First Candid Photos Of Baby Suri!

It is so wonderful to see Katie with her baby daughter! (Seen here arriving at the city hall in Rome today) They are so sweet!

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes



  1. april says

    Gee, some of the comments here were nice and sincere, but for others you consistently comment on how Kate wears black and Tom, looks old and greasy. I bet for all their money you would not care if you looked that way or another other perhaps.
    Is it not here for the Baby they just had together and a very beautiful one at that – and maybe there are just a few haters on this site that can not stand the fact of just that. Stop sweating the very small stuff and wish they both your best – since in Holloywood these day don’t they all need it. Stop the hate, stop the opinions – do you really care do they.
    Peace Out!

  2. Michelle says

    wow! what a cute babie, she looks like tom cruise! when she grows up she’ll be very cute! she can even win miss universe competition…=)

  3. Liz says

    I think if Suri did not `belong` to two celebrities then we would honestly be saying she is a very plain baby. She looks very like Tom to me with Katie`s coloring. She looks more like a little boy to me. Katie has a very sweet face. Unfortunately, in future years look at Toms sister/mother to see how Suri will look. I thought Katie Holmes had a lot more sense than to marry aTom. Tom never stays faithful and is so controlling. Huge flaws covered up by big bucks.

  4. pagal38 says

    Ok I’ll try this Again I Don’t see my post Okkk, I Think Tom & Katie Are very much In Love & Their Wedding Pictures Which I Just saw are Beautiful! Katies Wedding Dress was so pretty & Isabella & Conner looked very nice & Suri in her little gown dress looked absolutely adorable! What Awesome memories they will Have !. Check it out at & see The Castle, The Fireworks & All the Guests! Those Memories Will last Katie & Tom a Lifetime!! Wow!What a Romantic Wedding!! Congrats!!To them!

  5. pagal38 says

    Congratulations To Tom & Katie! Husband & Wife now Officially , First in the Us Now In Italy ,Saw the Wedding Pictures Suri Was Looking Adorable as were Isabella & Connor ,They All looked so Happy & What a Beautiful Setting , Check Out It Shows the Pictures The Castle The Fireworks & All the Guests ,What a Beautiful Romantic Wedding! Katie Will Have Memories To Last a Lifetime & Tom! Again Congrats! Loved Katies Wedding Dress It was Beautiful .

  6. !! says

    #88 – imo…only likes to make negative comments about anything that is good. When she doesn’t get her way about calling a defenseless baby ugly she lashes out at other posters. Pitiful life in my opinion!

  7. pagal38 says

    Its nice to see Katie Holding Her baby Daughter ,She is Definitely A Sweetie ,God Bless Them All & God Bless their Wedding! I Think Suri & Shiloh Are two of the cutest babies!

  8. Diana says

    IMO – I worship all babies because they are a gift from God, and certainly Suri is that. Obviously you do care about Tom and Katie and their lives because otherwise you wouldn’t be coming on here making nasty comments about them. You obviously have few brain cells as well judging by your last comment. This site has no room for such low life comments. Suri is a beautiful baby.

  9. imo... says

    no not jealous that this baby is getting the attention. it is ugly. what is this ‘leave us alone’ crap. who are you Tom or Katie. don’t you have a billion dollar wedding to ‘put on’ for the world. get a life. this marriage will be over in less then 2 years. you people are way too much into this Suri crap. you worship this baby like it is the second coming. guess what- Tom and Katie wouldn’t even let ugly Suri puke on you.

  10. !! says

    Looks like IMO…is pretty jealous that this baby is getting all the attention. Why don’t you go play with yourself and leave us alone?

  11. Pebbs says

    Yea, I admit it. But I said it MIGHT not be. Did you read that?? Does it make you happy that she has a birthmark on her forehead imo….? Sound pretty smug to me!!

  12. India says

    OMG, I can’t get enough of Katie and Tom. Wonderful couple indeed. Wishing them happines and pray that they marriage last forever. Suri is an adorable lil girl I have ever met. God bless Katie and Tom.

  13. MissyMama says

    #80-Thanks for the link. Suri is so adorable, she looks quite different than she did in the Vanity Fair photo shoot, but still adorable. You can tell in one of those pictures that her hair is falling out, like it does with most babies.

    But what I want to know is…what the hell is Katie wearing?? (The new Yahoo pics)

  14. Pebbs says

    I thinks she an adorably beautiful baby. She looks like a mixture of Tom and Katie and she looks like a happy baby. She doesn’t look scared at all or overwhelmed. So that tells me she’s a happy loved little girl.

  15. Nicki says

    Just Jared has tons of new pictures of Katie and Suri, oh yeah Tom too. Suri is all dressed up and AWAKE.

  16. Kalista Brat says

    If it is the 16th here in the US does that mean it is the 17th over in Italy? can somebody tel me how many hours apart they are in Rome from California?I really want to know!

  17. Desiree says

    I hope we get some more new pics today of Suri Cruise and Tomkat! I am running around looking to see if anybody has anything new!I saw the video of the celebrities that have arrived at the airport so far on at wedding of the century!

    People also has a blog on Tomkat with all the latest updates!

  18. Lisa says

    Oprah is such a snob. I can’t believe she said that, she actually made me feel sorry for Tom with friends like that who need an enemy.

  19. Abby says

    Of all news I am most entertained by Tomkat news and pics, I just love it I’m obsessed!It’s so great! Oprah snubbed? Hahah lmao! That’s what you get!Can’t wait to see more!More Suri!More Tomkat!More entertainment!

    Britney news isn’t half as entertaining as tomkat!

  20. jenna says

    ha! Tom’s a fat S.O.B
    i had to get that out of the way,
    when i saw the pics on this site i knew people were gonna go nuts with comments.
    Does he ALWAYS have to touch her somehow? hes always “guiding” her along, I’m clausterphobic, that would never work for me.
    best of luck though, if some hairy greasy fat midget
    makes you happy then hey, theres someone of everyone.

  21. Don't beleive the gossips says

    Hey, do you know what the media has been saying about Katie’s parents boycotting the wedding? Oh well check this video out and here is from what I can understand they said.

    it was something like this:
    they asked how is katie, katie’s mother said “She’s great, very exited, I talked to her yesterday, she’s vary happy”, they asked if they was exiced aobut the wedding, and katie’s parents both said yes, her father told’it’s going to be spectacular, we’re very very exited and happy for them, it’s going to be wonderful’, they asked how katie’s dress was and her mother said that she hadn’t see it yet, they asked why they choose Rome and Katie’s mother said that it had been a choice of katie and tom and that they are very happy to be in the city, they asked katie’s father a message to tom and he said ‘A message for Tom?Good luck, We love you and wish you a long married life’ 🙂

  22. dzt66 says

    They are such freaks said, “There were pictures of TC arriving in Italy on his private jet, disembarking with Suri in his arms. She was wearing a red.”

    Is there a link to this? I have not seen these anywhere. never misses anything I didn’t see them there.


  23. Tasheeka says

    I didn’t know Oprah said that, what a bitch!I’m never watching her show again, I’m moving on to Tyra and Montel!Besides I think Oprah has become a snob!
    She should keep neutral like she did with Billy O Reilly when he was on the show! I didn’t like the way she treated DAve Chapelle either! I hope DAve never goes to her show again.

    Next you are going to be on tv , Chapelle go to Tyra or Montel!I’ll be happy to watch you!

  24. babylover says

    #44 As far as celebrity couples having children, I just think it is selfish to bring a child into this world when they have to exsist is the fish bowl life that comes with being a celebrtiy. Tom and Katie made a choice for this type of life, their kids did not. As far as the druggies out there that have kids, they should lose custody of them.

  25. Amy says

    Jess1516 – why do you say it’s unlucky to get married on a Saturday. The great majority of weddings in the US do occur on Saturdays….

    just curious?

  26. Kalista Brat says

    If Oprah said that about my relationship I would not invite her to my wedding either! Hell no.Besides I think that the Tomkat wedding will have plenty of other celebrities that I care more to see!oh and Andrea Bocelli has a wonderful voice!

    I can’t wait to see the pics!

  27. CarolAnn says

    That shot seems so natural to me! I agree with what so many other posters have said, being that you’ll find something negative to say which is a direct reflection on your inner feelings!

    Tom and Katie deserve to be respected! Screw Oprah she has no clue whther she is coming or whether she is going! I’m glad Tom didn’t include her, after the comment another poster posted that she said, she wouldn’t know what love is so of course it would seem weird to her. Tom’s couch jumping can only be understood by someone whom has been in love!

    All the blessing for this upcoming weekend, Kate and Tom forever!

  28. Fancy says

    Morning tea right up and out the nostrils! Is her brother also a pilot? Could this be a John and Kelly sorta thang?

  29. Jacquie says

    In that last picture of Tom he looks like he’s doing A “Interview of A Vampire” impression! Fitting since he seems to be sucking the life out of Katie

  30. scarlet says

    WOW..Now Katie how hard was that to bring your baby out? For all the shopping you do just think as baby Suri as an accessory to your outfit..LOL

  31. Fancy says

    Helen, it’s not “my” story, it’s on multiple news wires for all to read. If you’re having trouble believing that type of ostentatious behavior exists I suggest you go to Google news and check yesterdays posts. Or do the math .
    Perhaps the Italian news service was reffering to the amount in euro’s spent to fix up the town?

  32. Fancy says

    Helen, It’s not “my” story . It’s on the news wires. Look for it you’ll find it. Or does the thought of that much ostentation flowing from your darling TonKat blow your mind?

  33. Robin says

    Suri is cute, adorable, beautiful and stunning in these pics? Her face is squashed up against “Mom’s” shoulder!?!? her back, legs and hands are normal-looking too but stunning!?!? I don’t see it….

  34. Jess1516 says

    Oh my gosh…I’ve been trying to post a comment since there were only two on here and have not been able to so here it is:

    FINALLY!!!!!! Maybe now all the Suri craziness will stop!! She is real, she’s their baby, now shut up. Tom may be weird and Katie appears to think she doesn’t have a baby…but here they are, together and normal, so let’s just congradulate them! I hope thier wedding goes well…but I wonder if they know it’s bad luck to get married on a Saturday?

    Anyway, let’s stop all the Suri craziness. It’s been almost a year so enough already!

  35. Fancy says

    # 33 Smith, the figure of 9.4 mil came from a UPI story,
    ( UPI=United Press International), yesterday linked via Google news. Do the math. Just chartering two planes from L.A. to Rome would eat up a huge part of 2mil. I’m sure none of the guests paid their own ways. Hotel bills for 100 or so alone would wipe that paltry amount in no time.
    Re the angels kiss, my friends daughter was born w/one exactly where Suri’s is. As she grew it faded and moved up her forehead. Now at age 10 it’s only barely visible when her face flushes. Her mom actually misses it because it reminds her of baby days. There is no reason to shop that out of photos. In fact as public
    figures you are doing a disservice by implying it’s something negative to be got rid of.
    IMO Tom’s mental age hasn’t caught up with his middle age. He thinks he’s all Risky Top Maguire when in fact
    he’s in Big Daddy Land.

  36. Helen says

    #43 You’re right I just read it on TMZ Oprah wasn’t very nice to Tom on Good Morning America. They were suppose to be friends but she actually back stapped him. A lot of people thought Tom was a bit crazy that day but if you are a friend you don’t go on and add pain to that like O did. To me she seems to be friends who are the flavour of the month. Here is what she said from TMZ.

    Tom to O: Cross Me, I Cross You (Off The List)

    Posted Nov 15th 2006 2:50PM by TMZ Staff
    Filed under: Tom and Katie, Celebrity Feuds
    You think Oprah wasn’t offended that TomKat didn’t invite her to their wedding? Believe that, and you’ll believe she doesn’t eat Baskin-Robbins at 2 AM to dull the pain. C’mon — they even invited Brooke Shields, and we all know how Tom feels about her.

    Talk Queen Oprah was a notable non-invitee for this weekend’s Italian nuptials, and we think we might know why. Almost a year ago to the day last year, O went on “Good Morning America” to hawk her DVD retrospective, and told Diane Sawyer that she thought Tom faked his infamous couch-jumping, fist-pumping, career-disemboweling antics.

    “I was not buying — not buying or not buying,” said Oprah at the time. “That’s why I kept saying ‘you’re gone, you’re really gone’ … It was wilder than it was appearing to me.” Was she unconscious at the time?

    Chris Klein and Matt LauerCruise apparently didn’t take too kindly to O’s skepticism. Oprah, for her part, told “EXTRA,” “I don’t get invited to everyone’s wedding. I don’t invite them to everything I do.”

  37. babyhates says

    Cute family………. ummmmm I can’t wait to see the wedding pictures. Also I think OPRAH is upset… hehehe you know there’s no crossing her !

  38. carleigh says

    FINALLY………..we get to see more of the gorgeous little suri…she’s a sweetheart and looks like a little angel.

  39. Pebbs says

    #27, when a baby has a lot of hair it does thin out over the months. Nothing unusual. It’s called loosing baby hair. The bigger their head grows the thinner the hair gets, but it’s replaced with more hair. Babies loose hair just like adults and children do. That might not be a red birthmark either. It could be that she was crying real hard like babies do and she got those splotchy marks on her face. Looks like her under eyes are a little red too. My babies get that if they cry really hard.

    IMO, I think if they didn’t want anyone to see her they would have covered her with a blanket like some of the other celebrity moms do. I’m sure we’ll see more of her soon. It’s not really fair to say Katie never holds her baby. We don’t live with them in their house. Just because you never see pictures of her outside with a million pappas around her doesn’t mean she doesn’t hold her baby. I for one wouldn’t want to expose my baby to all that. Some celebrity moms do that for attention such as Britney Spears (and she hasn’t brought her baby out yet, so why isn’t anyone slammng her?) I think if Tom is being protective of anyone it’s his baby.

  40. kt says

    suri is looking sooooo lovely and katie looks lovely holding her! i wonder if they are dressed up for a civil union in rome or something.

  41. Diana says

    Post 44, I totally agree with you. These people only judge because it makes them feel better abou themselves. They would be judgemental and critical no matter what Tom and Katie did, or did not do. Why can’t they be happy for this couple? Of course, it is as if they have never made mistakes. Very sad if you ask me! 😉

  42. Good God says

    Gee, #35, when I said the same thing in so many words you lectured me. Make up your mind!

    I don’t think Tom is hanging all over Katie because he keeping her to himself. Most gentlemen guide their ladies throught crowds like that and hold hands with them in public places. I for one like it when my husband is close to me in public. Shows he loves and respects me. He’ll guide me through a crowded store just like Tom is doing. And if he didn’t touch Katie everyone would say they never touch like everyone says about Angie and Brad.

    And Angie wheres black ALL THE TIME! What about her? Is it because that is her signiture color or something? SO!

    Smart #5 about the weight gain for a movie role and maybe he needs longer hair for the role too. People should just let it go.

    #26 if the celebrities never had babies because of the lives they will lead, their wouldn’t be sites like this for you to look at. You make no sense. And furthermore, their are a lot of nobodies out there with children that have drug problems.

    You people need to think before you post. Some of you are off the wall!!

  43. Nisa says

    I wonder why every one is surprised that Tom kat did not invite Oprah for the wedding, how can one forget that Oprah said mean things about Tom on Good morning America and confessed that she did not buy the relationship and Toms excitement, she repeated this during her end of year show and remember Tom and her were supposed to be good friends. Frankly I don’ t blame Tom for not inviting her.

    I hope he has not invited Letterman as well because he is always making caustic remarks about him.

  44. pat says

    Katie and Tom look like a beautiful couple getting ready for their big day…And Suri looks content in her mothers arms…Why do people want to judge someone else? Leave these two alone for a while, they are getting married and trying to put a family together, give it a break…Everyone knows that within a week of their marriage they will be in the tabloids with the headlines saying that one or the other said they made a mistake about getting married…It’s a shame the world has nasty,hateful, people in it…no one can just be happy for someone anymore, having said that= ALLTHE BEST TO TOM AND KATIE ON THEIR BIG DAY AND LIFE TOGETHER…………………………………………………………….

  45. AJ Fan says

    “How come noone is saying where are the other two kids? How come they aren’t with them? Oh I forgot thats only for Brad and Angelina.”

    LOL. Well said Nicki. Too true.

    They look absolutely adorable. Congratulations to the cutie family.

  46. Nicki says

    I’m glad Suri gets to go to the wedding. How anyone can say the baby looks cute here is beyond me. She looked cute in the VF pictures. We saw her face in those. You could say cute sweater, dress or tights, or how nice it is to see Katie not shopping and holding her daughter.
    How come noone is saying where are the other two kids? How come they aren’t with them? Oh I forgot thats only for Brad and Angelina.
    Tom needs a major haircut. I wish Katie the best of luck and hope her big day is everything she dreamed of.

  47. Lucia says

    katie looks so proud to be holding her daughter in public and she should be…she’s a cutie pie. and tom looks very protective with both of them. They look like a great and loving family. I wish them all the best. I can’t beleive we are finally seeing pics of Katie and Suri…I’m so happy and that baby is beautiful!!!!

  48. Cyberkitten37 says

    jeez..some of u ppl r SO critical! Katie is holding her baby like a NEW mother does. Hey, give her least she’s looking where she’s walking (unlike another very popular celebrity! lol) I don’t blame them for not wanting to bring that baby EVERYWHERE with them. Cripes, they’d never get a moment’s peace! I’m not too big on TC..and honestly, i think KH got all caught up in the *school girl crush* thing on him and is with him for all the wrong reasons. I don’t see this relationship lasting at all. I feel sorry for that poor baby who’ll be caught in the middle of a broken home. I don’t doubt for a minute tho that KH is a great mother..u can see it in her eyes.

  49. Nisa says

    I agree tom should get a hair cut, but my oh my, I love these pictures, and I like tom a lot any way so weight or no weight that is his business! Thanks Babyrazzi, this was great!

  50. Diana says

    I think that Tom and Katie are a beautiful couple and Suri is gorgeous too. It is just a shame that the publicity is all around them at the moment, and yes, there might deserve it in some respects, but the paps just never leave them alone. I just think it is plain nasty to call Katie and Tom freaks, and to me when people are so judgemental it is to leave themselves up, rather than anything else. Be happy for them, we ALL make mistakes but yet feel the best when we slag off other people who we do not have a real clue about because we don’t know them, and do not know what goes on behind closed doors. All you that slag them off, take a look in the mirror. 😉

  51. Smith says

    # 19. Fancy, where did you get you numbers? You see its people like you who starts nasty rumours like that, which is so not true. I live in Rome and one of the newspaper here estimated that they must have spend 1.5 Euro (which is like $2m)that includes the money they donated to have some of the poor houses re-build in area as a gift to the city and you can check or any reliable source they travelled with 10 people and all families so please check your facts next time. And yes there was a pic of Suri on Monday getting off a plane with her dad.

  52. Jan says

    TOM gained weight because he is going to start shoting a movie in Jan, he is playing a U.S. senator needs to look the part with beer belly:). His recently restored United Artists has picked up ?Lions for Lambs?, a film that the actor will star in and produce. Robert Redford and Meryl Streep will also stars in the movie. Suri is so Cute and this is not the first candid there was one before with Tom holding Suri.

  53. says

    ok that is so strang to me tom been married to nicole kidman for 10 years and didnt have any bio. children with her but he was only dating katie for a few months and baby suri was born

  54. babylover says

    #16 That is way to funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. 2kids2many says

    Okay, here goes…(IMO) Is it just me or does Suri’s hair look like it thinned out since Vanity Fair? and you’re right #6, she does have that red birthmark between her eyes that wasn’t in the V.F. photo shoot. My daughter is 2 1/2 and still has it. I never get it touched up (although I could, but it is part of her!) Tom looks like a fat pig (sorry, but I don’t like him). and why does he always have to have his arm around Katie so protectively? Is he saying “Hey! This is mine?” or is he scared that she’ll run away if he let’s go? and I’m sorry, but I think Katie looks uncomfortable carrying her! Okay…enough said.

  56. babylover says

    #24 you are so right, the poor baby will have a challenging future for as long as she is alive. I wonder if these celebrity couples ever contemplate that before they start having kids. There is no way for these kids to have a normal life. They will forever be living in the shadow of their parents, always trying to measure up. It’s no wonder the amount of celebrtiy kids that have major drug and alcohol problems, they think it is their only escape. I wouldn’t trade my life and money for their’s for anything. I love my “freedom” and my very normal life being a nobody.

  57. celeste says

    can that alien ever let her walk alone without smothering her. My gosh let her breath. yuck he just looks gross with that greasy hair. Maybe his religion doesn’t let him wash or cut his hair before his wedding.

  58. They are such freaks says

    PS- Let’s not forget that Suri is an INNOCENT, who was born to a unique destiny. She had no control over who her parents are, or what she looks like. She was only JUST BORN less than a year ago. She needs to grow, develop, and learn. Let’s all keep her in our BEST thoughts, because she has a very challenging future ahead of her, whoever she is.

  59. They are such freaks says

    DZT66 asked… “Hey, “They are such freaks” what pictures are you talking about from a few days ago?”

    There were pictures of TC arriving in Italy on his private jet, disembarking with Suri in his arms. She was wearing a red coat.

    #21, Shea– I was thinking the same thing– that her dress is going to be black!!

  60. Shea says

    these two are so fond of black…I wonder if katies wedding dress is gonna be black too lol. IMO it doesnt seem strange shes holding a baby. what seems strange is them saying suris HER baby. I know ill get alot of flack for that comment but it just seems strange them saying shes carrying HER baby. Prob just cuz ive never have seen pictures of her with suri like this before, just looks and sounds strange to me. Tom looks like a washed up fat sleeze. Hold it in tom before you bust open buddy!

  61. Lolitha says

    Does this tom character have a stylist whats this garbage his wearing,me thinks he could call Brad Piit for assistance,theres too much black in that picture.Katie clutching to the baby like that,the whole thing loks so unnatural,give me the Afflecks anytime who look and act like normal people,smiles all around,ease and warmth not these scientologists/aliens

  62. Fancy says

    But that’s just the point, they are NOT a regular couple. They are a brand who is constantly strategizing ways of selling themselves to the public. Regular couples don’t have 9.4million dollar weddings, TomKat does.
    Regular couples do not travel to Italy with 50 assistants to get married TomKat does. Anyone who doesn’t see this for the massive publicity stunt it is has been living in a cave without electricity. When you put yourself out there like these two people have expect the dirt to fly at ya along with the adoration.

  63. petite-boo says

    They’re a family that just so happens to live in the public eye and therefore is under constant scrutiny. If they were a regular couple out with their sleepy little darling, we’d all give them a smile.
    Suri is, just as all babies are – beautiful.

  64. sillygirl says

    Look at Tom’s schnoz……………………major nose job ahead…………..Tom take note…………… to Ashley Simpson for her recomendation for a nose dr., then………..see Kirsite Alley about joining Jenny Craig……. ask Britney Spears who her hair dresser is, last but not least ask Brooke Shields if you can borrow some of her antidepressant meds to help you get a smile on your face.

  65. dzt66 says

    Hey, “They are such freaks” what pictures are you talking about from a few days ago? These are the only ones I have seen anywhere of Suri. Just curious if we were missing some.

  66. Kalista Brat says

    Awww how cute! I can’t wait for more Suri pics, I hope they are able to take some of her when she is not sleeping! I heard they are going to release some photos on Saturday!Well, I hope we get a good look at Suri!

    She is so cute!

  67. joy says

    I think tom and his family look realy good and i hope they stay together forever they look like a happy family together tom would he dam if he don’tr stay whit his family and i will near go to any more of his movies if he leve that cute baby whit out a daddy and kate is a very good woman stay whit tom and if i was her i would of to because i been inlove whit tom all my life to i would love be the one married tom and have his baby and i anm a ohio gril to good luck you all

  68. Kathy says

    What a shame these pictures are going to bring so many mean comments. Katie is finally seen with her baby in her arms and still no one is satisfied. She looks like a natural to me. Her baby looks like one of those that snuggle and meld to it’s mothers body. God bless Katie, Tom and Suri.

  69. Robin says

    is that Katie holding her very own baby?
    …and come on Top Gun SHAPE UP you better be able to squeeze yourself into your tux come Saturday!

  70. They are such freaks says

    First of all, I’m surprised it took Babyrazzi so long to post these pictures, and none from the first Suri sighting a few days ago!

    Anyway, Tom is BURSTING out of his clothes! Gross!! How come he made Katie work out with a trainer (a “back sculpter” no less) to get into shape for the wedding, and he’s gone to pot?

    They should spend more time with their baby, especially on the ‘family’ days they spend at the soccer field. Or maybe his other kids are jealous and don’t want his ‘new’ family around?

  71. Fancy says

    When the V.F. pictures came out my husband remarked that it looked like the baby had an angels kiss on her forehead, (type of birth mark that fades over time), and she sure does. Why oh why would they have photo shopped it out? Weird.
    Suri is a BIG beautiful girl. Look at her sweet little hand holding her mama. How the hell does Katie spend so much time away from her?

    Katie caption “wow these things are heavy!”

  72. Pebbs says

    I know we haven’t seen Katie with her baby but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her. I think she looks like a very protective and loving mother. From what I see of Suri, I thinks she’s just as beautiful as she was in her first pictures. Beautiful hair!! Tom has gained a little weight but everyone does when they are happy. And besides, whoes to say that he’s not gaining for a movie role. Celebrities weight fluctuate all the time for roles. I wish them the best of luck and hope they last forever. That’s all anyone should want for a couple who are getting married.

  73. Blair says

    It’s so weird to see Katie holding her baby. I forget that she even has a baby since we never see her with the baby.

    I think Tom has surely gained some weight since he had that vest fitted. Get a haircut for your wedding please!!! He’s starting to look old and greasy.

  74. renee says

    does she always have to wear black? and what is with tom’s hair — he looks like such a greaseball. ugh to the both of them.

  75. Erin says

    Oh, what a cute sleeping baby! I would imagine that it would be hard to walk carrying a sleeping baby and having Tom’s arm around her waist. That last picture of Tom is funny!!!

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