Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Tie The Knot!

It’s official! Tom and Katie exchanged their vows before about 150 guests at the Odescalchi castle in Rome and have set off for their honeymoon in the Maldives. Congratulations! Katie looks very pretty.

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise



  1. Kathie says

    I love both Tom & Katie and think they are the most fabulous couple! Their wedding was done the way they wanted it, and that is as it should be.

    They have a beautiful family — all their children looked so happy for them – and they looked incredible!

    I think Tom is the most incredible actor and has done exceptional movies – and it is obvious that he loves his public. I have heard he is the friendliest person – always willing to talk to anyone and interested in others. He is very down-to-earth and open about his viewpoint on any area.

    Katie is beautiful and I am so glad that they found each other. I know they will have a wonderful life together!

  2. cherisse says

    The picture is so beautiful. They look so happy especially Katie, her dream finally came true. ( to get married and start a family, which in their case the other way around).

  3. cherisse says

    The picture is so beautiful. They look so happy especially Katie, her dream finally came true. ( to get married and start a family, which in there case the other way around).

  4. Yahoo says

    Yahoo ! Don’t have to listen to the Queen Carliegh of Babyrazzi and her BORING preaching, know it all, unintelligent rambling.

  5. Hollywood Ron says

    What a beautiful couple, beautiful baby and beautiful wedding. All the low life criticisms are evaporated with a single glance at reality. Two great people in a story book wedding. Tom and Katie, there are a LOT of people out here who wish you the best and are looki ng forward to your expanding careers – can’t wait to see Tom with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford!

  6. I dislike imo... says

    she sure is on here alot. just shows she don’t have a life other than the internet. must be a big fat moo cow and can’t get out of her chair to live in the real world. explains why she’s so unhappy and hatefull all the time. poor imo…must be really tough to live in her world with all the hatred exuding from her cracked skin. but it’ll be ok imo…some other unsuspecting person will come on here and when you disagree with what she says you’ll have someone else to pick on. can’t pick on somebody your own size….because there ain’t nobody your!!

    don’t worry girls, ignore her. when you don’t, it’s what she wants. just like a spoil “lack of home training” child does. she’ll eventually get tired and go away somewhere else in her deep dark small mind where a pea sized brain lives. must be hard to live with all that hatred and misery inside ones self. and if you died today, this minute, what would your last thought be? hhmmm, i shudder to think.

  7. Shea says

    sorry about my last post #80. I’m so fat and ugly that I haven’t been laid in 2 years. I get real cranky when I’m horney.

  8. Shea says

    Wow …really i get wowed on how dumb people can truely be. Why do people think its so funny to use another ones handle for? I guess since no one is agreeing with you, … you feel the need to justify yourself somehow huh? ???, imo, !!!, and what ever name you call yourself, you just sound stupid and it seems everyone knows that it is you. I guess we should all clap at how “clever” you are?

  9. 2kids2many says

    I wonder how long they will honeymoon for? Hmm…did little Suri go with them? I wouldn’t want to leave my baby for too long.

  10. babyhates says

    I loved VICS dress but the hat looked funny…. I got to meet her at her book signing and she’s very nice !!!! As for katie’s hair it was not KEN PAVES, he did J-LO’s and that was it, I was reading that this morning. I think baby Suri did it with her eyes closed !!! heheheh ~

  11. says

    Can someone explain to me what or who they are referring to when they say “Tinsel Town”? I have heard that a lot these last few days, whom is this in reference too?

    I only started reading celebrity news in the last year actually because of these two, so I am still pretty green when it comes to celeb talk!

  12. Sick of Carleigh says

    Yep. i was wondering where Mighty Carleigh was. She has re-incarnated herself as Pebbs. Should i change my handle to “Sick of Pebbs”

  13. Elle says

    Okay, this is in no way a criticism! I am serious when I ask this question:
    Does it look to anyone else like Katie and Tom’s “official wedding photo” was taken in HELL?!!!
    I think this is an appropriate indication as to what Katie can expect her Life to be from this point on . . . I am so sorry she went through with this. However, I do wish them the Best and I do hope they one day See The True Light of The World . . . and abandon the Lies of Scientology. Meanwhile . . .
    Take a good look at the Photo! It really does resemble the description in Scripture of . . . HELL. How Ironic!

  14. Ramona says

    If they were actually married in a civil ceremony in L.A. before leaving for the Scientologanza wedding in Italy what exactly was the point of the whole flashy stunt wedding?Now the Italians are pissed off because no one came out and waved afterwards or something Also call me old fashion but I think being cohabitating parents of a 7 month old pretty much voids the whole honeymoon concept.
    You know she’s gotta be totally bummed about her hair in these pics. This is a gal who gets a do on to go shopping! She dumped her regular guy go to have Ken Paves instead. Bad call.

  15. Heather says

    I don’t love this pic but they are a beautiful couple with a gorgeous baby, nonetheless.
    As far as the alien biz, they do believe in aliens. It costs so much money and they use regression techniques.
    They believe aliens have attached themselves to our spirit/soul what have you. Its quite ridiculous in my opinion.
    Here is just one website on the “secrets of Scientology”
    Check out

  16. Fancy says

    Could some one please tell me where the heck these two are standing/half squatting?
    King Midas’s Vegas Grotto and Wedding Chapel? Up Goldfingers canal with a flashlight? In the motherships alchemical engine room?
    With regards to all the touching sincerity at the wedding ie. the grin! the liplock! Hello? They’re actors! Do you know any proffessional actors? Give ’em an audience and motivation and watch ’em chew through scenery faster than Kirsty Alley and a box of low calorie donuts. You want reality try the wails and teeth gnashings of Holmes mama and papa . . .

  17. says

    Ugh I hate it when you post but where the heck is the post?!?!

    Anyways, this mornig I posted back to Jen, thank you for sharing those details! Hearing that Connor carried Suri down the aisle made me tear up! I read on th ET site that they wired the castles with speakers so the fans and press outside could hear the serenade, that to me is a great gesture! Oh Jen, I really hope we get more info about the wedding, shucks!

    Carleigh (((HUGS))) Hang in there girl! Don’t leave for too long! Any word from Braydie?

    Many of us originals on here have developed a mutual respect for one another and I personally do not think Pebbs is Carleigh?!? I can see the differences. Nice to see you posting Diana! Anyone seen posts from Kelley,or Olivia?

  18. KK619 says

    Aww they look very happy in this picture. Im happy for them, even though the marriage may not last forever (being Hollywood and all) they seem very happy right now, and thats all that matters. Congrats to Tom, Katie and Suri!!

  19. !!! says

    whatever Carleigh….nice story. Come back with another handle after you’re done “lurking” under the rock you came from. It’s a better website with out you! bye bye

  20. Pebbs says

    And just so you won’t say that I’m Carleigh leaving the site a little info on me. I’m 46 years old soon to be 47. Married with 2 wonderful sons. No grandchildren yet. My 24 year old is in the marines getting ready to go to Iraq. I thought it would be nice to be on a site that would take my mind off of him going to war, but seems like theres a war going on here. So, I’ll just lurk from now on like I used to do. I really thought it would be different, but I was wrong. I still enjoy the pictures tho. And for anyones information: there are more important things going on in the world. Like war and death and sadness, but reading about celebrities and their lives and babies can take your mind off of other things if you can get past the people like imo…! Sorry, I just don’t have the strength for people like her/him right now.

  21. Pebbs says

    Has it ever occured to you imo…in your small little mind that I was lurking for months before I decided to post on this site. But just seems like it’s not worth it. I think you are trying to run everyone off of it so you can have it to yourself. So, I’ll just lurk for awhile longer. Carleigh I’m sorry if I’ve caused you any trouble with this ignorant troublemaker that must just be so miseralby unhappy with her/his life that they have to come on a site and disrupt everything and everybody. I don’t need that kind of misery on the internet. She/he must not have any family left to fight with and feels the need to fight with people she/he doesn’t even know. I hope your satisfied imo….!

  22. Glorificus says

    Anne, Mrs.Beckhams hat is off to you. Two excellent posts.
    Speaking of sex appeal, Mr. Becks on the cover of Vanity Fair! Have mercy!

  23. !!! says

    Funny Pebbs how your name has “just shown up” on this website in the last few days…and yet you speak as if you know everyone and have been on here for awile. Deny it all you want-it just makes you look more guilty- but you are Carleigh….the big mouth.

  24. Anne says

    I really like Vic Becks, primarily because she never bends to pressure and defies the odds. She knows what people say about her, she even gives a damn, but she wont let lt stop her, that hut was HIDEOUS£$*&!!!!!!!!! am sure she knew the moment she looked in the mirror, but she wore it any way because ……….you guessed it……it would get you talking, I can imagine what she will do after her hubby is knighted in January, I think she will insist on being addressed as Lady Becks at all times and will be seen in the company of the queen a couple of times, geeeeeez she will become a royal and piss to you all. Way to go Mrs Becks.

  25. Diana says

    Carleigh – chin up hon, and remember that these people are just sad individuals and you are better than them! Come back soon Carleigh 😉

  26. Nicki says

    49. babyhates
    No I couldn’t see it through her hat. 🙂 Imagine having to sit behind her?
    Katies dress is beautiful, but her hair looks like Suri fixed it for her.

  27. Pebbs says

    Ok people. No matter what you think, I’m Pebbs, the one and only. I’m not Carleigh and don’t want to be. Sorry if that dissapoints you imo…, or ???? or !!!!. Carleigh and I might sound the same but I am Pebbs, so just get over it. And, Carleigh is right, it’s really hard to comment on these sites without someone like imo…making trouble, liking to pick on someone. Even tho we say positive and negative things about a topic, we should stick to the topic instead of insulting another person. Funny how it turns from let’s insult a celebrity to let’s insult a poster.

    Oh, and I’m not Shea either.

  28. nisa says

    I cant wait for more details of the wedding, every thing seems to be so romantic that it makes my eyes moist, I must admit these things I read only in novels, 1) falling in love on first sight ( ”it was like hi………..” KH) 2)Prosposing on top of the eiffel tower, 3) having a beautiful child, 4)getting married in a castle, 5) Armani designing your dress and treating it as an honour, 6) a honey moon in the maldives, 7) such smoldering chemistry…. need i go on?????// I can now see where people come from hating on this couple! too much good things rarely endear one to a person, especially one with all that money!

    I thinks Pebbs is Carleigh but I like Pebbs better, you go Pebbs!

    Babyrazzi, please get more pictures of the big event!

  29. carleigh says

    I don’t have to post under anyone elses name. I have had personal things going on right now that are wwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy more important than worrying about posting under someone else’s lame handle. I am always under carleigh and have been from day one so to all the conspirasists out there…sorry your wrong. Unlike you I do have a life and have more than enough things to fill my plate right now. Girls have a great time I am outta here for awhile, too I don’t need this crap from all the other idiots on here it just makes someone already emotional and depressed even more so. I’ll chat back in a bit.

  30. Laurie says

    What a disappointment, i mean come on cruise, just accept the fact that katie is taller than you. It is ridiculous to try to pretend otherwise. The poor girl have to slouch and bend her knees to try to feed your ego. Even on her wedding pictures. How sad.

  31. babyhates says

    I really don’t like this picture, Katie looks weird, I thought KEN PAVES did her hair ??? It’s like a modified Mullet ???????? I heard Tom’s hair & weight are for a movie he’s doing here soon. Short or not short she should be standing up straight not hunched back…. She looks weird like not comfy. Anyways I wonder what little SURI wore ???? Did anyway else see Victoria Beckhams Dress ????????????

  32. sarah says

    i wish katie&tom cruz all the best. i think people should just leave them be.what has it got to do with any-one about their wedding day.if they were not in the spot light no one would care,coz of who they are it’s not allowed,bulls.what is an age it’s just a number!

  33. Cam says

    Thanks Jen, beautiful song. I love TomKat even more now! They have such great taste and they are so classy. Their love is so pure and in no way affected with all the sh*t they’re getting from the media and bloggers. I wish the a long lasting marriage. All the best to them!!!!!!!!

    According to London Newspapers…

    Katie’s father Martin walked her down the aisle. She carried a bouquet of flowers made by Armani, whose niece Roberta helped organise the event.

    One guest said: “When she looked at Tom the biggest smile came over her face. It was incredible. Suddenly everyone started clapping. I’ve never seen anything happen like that at a wedding before.”

  34. Aditi says

    the positive side of me

    1. they had the most beautiful romantic wedding ever, WOW. Katie must feel like a princess and i feel that he did all this to make her happy..! cause hes never made his wedding a big deal before..

    2.they look great and happy, their daughter looks adorable and i hope they enjoy all the years they spend together and keep those scientology vows of making up before going to bed.. damn i wish i could incorporate that vow in my life..

    the negative in me

    1. WHY OH WHY cant anyone notice shes bending one knee and slouching her shoulders a bit to look shorter than him

  35. Jen says

    Kellymay and other fans of Tom and Katie though I will share this with you, there is more report from the wedding probably from people who attended already coming out on the internet and some of them are:
    Us Weekly reports that Connor carried Suri down the aisle.
    Us Weekly and TV’s Entertainment Tonight report that Holmes’ first dance was with her dad to What a Wonderful World and that the newlyweds’ first dance was to Songbird by Fleetwood Mac.
    And here are the lyrics that Tom and Katie dance to:

    “for you there’ll be no crying
    for you the sun will be shining
    ‘cause i feel that when i’m with you
    it’s alright, i know it’s right

    and the songbirds keep singing
    like they know the score
    and i love you, i love you, i love you
    like never before

    to you, i would give the world
    to you, i’d never be cold
    ‘cause i feel that when i’m with you
    it’s alright, i know it’s right

    and the songbirds keep singing
    like they know the score
    and i love you, i love you, i love you
    like never before

    like never before; like never before”

  36. Jen says

    #29. I don’t think ET will show the wedding details because When a man submitted some pictures wanting to take photo’s of Tom and Katie at their wedding and this was the publicist repsonse: TOM CRUISE’S PR guy Paul Bloch declined my offer to fly to Rome cover the Cruise-Holmes nuptials, saying there would be no media at the very private medieval Italian Castello Odescalchi on Saturday. He added, “That isn’t to say it won’t be covered — privately — and pictures and stories will appear but none of it will be sold for charity or otherwise.” Paul went on to remind me that the recent Vanity Fair pictures of Tom, Katie and baby Suri were not sold, but simply arranged for the magazine. Tom and Katie are not out to make money from private matters, not even for charity. However we might see 1 or 2 pics.

  37. Diana says

    I think things are starting to get nasty on here again. I have been on Babyrazzi as long as Carleigh has and I don’t think she would stoop that low to call herself something different on here… we have known people to do that and I don’t think that Carleigh is one of those sorts of people. May be I am wrong but I think everybody should just try and chill out and not take this site seriously. Katie and Tom look beautiful together. She is such a natural beauty.

  38. Ruth Thomson says

    They both look very sweet together no matter what other think or say. Others may be jealous but its uplifting to know that love heralds above all else!

    So what if Tom has his eccentricities. He’s an actor/artist/craft person of his own making. Good on him.
    No matter what, he does not set out to deliberately hurt or harm others.
    Best wishes to them both and much happiness and health in their marriage and family life.

  39. Pebbs says

    Shea—-why are YOU pretending to be ME! THere is only ONE Pebbs and that is ME. ALL those posts were done right in a row timewise and they ALL started with YOU> Dont use MY name to say what YOU want. AND then YOUR all like “YOU changed YOUR handle” just to “Cover up” the fact that it was YOU ALL ALONG. Get a life Shea/??? and leave THE PEBBS alone. Pebbs don’t play that game!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Lolitha says

    i dont wanna see pictures of this tomkat anymore now that they are married they must pack up and set up home in the Alien world.

  41. Lolitha says

    i dont like this couple,whether its the height,their alienism they look fake,like they are posing.Did someone say that hedious gown cost 2.6mill.What exactly is that Tom wearing,it looks hedious.

  42. Shea says

    OMG ??? you sunk even lower didnt you to use ANOTHERS handle. WOW you really ARE a dumbass, if you dont think people will know that was you.

  43. Shea says

    ok imo… , or !!!!, or ???? im looking here though posts and i see you like to change your handle quite often. and no you “may” not suggest anything …know why? cuz i dont give a rats ass if i spelled things wrong. You could understand that i called you a dumbass, so i guess you knew what I said.OH thanks for YOUR permission to come back on here. That means SO much to me … it really doesnt actually. ONCE again you didnt say ANYTHING about the actual post. I said some nasty things about katie and tom but you didnt have ONE thought on the matter….kinda proves my point about you, sweatie pie!? opps did i spell that wrong, my bad.
    Oh and im sure YOU”VE seen many dicks run……thats why your on here ALL the time.

  44. Pebbs says

    I love Tom Cruise! I want to be his lover. I want to have a baby like Suri. I hope he divorces Katie and reads how much I love him. He is my soul mate. I joined scientology because of him. The thought of him and Katie making love makes me mad. that should be me in that bed making love to Tom Cruise. I want him to fertilize my seed so I can bloom a beautiful Suri baby. Go away Katie. Go away. Tom is mine!

  45. ??? says

    Shea, Honey. If you’re going to call me a dumbass, please learn to spell first, okay? May I suggest that you start with “See Dick Run”? Once you’ve mastered the art of spelling, THEN you can come back on here and call me a dumbass, okay sweetie pie!?

  46. Shea says

    Toms wearing lifts in his shoes. I seen a interview today of them covering the wedding and they said he had shoes made special that made him taller… I dont think katie looks pretty at all. im sorry. Tom doesnt look happy in this picture either. Katies hair is as gross looking as toms. ALSO, what is up with that setting their in? The back ground looks like tom and katie are waiting for the “mothership” to arrive to beam them up.

    AND to ??? Stick to the topics. People like you are the reason others leave. Carliegh wasnt the most hated by any means. I just hate it when people think they have a “right” to say whatever THEY wish, but when someone else says something diferent then them they call them names and shoot down their opinions. ??? whats that handle suppose to mean??? your a dumbass 3 times over??? see how do you like it? and of course you find it hard to believe someone can just not come on this site anymore prob since its YOUR life to come on here and talk only about other posters and NOTHING about the topics. Get a freaking life will ya!

  47. ???? says

    How many people on here think that Carleigh is still posting on here under a different handle? Come on! The woman can’t keep her mouth shut! I find it hard to believe that she just stopped altogether. Funny how Pebbs (also a big mouth) showed up the same time Carleigh disappeared! Hello Carleigh/Pebbs…why the handle change? Sick of being the most hated person on Babyrazzi?

  48. anne says

    I gotta wish any couple a healthy marriage. But we can criticize without wishing anyone ill, right, boys and girls? 1.) When your wedding ceremony refers to brides as “girls” (say all you want about it’s being poetic/metaphorical, it’s still loaded with dismissive meaning — Hubbard, etc. weren’t writing this stuff in the 16th c. y’know) AND in your official press photo, your husband is standing at his f-u-u-u-l-l height w/ Top Gun posture and you have to scrunch down w/ at least one knee bent and hunch yourself into wretched posture (in your lovely off-the-shoulder Armani gown that’s just MADE for beautiful carriage!). . . . well, this just makes me sad — if this is what Katie wants, fine, good luck to her. 2.) Yes, Shields and Elfman and Kidman are rather taller than their husbands, but the difference is they don’t have to slouch and can even wear heels and their guys are always comfortable — see, it’s not that Cruise is a dwarf, it’s that he’s so VAIN (and long before he met Katie). He’ll never achieve Clarity with all that narcissism and self-regard in the way! 3.) Celebrities don’t earn their big bucks for the public “suffering” they endure — they make the money first , for “work” (and face it, it’s grotesquely out of proportion) — the rest comes after — and there are plenty of stars who manage to do fine work and continue to get hired (w/ good billing) who don’t magnetize the paparazzi — it CAN be minimized, if that’s what you really want. 4.) And just for laughs: I can’t imagine not seeing to your grooming for a wedding photo! Tom’s been a greaseball all week (and what’s with the flop over the forehead? Vanity again, Mr.44 marrying Ms.27?), and why bother with Armani if your hair’s in soccer mom mode? Yikes!

  49. Glorificus says

    To each their own regarding sex appeal. Even in his hey day Tom Cruise was way too the pedistrian frat boy type for me. As he’s aged he just reminds me more and more of the guy who sells us our insurance or the
    organic produce manager at the grocery store.
    Katie is just bland. Pretty but yawn.

  50. says

    LOL Pess, Marriage didn’t cure our urge after 11 years, actually I think it’s stronger! I do agree that you can see their chemistry, I for one think it is amazng! Finding the love of your life is a very special thing and it only grows as the years pass.

    Aparently, all the details and pictures can be seen tomorrow night on ET! They taped the wedding, I can’t wait! They allowed 200 journalists in, we will see tons of stuff! Yipee!!!!

    The comment about professional sex appeal I think is completely off base IMO. Hubby and I just watched MI3 on Friday. Tom is an incredibly sexy man, both hubby and I commented if he can do that on screen just imagine what it is with intense feeling involved.

    I never knew that Tom and Nicoles marriage ended because of scientology, and her dad being a psychiatrist. I’m sure the view of ‘Pseudo-psychiatry’ held by scientologists put a big strain on their relationship. I really makes sense, Nicole still says that Tom was really good to her and an excellent father!

  51. Glorificus says

    I’m fairly certain Katie won’t have to worry about too much hot monkey love in her life, from Tom at any rate,
    Add to that these are two of the least sexually charged
    humans, professionally speaking. Neither one has ever had much on screen sex appeal unless your
    libido is around 13 years old and even then. . .
    Would’ve have loved to hear photographer say , ” Katie, shoes off and could you scooch down a bit , and Tom on your toes but not out of your shoes, great got it!”

  52. What a ditz!! says

    Pessimist, you are stupid. Guess your comments tell how you feel about sex.

    Don’t believe everything you read and hear unless it’s from their own mouths about the kiss!

  53. Pebbs says

    #21 I hope they keep “making love”. Do you know how many married couples wish it never cooled off? It does cool off but really, who wants it to? I hope marriage keeps it going on and on. That’s what makes a marriage last in my opinion.

  54. Pebbs says

    Why was everyone saying they wouldn’t get married? Isn’t that what they said they were going to do?

    Nisa, i think you’re right in everything you said. People shouldn’t worry about what Tom spends on a wedding. He makes it, he should spend it like he wants. Plus, it’s people that go see his movies that help him make his money.

  55. pessimist says

    Did you hear about their Kiss ( you may kiss the bride……), It lasted three minutes, guests had to scream for them to stop!!!!!!!!!! (see yahoo news) my goodness, Atleast they have a honey moon, I hope it is long and cools their adour for each other, they always look that they have sex (a.k.a making love) on their minds whenever they are near each other, I never knew Tom was like that ( he was always stuck up with Nicole), come to think of it, I never thought katie was like that either, she always talked about being a nerd not so interested in sex! If you think a lying, check out of pictures or videos of them at the famous soccer matches, when they are not togather, or if one is filming, the other creeps slowly by slowly till they are togather and their mouths are fusing, I , (like you all)thought it was for show, but even a show can’t be for that long, I mean a show for what any way, now I think they are just sex( make love) minded. I hope marriage cools them a little, congs on the wedding! I notice (reluctantly) that thye were smart, but why is Tom taller, I hope he did nto cut Katie legs. (Jokes)

  56. Lee says

    I agree wit you guys, I now see why Katie had to slim, that gown sure calls for a perfect figure, she is very smart. Tom is also tall today!

  57. Litz says

    After scrutinising their relationship, I think Katie and Tom have a Me Tarzan, you Jane thing going for them, she seems to like the whole idea of him leading the way, I guess it works for them, surprisingly, I think their marriage will last longer than many say, there is some thing about them that is son in tune, a chemistry and happiness that surprises an observer coming form tinsel towm where every one is unreal. I am still watching them. Congs any way, having been a nay sayer, I admit I never thought it could get to marriage.

  58. Anne says

    I agree Jackie that the height thing has always been blown out of propotion, Kidman is much taller that Keith and Brook Shields is much taller than Henche, but no one goes around calling them pint size or ridiculing their relationships, I say it is unfair to Tom, but I think he handles criticism well, ( that scientolgy thing must help a lot!) he never ever lambasts the press. YOU GO TOM! Nice dress Katie.

  59. Jackie says

    The height difference between Tom and Katie has always been exaggerated, although am a TC fan, am still wondering about how he got taller that Katie, nevertheless they look beautiful togather and have ashamed many who swore they will never tie the note.

  60. Nisa says

    Personally, I don’t see Tom hiding a baby because of a birth mark. I think with all his problems in the last year, you can see he is proud of his baby as a father can be, and after rumours of being gay, sterile and low sperm counts, I understand any so called bizarre behavour, he must be over the moon, i think he will make a good husband, I dont see him cheating, or a drug addict or an alcaholic, he is still one of the best and down to earth people in hollywood, I know many will say the wedding contradicts this statement but come on get real, he has the money so let him live his life to the fullest, many of you go on about the starving people and what that money can do for them but have you thought about what these people go through to make that money? scrutinise their lives and you will see what I mean, they lead such hard lives ( with all the slur from the press)and deserve to spend their money as they wish after all they are not paid for nothing as royals but work their butts off ( you will be amazed to discover that they do). Besides, Tom already donates a lot to charity and he was even recognised for it last month. he cannot single handedly finish the world problems, I say live life to the fullest Tom.

    I love Katie’s dress but I would like more pictures of it and of the wedding. I hope a magazine can get hold of them, I don’t care even if they earn money from them, it is their life, their money, and they have the right!

    Since they sire cute kids, I think they should try for another baby. Tom is a great father.

  61. Ms D says

    I’m not going to comment on their wedding/marraige.

    But I think any alien remarks are due to his Scientology beliefs..I saw a program that said Scientoligists believe something along the lines of that we all came from aliens..? And that Scientoligists go through all the levels they do because they hope to get high enough up in the religion to be reunited with their alien god, or something like that.

    I’m no expert on it by any means, but from what I have seen about the religion, I wouldn’t really consider such comments rude as much as just speaking to what the religon believes, even if other people think it’s just ‘weird’.

  62. Pebbs says

    If Suri does have a birthmark and they did try to conceal it, it was probably because of what some people would say about her. Like so many on this blog have done. Tom and Katie were probably trying to spare her feelings for in the future. With the internet like it is, years from now she’ll find this site and many others and see what everyone was saying about her. Poor baby really doesn’t stand a chance out there in this big cruel world we live in. I would try and do everythng possible to protect my baby if I could. Tom and Katie get rediculed enough to know what it’s going to be like for their daughter. The birthmark isn’t that bad but even a tiny one gives people cause to be mean.

  63. says

    Oh and I read somewhere (can’t remember exactly where though) that Kate and Tom want to try for another baby soon! They sure have beautiful children. Wow did Isabella and Connor look amazing at the wedding. You could see the happiness in their faces!

  64. says

    Ditto Kalista!

    I am through the roof for these two! I hope they are in the public eye with that beautiful baby more. Did anyone see the blog on celebritybaby site that they were hiding her because of a birthmark. Gosh so many children ae born with those, my daughter for one and it’s only prevalent now at 7 years old if she’s mad or hot! Suri is a doll!!!!

  65. Julie says

    Love it love it love it! I can’t get enough of this family!! I’m so happy to see Suri! They look so happy in all the Rome pics and it’s awesome to see them showing that lovely baby off! That’s what I’ve been waiting for!!! One interesting thing about this pic, look closely at Katie’s dress and you’ll see the outline of her BENT leg. I think she had to bend down a bit for the pic so she wasn’t taller than him. That’s cute. Congratulations! So yummy!

  66. Nadine says

    Good for you Kalista…I agree with you totally. It’s nice to see others are happy for the lovely couple. I don’t understand why people have to be so damn rude….who are you to judge.
    anyhow, congrats to Tom and Katie!!!!

  67. Kalista Brat says

    Aww they look good.They look happy and that is all that matters!You people who believe all those conspiracy theories and alien stuff are idiots and you are spiteful for saying the shit you say!Leave em alone!

  68. Jill says

    According to they tied the knot offically in L.A. before they went to Rome. Just an F.Y.I. Ne way, may not like ’em, but congrats!!!

  69. star says

    yuck he still has that nasty hair and she got smart and wore flats so that she won’t be taller than the alien. now their alien wierdo family is official. two years or one and a half max. thats one boreing dress.

  70. babyhates says

    They look funny…. I think it’s the picture angle…. but isn’t she like taller then him ??? Either way CONRATS to the happy ummmm couple !!!!!!!

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