Cindy Crawford & Kaia Trick-Or-Treating

I know Halloween is long gone, and that Thanksgiving is now right around the corner but I thought this pic of Cindy and Kaia dressed up as pirates for Halloween was just too cute!

Cindy Crawford



  1. miaj says

    Hats of to Cindy for taking her daughter Trick or Treating. In the midst of this crazy world, she is trying to keep it all normal for her precious Angel. You rock Cindy!

  2. Lani says

    kaia is getting taller, she may be a supermodel like her mom, oh what a gorgeous mother and daughter.

  3. Ms D says

    Though I agree some of the comments might be a bit “out there”, I think the webmistress was asking for it after putting her comment in the last post to people going off about their distaste for the swimsuit pictures. I think that’s why she posted this “normal” picture of them together. Doesn’t impress me.

    This picture is cute enough I suppose, but it doesn’t change my thoughts about how Cindy Crawford handled that last mess. And I’m never going to understand how she “doesn’t understand”how some people reacted. She’s just not on my list of ‘top celeb moms’..not that it matters..parents can do whatever they want with their own children I guess! 🙂

  4. j says

    Yay! Halloween! Free ticket to dress like a skank! Seriously… teenagers wear lingerie as costumes now. The “loosen up, its Halloween!” thing just isn’t working for me. If there’s one area where I’ll be a prude, it’s with my kids.

  5. katie says

    MY GOD YOU PRUDE ITS JUST FISHNETS ….ITS HALLOWEEEN!!!!! jeez you people get out of your shells

  6. says

    FISHNETS….God this stupid woman will never learn.
    In 14 years I give you playmate of the year.
    Its reality you encourage inappropiate behaviour and shit happens!!!!!
    Damn when will htese “Mothers” learn!!!!!!!! ARGH

  7. MissyMama says

    J- You can find fishnets at any Costume store in all sizes, child and adult. It was Halloween for petes sake!

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