Denise Richards Takes Lola To The Toy Store

Denise Richards

Denise was snapped taking Lola, 1, to a toy store in Studio City, Calif., on Monday. Denise heads back to the tumultuous set of Blonde and Blonder in Vancouver later this week. No charges were pressed against Denise after the “thrown laptop hitting an elderly person in a wheelchair” incident.



  1. Rhia says

    Lola is getting so big

    The movie has finished filming now. It started in October and was a new type-15 day shoot spread over a month.

    The laptop incident did happen but did NOT hit the woman, and I am inclined to believe Denise on that one because if a laptop landed on you it wouldn’t leave a bruise it would break something. What Denise and Pamela both say happened is that the laptop landed a distance away from the woman but startled her, and that was when she hit her arm on the edge of her own wheelchair and got a bruise. THAT makes sense, anything that paparazzi says DOESN’T make sense to be honest. Her injuries would be far worse.

    The paparazzi went aove and beyond. It wasn’t just Denise he was insulting it was Pamela too, about her miscarriage. If some random stranger started shouting insults at you about having a miscarriage, the people around you are hardly going to just accept it. I’m on Denise’s side on that one.

    Poor Denise. She didn’t deserve this and I’m glad Pamela is coming to her defence because Denise was there for Pamela when it happened. People are just so hprroble to Denise IMO.

  2. KK619 says

    Does anyone know what date Denise and Pamela started filming at the River Rock in Vancouver?? I was just at that casino last weekend and wondering if they were there filming yet or not at that time…
    As far as the whole lap top and wheelchair thing, I read in another article that Denise is claiming that she did throw it over the building, but it did not hit anybody. I live a few hours out of Vanouver and I am sure if she hit an elderly in a wheelchair it would be posted all over the newpapers around here, and it is not, so I am sure its not true that someone was hit with the lap top.

  3. Jean says

    She hit a 80 year old woman in a wheelchair???
    If that computer had hit the woman in the head she could have been killed. What is wrong with those dammed Hollywood whores?

  4. MissyMama says

    I agree with you Doyle. She has always rubbed me the wrong way too. She seemed like a stuck up snob back in the day when she was modeling in Seventeen Magazine.

  5. 2kids2many says

    Guys! It’s not like she woke up and said “Hmm…today I’m gonna throw a laptop on an elderly woman!” Give her a break. She has people following her & taking her picture everywhere she goes…even the toy store! Everyone has their breaking point! This was an isolated incidence. Don’t tell me that you have never done anything that you have regreted. Her mistakes just get printed in the paper newspaper! You’re lucky yours don’t!

  6. carleigh says

    Can we all say ANGER MANAGEMENT! LOL..glad none of the elderly people were injured and she’s going to be darn lucky if one or all of them don’t sue the pants off her.

  7. Robin says

    Lola is looking cuter and I believe thats what you call a “damage-control” smile from Denise…

  8. India says

    Jordyn, Denise was furious with the paparazzi and she threw a laptop which belongs to a photographer off a balcony and landed on an elderly person in a wheelchair, it was reported that fortunately there were no serious injuries. Can u imagine??

  9. India says

    Is this the lady who threw a laptop hitting an elderly person in a wheelchair, some1 please teach her how to control her temper.

  10. India says

    OMG, is this they lady who threw a laptop, hitting an elderly person in a wheelchair, some1 please teach her how to control her temper.

  11. Lacy says

    wow, she is actually smiling in this photo. i’m suprised no nanny is in sight, maybe she is somewhere behind her. it’s nice that she is alwaysout and about with her girls. lola is getting so big, and denise, beautiful as always.

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