Joyful & Merry News About The Brangelina Clan!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

This story being reported by Star Magazine may or may not be true, but it sounds so wonderful that I hope it’s true!

Brad Pitt’s family in Springfield, Mo., can’t wait for the holidays! Not only is Brad planning to bring Angelina Jolie and their three children to town for the Christmas holidays – to stay in the palatial house he just had built only a quarter of a mile away from Brad’s folks, but Brangelina also has an exciting announcement they want to make!

One way or another, sources say, their little family is about to expand. “Brad is telling his family he’ll have big news for them all,” a source tells Star. “He calls it his holiday surprise. Everybody in his family already thinks it’s what they’ve suspected for weeks now – that there is news about a baby No. 4 for the Jolie-Pitts.”

On one hand, as Star has reported, Angelina, 31, has been showing some signs of early pregnancy while in India with Brad, 42, and their kids shooting A Mighty Heart, her new movie about murdered Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl.

“She’s taking prenatal vitamins,” says a source. “It’s like she can’t seem to keep food down. Even the smell of Indian food is enough to make her turn pale.”

But there’s more than one way to expand a family. Two of their children – Maddox, 5, and Zahara, 22 months – are adopted (baby Shiloh, 6 months, is their only biological child), and sources tell Star that the glamorous couple is seriously considering going the adoption route again.

Best wishes to Brad and Angelina and their family and may they share a blessed holiday season!



  1. V Dog says

    I’m sooooooo happy for Brad and Angelina! They look great together and I’m sure they are happy with eachother, too! I hope they have another baby instead of adopting because then they could have two that are adopted and two on their own!! I’m just really excited for them and may God bless Angelina and Brad in whatever decision they decide to make!!!

  2. jess says

    all you guys are just sickin the head have nothing better to do all day, but talk about people look at your life fisrt get it straught and then you might be able to talk about someone elses living condition. who died andd made anyone king? i’m pretty sure everyone has a nasty past hidding in the closet. if angi and bratt want to adobt so be it what are you doing for your community? are youopeing your big home for child that need it ? before real all you think about is going to macys on the weekend and what trip to plan next mean while thier are lots of children needing homes. if you dont want to do let someone else handle it and let them live in peace ///

  3. nikki says

    Ok Carleigh lets get thins over quick !
    STFU ok? “babigirl” can`t spell and maybe she was trying to help to one agian S-T-F-U
    a.k.a shut the f*** up! jeez
    all she was doing was tell`n her off cuz like J&B were good i guess but A&B* are AMAZING!!! and who`s to day if they have another kid?
    G.A.L.U.C.F lol 🙂

    xoxo 🙂 really stop gett`n angry for no reason !! it will help SO much if you could take a chill pill!

  4. mdmoore says

    It’s too soon for another baby i think,but they are adults,i just hope they know that money doesn’t make a happy family,being together building stability for children is what is needed,so i just hope they are aware of that,and will grow as a family,then more children would be a great thing,i love big families,the more the merrier,IN TIME.God Bless them all.

  5. lori says

    how many kids do Angelina and Brad have,last time i counted it was 3. Why is it you only see 2 of them. They show there two maddox and Zahara every where they go. Dont they take there little one out with them.Before Brad ,Angelina and Maddox went everywhere together when he was just ababy. They take Zahara out. They seem to just want the publicity . There littleone is a part of the family but they sure keep it out of the light. DONT they take the baby out with them and Zahara and Maddox. ITS always Brad and Maddox or Brad and Zahara.You never see Brad and the baby together.

  6. Linda Murat says

    I hope I can make sense when I am writing this. I like to come to this web site to look at the babies.
    I like Jennifer Aniston, and I can’t stomach Angelina Joille. What do we know, however, what really goes on in stars private lives? Brad’s and Jen’s marriage must have been in trouble before Angelina. We ordinary people usually have the same problems.
    One thing I know is that I am sick and tired of, and that is seeing everything that Brad and Angelina Joille do in public. Since stars make a lot of money, they have to give a lot away. Many give and are not in the news all the time. What about our own country? Yes, it makes me feel very sad when I see the children of foreign nations, but what about home? Brad and his partner gave a mere pittance to the Katrina relief fund in comparison to what they give to other countries. Other stars have also adopted children and given to charities. They just don’t have to flaunt it.
    I just hope not to see them on tv and in papers anymore. They make me cringe. That’s only my opinion though.

  7. Very interesting says

    I am not against anyone helping other countries. More power to them. What I don?t understand is why these celebrities have to do it in front of cameras. Why can?t they do it quietly? Because they need and want the publicity. Oh look, I?m in New Orleans helping build houses for Katrina victims. I?m sitting in an Indian orphanage helping orphans. I?d like for them to go without cameras and media attention and do it without all the hoopla. Do it without wanting something in return, like publicity. And make donations without posting it in every newspaper. They brag about what they do. Why? Because they want the attention.

    And I know you?ll say that cameras are always looking for them, but I?m sure if they really wanted to they could trick the paps and go in another direction. Send them on a wild goose chase so to speak. Send anonymous donation to organizations. I don?t recall ever hearing of Brad doing all this charity work before Angie came along. But you have to admit. It helped his career didn?t it. He should have thought about it sooner.

  8. Dee Patterson says

    Brad and Angelina; Might work, might not, Brad ought to consider the amount of child support he will be stuck with after this relationship goes the way of all Hollywood affairs.

    IF they must add to their family by adoption, why not go to Russia and take a couple of the Children from the orpahnage in OMSK. Those children are kept until they are 12 or 14 and then turned out onto the street. They don’t have money for adequate food or even heat in their buildings. Give to children who might freeze to death in their own beds. But no, Angelina has to make headlines instead.. IF you think this does not further her career, then think again.

  9. Dee Patterson says

    Brad and Angelina; Might work, might not, Brad ought to consider the amount of child support he will be stuck with after this relationship goes the way of all Hollywood affairs.

    IF they must add to their family by adoption, why not go to Russia and take a couple of the Children from the orpahnage in OMSK. Those children are kept until they are 12 or 14 and then turned out onto the street. They don’t have money for adequate food or even heat in their buildings. Give to children who might freeze to death in their own beds.

  10. Miranda says

    Just my opinion, but if they cant take their one biological kid out with them in public because of the Pap, then maybe they shouldnt have anymore. They know that this is what their lives consist of. Why bring a child into the world to push them off on someone else to raise? Shiloh should be raised by her parents, not her nannies. I hope they do not have any more kids. And I also agree with #50. If Angelina wants to help kids out, there are plenty of needy kids right here in America, the land that has given her fame and fortune.

  11. cherish says

    If that is true.I am so happy for them and thrilled.I wish and pray that God will always bless them on their charity works and that they will go on until the world will hear and recognize what they contributed for the best in the world.And people who are unhappy for both of them….I dont know what type of people are they?.May the Lord bless them for trying to destroy the people who are doing good deeds for the benefit of world peace.

  12. dark faith says

    just shut up haters its always ange home wrecher ange doesnt adopt from the us there is always something to critisice stop it allrady she has enough to deal with she knows the past she has had not hiding it go hate on julia roberts her husband left his pregnant wife and another child for that ugly trollup clair danes go hate her her boyfriend billy crudup left left a pregnant mary louise parker for her laura dern seduced a married ben harper who had children and had a baby with him while he was married those whores deserve the term whome wrecher not angelina leave her alone allrady if they are going to have another child its their choise the only ones still angry are the aniston fans move on people

    i was on this website the other day this people have been together before in past lives in one brad and jennifer had a son but then one day he just left was gone for 20 years only return to see the boy
    in a second life he was a general jennifer was his wife and they had children but one day he left her again not to be seen by her again

    brad and angelina have has past lives together in one she was the daughter of a wealthy man brad was a performer they tried to run away together but got caught when he was smuggling her out of her city he was killed and she was forced in marriage with another man
    in another life brad was a rich merchant and angelina was with this soldier who had taken her by force from her village and brad bought her from him but he was married still he became obssesed with angelina he stop sleeping with his wife that he got angelina not his wife pregnant but he would not give her up but him being a wealthy respected man couldnt just leave his wife so they past of the child as his and the wives but angelina was in charge of their baby

    i dont know if this is true but if it is no matter how much we fuss and get angry it wont change enything about them let brad and angelina live their lives together brad was going to leave jennifer no matter the reason in this life just like in his previouse he was obssesd with angelina and no matter what jennifer did brad was still going to leave her as he had done before and was still going to be obssesd with angelina

    move on fans talking to the aniston fans specially leave brad and angelina let them be happy in this life together

  13. Nicki says

    Vicky – You should get your facts straight. Brad, Angelina, Jen and her best friend Courtney Cox, all said Brad DID NOT cheat. They separted in Jan., Jen filed for divorce in March. Brad and Angelina were pictured together in April. The divorce was final in August, signed by a judge in Setember. Shiloh was born in May 2006.
    She can adopt children from where ever she chooses. She has that freedom of choice.
    Going on two years now, time to move on.

  14. Vicky says

    Angelina Jolie is a homewrecker. She claims she would NEVER do what her father, Jon Voight did (by cheating on her Mother), but how is she any different when she is the reason Brad and Jennifer wound up divorced. I do not care about the woman. But, why cannot she adobt kids in the U.S. There are plenty of children that need homes.

  15. Paula says

    Well, where is the news? Star Magazine did it again. Obviously Brad and AJ spent Thanksgiving elsewhere and not with his family. I’m sure they missed him though. So don’t believe Star Mag or the Enquirer. They only put things in to sell papers, no matter what it is.

  16. carleigh says

    #44 if your going to sit there and be the website spelling/grammar teacher here is a bit of advice for you….perfect yourself before critiquing others for their faults and shortcomings. You don’t know how to spell Jennifer in your first sentence.

  17. WTH says

    That is funny. I just never really thought about it and now that I’m looking I have wth, what the hell, all over my house, towels and even my pens have it. Duh, I feel stupid. Gonna change that really fast. Thanks for the enlightenment.

  18. WTH says

    thanks for clearing that up for me Shea, but not nice words. Mines my initials, not what the hell! Although, that’s a good one, ha. never thought about it.

  19. Helz says

    Er, Babigirl (no. 38), first of all, learn how to spell – its baby not babi, and second of all Brad and Jennfifer are OVER! C’Mon repeat it O-V-E-R – oh sorry i forgot you can’t spell, sound it out dear. Secondly, Brad and Angelina are amazing together! Brad and Jennifer LOOKED great together, but they obviously were not made for each other, or they would not have broken up. On another note, if Angelina and Brad want to have another baby (whether biological or adopted), thats up to them. I think that they are fantastic, and they have done more to help this world get back to the way it should be than most, so I don’t know who you think you are slating them! Oh, and another thing 41, I highly doubt it was a publicity stunt – both Brad and Angelina separately had enough publicity as it was before they got together.

  20. Shea says

    Means shut the fuck up. just like the handle you used means what the hell… case you dont know….

  21. WTH says

    I hate it when people use initials to say things. What the hell is STFU? Why can’t people just say it? And don’t tell me I should know. I don’t!!

  22. Thats It!! says

    That’s why AJ took Brad away from JA!! For more publicity. You nailed it Nicki. She didn’t have as many paps after her until Brad got into the picture. He made her famous. Thats it. It’s all clear to me now!!

    India doesn’t seem like the best enviroment for any child!!

  23. Nicki says

    OK Cheryl~ go to and watch the media and people crushing them. Then ask why Shiloh isn’t with them. She is only almost 6 months old, and I couldn’t imagine those flashbulbs going off in my face, let alone a BABY., and the crowd of Paps crushing them. And please before you say Maddox and Zahara were out and about with the paps…………….Maddox was at least 10 moths old and she only had 1 or 2 paps trying to get pics, much easier and less stressful.. Once she adopted Zahara(w/ Brad) the media. and I mean Paparazzi mostly, were all over them like flies on ****. So the difference between 2 or 4 paps following you around and taking your pic as apposed to 30-40 paps crushing you to get a pic, would make ANYONE believe it wasn’t the best enviroment for a BABY.
    And people are still asking why they are holding thier children (aren’t they old enoungh to walk?) Of course they are old enough to walk, but if 30 people are chasing you…………..wouldn’t you be the first person (hopefully) to pick up your child and hold them tight????? If you have to question to this, then you have no idea what life they are living. So STFU, Please.

  24. babigirl says

    I realy do’t want B&A 2 hav mor babis brad should go back out w/ JA. brad made the biggest mistake in his life. JA and Brad made the cuttest couple. B&A r not a gud couple . They should just break-up. There r big signs that tell that they r not right 4 each other. #1: they r using the excuse of not marriaging until others can marry. @#$%@! whatever #$%^7 who the !@#$%^ is going to believe that @#$%^!

  25. Cheryl says

    I’m just wondering why I see all of these pictures with Jolie and Pitt and the two adopted children and they never seem to have their newest addition with them. Might it be a bit too much responsibility for them to take the youngest. I guess they are leaving the care up to someone else until it’s easier for them. The kind of thing that makes one go hmmmmmmmmmm

  26. Pebbs says

    I agree with you Shea. She probably just did that to hook Brad and maybe she didn’t like JA for some reason or another. Who knows. The kids will suffer in the end. She seems pretty desperate to me, just my opinion.

  27. Shea says

    I never said she needed a man to be a good mother. Im talking about the kids being put into a situation where they might feel its their fault when they break up. at the rate their going , they might have 10 kids by the time they do break up and thats alot of kids in therapy. I just seen a old interview saying she never wanted kids. I know people have the right to change their minds, however she sounded like she thought it was a sin to bring more kids into the world. I think she is using him also. Kinda funny how she went from saying having children is wrong when there is so many out there that needs homes then a year later after saying that in the interview i seen, having a child with someone that broke up his marriage becuz his wife wasnt ready to have kids. Just seems out there to me. Shes a wierdo and no amount of kids she has or adopts will change that IMO. Whats the point of getting married lol, they both know it wont last.

  28. Pebbs says

    Well, can’t say I don’t agree with you Shea, it is true about Hollywood couples not lasting very long. I think if AJ wanted to adopt children into her life she wouldn’t need a man. She was doing it by herself anyway. As far as getting pregnant again so soon after the first one, imo is crazy given the way she’s been looking lately. Maybe she just wanted to conceive ii in another country. If she is pregnant I wonder where she’ll have this one? I think she’s using Brad, taking advantage of him wanting children to have her family. Can you imagine what it’ll be like if and when they seperate? And why don’t they get married?

    It seems strange that two people with such different backgrounds as those two have hooked up. Brad seems so wholesome and boy next door type, unless I don’t know something about him, compared to Angie’s wild, weird past and ways of thinking. I guess it’s true what they say about opposites attracting.

  29. Shea says

    I hope its NOT true for the fact we all know this couple wont be together long. Thats just how it is with hollywood couples. Why bring more children in this world, or adopt? Yeah they will take these unwanted children, give them a “loving” ( if thats what you want to call it ) home, then make them go through a nasty breakup that will be in the news EVERYWHERE! Just a waste IMO. PLUS, she doesnt look healthy enough to even get pregnant let alone carry another child. Shes looks ill and unhealty in all the pictures ive seen lately. She does NOT look like she did before the baby, Seems to me angelina is getting on the E.D. banwagon. I would go as far to say she has a eating disorder.

  30. Ana says

    I dont know how sadistic one can be to actually allege that Angie is happy, she is miserable can’t you see? I know you had these teams Aniston and Jolie, but you don’t have to tell blatant lies, it is like saying…….. Bush is a smart guy! I mean even though you voted for him, you have to face the truth some time! so may be you wish them well but the truth is that she is miserable, Brad is pretty happy with the Status quo, I wont say he is jumping on the couch, but he looks like everything is on his terms! and he loves the kids.

  31. dori says

    well she doesn’t look great and she never looks happy but the best to them whatever the news is. She has been looking pale and thin… if she was pregnant can you imagine the smells in India??????? I’d be puking up everyrhing!!!!

  32. nikki says

    OMG im Angelina`s #1 fan and like im so happy!!!!! well like she may have diffrent news though , im hopping she`s pregnat because she looks great and happy and she is an AMAZING mother!!

  33. mair says

    #1..BAMZS..too cool!! #2..I wish in this particular blog, if that is what it is, that it could stay light, and not become so hateful. Celebrities are humans. As we all are. Get a grip on the venom. It’s about BABIES. NOT about the parents.

  34. KK619 says

    Of course they have alot of help… thats how they manage to take care of that many kids while travelling/working so much. The Nanny’s will end up raising the kids just as much as Mom and Dad do.

  35. babyhates says

    I love the BAMZS (brad, angelina, madox, zahara, shiloh)Hehehehe !!!!! Hey if they have another baby their gonna need a new name !!!!

  36. carleigh says

    I think it would be wonderful if they were prego! Congrats either way they make beautiful babies together!

  37. Pebbs says

    Still like John Travolta. Sometimes the personality is the only thing that makes a person desireable. News, gossip, it’s all the same to me with celebrities. If I want real news I’ll go to CNN or FOX. Ever occur to you that maybe some people come on these blogs to not have to think about other current events. Kind of takes there minds off of the real world sometimes, like war and their sons and daughters being in Iraq and worried they won’t come home? This takes my mind off more important things. Just to get a break!!

  38. tina says

    i have 3 children all under 5 and i would not swap the time frame at all. there is a 2yr 9mth gap between my first two and i personally feel that it was to far apart, my middle and youngest are 15 months apart and it is perfect! it depends on the person i suppose, if she is pregnant then good luck to them, thay have the money to provide for a whole brood so why not!

  39. Nicki says

    #14 Pebbs-thanks for answering. Matthew Mc and George C I agree with, but have you seen John T. lately?
    No I am not a fan of Tom C. but I do like Katie, and thats who she is with, so I check out thier pictures.

    And this IS NOT a place to get news on people. It is a gossip “blog” with pictures. The article qouted above is from the Star tabloid. That isn’t news, it is made up gossip, 50/50 chance anything is true. That is why each week they change thier stories, just to cover thier lies.

    I didn’t mean to “single” you out I just laughed when I read your post wondering why someone would bother to take the time to post on this couple when not fans of them. No it doesn’t bother me one bit you don’t care at all about Brad and Angelina and thier family. I was curious, thats for your answer.

  40. Diana says

    What fabulous news if it is true. I realise that Brad and Angelina have made mistakes but wish them all the blessings for the future and I hope it lasts. There is so much pressure on Hollywood couples that you have to wonder how long it will last, but fingers crossed 😉

  41. Lolitha says

    Look i just hope the news is that they are pregnant,this adopting is too much now,let them have more biological children i think Maddox and Zahara are enough for the rainbow,let them have the child and walk down the Isle.I wish them the best.And #15 Angelina cant adopt the whole world even if she feels guilty about it.

  42. mumba says

    I thought Angelina felt all ‘guilty’ for having a biological child when there were so many orphans in need of a loving home? Guess she got over that quick then…

  43. Pebbs says

    #13 Nicki – I’m on this website because I want to be and it’s a blog. A blog is a place where people go to “blog”. Does it bother you that I don’t really care for Brad Pitt and why would it? I’m not a fan of either one but I do like to keep up with the news on the kids and anyone else that I choose. Are you a fan of everyone of these people that you post on? I think not. You don’t care for Tom Cruise but you post. And if it’s remotely any of your business I would drool over Matthew Maconahay, George Clooney, Patrick Dempsey and even John Travolta just to name a few.

    I don’t see anything strange about this and why the hell are you singleing me out when there are a lot of people on here that say worse things than not being a fan of them? I think you’re the wierd-O or are you just PMSing? And furthermore, I don’t think BRAD PITT IS GOODLOOKING!!!

  44. Nicki says

    10. Pebbs |
    I’m not really a fan of either one of them, and certainly don’ t and never did think Brad was good looking. He’s ok, but not one I’d drool over. Maybe they are finally planning on getting married.

    Wow, I’m wondering who would you are a “fan” of or who you would drool over/ Why if he is so uninteresting would you even be looking at his pictures on any website???? Strange in the easiest phrasing, but OK if it is simplier to to be here than on a celeb’s site to praise them??? Totally weird-O in the first degree!!!

  45. says

    Paula I thought the same thing too when I saw Star but you never know!

    It would be very exciting for B & A to have another baby, often people have babes close spaced for the later years, they definitely are closer while growing up. I can’t wait to hear the exciting news…

  46. Pebbs says

    Congratulations to them if that’s what it is. My neice has 3 kids, stair step, all under 5 and they are a handful and requires every bit of her attention. She wished she’d have spaced them apart some. They do need a lot of attention and trying not to leave any body out is a challenge. But of course Brad and Angie have nannies for those times that might get missed.

    I’m not really a fan of either one of them, and certainly don’ t and never did think Brad was good looking. He’s ok, but not one I’d drool over. Maybe they are finally planning on getting married. That would be good to proclaim their love to each other for ever and it would seal everything for the children. I know, I know, you don’t need a peice of paper to show your love, but it’s nice to have, don’t you think?

  47. Nicki says

    6. Janet WOW, you are so right. I pray that God blesses you and your family and wish you and your family the best life has to offer.

    What an inspiring thing to say. If only others can be so insightful and open!

    I wish the best for you and yours, and of course Brad and Angie and kids.

  48. Lucia says

    I so agree with you Anne. They should at least wait a while and give these 3 kids some quality time before expanding their family! But for all we know, it might have nothing to do with could be that they are planning to move there for good. Imagine that…Brad’s mom would be able to have the kids anytime she wants and who better to watch them while those 2 are out making movies. That’s a great surprise for any grandmother…let’s see what happens.

  49. Fancy says

    Well that would explain the pale and frail Angie of late.

    Best of luck to them and their family.
    Holidays with the rents! What a treat! LOL

  50. Janet says

    #2 Anne, it is so sad to read that people like you look down on others because of their past histories. Do you know that EVERYBODY in this world has some kind of bad history on them? Not one person is perfect and just because someone was wild and did crazy things when they were younger does not automatically make them worse than others. I am in a church where people stand up and give testimonies about their lives before joining the church and if you think a person’s past makes them somehow horrible, these people would never have joined the church. I know a pastor who did all kinds of horrible things when he was younger but is now one of the most responsible and respected individuals. It’s because he grew up and was given a chance to show that. I admire people like Angelina because they are the kind of people who are crucified by so many people for their past sins but they don’t let that stop them from doing the good things they love and are passionate about. They don’t give up but keep on going on amidst all the criticism. I pray that God blesses Angelina and her family and wish them the best life has to offer.

  51. katie says

    I wish them all the happiness in the world. Oh lord PLEASE give us another perfect specimen of a men like Brad Pitt. I really hope they have a boy! Imagine how good looking he would be.Let’s hope he looks like Brad because if he looks like Angelina, those features not cute on a boy , just look at her brother he looks exactly like her and he’s kind of creepy looking, too girlish. Shiloh looks just like her father except for the lips. Beatiful children, including Sahara and Maddox!

  52. AJ Fan says

    I think that is fantastic news, whatever they decide to do. Have another, adopt another or stay as they are.

    Wishing them much love and happiness.

  53. Anne says

    After acquainting myself with Angelinas history, I dont think she should be adopting again, I don’t want what happened to Daniel Smith to happen to another child of a sich hollywood star. It is ironic but orphans do make it out of orphanages and Hollywood is a crazy place, I can see Angelina going back to her crazy life.

    besides, I dont trust her relationship with Brad will last for long.

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