1. says

    hey britney I wish you can get yourself a strong supportive team of experts to organize your come back B 4 you turn into a “train wreck” right B 4 your eyes

  2. Embarrassed for Brit says

    yea she was married but now she’s ACTING like a skank. And she’s hanging out with a skank. Skank sisters–good name for them!! She’s done.

  3. Trisha says

    well i dont think that she is a skank or w/e yall said about her….she is a mother its not like she just went a had sex w/ some random guy….she was married you know!!! Trisha

  4. says

    ♥Hey are you going to have to give Kevin Ferderline his 2 sons?Well I hope not because they look like you.Well If you are preagant again you need a little girl.The one your with now is a-lot better.♥

  5. michelle says

    she is backwood trash, always has and always will be, at least before she was good looking trash. now shes just fat and disgusting

  6. Diana says

    Radonna – I understand where you are coming from, however, Britney made the mistake to marry Kevin, she wasn’t forced in to it, and you have to live with the consequences of making mistakes. She just doesn’t look all that pretty at all at the moment, and I do hope that she turns her life around and turns to God again. She has lost all those good wholesome roots she used to have.

  7. says

    I remember when life hadn’t been real kind to me. I didn’t walk around looking like a million bucks either. The girl has been through hell. She’s had two babies a year apart. Plus was married to the biggest loser in the world. Who can say they have never been made a fool of by a no good man? she looks fine now better than she has in a long time. I can’t wait to see her back on her feet and come back stronger than ever. Good Luck Britney!!

  8. amarie says

    britneys body looks good but those extensions are lookin very nappy! i liked her hair short. she needs to look up her old stylist from back in the day. she used to dress so cute and her hair and makeup were perfect!

  9. babyhates says

    I love BRIT BRIT but she is just another hollywood mishap !!! Instead of getting a stylist and a good hair person, She walks around looking like a MESS and then wonders why people talk bad about her! I’m glad she lost the weight and all but she could dress way better. I hope her new CD is better then the last ones.

  10. Diana says

    I think Britney has done well to loose all that weight since giving birth to her second son, however, she needs to brush her hair and start to look slighly more elegant than she does. Of course, I am a Katie Holmes fan who always look fabulous and so elegant.

  11. Dayna says

    nobody is perfect, at least she is not a hooker or a stripper or a crack whore! she is a new mom of 2 kids let her be.

  12. Ellen says

    I heard sh’s not releaseing the new baby photos because Kevin aka:Slime Shit, will get the money.

  13. Britney's A HO!!!!!! says

    Now that she ain’t big and preggo she can run around without her kids. You ain’t gonna see her with too many pictures with her kids. She gonna be on the streets more but not as a mom. Britney the Streetwalker!!

  14. Blng says

    I do think she looks pretty good too. WHo is that guy beside her. I liked her look best with chin lenth black hair.

  15. star says

    nasty ass trailer ass scank. She still looks dirty and dingy. She needs a good soak in the tub. But i don’t think that will help. Sorry britney you still look like shit and i think you always will.

  16. AJ Fan says

    Why the criticism? I think she looks fine. Working hard probably. Hopefully she’s staying positive and spending her time and energy on her babies, herself and her music.

  17. tina says

    she needs to sort her hair out! looked so good short but a bit xtina copy, heres hoping she back to full form soon

  18. Lacy says

    that is not her real hair, those are extentions. i don’t call her a skank anymore. she is a mother, and seems like a good one too. i’m so happy she finally got rid of k-fed, he is a skank.

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