dumb ass Carleigh. She’s too dumb to know the difference between a twinkie and a ho ho! YOU might have a shot!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Shea says

    carleigh hater, your one to talk about vibrators….. the only reason you use “carleigh hater ” is becuz your just one of “those” people that have nothing better to do in their lives but sit their fat ass on a computer all day, and say bad things about people that ACTUALLY have a life. makes me sad for you……wait, no it doesnt. Eat another box of ho ho’s, and dont worry about grammar, for real you should worry about fitting your fat ass in your escort to get more ho ho’s. so chow down and eat me.

  61. Lolitha says

    the brister looks good, not sure what the connection is with Paris but anyway i love the Brister look

  62. carleigh hater says

    Carleigh-the day you keep your BIG pie hole shut will be a day that I weep—-TEARS OF JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I liked it better when you had “personal business” and couldn’t post. I guess your personal business must be done. I’m glad to see that you got the batteries replaced in your vibrator. Now stick it in your mouth and shut up!!!!!!!!! O ya, & by the way, i had to use “Carleigh hater” as a handle cause “I hate Carleigh” and “Sick of Carleigh” were already taken. How does it feel to be so-o-o-o-o-o-o hated.

  63. carleigh says

    My, my, my aren’t you a piece of work! Why don’t you get an ORIGINAL ID instead of using part of mine….idiot! DORK! Your pathetic beyond words and I am not wasting another post on your dumbass! So go ahead hit me w/ your best shot and I can promise your stupid ass I won’t respond back so go weep in the corner!

  64. carleigh hater says

    o. okay carleigh. maybe Britney can hire you as her PR person and call you first for permission to go out and have fun!! Why are you posting anyway? I thought you had “personal business” to take care of. Damn. and I thought that we were going to get some peace and quiet for awhile!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Lisa says

    i think the same thing as other people..she has two kids and she is young..we always saw her out and about it with Sean P..I think she does deserve a little bit of a life now..but she does not need to be hangin with Paris Hilton..and all that stuff bout her dancing naked i dont believe it til i see pics of it..not that i want to..but i wish Britney all the best at least she got rid of her baggage..

  66. carleigh says

    If Britney wants to make a comeback she really should distance herself from that skank bait Paris Hilton….bad PR move Brit!

  67. 2kids2many says

    Brandy, you can be a responsible parent and still have fun at the same time. Your life does NOT end just because you have kids. Don’t assume that she is some out-of-control party girl who is neglecting her children just because there were a few pictures of her without her children. Wasn’t she just photographed last week sitting in a restaurant with Baby Sean? Prior to recent events, you never saw Britney without her baby. Poor girl can’t get a break!

  68. sarie says

    I think it is fine for her to go out and party, I am sure her kids are WELL taken care of. Hey, at least k-fag doesnt have them. I think she looks great and in order to have a comeback, you have to get out there on the social scene. I mean she is Single, looking good, and shes only 25 yrs old. Leave her alone already.

  69. MissyMama says

    Ok sure, she is a free woman, yes, she’s 24 years old, yes, she deserves some time to have fun. But NOT a two week party fest nationwide!

  70. Brandy says

    2Kids2Many – That’s NOT what 25 year olds do when they have babies to take care of. Believe me, at 25 years old I had three, and I was a very responsible parent. Get your partying out of the way before you bring helpless babies into the picture. I’m all for having fun, but once you’re a mommy it’s time to GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think K-Fed’s responsible enough for custody of those boys, but Brit is not presenting herself as a responsible parent either.

  71. 2kids2many says

    She’s 25 years old, for gosh sakes! THAT is what 25 year olds do….Party! She’s a free woman now. Let her enjoy her new found freedom for alittle while! or would you be happier if she just stayed at home watching Oprah? Even with 2 kids, she still needs a life!

  72. says

    I find it particularly suspicious that no one here is treating the lack of baby Jayden photos quite the same way they did baby Suri photos, and yet everyone seems to wish Britney the best! All Katie Holmes did was go shopping without her kid…Britney is destroying her life all over again, and might I add looking like trash while she does it, and all anyone can talk about is how they support her supposed “comeback”! Come on, people, she’s never had good music, married a loser, is about to fight for custody of her little boys who are always without her, and is now on a never-ending bender. She’s done.

  73. mumba says

    How could she be away from her babies so much???? In the whole 15 months my son has been in this world I have been out TWICE! And believe me its not that Im short of offers of babysitters, it was simply because I believe if you bring a baby into the world then you should be the one caring for it.

  74. Amy says

    I find it curious that she’s away from her children so much. When I was fighting my ex for custody of my daughter, I couldn’t leave her side. Must be she doesn’t feel that way. She does look happier than she has in years. I hope everything works out for her.

  75. MissyMama says

    She is obviously not thinking about the effect her actions are going to have on her bit to keep custody. She should be laying low right now taking care of her babies and proving how “responsible” she is.

    Partying with Paris Hilton?? Ugh, please! Definetely NOT a good choice when trying to repair your image and make a comeback!

    Come on Britney use whatever brains you have! Get a CLUE!

  76. mom of 4 says

    Does anyone besides me notice that she has been snapped with Larry R a LOT lately (standing super close and even holding hands). If he is no longer her manager, why is she out with him almost every night?? Hmmm, just curious! I still like her, regardless of what she does. No one’s perfect.

  77. Nicki says

    I just saw on that she ended up taking her pants off and was dancing around with just that white top and her fishnet stockings. She needs to go home to her babies. It hasn’t been “one fun night out”, she has been out all week doing this and that, without her children.
    I despise FedEx, but this only adds ammo to his ridiculous, if true, custody fight.
    Best wishes to Sean Preston and what did they name him, Jaden.

  78. Paula says

    Was wondering how long it was going to take her to start her partying. Paris Hilton is a bad influence. She should stay completely away from her. And how can she party all night, then go home to be with her children. When does she sleep? And where are the children? Oops, she’s doing it again!!!

  79. jenna says

    who cares?
    she married to a complete douche bag
    let her have one fun night out in vegas, if having a one night stand in vegas w/ AC SLater makes her happy, then
    hey, party on.

  80. Nicki says

    Where is Sean Preston and the new baby?
    I liked her hair shorter. I also liked it the color it was when she was just pregnant.
    Good for her winning 10K. Thats about what her loser of a soon be ex spent in 10 minutes. Stay away from Paris please if you want to be taken seriously. I thought we would be seeing FedEx with Paris before we saw Britney with her.

  81. Nicki says

    Where is Sean Preston and the new baby?
    I liked her hair shorter. I also liked it the color it was when she was just pregnant.
    Good for her winning 10K. Thats about what her loser of a soon be ex spent in 10 minutes. Stay away from Paris please if you want to be taken seriously.

  82. says

    Britnay, what the heck?!? Why in the world would she hang out with Paris Hilton? I just read a post that she puked on stage after drinking straight vodka, she asked the DJ to put her album on so she could lipsynch two songs! Least to say she couldn’t even mouth the words much less keep her cookies down! Not good Britney, your are trying to comeback!

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