1. angell says

    Too cute! Jennifer is always with Violet..she appears to be a very devoted Mom If u look at the middle and that God bendigq today tomorrow and always and to ustes thousand congratulations

  2. mich says

    I don’t think she’s pregnant. I saw her in a pic at the Man of The Year Awards and she had on a tight purple dress. She definitely didn’t look prego-she looked very thin.

  3. reporterandmom says

    I Think Violet Affleck & Suri cruise are two of the most gorgeous babies i’ve ever seen & in hollywood! They are exceptionally cute! And Jens such a good classy Mom.

  4. oriana says

    This is not a pretty baby at all! Her eyes are too squinty, she looks just like her mother, and she isn’t pretty either!

  5. Trisha says

    i think that she is a very good mom and wife and is good at her job……… SEXY…..or whoever you are she is not ugly and you shouldnt feel sorry for ben b/c he has a wife and a beautiful daughter… w/e Trisha

  6. sexy says

    I just can’t stand the women. She was so lucky that Ben got her pregnant or else he would of left her. The ugly duckling has too good of a man for her, I feel so sorry for you Ben.

  7. wheng says

    I love this family, very hands-on parents, so sweet and yet a very happy one…

    God Bless Ben, Jen and Baby Violet…

    2nd baby for Ben and Jen?, that’s really good news, Congratulations!!!

  8. Nicki says

    Violet is very cute.
    It’s kind of funny, if this were a Jolie-Pitt thread, every other post would be saying something along these lines~~~
    “How come they aren’t smiling?” “I don’t think they are very happy.”

  9. Tiffany says

    to be honest i thought jen and ben where the oddest couple ever. and at first i thought jennifer garner was on the rebound after JLO but they seen very happy together and they have a very adorable daughter. if she’s pregnant again congrats.

  10. Lolitha says

    They look so adorable,i trully wish them allof the best.They r such a cute family and its clear jen has her priorities right instead of other celeb moms.If theres baby no 2 on the way i’ll only be more happier for this lovely family.

  11. Ms D says

    I also agree with many of the other posts.

    Violet is very cute, as always, and though I’ve never been one to speculate on pregnancy rumors, the second picture of her is, to me, very ‘suspicious’..and if they are having another baby, congratulations! If not, I’m sure they’ll know when the time is right for them..Violet is only almost one, isn’t she? I thought she’d been born last December.

    But SO FAR, they seem to be a very happy couple/family. Even normal, almost! LOL! ;o)

  12. wheng says

    All the best for the family….

    A new baby coming soon for the Garner-Affleck family!!! Wow, that’s great news…I hope it’s a baby boy this time..

    God Bless the family always….

  13. wheng says

    All the best for Ben and Jen and baby violet!!!!

    A new baby coming soon, hope it’s a baby boy this time.

  14. wheng says

    I love these pics…Jen and violet were so sweet. I really admire moms who took all her time for her family as a priority…Nowadays, hollywood actors and actresses lived in fame and grandiosity, being famous forgetting their own lives……..But Ben and Jen took family living seriously which i admire with these couple. they look so happy together.

    I can’t wait to see birthday pics of baby violet with her mom and dad.

    seeing a bump in jen belly is a wonderful news, i’m so so happy for the couple..i hope it’s a baby boy this time, resembling ben….

    God Bless the family…

  15. pagal38 says

    I Really Like Jen Garner & Ben Affleck & They are so down To earth & they JUst seem so Happy & their baby Violet Looks Just Like Jen Shes Adorable ,Its Nice To see A Happy Couple With an adorable baby, Just as I Said In another Comment blog How Nice It is To See Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise Married & Happy With baby Suri ! I Like reding about Happy Couples & Families Theres Too many Divorces!

  16. Shortee says

    I agree with alot of others. When I first saw the pic I thought the same thing…is she expecting? and then I read all the comments…I agree with many others here that Jen maybe pregnant and for sure she is such a great mom:)

  17. Nisa says

    PEBBS I agree that it is possible that she pregnant especially in the second picuture, that looks like a preg curve as opposed to a postanatal one, if she is, congs Jen, you are a good mother.

  18. Janet says

    What a cute pic of mother and daughter. I think Jen has a bump too. Anyone with eyes can see that! Some just like to say negative things and start cat fights. Nothing better to do with their time are they’re just unhappy people. IMO!!

  19. jess says

    Love the 1st pic….violet is dribbling oh so sweet!!! i am not usually one to usually agree when people say oh its a bump but to me that actually does look like a bump, unless she has some wiked abs but i dont think so….to me looks like a bump and if it is then good on them!!!

  20. imo... says

    Pebbs, my dear, the term “literate” refers to reading literature. Umm…counting pictures would be classified as “mathimatical”. If you’re going to try to be a “smart ass”, get some smarts first, my dear!

  21. sillygirl says

    I think Jen is a wonderful Mom, you rarely see her without her daughter. She needs to give Katie Holmes some parenting advice. If she is pregnagnt again, that would be great. That tummy picture sure has me wondering.

  22. tina says

    lovely pics, and i have to admit that when i first looked at her belly she looks like she has a litle bump there, and in the last picture the way she is holding violet makes it look like she has a baby belly, but who knows maybe she had a bad chinese the night before?

  23. Lacy says

    i love how jennifer is such a hands-on mom. it seems as if she’s had a child all her life. if she is pregnant, good for her and ben who seem to be having a wonderful life together.

  24. Kelsey says

    I would have to guess that Jennifer really is pregnant. I know that we have all speculated for weeks, but these pictures really sealed the deal for me! That is definately a bump!

  25. eBirdie says

    I’m glad my belly isn’t analyzed the way a celebrity’s is! This is a beautiful mother and daughter.

  26. Pebbs says

    Yes, I see a bump. Can’t hide it in the second picture! Aahh! How sweet. Maybe she’ll have a brother for Violet. She is a great mom! I love her. She’s so pretty too.

  27. Lovethebabies says

    yes, i think that has to be a little bump (cause it looks like a bump rather than a belly). how sweet!

  28. Cyberkitten37 says

    Too cute! Jennifer is always with Violet..she appears to be a very devoted Mom 🙂 If u look at the middle pic..she also looks pregnant 🙂

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