1. dian says

    I really do not think that it is anybody’s business what Brad and Angie are doing. Obviously they are not breaking laws, hanging their kids over a balcony, or selling them out. Department of family services has not been called on them and what this couple do with their personal lives and with their children is just that. As a preoccupied public facination of celebrities, we love to see photos of the children and of the celebs that we love but to go digging into the extreme of their personal ives, is a travesty. I would much rather hold the celebs that I love up and not know any of their pitfalls. I am not perfect, I realize that no one really is… it is foolish to wish them to be.

  2. marie m. pearson says

    I don’t care what they say..
    about angelina and brad. I Just wanted to see them all happy and in good health. with the kids forever. I think god made them for each other because thier both have a really good heart to love thier kids and to help people around the world.because it take a lot of love to give and help others.

  3. Vero says

    The stories you read and the pictures you see are only a small part of their lives. Its not fair to judge them and how they carry themselves. From what I see and read they are leading as much as a normal life they are able to. Those children are very fortunate to be able to live they life they have. From what I have read Angelina makes sure they learn about their culture, they interact with other children from all kinds of different backgrounds, participate in “normal” activies, etc, etc. For those who talk about Angelinas past, well who wasnt wild when they were young, the only difference is that she was in the public eye. “Make sure your hands are clean before pointing your finger at me” About her relationship with Brad, you can touch the chemistry they have between them. The look in their eyes screams I love you! I dont think Angie took Brad from Jen, you had to blind not to see that their relationship was so over way before Brad and Angie even knew each other. I am sure Brad and Angie care less about what is said about them cause they are the only ones that know the truth, I dont blame them for wanting to go live in the middle of nowhere.

  4. gretta says

    Angelina jolie is God sent from above.Brad Pitt is very locky to have met someone like her
    they have beautiful children.I cant wait to hear wedding bell because deep in my heart i beleive bratt has found her queen.

  5. LISA says


  6. Belle says

    I am Ethiopian and I am black just like Zahara but I don’t have big lips. I wilsh I did . What is wrong with some of these people. some whilte people that is . The last tme I heared you are trying to be just like black people. By tanining injecting your lips, your implant everything boobs and ass included and you hate blackness. But all you do spend a lt of money and you are all over black land. It is defintely a thin line I am confused can somebody please explain.

  7. says

    wow i look good in that pic right dont i hahaha i m brad pitt call me
    i want to makeout with mememe she wants to f with me i want to to

  8. N says

    i think we know that they dont look exactly alike….. (duh)…. but their lips are both full. I think thats what the comments mean….. JMO …… and also Most black people do “NOT” have big lips. That is a stereotypical comment!

  9. N says

    I dont think they are using the kids for attention…. And I think the only celebs that look for Publicity are the ones that are not in the limelight. When the public is already so fascinated about them i dont see the need for them to do things to bring more attention. JMO

  10. Helz says

    Brad and Angelina both get too much stick for being famous. There are thousands of families around the globe that are multi-racial (I have one), and trust me, its a load of crap when people put one of your loved ones down, or your family down for the colour of their skin. Think how Brad and Angelina feel when Maddox and Zahara are referred to as their ‘adopted’ children, and Shiloh referred to as their daughter. Maddox is their son, and Zahara and Shiloh are their daughters. Adopted doesn’t matter!

    As for the picture, most of the time, girl toddlers prefer their mothers, because they get to mess around with their shoes, clothes, and makeup, usually getting more on the carpet than actually on their face. Brad is a really attentive, nurturing and caring father, and Angelina is the same. I bet those kids are so, so loved, and have the best of everything, which is what any parent wants, so people stop slating them.

    Whats wrong with a little more love in the world? We need it.

  11. Nicki says

    I’m sure his 3 beautiful children think he is “Father of the Year.”
    And that will be what matters most to him.

  12. traveller says


    It’s good that you do something for others at Thanksgiving. So, why do you put down others that do the same? Brad and Angelina are trying to instill the same qualities you have in their children. I would think that you’d support that.


    I never said he was father of the year. Just that he’s as good a father as the guy working three jobs to support his family. I don’t believe there is anyone out there that is “Father of the Year”. There are millions of good fathers in this world. How can you pick just one to be the best? And what is the best? Certainly, your opinion of best doesn’t always match someone else’s. That’s all I was trying to say with my post.

  13. No pictures says

    Sorry, but I disagree Traveller. Still not father of the year material. They probably do good. But, no, not father of the year.

  14. No pictures says

    #87 Traveler, believe it or not I went to New Orleans and help serve food to the senior citizens and the shut ins. We served around 3,500 meals give or take. I try and do that every Thanksgiving. How about you?

  15. #5 lvr says

    uhmm ya i have never thought brad was cute
    maybe it’s just me and my sis but his is not hot
    anyways their kids r a dorable!!!

  16. traveller says


    I almost guarantee you that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie spend more time with their kids than most average folks. They make a movie, which involves about 6 to 8 weeks of intense shooting, then they’re out of work for however long they wish to be. And remember, Angelina was filming, Brad wasn’t. And when they get to New Orleans in December, the roles will be reversed. So, it sounds like the kids have at least one parent with them most of the time. Most kids could only dream of spending that much time with their parents. Granted, he has a lot easier life than the guy working 3 jobs to support his family, but I think he’s just as good a father.

    And yes, they did spend Thanksgiving week helping people. They were in Cambodia to attend meetings for their charity. And in Vietnam, they visited an orphanage and brought supplies with them for the kids.

    How did you help the disadvantaged this Thanksgiving?

  17. Colleen says

    I live in South Africa, yes it is true that our black folk do have slightly different features like fuller lips.

    I have watched this couple for a while and being a mom of my boy, 2, can understand them wanting to protect Shiloh as she is tiny and young babies don’t travel well.

    The older kids obviously pick up on mom and dad’s anxiety/irratability around the constant hounding of the cameras – hence them looking unhappy. Children are not able to pretend and will look anxious if that is what they feel. But I understand this as kids battle with constant change – but that it what celebratinghood is all about – globe trotting!

    It is so easy to flaunt affection … it is refreshing to see them just going about their business. Children change the dynamics of a marriage and relationship … it is only natural that they are attending to the kids first … I really feel that this hype with cause the ‘marriage’ to break …

    Whether they are together because of the kids or really want to be together … regardless … time will tell and they will have to deal with whatever the future holds.

  18. Layla says

    I agree with those that say Zahara favors Angelina. I noticed it early on before I even heard of anyone else mentioning it. Two people of different races can resemble one another. Skin color has nothing to do with facial features.

  19. oriana says

    Zahara looks mad all the time! She never smiles and never walks! even when they had their own photographer take pictures of them without a lot of flash bulbs around, still a sourpuss! She looks hateful all the time!

  20. Nicki says

    80. No pictures
    This isn’t the father of the year thread, it is Brad and Zahara. Please contain your negativity to the correct thread.
    Brad looks like a very attentive Dad here to his beautiful daughter Zahara.

  21. Shannom Harris says

    Brad is the father of the year and Angelina is a mother of the year!!!
    What’s wrong with you people? They are a loving and happy family!!!

  22. No pictures says

    of them helping anyone or being with the kids. only them playing on a motor bike. that helps people? these people are media hounds. father of the year? that’s stupid. father of the year should go to a mid western father with kids holding down 3 jobs, at the same time going to soccor games and spending weekends with his children camping. Every moment with his kids he can. not someone with mega money and nannies all over the place. this is a “hollywood” dad, and mom. Hollywood father of the year material. But surely not “real life” father of the year!!!

  23. traveller says

    They did spend Thanksgiving with their children. They were just in Cambodia at the time. And I think that they’re celebrating Thanksgiving the way it should be celebrated. They’re thankful for all they have and are sharing it with others in the world through their charity work. They did the same thing last year, spending Thanksgiving in Pakistan helping the earthquake victims. What a great thing to teach their children. I wish all people would celebrate Thanksgiving this way. It’s way more productive than sitting on your backside and stuffing your face with turkey.

    #75: They are instilling traditions in their children. The tradition of helping those less fortunate than yourself and trying to make the word a better place. No one ever made the world a better place watching football on tv and overeating.

  24. says

    You are a stupid ass #4, where do you get off saying that kid looks like Angelina. HELLO!!!! Your stupidity makes me laugh, I am not even going to go into why that is so absurd, are you blind????
    All I have to say is drinking and the computer DON’T MIX!!!!

  25. says

    AJ doesn’t want to raise her children with ANY traditions, American or otherwise!
    How can she look like a mangy alley cat with BBT and talk about how sadistic their sex is with blood and all that crap and make out with him on the red carpet and when it comes to Brad they always look so miserable.
    Smart girl though to sink her claws into a married Manny like that….yes I said Manny, thats all he is and appears to be! A manny on a VERY SHORT leash.

  26. Janet says

    The site I sent on #70 is on people magazine. Funny how Angie never touches Brad. If that were me I’d have my arms wrapped completely around the guy. What’s wrong with her? Is she afraid to show affection or something?

  27. Paige says

    So I think Brad and Angelina’s kids are really cute! But I think all kids are really cute, so that doesn’t matter so much. But people, this is a family. We are we treating them like dirt? They are people just like you and I. I know it was their choice to becomes actors, but I don’t think they would have adopted or become famous so people could go around bashing there kids. Give them a break, they’re people trying to be nice. What is wrong with that?

  28. Nicki says

    67. Anne ~ Yes the whole thing was, And I do agreee, it was funny.
    But I don’t believe any part of it.

  29. Nicki says

    I will say that this is the funniest from the article you posted……….”Jen is a fucking idiot. She needs to learn to simply steer clear of Angelina. Beauty that powerful and refined seems too dangerous to cross.”

  30. Nicki says

    The Post-Chronicle , that says it all, complete BS. It is the Post Chronicle. Please read some older atricles by them about ANY celebrity, it is all BS.

  31. Anne says

    I read some where that Brads parents were seen hanging out with Jen this week, that is interesting, Jolie apparently is not so happy with the idea, I will give you the link, I closed it by mistake!

  32. Katy says

    Sorry…but I don’t think Maddox or Zahara are all THAT cute. I mean…they’re cute…but their not going to win any beauty pagents or anything.

  33. traveller says


    What a horrible thing to say! I’m sure they would’ve been just as loved.
    Angelina stated in a CNN interview that Zahara was chosen for her by the orphanage and adoption agency. She didn’t go pick out the cutest kid she could find. After her petition to adopt an infant from Ethiopia was accepted, the agency assigned her a child. Regardless of what the child looked like, she would’ve been loved.

  34. Randy Marsh says

    I’m so sick of this celebrity trend of seeking out the cutest babies in the third world to adopt, as if they’re buying from the home shopping network. Madonna, Brad and Angelina wouldn’t even think of adopting these children if they weren’t so adorable. Do you think these children would have attracted their unconditional love if they had been disfigured by smallpox, or had their legs blown off by a landmine?

  35. LeAnne says

    I’m a loser?? Because I said something about an idiot who was telling people on here to get a life? Umm, okay. Whatever.

  36. traveller says

    Ever since she adopted him in 2001, I’ve always thought Maddox was a cutie. But for some reason, I’ve got a real affinity for Zahara. I think she’s one of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen. I enjoy seeing pics of her. Perhaps it’s because I have plans to adopt from Africa someday. Or perhaps it’s because she seems incredibly intelligent. I’m not really sure. All I know is that she’s my favorite celebrity kid.

  37. Nicki says

    Litz/Jackie, the same??? I didn’t ask Jackie anything, just Litz. But thanks for the answer.
    I would like to comment on covering Shiloh-did anyone think it might be to protect her eyes from ALL the flashes?

    Jackie, I don’t think there is any compettion between Tom and Katie or Brad and Angelina. True, I can’t stand Tom, I do like Katie however, but I feel Tom is on his way out. So he isn’t even in thier league.

  38. LeAnne says

    “Gosh people!!! Get your own life…”
    Ummmm Annoyed……if this blog annoys you so much, why are you reading it? What an idiot you are. You sit there for God knows how long and read a blog that is a site for people to post their opinions and then you tell people to get a life. We ought to start a blog about idiots like you who read blogs and then bitch about them.

  39. Veronica smitt says

    What happen to you people? Are you jealous? That men is a Awesome dad!!! In my list HE”S THE FATHER OF THE YEAR!!!!!!

    Come to mama Brad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Helz says

    Very, very cute picture. I have just read comment No. 6 by Nisa, and agree with Mair, No. 7 – who cares about Mia Farrow? She was never as big as Angelina, therefore, sher didn’t get papped as much! Lets just hope that this picture isn’t an indication that the Brangelina brood will go the same way as the ‘Allow’ brood did if you know what i mean – that would be a tiny bit too freaky for the world, and its press to handle, coming from the power-family that is the AWESOME Brangelina!!

  41. Lolitha says

    I need to start seeing more closeness between Ang and Brad to see that they are not just posing,nxa

  42. 2kids2many says

    Ya know, from the very beginning of Brad Pitts career, I could never understand why women went “ga-ga” over him. I honestly have never found him attractive. But…now that he has kids, I am starting to soften alittle bit toward him. There’s nothing more appealing than a loving father!

  43. Lucy says

    Father of the year, are you off the wall? What classifies him as father of the year. He’s never seen with his biological daughter, and when he’s seen with his adopted kids, it looks like he’s trying to hold it together, like at any moment he will snap. THere are plenty of fathers in this world who are doing far more with far less then Mr. Pitt. Before he wins father of the year, he needs to do something more than be seen with his adopted kids and talk about how much he loves fatherhood.

  44. Jackie says

    Nicki I answered your post but I cant seem to find it, I guess am sleepy and I deleted it, I dont enjoy the Brangelina relationship, so I really comment for the sake of observation, I am an incurable romantic, I read mills and boon, and the Brangelina relationship doesnt quite do it for me, what ever time they choose to separate that is their business, I am not sadistic enough and bored enough to count down for the demise of a relationship. I actually rarely check on them and since there wont be a castle wedding for them ( quoting Brad) there is nothing to look forward to. I looked forward to their baby, and seeing thier rainbow but now that has been worn thin.

    I lost it for Brad when he gave the script of a mighty heart to AJ when jen negotiated the deal, but hey that is life, that is men for you!

    You seem to think that there is competition between tomkat and Brangelina for publicity, you and many others, which I find childish and funny.

  45. Litz says

    Nicki, I am not gving them any time span, am not so sadistic, and remember there are children involved, my allusion to jen and Gwyn was to show that it is not unnatural for him to show some intimacy in public and it wouldnt be the first time; believe me what you don’t see in public, is not there in private, o.k so let us suppose he is not the couch jumping type, then why doesn’t he atleast say some thing nice about her in an interview? why doesn’t he show love for the kids in private, he freely shows love every where part from to the mother of his kid, this is the first time I have seen Jolie forlon and unhappy, mark you even when she was talking about poverty and disease in Afica, she was smiling, what happened, I say Brad happened!

  46. Nicki says

    41. litz
    Remember Brad with Jen or Gweneth, he was always holding them, what has changed,
    UMMMMMMMMM, he’s not with them.
    Get a clue. So how long does your “smell” give them?? Going on 2 years now and I’d say they look pretty good as a team, protecting thier children in public, and living and loving in private. Always together, only 4 days apart, for business, but ALWAYS together. Yeah that “smells ” weird, huh? (When in the year 03 he was only with JA for about 6 weeks total the whole year, What did you “smell” then?)

  47. Jackie says

    Kelly may. Where did you hear about the ear plugs for Suri, and before you believe it, did you see any picture where she was wearing them? Ha ha ha!!!! if she was to wear them, many people would have raised dust.

    Any way I must say, Suri was really well behaved given the fact that it was her first time in public, may be they couched her by playing loud music the week before, then again may be she is just a delightful baby, one of the guests commented that she was so sweet at the wedding not crying or making a fuss ( cruise control at such a young age) that she would guggle and laugh with all the guests who cooed at her! now that is what I call a celebrity baby!

    Kelly May am sorry but I don’t buy the ”it was early in the morning” story, that is not the first time she has used a shroud, remember the last time it was broad day light. Her publicist is the one who gave the immunisation story, I will get the news site for you, but like I said, I no longer buy it! What about the other children she parades, they are children too; capable of being scared, infact more so since thay understand a little!

    when was the last time you saw them smiling, but they still take them around, even when it is not called for, knowing that the paparazzi are going to upset them, zahara looks like she will get a parmanent sour look and I miss the cheeky Maddox!

  48. Nicki says

    KellyMay, Wow that is a great idea for any celebs young kids. I had never heard that about Suri, the earplugs, but what a great idea. I tend to cover my ears just watching a Splash video, Youtube or any other video with the paps screaming at them all. . That would explain why she looked mostly calm throughout all pictures taken of her, Suri. I do know when Gwyenth takes Apple to Chris’s concerts she has full on ear “gear” for her, smart idea.
    I just wish the best for this family and hope they have some peaceful time together. They seem like a loving and happy family to me. Looks like they don’t care for the intrusion on thier simple everyday park, ponyrides, boat rides, life.

  49. litz says

    Sue, read……………… lips!, it won’t last forever! Do those two look happy to you? Do they even act like lovers or spouses or even friends? Remember Brad with Jen or Gweneth, he was always holding them, what has changed, for chrissake this is even the mother of his children! Please give me a quote in any paper or magazine or TV Program of Brad on Angelina, I advocate for morals and marriage but without happiness they lose their appeal.

    The thread connecting those two is Zahara and Maddox, notice I haven’t said Shiloh, because if they had her only, they would not be togather; heck they look uncomfortable together, Brad doesn’t even guide her through the throngs of reporters even if she is carrying the kids.

    Maddox is too big to be carrried any way. I am a romantic and I smell a doomed relationship from far. And this one certainly is. Though I agree they are good parents, not father of the year definately, but very devoted.

  50. says

    Jacki, I never heard that immunization theory about Shiloh, I thought that was about Suri?!

    I think Shiloh is covered in that picture because like stated it is early morning and possibly she’s sleeping? The article also said that Maddox was in his P.J.’s. I don’t blame them for not bringing Shiloh out in India, wow they are very aggressive there and really Angelina has Holly watching Shiloh for her, who wouldn’t want your BF doing it when your at work? She is only 6 months old and doesn’t need to be paraded around a foreign country with 500 papparazzi chasing you every minute! Gosh I read that Tom got Suri ear plugs so she wouldn’t be startled on her first candid shots, smart and thoughtful of those precious babies!

  51. Sue says

    I am sure that Brad and Jen had problems before everyone knew it. HOWEVER, I think it was wrong that they (Brad and Jen) weren’t even divorced yet and Angelina was already pregnant. It seems as if they could have at least waited until the divorce was final.

    Unfortunately, hollywood divorce rate is even higher than the national average. Its such a shame that we are so facinated with people that have such low moral standards.

    There are MANY people out there that volunteer there time to worthy organizations but just don’t have it all over the papers and magazines.

    I hope that this relationships lasts forever and that begin new trend in hollywood.

  52. Cass says

    i am so bored of this couple it is unbelievable. i agree with the guys that said all brad talks about if fatherhood and that’s the prize he won when he hooked up with angie. You never see them acting as a couple. You never see them holding hands or showing affection, the only affection they show is towards their adopted kids-u don’t see shiloh anymore. They annoy me-she will always be weird person to me and brad clearly has no compassion or morals-i mean he didn’t work hard to save his marriage did he! They walk around the place as though they think they own it-look at the other day when he bailed their security man out as the bloke was forceful with others-who do they think they are!?

  53. says

    Why the hell is he never with his OWN daughter? It is bullshit, poor Shiloh is always left at home and they don’t seem to care. What the hell are they trying to prove?????

  54. AJ Fan says

    They are absolutely adorable. Beautiful family who clearly love their children. It is clear through the pictures and the interviews. If they look tired, it would be because they are constantly hounded by the press. Regardless of whether it’s fun to be famous and even if they accept it, it’s still tiring to go everywhere without being photographed.

  55. Jacki says

    KK 619 I know Brad is attractive and it is easy to be on his side but look closely and you will see he doesnt look like he is unhappy at all, on the other hand Angelina looks down right miserable! She started her project and Brad came to have an already made family where his heart will not be broken by a woman!

  56. KK619 says

    If anybody should run it should be Brad. I bet Angelina tells him not to mention her name in interviews. I used to really like this couple, but they are getting on my nerves now, very annoying family I must say!!

  57. Jacki says

    I am through with rooting for this couple, at first I thought they were really being sweet and I liked their rainbow family, but the more I see and read about them I realise that they are like the rest of them, doing any thing to be famous. I agree there is no chemistry between them, much as I wanted it to be there, Angelina looks less happy each day, those children don’t look like they are enjoying those experiences yet they still run around with them, how selfish, they are never out alone as a couple which is strange for any couple famous or not! granted they dont pose for the photos, but they are stars in public places, duh! they dont need to pose if you are a star once you are in a public place you are posing.

    And how come they are always hiding Shiloh and exposing the other two kids, I had bought that story about immunisation but now I dont buy it any more look at this picture and tell me.

    this was yesterday, do they think that hiding Shiloh in a shroud is going to save her from any diseases? Most immunisable diseas are air borne and will catch her shroud or not, they are not stupid so I will conclude that either they think she is special or like Nisa said, the zahara and Maddox are trophies!

    I am also very disappointed in the way Brad has treated Angelina, as if she is a brooder and a mere project he took an interest in, he never acknowledges any feelings for her, he talks about the kids but never anything about her or what he feels for her, even in Madame Traussands wax models they look like two strangers, I am sorry Brad, I am out of your camp and I hope Angelina will soon cut and run. Please give those children some stability!

  58. KK619 says

    Oh and also… I dont see one bit how you people think that Z looks like her Mom, I agree with LeAnne, most black people have big lips, its no surpise that Z does too.

  59. KK619 says

    I hate it how people call Brad Pitt “Father of the Year”. Thats the most ridiculous thing. Yes I agree that he does ‘seem’ like a good dad, but by far Im sure is NOT the “Father of the Year”. Just because he has the money and the looks (and because you see a few pics of him holding his children a couple times a month) does not give him that title.

    I also agree with Izinator – there is never pleasing anyone regarding celebrities children. But hey, being famous and popular like they are, the have to deal with the good and the bad comments from people.

  60. emma says

    Angie,Brad i have never stopped reading articles about you guys i pray that God will continue to bless you as you have blessed others you’re great, happy thanksgiving and have a blessed xmas, love emma

  61. Izinator says

    Wow. If celebrities leave their children at home and away from media attention, then you all bash them. If they have their children out and about, then you all bash them. Tell me, when would you be happy?

  62. says

    I get the impression that Brad and Angelina have pretty high, unrealistic expectations for their kids…they think that by bringing them out and exposing them to all these different cultures that they’re actually going to learn something from it, and they’re wrong. Maddox might just be at the age where he might retain some of this exposure and take something from it. But Zahara, as we can all see, is not getting anything from it-she’d likely be just as happy going to a park and swinging on a swing, like most 2 year olds. Shiloh, on the other hand, is being well kept from any outdoor strolls to the park, let alone fresh air at all, from what we have (not) seen. I just think they’re trying to make everything they do with their kids monumental and meaningful when all they really need is a park and some sand to be happy. They’re too young to appreciate the good their parents are doing, and I don’t think they’re doing it for publicity. They’ve already expressed they hope their kids will do similar things when they’re older. They’re just a bit too preoccupied with teaching a lesson and their kids don’t appear to be having fun at all. Let them be kids!!

  63. LeAnne says

    Ummmm…helllllooooo??? Looks like Angelina?? Um, the child is black and Angelina is white! Am I missing something here? I’m sorry, But I don’t see Angelina in this child. As far as the lips, I am not at all be racist, but many black people have larger lips. As far as parading their children around….they are not posing for these pictures folks. This is papparzzi catching them as they are going about their everyday life. It’s not like they are holding press conferences and displaying their children like it’s a side show. I don’t see any pictures here where they are posing. So, I have to disagree that they are using their children for attention. I think they are just trying to live their life and go about their daily business. Sheesh.

  64. Jenna says

    Woah, Zahara has Angelina’s lips!
    Nisa – you accused Brad and Ang of “parading” their children around. How on earth are they parading them? Do you expect them to lock their children up and keep them indoors all the time? It is not Brad and Ang’s fault that the paparazzi hound them constantly.

    I think they are doing great, Maddox, Zahara and Shiloh are really beautiful and lucky kids.

  65. Phoebe says

    Father of the year?? What a joke!!! He and Angelina take the 2 older children out for a boat ride with NO life jackets It would be nice to see him holding his biological daughter every now and then.

  66. Ms D says

    I’m with labeachbird too. I’ve never seen Zahara smile either.

    I also agree with Litz on many points..Zahara may be just overly stressed about all the photographers, but at this point, IMO, though she may be cute, she also looks really grouchy and unhappy every single time they show pictures of her out and about. Who wants to see a grumpy, unhappy child all the time, no matter WHO their parents are?
    And if it is that stressful for her, why do they take her out so often??

  67. Joelly says

    I agree that there is no spark between Angelina & Brad, from what I’ve see in photos of them she is always a step or two behind and trying to hang on to him. In any of his interviews since hooking up with her has he ever just spoke of his love and adoration for Angie? I’ve only ever heard him talk about the children. If you ask me, the kids were the big prize for him and she just happened to have them.

  68. Miranda says

    Oh, Zahara is so adorable. 🙂 But I haven’t seen Shiloh for a really long time? Someone’s got a link or something to a picture of her?

  69. says

    No Nisa, I hadn’t seen that! Very interesting! I’m the first to admit I’m green but you have to admit the money involved now with the paps is a lot more then it was 10 years ago! They often won’t stop at much to lose that precious $$$

  70. Litz says

    Yes LABEACHBIRD she never smiles apart from the first picture when Angelina came out with her, I thought she might become a great beauty or sexy like her mother but I am changing my mind, I think all the globetrotting is getting to her.

    Brad and Angelina should realise that a child needs stability and some kind of routine not hoping from one continent to another, I know it is Angelina’s dream but she cannot impose it on the children, I think they don’t smile because they are seriously fed up, B and A know that photgraphers are always following them and they subject these kids to all that and spare shiloh the ‘messiah’ from it.

    Take the children home, you can take them to the film set from time to time but please dont drag them around like some prize. it is like making a statement.” …..dont forget we also pick and raise homeless children, we are kind good people so love us and our movies……..” that am sorry is not father of the year behaviour to me. Besides there are many excellent fathers in hollywood, Just because he is the latest flavour doesn’t make him the best!

  71. NO NAME says

    Veronica–I totally disagree. It takes more than being HOT to be “father of the year”. What about guys who have been dads for many years? He plays the role well, I must admit; however, everything that’s new gets old after a while. I don’t doubt he loves those children; I KNOW he does. It’s in the way he speaks about them, the way he holds them, the look he gets just being around them. I believe they have fulfilled his life. But, I don’t think he should be crowned “father of the year” when so many other guys have been playing the part for many years. JMHO.

  72. Nisa says

    Kelly May did you watch the Oprah show where Brad Pitt was a guest, he said he enjoyed being famous, it was a choice people make and that he did not understand stars who whined about it, he went on that it was easy to leave the public eye if one wanted, I liked him for saying that and I assure you if he wanted, he would become incognito in a week!!!, I agree with Jackie, fame is an aphrosidiac and those two love it as much as any other person in hollywood, running around with those kids adds something to them, since they are lovers, why can they go out and spend time with each other just the two of them, it is like their whole relationship is hinged on those two kids! take away the kids and leave them with Shiloh alone and they will not last a day! personally I dont see any sparks flying when they are near each other!

  73. Jackie says

    Wake up and smell the coffee Mair, Jolie is sexy but definately needed to clean her image after years of playing the hollywood slut and Brad after the divorce with jen needed some good publicity, I admit they may love the kids, but that is not stopping them from using them; may be even subconsciously! Remember people in hollywood never do anything by chance, they love publicity and fame and plan all parts of their lives with that ultimate goal in their minds, Love them we may, but let us not be naive.

  74. says

    It is impossible for them to stay out of the public eye while continuing to live their lives, my God are you blind to what Ang and Brad live with everyday! I’m sure they wish that they could live a quiet life and do there own thing unfortunately that is not the case.

  75. Tiffany says

    i agree with mair. brad and angelina doesn’t need to use their children to get attention. the paparazzi hutting them down on a regular basis proves that. i think they genuinely love their children. but my biggest problem is where is Shiloh?

  76. mair says

    Who cares about Mia Farrow!! I agree that Zahara looks like her mother. These parents do NOT need to use their kids for attention. Duh. THEY are capable of getting that all on their own. Get a grip.

  77. Nisa says

    I agree with you Anne, Mia Farrow had a rainbow family bigger than that but she never paraded it like those two!

  78. ANNE says

    Strange as it sounds I am starting to think that Brad and Jolie are using those kids for image reasons and I must say it is working!

  79. Lolitha says

    Beautiful, she has such cute lips, goodness me she takes after her mother.I hope this family stays together forever.This girl looks like Angelina, how strange

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