Katie Holmes & Suri Arrive At Odescalchi Castle

The wedding is today! Here Katie and Suri are seen arriving at Odescalchi castle around 2:15 p.m. Wow!

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise



  1. pagal38 says

    I Just Saw The Wedding Pictures , They Look Soo Happy Tom & Katie! Congrats To Them! & I Read where They Had Fireworks How Amazing Is that, A Castle , Rome, Fireworks What Girl Wouldn’t Want that If they Could On their Wedding Day How Romantic! Its nice to see a couple so Happy & In Love & with a beautiful baby daughter , Katie your dress was Beautiful & you must be on top of the World Right Now! Oh think of all those Memories katie will have & Tom From their special Day that will last a lifetime!

  2. Pam Erdey says

    With Warmest Wishes, for a very long and happy marriage, and all the joys of motherhood. Spend as much time with your daughter as you possibly can. Children grow up so fast. No matter what life brings you both, always put your marriage first. Make it work at all expense. (There are too many divorces in the lives of movie stars). Tom and Katie you are right there at the top (as far as famous stars). You are so very fortunate to have a blessed life. I have a wonderful marriage, because we communicate, always talk over everything, and let each other express themselves because everyone has their own personality, and your marriage will last a lifetime. I wish you a lifetime of Love! Congratulations!

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