Tom, Katie & Suri In Rome!

Tom, Katie and little Suri (almost 7-months-old!) were spotted looking very elegant in Rome earlier today! You can check out more pics at the fabulous Just Jared!
Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

Many thanks to Allison!

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  1. LeAnne says

    Do Tom and Suri both have the same hair stylist? Could Tom have maybe gotten a haircut for the wedding? Sheesh

  2. nikki says

    Ok #14 Katie is Like in her late 20`s Tom is in his mid 40`s lol . I think Suri is a beauty!!!
    She is absolutly a stunning girl i can`t wait 2 see more little Suri pictures!!!


  3. pagal38 says

    Ok I Just saw The Wedding Pictures & Read where Katie & Tom Wed In The Us First Before Going To Italy So They Are Officially Married & Husband & Wife & I Think That Its Good To see A Happy Couple So In Love & With 3 Adorable Children ,They Make a Sweet Family & I Hope they Have A Long Happy Life Together & What a Beautiful Wedding Gown Katie Wore & Isabella & Conner Looked Happy as Well For their Dad & Suri Looked Beautiful . Its nice To see a Happy Occassion & A Castle In Rome With Fireworks Whats Not To Like! Congrats To them All May they Have a Long Happy Life Together ,They sure MADE Some Awesome Memories!!! To look back On!!Good For Them!

  4. :) says

    Looks like imo…is a Pebbs stalker. It hasn’t posted anything about anybody for the last day or so. To interested in Pebbs. Wonder who could play it in a movie? lol!!!

  5. Pebbs says

    I love that movie, my favorite book too. I just watched it on cable the other night again for probably the 20th time. I love Stephen King too. He’s my favorite author. I have almost all of his books and Misery is one of my favorites. And Kathy Bates played the part excellent. I love her too. She’s a great actress and I really loved her in Fried Green Tomatoes! That was a wonderful movie!! Yea, I could see her playing me. That would be great!! imo…I’m really flattered you chose someone I love so much to play me. She would do me great justice!!! Thanks!!!

  6. imo... says

    Pebbs is a big Tom Cruise loving freak of nature. We’ll probably see her on the news one night arrested for stalking Tom and killing Katie. I see Kathy Bates (from Misery) playing you in the made for tv movie.

  7. Jen says

    The wedding is 6 pm local time and Now its 3.30 pm. Katie and suri were seen arriving. Check for new update they’ve tom & katie wedding special.

  8. elena on behalf of all tom's & katie's fans says

    I too feel your pain. I too keep telling myself that Suri is a BEAUTIFUL BABY, i too want to believe that so badly. But deep down i know that she is not. I’m saddened by this. I cried when i saw the pictures. I thought no this can’t be happening, why isn’t she the beautiful baby that we all, tom’s & katie’s fans hoped for. i can’t stand the fact that she is not a pretty baby and that this will give all the haters amunition to mock and laugh at our tom and katie. But maybe if i keep telling myself and everyone that she is beautiful then maybe she will become beautiful.. For now it hurts so bad. I love tom and katie so much and after all they’ve been through, i feel for them, i really do. I can only imagine the pain and disappointment they must have felt when they realised that their sweet little baby suri wasn’t pretty. I too would have tried to hide her as long as possible from the public hoping that she would get prettier a few months down the line. I too would have airbrushed the VFpictures not to get the haters the satisfaction.. Now our tom and katie have to put on a brave face and bear all the laughs and all. why oh why.. life is so unfair.

  9. Pebbs says

    Local time in Rome, Italy is 2:34 PM, Saturday, Nov 18, 2006

    My clock says 7:35 a.m. Sat. Nov. 18. What times the wedding for? They are 7 hours difference from where I live.

  10. Jen says

    D, thank you for the link. I think her parents were waiting for their passports when the reporter approached them. You could see the reporter face and their profile and shoulders.
    Katie’s mom seems really sweet, soft spoken woman. Katie’s dad seems a more exhuberant guy.
    Both said they were happy to be in Rome, excited for the wedding, and dad said that it was going to be a spectacular week end. Looking forward to see Pics.

  11. D says

    I just saw a video of Katie’s parents arriving in Rome They’re so sweet.

    from what I can understand they said…

    The woman asked how is katie, katie’s mother said “She’s great, very excited, I talked to her yesterday, she’s vary happy”, they asked if they was excited aobut the wedding, and katie’s parents both said yes, her father tsaid it’s going to be spectacular, we’re very very exited and happy for them, it’s going to be wonderful’, they asked how katie’s dress was and her mother said she can’t say anything about it, they asked why they choose Rome and Katie’s mother said its their city and that they are very happy to be in the city, they asked katie’s father a message to tom and he said ‘A message for Tom?Good luck, We love you and wish you a long married life’ 🙂

    I think when her mum said its their city, I think its becuase, that is where Tom and Katie was first pictured as a couple and some say Suri was conceived in Rome while Tom was filimig M:I III.

  12. Helen says

    Tom and Jim have been friends for a long time. There is pic of Tom and Katie going to Jim Carrey’s house party this year @ katieholmes website and Jim Carrey also definded Tom at the MTV awards this year here is what he said….
    Jim Carrey, wearing all white, the Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind actor was gracious onstage as he pointed out that only Tom Cruise had received the top lifetime achievement honor in the past. And he urged the Top Gun star’s critics to leave him alone: “I like Tom Cruise; there’s a lot of Cruise bashing going on, but I’m not one of those guys. I think he’s pretty cool… Leave him alone.”

    With JLo all I can think of is, she is best friends with Leah Remini, here is pics of them together

    And Leah Remini is one of Tom cruise’s closest friends and she was the first few people to see Suri ( you can google that) and maybe they know each other through Remin or it might be JLo’s husband who was invited to singe at the wedding.

  13. sillygirl says

    Tom and Nicole’s son Conner is sure a good looking kid. Isabella is as well but why on earth do they have her dressing like a 6 year old. ( #150’s link to usmagazine ) These kids have been through so much and I hope they are happy. Can’t stand their Dad, can’t you tell, and I use to like Katie, but that went away the moment she hooked up with Freak O Tom.

  14. Shea says

    LOL OMFG what is katie WEARING??? dracula costumes only come out once a year katie and your alittle late !!! Tom is looking like the greaseball of the year, whats with the surfer hair tom it looks stupid! I think Tom is super nasty looking and ugly. I feel bad becuz i catch myself thinking Suri looks just like Tom and since, I think hes Butt ugly, i feel bad. But i gotta say, She does look like him. And now that makes me feel bad for SURI….. also whats with katies teeth. I think she got veneers.

  15. 2kids2many says

    The only connection between Tom Cruise and Jim Carey is Renee Zilwigger (they both starred in movies with her). You gotta look at the wedding guest list like it’s that game “6 degrees of Kevin Bacon” (where every actor can be linked somehow to Kevin Bacon thru movie roles). Okay…let’s try to link (wedding guest) J.Lo to TomKat. Hmm….that’s a tough one. Let’s see…J Lo. was dating Ben Affleck who’s brother was in Ocean’s 11 with Brad Pitt who did Interview with a Vampire with Tom Cruise….and that’s how she got invited! Anyone wlse want to play “Six Degrees to TomKats Wedding?”

  16. Glorificus says

    In the interest of honesty and non misrepresentation
    I have to say I am no fan of TomKat. Reading through all the comments must heartily agree with the following:
    Tom Cruise if not currently having affairs with men has definitely done so rather prolifically abeit secretively in the past, hence the Tom is gay perception. If he is not gay he is most certainly bi. Knowing what I do I think: gay man who occasionally sleeps with women.
    Katie does dress like a middle aged socialite. As one post succintly put it when these styles made icons of Audrey and JackieO the styles were daring and risque but that was 60 years ago! Gwyneth is one good example of dressing your age and looking great.
    Suri is an extremely singular looking baby.and as a baby she is off limits but many of the comments about her are not cruel just honest, subjective, but honest. This does not extend to her parents who are clearly
    under the influence of that most powerful drug: self delusion.
    Hope this clears up any misconceptions about my most humble opinions.

  17. says

    I’m wondering about the Carrey invite too. But the Oprah thing I think is definitely cause she agreed with the rest of us that his behavior on the show was insane. Brooke, I think she’s a pretty down to earth girl, and as soon as they made up they probably started talking baby stuff and hit it off. I agree it makes T and K seem like pretty good people. And I still think their baby’s a cutie.

  18. sillygirl says

    I don’t think that will do much to Oprah. I think she is way more powerful than Tom. Tom’s career is taking a nose dive anyways due to his strange behavior this last year. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

  19. Nisa says

    And can you imagine Oprah was not invited, I think she is in shock, I bet Cruise ditched her for saying she did not buy the relationship on goodmorning America. Next time she will play her cards right, in hollwood, you dont burn your bridges however rich.

  20. sillygirl says

    Nisa, I agree with you that the other sites are boring and understand where you are coming from.

    I have no idea the connection between Cruise and Carry. That is a strange one for sure. The strangest one is the renewed friendship with Brooke Shields and the invite to the wedding.

  21. Nisa says

    Silly girl, I have been to other blogs and they are sooooooooooo boring for the reasons I gave above, so I love this one, have noticed you post regularly but admit it, it is not fun if we see the same cut and paste comments all the time. I read all the posts because it is impoertant in my job to know what different people are thinking, I also like gossip… surprise am a journalist…….. and I enjoy listening to views from all around, but if that view is ……..freak……….fugly…….all the time it gets dull.

    My question, what is the connection between cruise and Jim carrey?

  22. buttons says

    I would just be satisfied if Tomfreak just left the planet and was never seen or heard from again. The world would be a better place.

  23. Nisa says

    Sorry Glori I apologise for saying that you are one of those boring people, actually I made a mistake please forgive me.

    Kalista Brat, I agree I have enjoyed the Tomkat wedding frenzy, I am not actually a traditional cruise fan and I was sceptical about the relationship, but I have been sacked in and I have enjoyed myself, I am waiting for the wedding pictures tomorrow. The excitement is some waht catching.

    You know, I actually think Cruise has this hollywood game down to the last finger, he has outwitted us at every turn, I have to give him that.

    In the news room we made bets about his come back and woooooooooo what a come back!

  24. sillygirl says

    Nisa, as I have posted on here before to others, if it bothers you so much what people are posting, why are you spending the time to read them all?

  25. Glorificus says

    I will repeat: Until post 136 I have NEVER made any comments about the family Cruise, so why /how could I “destroy” this blog????
    Personally I say gloves off if the comment can be made in a manner which amuses, educates or speaks the truth.
    Now that’s entertainment!

  26. Nisa says

    Now you are talking glori ( that is my new fond name for you) sarcasm I can handle , but you must also agree that this’ tom is gay……….he is a freak…….. where is suri?………oh suri is ugly……… it gets boring and meaningless and one cant look forard to the blog, I havent said that you should sing their praises, you are welcome to criticise them as much as you can but dont destroy the blog please. Personally I have a problem with Brangelina but I dont scream fugly whenever I see an article on them, I mean they are two goodlooking people no big deal, all am asking for is make the blog less boring and predictible, is that too much to ask? I mean it is my best blog.

  27. Kalista Brat says

    I think Tom Cruise is overall a good man and Katie Holmes seems sweet and kind and baby Suri looks cute and adorable. I could care less about their relgion or his past. I’m glad he apologized to Brooke that just shows that he a good man.I think the people in here who says nasty things about them are really low and dismal people!Kharma will kick you in the ass like it always does to everyone!

    I have to say I think Tomkat news has been the most entertaining news of all!

  28. Michaela says

    Suri is the most prettiest lloking baby child ever. All other babies humble in comparison to this regal holy being. Dont hide your jealousies in not birthing a child so great as she art – instead glorify her for what she is and worship at her tootsies. Suri is so wondersome.

  29. Glorificus says

    Okay Nisa Just For You: I love Tom Cruise! He is the most hetero man alive. Katie Holmes the most beautiful ,stylish woman in the world got pregnant just standing near him, he’s that virile. They are both filled with love and light and the peanutty goodness of scientology the worlds most misunderstood religion. Their blessed union has produced Suri, who even if named after an East Indian condiment, is the most beautiful baby ever born. Anyone who would say anything negative about this celestial threesome, whose bedpans us mere mortals are not fit to empty, is an evil heartless loser who shold be condemned to watching an endless loop of Tom and Katies movies for all eternity.
    Happy now?

  30. Nisa says

    Guys, you wanted to see Suri, Ramona, Silly girl, sue , glorificus and Co. I wonder what your problem is, you all went on how Katie must have forgotten she has a baby, now she moves with the Baby and you are so angry and bitter about it, I know we all have our opinions but some unwarranted negativity makes a blog so boring and you always say the same things over and over again,it is tiring, you dont have to contribute to the Blog as part of your anger therapy, because that is just so annoying,

    we all dont have to say nice things about Suri , tomkat, shiloh, brangelina et al but let us atleast be constructive and enjoy ourselves, humour and Sarcasm are welcome but nasty is tiring and a bit of an old record, I mean tom is a freak- so what ?’……….Tom is nasty—– it is Chris klein’s baby………say something you havent said before.

  31. KK619 says

    katie2 – Suri is NOT a gift from God to Tom….. she is a publicity/money maker sent from the Scientologist Field!!!


  32. .. says

    I guess if that’s your Opinion Carleigh, we have to live with it! Maybe not a babyhatin remark but still a mean one! I was wondering when the O mighty Carleigh would speak and give her Opinion! I kinda thought you wouldn’t say anything ugly about a baby, but I don’t know why I thought that. 🙁

  33. katie2 says

    it is so very terrible and in-human what most of you ignorant people are saying here, concerning a beautiful baby girl….a gift from God…no matter what! do you realize that she has to grow up with all your ugly remarks and nasty opinions? what do you think that can do to a child…come on! where are your senses…..i feel so sad for such a human race as ours, that can produce such unkindly cold remarks as that which is placed here for all to read….my the God Lord see it fit to disgard all the stupidity…and place blessings on this child of Tom’s and Katie’s….and Good fortune to those newly weds tonight….beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! fr. katie2(a.k.a. lovey)

  34. buttons says

    I hope Tom is footing the bill for this pathetic wedding and Katies parents aren’t contributing one cent. It would be ashame for them to waste a good hard earned doller on something that is not going to last. Some website should start a count down to as to how long this marriage will last ( Like the did for Britney and Fed-ex). Katie should spend all the time she can with Suri because when the marriage disolves, she will lose custody of Suri just like Nicole did. Or Tom will micro manage their lives so much that there wont be time for Mom. I wonder if Suri has passed all her Scientology classes yet?

  35. joanna says

    she is gorgeous, whoever said she looks like the boy off the grudge, u r wrong! she is a cutie! love her!

  36. MissyMama says

    I think Suri is adorable. And what makes her so adorable is that she is unique. Suri does not look like most babies, she has a very distinct look about her that makes her gorgeous. Her eyes are definetely shaped like Katies!

  37. carleigh says

    Suri is a pretty little thing. I do think she has her father’s nose though…(plastic surgery can fix that eagle beak down the road). I am not trying to be one of those babyhatin’ meanie’s but I hope to GOD above she didn’t get stuck w/ daddy’s schnoz cuz that would be a curse. She’s a beautiful little girl though there’s no doubt about that!

  38. mumba says

    Looks like Katie has suffered from some post pardum hair loss, poor thing… or maybe its just the stress of living with that idiot, Suri’s a darling, bless her…

  39. Miranda says

    Some of you says that Suri’s got greasy hair. First av all, baby’s don’t have greasy hair. Maybe it was really hot in there and she’s just a little hot. Or maybe she’s got baby oil in her hair when she had her bath. Think about that, people. I think she’s wonderful.

  40. Paula says

    All you people are funny and some of the things you come up with are just bizarre. Straight from a mental institution. Everything is speculation. That’s all one can do is spectulate and looks to me like a number of you have huge imaginations. Keep the stories coming. They are just too funny! I’m sure Tom and Katie, if they waste their time reading these rediculous comments, are laughing their asses off!!

  41. says

    Fancy, I don’t think suggesting a baby has a rash is undignified at all. Suggesting a parent would “hide” their child from the public eye because of a rash, birthmark, whatever, is tremendously disturbing. These people don’t owe us anything, and I’m ashamed there are individuals in the world, on this site, who can say such nasty things about a baby. Of course everyone’s entitled to an opinion, but what I was trying to say was that if you have a negative one, either keep it to yourself or express it in a tactful way. We all know Katie and Tom will never read this stuff, but the things being said here are a reflection on the people writing it, and I think some of you need to give your heads a shake and realize you are incredibly cruel individuals for putting down ANY baby, celebrity or not. By the way, thanks for the input, #114, I hadn’t noticed it in Vanity Fair.

  42. KK619 says

    ???!!! – Well Said!!!! Completely agree with you 110%

    Some people on this message board get on my last nerve!! Acting like they are all perfect and angel-like, no bad thought or opinions ever cross their minds, come on now lets all say it together “FAKE PRISS”

  43. Kalista Brat says

    I guess Suri just looks older from the pics, but I still think she is cute and adorable as are all babies!I hope she grows up to have her mom’s body, because I know I wish I had Katie’s body.She is going to be a pretty little girl!

  44. 2kids2many says

    Honey (#109) Suri APPEARS (to me) to have a stork bite-

    (from a website) A stork bite is a vascular lesion quite common in newborns consisting of one or more pale red patches of skin. Most often stork bites appear on the forehead, eyelids, tip of the nose, upper lip or back of the neck. They are usually gone within 18 months of birth.

    I am not making fun of the fact that Suri has one. My 2 1/2 year old daughter still has one on her forehead and back of the neck. We call it her “Anger Indicator” because the angrier she gets-the redder it becomes! Watch out when it turns purple-she’s gonna blow!

    My beef is IF it is indeed a stork bite, it was wrong for Katie and Tom to get it airbrushed for the V.F. photo shoot. It is part of their daughter. To get it removed, is like saying there is something wrong with her. Do I wish that my daughter had beautiful clear skin?- it would be nice, but she doesn’t! and I love her flaws and all!

  45. Ann Murray says

    Katie & Toms baby is so very pretty she looks alot like her mom and you can see a little of her dad also.

  46. Fancy says

    Honey, how is making the obsevation that a baby has a birthmark an undignified and negative comment?
    It just is, like her eye color or gender. It’s neutral.
    Whether one thinks she’s a beauty, that’s subjective.
    How they express it, another story.
    You can see the birthmark in one of the Vanity Fair shots.
    That poor baby has been made into a part of the brand that is TomKat. She had no choice in the matter. Her parents are using her like an accessory. She’s even dressed to match. Now THAT’S disturbing.

  47. ???!!! says

    I honestly believe that Tom and Katie kept their baby out of the public eye for so long because they knew that she wasn’t cute! I mean…come on! A baby produced from Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise has to be gorgeous, right? Look at what Brad and Angelina produced…beautiful Shiloh! and when they realized that Suri wasn’t the beauty that she was destined to be…they hid her away-like an embarassment- hoping that she would get cuter. When the pressure became too much and they had to produce Suri, they not only hired the best photographer, but they also hired the best editing team. Now that they are getting married, they had to bring her out. I do believe that Katie wore that hideuos gold outfit to draw attention away from her ugly baby. But…that is just my opinion and before I hear that I am evil or jealous…no! I am just truthful! Not all babies are cute and it’s no crime to speak the truth!

  48. pagal38 says

    I Think they make a cute family & I Hope their marriage lasts forever & Suri is adorable! I Wish them All the best ,Including Isabella & Conner Whom I Wonder If their In The Wedding . Finally Some Good News A Couple Getting Married & Not Divorced!

  49. says

    Has anyone considered that the birthmark you’re all referring to is actually just a rash? Who knows. It’s not really any of our business. She’s a baby after all, and obviously very well loved. Some of you people are on here just to get a reaction, not to “express your opinion”. MOST dignified people know to keep such negative opinions to themselves. These celebs are people too and I’m just in shock over what some of you have to say. It’s disturbing to say the least.

  50. scarlet says

    Wow…Now if Katie took her baby out more often I am sure she would not be the topic of BABY MOTHER…It is very nice to see them out as a family and it should happen more often…I am sure baby Suri is glad to be outside seeing the world…It is about time those two losers took there baby into the world…

  51. Hot Hubby says

    Come on now, don’t you all have some pot roasts to baste, butts to wipe, and floors to scrub? Better get off your fat butts and worry about your own families!

  52. my opinion says


  53. !!!!!Please says

    Babys are cute but I must say suri is average looking There are beautiful babies in the world and just because they are celebs does’nt mean we have to assume shes beautiful, if you look at her parents as kids they were average looking some would say ugly. Untill they became mega stars who can afford all the best stylists and plastic surgeons money can buy of cause you would look amazing!!! please get real!!!
    The digital work on Vanity Fair is amazing. Just proves you need to know the right people.

  54. KK619 says

    Thank you Jenna!!! See My Opinion & Telling The Truth – Not everyone has the same opinion as you do!! If everyone had the same opinions dont you think this world (and this message board) would be pretty boring?? We are all entitled to what we want to say. Im sure that there is a point in your lives when you have said that someone is not good looking or cute, do I judge you?? NO!!! and Im sure that there are ALOT more people on this board who think Suri is not all that cute and that she looks like the Grudge kid, they just dont wanna say anything because of people like you who attack others voicing their own opinions.

  55. jenna says

    lol the GRUDGE, good stuff.
    2kids2many and KK619 are on point as usual
    however i think babaies with a rediculis amount of hair is really cute.

  56. GRUDGE says

    hahaha I agree with whoever it was that said she looks like the kid from the Grudge!! That is soooooo true!!! Now we know why Tom and Katie kept her in hiding for so long.

  57. Ramona says

    Someone once said all babies look like Winston Churchill. I’d have to say this one looks more like Buddy Hackett esp. in that 1st pic. Which doesn’t mean she isn’t a completely lovable sweet funny baby, but get real here people.

  58. Lisa Marie says

    that “birthmark” is a very common thing in infants. my sisters baby had it too. it WILL go away. (of course if its the same thing i think it is). many babies get that, and that is the most common spot for it to be too.
    she is a gorgeous little girl

  59. my opinion says

    come on now kk619 let’s get you worked up, come on You are sooooooooooooooooo fun. OH let me practice you’re you’re you’re you’re you’re a joke

  60. Ramona says

    honeymoon lingerie : $ 3,000.
    wedding dress and suit by Armani: $1.5 mil
    monster italian wedding : $7.9 mil
    publicity and sating bottomless ego: priceless

  61. pat says

    come now people, everone dosen’t show how to be polite,or manners, or how to be a person of character, The few who do are getting out numbered. Let’s mind our manners. Best wishes to the happy couple (and family) There a opinion stated and a best wishes said.

  62. telling the truth says

    my opinion got it right on that call, kk619 has let everyone know how she is. in the ditch with the rest of the garbage , trash, and slime…her parents in a animal rescue, with money to spend, I can see it now. Open the cage I”ve got money! How funny.

  63. ???!!! says

    PLEASE put Suri back in hiding!!!

    Is that the official “mark of Sciencetology” on her forehead???

  64. Ugh says

    Hey 90, you should learn how to read before you make a fool of yourself.

    And for the record: It’s YOU’RE!!

  65. my opinion says

    #86 did you say you gave your parents who were in a animal rescue program money ? How would they spend it……..HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ………your funny……….

  66. Janice says

    All of us visit these pages to see celebs & their offspring AND to voice OUR opinions and READ OTHER peoples opinions. That is what Leaving a Comment is all about. Leaving an opinion IS really not a sign of ignorance OR jealousy. If you do not like to hear opinions on things that differ from your own I suggest you find some other page or site to visit. Opinions here may be to your liking or against, but that is the nature of opinions. Personally, I am not the least bit jealous of Tom and Katie. I would not want to live the life they have. Its intersting to tune in and see what they are up to I guess, curiousity – but not jealousy. Their daughter Suri will probably grow into a fine looking kid.

  67. pat says

    I agree with telling the truth……What a sad person, doesn’t have anything else to do but put down a baby, your sad.

  68. Nina says

    Poster #1 – “he can use his kid for positive publicity”??? Is that sort of like how your children “use you” as a bank account or a taxi?

  69. KK619 says

    All of you people who are saying that if you call a baby ugly then you dont deserve to live and blah blah blah. That is the biggest pile of crap I have ever heard. Just because we voice our opinions and say that we dont think she is a very good looking baby (you would think that Tom and Katie would have the most gorgeous child in the world) that does NOT make us bad people. You dont know me, I donate money each and every year to animal rescue programs, I won $5000 and gave over half of it to my parents because I love them, and the list goes on. But you say that because I dont think this baby is cute I am going to hell?? Who the hell are you to say that about me?? There are murderers, and rapists, and theifs, and bad people out there… Im sorry, but I think that stating you think a baby is not cute it pretty damn harmless in this world!!! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU WHO LOOK DOWN ON US FOR STATING OUR OWN OPINIONS!!!

  70. telling the truth says

    And stupid comments are made my people who are not there in person to observe this childs hair. Oh my mistake you just got back from walking right behind them and you did check out Suri’s hair right? Stupid right? Just like you for making a observation from a photo =======OH YEA that’s MY OBSERVATION of you and your comments. your not stupid your a full blown jealous idiot.

  71. ... says

    If a baby looks like he or she has greasy hair it’s only because it’s very fine and when people touch it, it gets greasy looking from THEIR skin oils. I do think her hair would look better brushed off to the side but they must be going for that look..

  72. Nicki says

    She has really greasy hair just like her dad, Tom has – that does not make anyone stupid, it is just an observation. She’s cute to some of you, and she has greasy ugly dad hair to some. thats all.

  73. telling the truth says

    #76 your stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(and jealous of Tom and Katie and what they have) boo hooo hoooo to you

  74. Nicki says

    76. Nicki – was not me. I don’t like Tom, but wouldn’t pick on his baby. I think Suri is cute.

  75. babyhates says

    I think she’s a cutie pie…… Suri that is, not a big Tom Cruise fan but she looks like him. Katie looks so much older then 28 or 29 (not sure). As for all the mean comments, it’s always the same in here ~

  76. Jen says

    Heidi, I think Nicole is thinking, that should be me……….. that girl stole my place, now here I am visting my husband in rehad instead of being with my true love in the middle of romantic city getting all the attention, make no mistake stars crae for attention, that is why they sought it in the first place. I watched Nicole on Oprah and I dont think she ever got over Tom! But I say Nicole stick with Keith and dont give up on the IVF.


  77. heidi says

    You know what I think, I don’t think this marriage will last more than 5 years. I think Suri is a cutie, and Katie is pretty but she has no idea what she is getting herself into. I think Tom Cruise is a wack-o, he has an ego the size of the empire state building. As far as his “religion” or beliefs, to each his own, I am not going to judge him for that, nor should anyone else.

    Everything he does is over the top, and done for attention. The media and the rest of us just fuel his ego. But then again, that is why he does what he does, the sad part is he uses his daughter and his soon to be wife to get him there. Katie has a choice, but the baby doesn’t.

    I think Nicole Kidman is sitting back right now, watching this whole thing and grateful that she is not part of this whole circus….

  78. pat says

    A couple of you on these comments are some pitiful human beings why god leaves breath in you is the big question! Your a sad excuse for life when you attack a baby. This is a innocent, BEAUTIFUL, little girl. I hope and pray that in life she could be set apart from the type of stupid, sad, ignorant type of “PEOPLE” who are out in the world today.

  79. JACK says

    I love the second picture with Tom smiling and the third with Suri alone, I agree that she is a beauty and Katie looks classy. I dont agree that she is dressed like a 59 year old, i think it is a beautiful outfit which makes her look elegant. I applaud tom for finding a girl like her, I think she has the least sleazy life in hollywood. But then again Tom always knows what he is doing.

  80. tina says

    tom needs to take a leaf out of katie’s book and lose some weight! Suri looks so much like katie, she is beautiful.

  81. t says

    47 katie i completly agree with you, and also i think being mean to a small baby is horrible! shame on some of you guys! as long as they are happy thats all that matters.

  82. Helen says

    Its really nice to see the majority of you being nice with your comments, even though there are the bullies among u, we should be happy for them since TomKat are happy together and whatever religion they believe in we don’t know them personally so all the best to them.

  83. Lolitha says

    beautiful baby,looks very much like her mom but im also starting to see a little bit of this irritating goof called Tom Cruise,,,but yes Suri is cute

  84. katie says

    What a beautiful family they are! Katie looks amazing and its nice to see them out looking happy! I wish them nothing but happiness on their special day!

  85. Diana says

    What a horrible comment number 65. You are talking about a baby here, shame on you. I just think you are jealous and have a sad and pitiful life. She is a gorgeous baby and at least Katie is dressing like a lady rather than with all her cleavage hanging out and looking like a tart. She is a beautiful women and what a beautiful family. People like you should be ashamed of themselves from trying to get people’s backs up. How nasty. Where you bullied at school so now you are being a bully yourself? That would make sense. I just feel sorry for you.

  86. TomKat needs to be spayed & neutered. says

    Get married. Get a divorce. and in between please do not reproduce any more ugly looking kids. obviously your genes do not mix will.

    I=ill favored

    the name suits her well.

  87. Lovethebabies says

    I much prefer to hear about romantic, low-key weddings. What a media circus – how can anyone say he isn’t doing this for the publicity – and to parade his daughter around as a new spectacle. Get some dignity and style guys (and maybe some normality – everything is such a drama for them, but I guess if you act for a living… acting in real live isn’t so hard….

  88. buttons says

    Isn’t it sad that in the celebrity world they put a value on each year of marriage? If we stay married for this long I get this much! blah blah blah What happend to love, honesty and commitment.

  89. Robin says

    forgive me for saying this but Suri looks a little bit like that boy from The Grudge movies!

    did you know that adorable (and tall) Chris Klein, Katie’s ex-fiance, proposed to her 3 years ago this Christmas at her family’s home in Ohio? and he asked her Dad for permission first! how sweet is that? sigh…I hope Katie stays brainwashed by Tom because if she ever snaps out of it, she’s going to wonder what the heck she got herself into!

  90. KK619 says

    Blair – its all just a publicity stunt with the whole Brook Shields thing. Tom feels that if he invites Brook to the wedding and if Katie acts like BFF’s with her now then everyone will see them as being the ‘bigger person’ who apologized to Brook. Im sure that Tom is not sorry in any way about what he said to her, he just knows that he had to at least make it look like he appologized. Or maybe Katie is feeling some post pardom so now Tom doesnt know what to do but than to make it look like taking pills after birth is okay now or something. I dont know, I like Tom and Katie and Suri, but everything just seems so damn HUGE with them lately, everything they do. Like why would they be having such a huge wedding like this if they didnt want the publicity?? I was watching Extra tonight and there is a stinkin’ countdown in Italy for their wedding. Papparazzi are everywhere, they must be just lovin’ it!!!

  91. Blair says

    I want to go! It looks like fun and I, too am starting to feel left out! 🙂
    I do find it strange that Brooke Shields is there after all the hateful things he said about her. All of the sudden they’re best buddies and she flies to Italy to be at the wedding???

  92. Pebbs says

    I don’t know about any of you guys, but when I see a pretty baby in Wal Mart I usually comment on it. Especially one with alot of hair. So I guess I would gush……!

  93. Fancy says

    Hey Buttons, looks like you and Katies parents thinking alike:
    The happy couple and their lawyers have come up with a contract that will give Holmes $3 million a year up to $33 million for each year that she is married to Cruise, as well as a palatial home in Montecito, California, according to Life & Style Weekly. If the marriage lasts longer than eleven years, the contract becomes void and California’s community property law kicks in — giving Holmes half of Cruise’s rather sizeable fortune.
    When contacted by The Scoop, Cruise’s rep declined to comment, but an “insider” told the mag that Holmes’s parents had been trying to get her out of the relationship — but have changed their minds and now want her to marry Cruise. “If she walks now, Tom will fight her for custody of [daughter Suri], and Katie can’t outlast him in court,” an insider told the mag. “She knows she needs to marry him to get the money to fight him for custody, if it comes to that.”

    How romantic!
    p.s. Tom dumped Nicole at 10 years 6+ months for similar community prperty/pre-nup reasons.

  94. Alyssa says

    cuute! shes absolutely adorable!

    i do know why people thought in the VF photoshoot of hers they thought she was MUCH older its because of her facial features. shes got such distinct features especially for a 7month old. her face makes her look like a one year old but you can clearly see she isnt though ..

    shes gorgeoous!

  95. imo... says

    If Suri was just a regular child off the street and you saw her in Walmart, would you run up to the parents and “gush” over her the way you people on this website are doing just because it’s Tom Cruises’ kid? I’m sorry. she is nothing special. she is not gorgeous. she is not a beauty. she was not worth waiting for. she is an average child who I would not give a second look to in Walmart!

  96. Nicki says

    It is finally nice to see an unphotoshopped pic of the baby. She is cute no doubt, and looks like a regular baby here, not like in the VF pics, where she looked made up.
    Suri, looks cute and like a inquisitive baby. Katie looks the happiest I’ve seen her, proudly showing off her cute baby daughter. Who cares if her “Angels kiss” birthmark will be there for a month or 3 years?
    I wish Katie and Suri all the best wishes and hope all thier dreams come true.
    (Can you tell I don’t care for Tom?)
    And yes I do think she is dressed as an old maid here, sparkly, but 20 years older than she needs to be.
    At least she doesn’t look like a rented hooker for the GDM.

  97. buttons says

    I am sure Katie’s parents are worried about her and Suri’s future. I know if my daughter were getting to married to some twice divorced scinetology loser, I would be standing by to pick up the pieces when everything came tumbling down. ( I do beleive that I have raised my daughter better than that, she has morals like not getting pregnant before marriage, knowing who and what GOD is, and not dating losers.) What a great role model old step mommy is going to be along with Dad. Lets ditch Mom Nicole and then get girlfriend pregnant right at the beginning of relationship ( or least tell everybody he got her pregnant). As far as Katie goes, if she is stupid enough to marry him and marry into that lifestyle, she is getting exactly what she deserves. Next to Britney marrying K-Fed-Ex, this is about the stupidest, pathetic, nothing but a joke relationship that will never last. 5 years tops.

  98. Lucia says

    Suri is just gorgeous. I love those big blue eyes and i see alot more of Katie then Tom but a little hint of Tom. I’m so happy we finally get to see more pics of her. And i’m thrilled for Tom and Katie. I wish them all the best and i’m sure this wedding is going to be the talk of the year! can’t wait to see pics of that grand event.

  99. Pebbs says

    I don’t find the birthmark to be that bad. I’ve seen alot worse on children. Some to where it requires surgery to remove it. I don’t see what the big deal is, if indeed it is a birthmark.

  100. Pebbs says

    #32, that was pretty cruel to say that! Have you ever seen a downs baby? If you had you wouldn’t think that this baby has downs. If you saw a downs baby on the street would you think it was ugly? You, whoever you are, have no tact at all and I find you just plain cruel!

  101. katie says

    what a striking baby! her dark hair and big blue doe eyes , shes beautiful and you people are cruel to say those things about her , c’mon she’s an inoccent baby. and she looks exactly like katie!! theres pics of katie as a baby , she looks exactly like suri , except for the eye color!!

  102. JACKIE says

    Diva, I can assure you that they did not hold off that baby because of the birth mark, I think it is just Toms way of doing things, even today, he would not ahve brought her save for the fact that it would appear strange in the extreme this being a family affair.

    I also think Tom thought about Katie who is hurt by what people say, frankly I think he should teach her that when you are a celebrity people will say mean things no matter what, I dont know any celebrity who they have not smeared, but then again no one said any thing bad about Katie before; so this is kinda new.

    Nevertheless I agree with those who say Suri is a beauty, I admit am amazed.

    Katie has also transformed into an elegant woman. I will miss the sweet girl in Dawsons Creek.

  103. Gods' Girlfriend says

    I’ve been reading right along here and had to jump in.
    I enjoy reading the posts because some of them are pretty funny others are just weird. The weird seem to be taking over. Who are you people gushing on about ? It can’t be the two publicity starved strangers getting hitched with all the dignity of a circus side show could it? The baby is umm, unique looking, and I’m sure a sweet little baby, but she’s a baby so enough said. I suspect a number of you are Scientologists. Who else could possibly spew the types of hyperventilating butt kissing idolatry in some of these posts with such sincerity?
    Okay, one more time: Tom Cruise is gay. There is no
    debate. Katie better love her some shopping cause she’s gonna be shopping for lovin’ soon enough.
    Katie dresses like a wealthy matron twice her age. When Audrey and Jackie wore those styles they were considered daring and risque. That was 60 and 50 years ago.
    This wedding is a public theater on a grand scale. Tom is trying to morph from an over the hill pretty boy movie star into a mature leading man. Russell Crowe he ain’t.
    Gotta fly, God’s calling.

  104. Litz says

    Now why would they hide such a beautiful thing! I think some of you should say thank you to all of us who demanded to see her, knowing Tom if we had not he would hide her till she was ten and at a soccer match. She is a joy to behold and though I dont favour Tomkat, I give credit where it is due, suri is the most gorgeous in Hollywood babiesm now I think. the VF pictures had not convinced me.

    I hope they show her more often!

  105. tam says

    I think Suri is just adorable.. i love the head of hair and big blue eyes… she is a mix between tom and katie totally looks wise… very happy looking baby too!

  106. Diva says

    The baby looks just like her parents, she’s very cute!

    I think Katie’s sense of style has made a cute girl into an amazingly beautiful woman along the same classic lines as Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn. I know I’m in the minority here, as the rest of you are always making snide remarks about her clothes, but I think she’s wonderfully classic, mature and lovely.

    I have this nagging fear inside me that the reason they held off so long on pics and don’t bring her out much is because of the birthmark. That’s a shame, but what I pray was NOT the case was that they were disappointed in her little face or embarrassed…. I’m not saying they WERE, I’m saying I sure hope that wasn’t the case. She’s a sweet looking lil girl, birthmark and all!

  107. Jessi says

    Suri sure does look like tom. So maybe their relationship is real and they really r getting married. They look like a great and happy family. I sure hope tom and katie give her a little brother or sister in the future.

    Congrats Tom & Katie

  108. KK619 says

    I am sorry, I dont see how people think that Suri is the “Most Gorgeous in Hollywood”…. ???? I dont know if its just me or not, but I think that is one quote that is the farthest from the truth!!!! JMO

  109. Anne says

    There is a tinge of shamefacedness in the voices of the Tomkat doomsayers, my advice, if you cant beat them , join them, I was sceptical too at first, but man it is happier being on their side. I am looking forward to the wedding pictures, I think judging from her out fit today, Katie is sure going to knock us out. She looks so glamorous and can now fit in with the A-listers, she is one now any way.

    Thanks guys for, those pictures are so beatiful, Suri is seriously a georgeous Angel, the family look good and I admit am a little bit Jelous of Katie, seems she has done well for her self.

    I wont bug them to show the baby any more, but I will ask nicely to show her more often, she is the most gorgeous in hollywood!

  110. dori says

    Katie I love that hair with the little bangs… so European you look fabulous. And the baby looks like a little china doll. How happy they all look. Congratualtions to the family!!

  111. Robin says

    a couple of thoughts:
    1) what Nicole gave them as a wedding gift?

    2) can you imagine what it must feel like to be Katie’s Mom? seeing her little girl walk down the aisle into the arms of Tom-freaking-Cruise?! a two-time divorcee with adopted children who renounced Catholicism (Katie’s upbringing) in favor of Scientology?

    3) I hope Suri has a good optometrist I think the paparazzis flashbulbs are making her cross-eyed!

  112. Lacy says

    if i were katie, i would be smiling too. not only because she is beautiful and adorable, but because it is an exciting time. i mean, katie never takes suri out. the little girl is smiling a whole lot too becuse shes never acually spent a full day out and about with mom or dad. hopefully, this won’t be the only time in many years to come that we see little suri. hopefully, from now on, we will see little suri with either of her parents out grocery shopping or at the park. maybe katie has gotten the hint that it is a nice and normal thing to actully take you daughter out. the three look beautiful together, i wish them the best and baby suri a kinda normal child life.

  113. KK619 says

    Not to say that Suri is ugly or anything (cause all babies are so innocent and cute), but she sure is different looking hey. I dont think she looks one bit like her Mom or her Dad… at all!!! #31 Robin, you said it right on the ball… “she is one unique looking tot”!!! STRANGE!!!

  114. Robin says

    Posters #7 & #10 LOL!!!

    I dont know about you guys but I’m starting to feel left out…their wedding will be the be all and end all event on the planet Earth! You cant go wrong with wedding guests like Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey! can you imagine?
    oh well I guess Oprah and I can cry into our pillows this weekend…
    In regards to Suri I have one word: BARRETTE (or hair-slide for the Brits)
    she is one unique looking tot!

  115. Pebbs says

    Suri looks like Katie in the second picture. She is soooo cute. I could just squeeze her. They look just so happy. The happiest day of their lives. Katie is so beautiful and I love her outfit. Suri looks like she’s having a blast too!!

  116. Hana says

    OMG, its actually bedtime here in London but I can’t get enough of Suri, Tom and Katie and thanks for telling us about beautiful site and Im sure they will have the wedding pics too. Can’t wait!!

  117. Nisa says

    My oh, my she was worth the wait, she is the most gorgeous creature I have seen, I cant leave, I just cant stop looking at her! More pictures please!

  118. kt says

    Katie looks GORGEOUS! I am really looking forward to seeing what she looks like in her wedding dress!
    Suri is SO cute. i think she looks just like Tom.

  119. Paula says

    Thanks Lauren for the site. It is great. People should look more to sites like that one before they post on this one. There was a discussion a while back about Toms two other children and how they lag behind them. These pictures belie that. Looks like they are walk very close together. One or two pictures surely don’t tell the whole story. People speculate way too much. The look like the are a very happy couple to say the least.

  120. Paula says

    Sillygirl, you are a silly girl. She looks like a mixture of them both.

    You can tell how happy they both are. Looks like they like showing her off. She is so cute!!!

  121. Paula says

    What celebrity doesn’t get airbrushed, kids and all? And she is older. Babies looks change from daylight to dark. Sometimes they look like the daddy, sometimes they look like the mommy. Sometimes they look like them both.

  122. sillygirl says

    Still think she is adopted her perhaps the result of artificial insemination. Absolutley nothing wrong with either one of these methods. Honesty is the issue here.

  123. TIa says


    she is the freaking cutest thing i’ve ever seen!!! she’s a chubby cutey pie. Tom and Katie look very good too….I’m in Tomkat heaven, there is a blog about them on and its very interesting:)

  124. 2kids2many says

    Okay, I know that I’m gonna get hell for this, but…I’m sorry! Those pictures in Vanity Fair were so-o-o-o airbrushed! It hardly looks like the same child!

  125. sillygirl says

    What in the heck is up with Katie’s clothes lately? Who and what is she trying to turn into? Maybe Tom is behind the change. Can’ t stand Tom. He is such a loser!!!!!! Suri sure doesn’t look like either one of her “parents” to say the very least. Regardless…………….she is a baby and cute as a button.

  126. Paula says

    Just looked at the site No wonder Tom and Katie don’t bring Suri out. With all the mean things people have to say. I’d keep her out of the lime light too.

    She is gorgeous and I wish them a long and happy future together!!

  127. Helen says

    They all look very beautiful and save them from the eyes of people like Fancy. I hope they have a long married life.

  128. Brandy says

    There are more pic’s of Suri close up on, She is a doll. All of them look so happy together, that my opinion of tom or scientology really doesn’t matter right now, does it. Good luck to all, especially to Suri in the years to come, she’ll need it judging from the many comments I’ve read about her.

  129. stacey says

    would have been nice to see a pic of katie holding suri, maybe tom wants to be on alllllll this pics

  130. Brandy says

    There are more pic’s of Suri close up on, She is a doll. All of them look so happy together, that my opinion of tom or scientology really doesn’t matter right now, does it. Good luck to all, especially to Suri in the years to come judging from the many comments I’ve read about her.

  131. Fancy says

    That is one endearingly goofy looking baby. At least she’s not wearing one of those baby head garters. Ouch!
    Katie looks amazing for a 45 year old.
    The less said about he who controls the better.

  132. Christal says

    They all look so happy and excited! I’m glad to see them with Suri for such a special ocassion!

  133. Emily says

    Look how proud Katie looks, just like what a mother should look like beaming at her newborn. I’m sure she is thrilled to have Suri out of the dungeon and into the light

  134. Lisa says

    Suri is so CUTE and all three look fabulous. I wish them all the best for their big day on saturday.

  135. Pebbs says

    Wonderful pictures. Suri is beautiful and looks very happy and loved. Katie and Tom look great too. I wish them all the happiness in the world.

  136. Ruby Jackson says

    Katie looks fabulous in her open, pastel, silk blouse! The baby is adorable!

    I still can’t stand him, though! lol.

  137. mikkidee says

    Wow, Suri sure is a cutie!! I guess people were right when they said that Tom would bring her out for the wedding. It is time for some “good” publicity, and he can certainly use his daughter for that!

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