Paul McCartney's Daughter Is A Cutie!

Paul McCartney’s three-year-old daughter, Beatrice, with Heather Mills is so cute! Things may have gone down the tubes for Paul and Heather but they have an adorable daughter!

Paul McCartney

Extra’s interview with Heather Mills (her first interview since the split) will air Monday and Tuesday. “At the moment, I am focusing on my daughter,” Mills McCartney said in the interview. Believe it or not, the couple did not sign a prenuptial agreement so Paul stands to lose A LOT! Heather has hired the lawyer who represented Princess Diana and Paul has hired the lawyer who represented Prince Charles. Interesting!

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  1. Juli says

    Sad to see a family torn apart. Hopefully Ms. Mills will be able to conduct herself in an honorable way. Divorce can be messy… it is up to both of them to see that it stays civil for the sake of their child.

  2. Terry says

    Heather Mlls is a greedy, money hungry whore!! Break a leg on Dancing with the Stars Heather.

  3. Candice says

    Some of you people on this post need to get a life. Better yet, call your therapist! Geez
    The little cutie pie is the spitting image of daddy warbucks.

  4. carleigh says

    The reason I have so much venom for Heather Mills McCartney is because of all the negative trashy things I’ve read about her. I have formed my opinions based on things I have read. No, of course I don’t know her personally but then by the same token neither do you. But how in the hell can any woman justify taking a man to “the cleaners” so to speak when the marriage was so short lived. She should be focusing on her child, not whining to the press and leaking sordid “private” details to the press trying to garner sympathy for herself. She screwed up and lost my respect when she started airing her dirty little gossip to the press trying to appear as the “victim” the only true victim in this case is little Bea and then of course Paul and his BAD judgment skills done all in the name of romance. Does she deserve half??? Hell no, she deserves enough money to provide her with the security and means to provide herself and her daughter with the things she needs in this life. If a woman is offered a $50 million dollar settlement i would think that would sufficiently cover any and all and more than cover the needs of herself and Bea. Why should she get any more than just what she needs…that paints her out to be a greedy gold digging celebrity seeking paparazzi hound….and not a person who has their daughter’s best interests at heart. That’s why I feel the way I do.

  5. Susie says

    The silly old sod didn’t give himself time to grieve and rebounded slap -bang into a classic gold-digger…he is old enough to know better…perhaps the shock coming to his wallet will bring him back down to earth – I agree tho that at least one decent thing came from that sham…and for the lovely child’s sake mummy and daddy should stop tearing lumps off one another and consider that one day she will grow up and read all of this poison….Paul – pay the lady – Heather – take the money and do the decent thing and vanish pet!!!!

  6. dori says

    she looks a lot like stella did at her age.I remember seeing pics of Paul with Stella. She is one very cute little girl.

  7. I agree Catherine says

    Wives do get part of their husbands money. And he was stupid for not get a pre-nup signed, legally enforceable in UK or not. He should have had something in writing no matter what. They have a child together and he needs to help take care of her. No matter how much it costs him. Mabye if he’s have used his head instead of……well, he might not be in this fix. That’s what happens when old doddy men get with the younger women.

  8. Catherine says

    Im sooo fed up with know it alls having a go at Heather.
    ALL ex wives receive some of their ex husbands money. End of it. get over it!! Paul chose to marry Heather. Everyone has a past, HER past is her past. Im sure Paul has one from his days as a Beatle. And how could any woman ever come out on top or even equal when their ex was a whiter than white Beatle. Good luck Heather, hope you find someone a little more your own age!!

  9. Shea says

    I agree carleigh, paul should get full custody. I also agree that this woman married him only for his money. Stella knew it thats why she hates her so bad. but at least one good thing happened in this marriage and thats this little cutie pie, that im happy looks like her father and NOT Heather. damn heathers a ugly woman.

  10. mememe says

    Good grief Carleigh… how can you slam someone so severely that you don’t even know? It is okay to not like her, but the venon in your words doesn’t speak well for you.

  11. carleigh says

    Gold digging one legged greedy bitch! She’s the epitome of low class trash and she doesn’t deserve a dime. If she is so “self sufficient” as she claims to be then why does she need any money for herself. She should only take enough to support Bea and that’s it. Heather doesn’t derserve one damn dime! All she did was marry well and lay on her back for 4 years and she stands to become one of the highest paid call girls in the world! What a shame! Bea is a doll though and hopefully Paul winds up getting full custody, she doesn’t need a topless centerfold as a role model/mother. All the best to Paul and Bea to Heather much poverty and misery!

  12. Nicki says

    WOW, she is the spitting image of Paul. Obviously Heather contributed to the gene pool. I have nothing nice to say about her, except her daughter looks exactly like her Dad. ( No DNA test needed there.) Very beautiful child. I hope the courts realizes she doesn’t need to take him to the cleaners to be compensated. I hope everything can be worked out .
    I hope Beatrice is lucky enough to be able to enjoy the company of her Daddy for as long as he can be around and her momma won’t be a bitch in any of that.
    Best of both parents to Beatrice!!!

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