Britney With Sean In Louisiana

Britney and Sean look sooooo cute! And I love Britney’s tartan headband! Britney must feel good to be back in her hometown (here she was snapped in Louisiana on November 13th)…she really needs a break!

Sorry…images removed. But all images can be found HERE at US Magazine!
The stress of the divorce is clearly getting to her. Hang in there Brit!



  1. Jessica Archer says

    Keep up the good work. I was just looking to see if there was a pic of baby Jayden James: Brittney Spears & Kfed’s baby.

  2. Nicki says

    I am glad she dumped her good for nothing (but sperm) husband. She looks good. I liked her with the darker hair too. Sean Preston is a cutey. I’m sure she will do fine without FedEx, she seemed to go downhill since hooking up with him. I think Jayden will look a lot like Sean P. and he is adorable.

  3. MissyMama says

    Why is she jet setting all over the place? Is she trying to avoid running into K-Fag? It’s great she’s taking the boys everywhere with her, but jeesh! How about a little R&R Brit?

  4. pagal38 says

    I Just think Sean, Suri & Shiloh Are the 3 cutest Babies!!! Wow! Sean Is Growing & Looks very much more & more like his Dad ,Wonder Who Jayden Looks Like?

  5. babyhates says

    🙂 It’s not a big deal…… I can honestly say I don’t take this to serious because none of us really know each other and everyone is diffferent.

  6. Diana says

    Babyhates – thanks for agreeing with me on something! I apologise if I have got a little personal with you on here, it can get a little heated can’t it? 😉

  7. Sarie says

    I think that she is trying to good. We all wanted her to get away from Kevin, now that she does everyone is saying that is wrong too. People need to make up their Mind.

  8. dori says

    rumor has it there are no pics of the new baby because kfed gets royalties for all baby pics
    so brit is supposedly going to put out some free shots when she’s good and ready
    ther will be no expensive photo sales to any magazines.. that what I heard can’t swear by it.

  9. Tamara says

    Gosh, it is her life let her get on with it. If she wants to smoke let her, who are we to tell her what to do. no one….. The only person who has to look at her babies health is Britt herself and the GP. Therefore, if your not a doctor just leave the poor girl alone , her life her rules no one can change that.

    i will admit she does look much more content now – but is that just for the camera. she would be lying to everyone to make herself look good in the public eye. but who knows what is going on behind closed doors. only BRITT does..

    keep chink up brit and smile :)))

  10. Louisianagal says

    In our neck of the woods, Britney is just a big joke! Our newspaper even said she put the Ho back in Tangipahoa Parish!

  11. Pebbs says

    sarie, i don’t think smoking makes you a bad person, just an unhealthy one. Cancer, second hand smoke, all that, you know, makes you unhealthy and the people around you. But, lets not get into that, shall we. As far as poor Britney, when I can see her trying to do right instead of doing stupid things and some just for publicity, then I will feel sorry for her.

  12. sarie says

    OMG. I cant believe some of the stuff Im reading on here. Poor Britney, First off, Pebbs. ( dont mean to make it personal but the post is rediculous!!) Since when does Smoking mean your a bad person, As for making a sex tape, who knows if there actually is one, and if there is, they made it in their own time and more than likely before the kids where born. Its not like shes just out making homemade porn to pass around in front of her kids. You dont just “take” someone away from someone else they have to WANT to go. The whole 55 hr marriage, get over it. THIS POOR GIRL. I feel sorry for her she has to live in the public eye, where no matter what you do, someone is gonna find something wrong with it. People just need to back off.

  13. babyhates says

    Wow, this woman can’t win. Everyone makes mistakes in there lives and have to live with them….. I do agree with Diana on that only god can judge us. I think everyone does something they regret in life, and it’s worse when people keep throwing it in others faces. Anyways I think she needs a stylist and KEN PAVES to do her hair !!!!!!!

  14. carleigh says

    Leave her alone GD! So she smokes, she isn’t in the restaurant, she’s not doing it around SP and she is entitled to have a few vices. At least she gave up her biggest, most expensive vice of all…K-FAG!

  15. Diana says

    Pebbs – I do agree, but in some pictures she is more modest than other pictures. I cetainly do agree with the fact that a lot of her actions over the past few years have not been very christian like that’s for sure, but lets hope she can get back on the straight and narrow. It is all to easy to become swayed by wordly things, and popularity, fame and money. I am not one to judge though, we all make mistakes and God ultimately is the only judge of everybody, not me.

  16. Pebbs says

    I hope she knows what the effects are of second hand smoke. I really hope she didn’ t smoke while she was pregnant. And if she didn’t, why start up again? You did with out it for nine months. Why start back?

    Diana, she isn’t really a great role model anyway, whether she smokes or not!!! Unless you call going around half dressed, making sex films, smoking, marrying a looser after taking him away from someone else, marrying someone for 55 hours, dressing in little girl school clothes and doing a strip tease, driving with her baby on her lap, and numerous other things that are too many to post, a good role model.

  17. AJ Fan says

    Very sweet. Love pictures of Britney and Sean together. She looks really good. I love her shoes and her hair band. There was also a little clippet where Britney spoke to the paparrazi briefly, he was English and she said she loved his accent. She seemed in good spirits. Good for you Britney!

  18. Diana says

    She looks okay, but needs to stop the smoking as she isn’t a great role model at all smoking. Gone are her good christian girl roots that’s for sure! 😉

  19. Lily says

    Britney looks great and those shoes are amazing!

    I love the second picture with Britney and Sean, he seems to be such a character. And Britney always seems so serene when she’s with him. It’s like her inner self shines through…

  20. 2kids2many says

    I was in a restaurant the other day and this lady was smoking while breastfeeding her baby!!! It made me so mad! I hope Britney don’t smoke around those babies!

    Sean is getting so big! I wonder how he likes his new role as big brother?

  21. Shea says

    I hate the hair, hate the dress, hate the smoking. But love the shoes lol. theres really cute and i dont usually have ANYTHING nice to say about this woman.

  22. buttons says

    She is so stupid. She didn’t start smoking until she was a adult. You would think that if she made it through the teenage years not smoking, common sense would prevail by the time she reached adult hood. But this is the girl that proposed to Fed -ex, bought herself her own wedding ring and then here is the real laugh……………..she actually married the guy! Hello…………….can you say STUPID BLONDE!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. bunny says

    She looks great because she smokes her weight away. ” I feel hungry, I will have a smoke instead of food.” Great logic. It is the most disgusting stinky habit, it should be completly outlawed. Sorry all you smokers, but thats how I feel.

  24. says

    Brit looks beautiful! It is so awesome that she’s so hands on with Sean P., I love that age when they start exploring the world! I wonder what caught his and mamas attention?!?

  25. NO NAME says

    Britney looks AMAZING! Losing that monkey on her back has definately agreed with her. I’m sure she’s realizing how much “richer” she is by letting that mooch go. Sean is getting soooo big and he’s just adorable. Although, I will be happy to see some pictures of lil’ Jayden soon, too. CONGRATS BRIT!!

  26. gena says

    Anyone that opts to marry someone regardless of what everyone else thinks cant help but to still care about that person even if it doesnt work out for them ESPECIALLY if you have children together. I feel sorry for the two of them because it is going to be tough going through the emotions of it all. Good luck to the both of them and Britany…….if you ever need a non public person to care for your babies they would be in the best of care!!!!!!! Good luck!

  27. Cyberkitten37 says

    I think Britney looks FABULOUS! I LOVE her hair! I’m sooo glad she finally dumped the loser! Sean’s a cutie too! 🙂

  28. Administrator says

    I think Britney looks totally amazing! The mention of her being stressed was in relation to the pic of her smoking..that’s all! I don’t know if she is a regular smoker…but she doesn’t seem like one, and I thought that maybe her smoking was in response to her going through a lot recently.

  29. kk_619 says

    How do you figure that the “Stress of the divorce is clearing getting to her”? I think she looks great!!! She doesnt look stressed at all. Yes I am sure that it is very upsetting to her, but she definately doesnt look like she is showing it. Im happy for her that she is back in her home town with her family and friends, there is noone better to help you through such a rough time than your loved ones!!! Hang in there Brittney, congratulations on losing the loser!!!!!

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