Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie With Zahara & Maddox

The Brangelina bunch (sans Shiloh) was spotted in Mumbai, India today! Zahara has gotten so big!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt



  1. liz says

    i was going to finish to saying i admire violet and jennifer and ben affleck A LOT, my heart melts when i see them, but violet is going to look just like ben in my opinion, i see it more an more in her expression but with a mom and beautiful as jennifer the baby has to pick up on that beauty andwith a dad as handsome add ben afleck the baby is going to be quite a looker


  2. liz says

    getting this comment in while i can. baby shiloh is a mini brad except for lips which she got from mom. z is a very pretty little girl who i hop will smile soon. i notice she does smile during her special moments with her mom.

  3. emp says

    I don’t believe them are truly kind people. There are a lot of famous and wealthy people who do good deeds and yet stay anonymous. Doing good deeds should not be for the publicity and show the whole world that they are good and kind people. If they are truly kind and good, then why would they hurt another person and keep their immoral union so highly publicized. Besides, I agree with Angie’s father about Angie having some psychological issues that she needs to resolve. To be kind and to do good things need not to go so far away. Just starts with people who are around you and then reach out. She is doing it backwards. She needs to resolve her psychological problem of needing that recognition. By showing the world that ?I am a good person” will not do the trick. Remember there are many kind and good people helping the world to become a better place everyday, but they do not need all the publicity to prove that they are doing it.

  4. liz says

    In response to posting #5. When a child is cold, the color of the blancket should not matter. You better ask God for forgiveness otherwise there is a special place in hell for you starting with here on earth.

  5. neash says

    You can definitely tell that Shiloh is Angelina’s baby she definitely has her mother’s lips which is a good trait to take on. She’s going to be a very beautiful woman, and just think alot of women hate on Angelina’s lips with their crazy ass comments and witts end imagination but they just wish they had her full lips.. if not then tell me why so many many women are getting surgery o have full lips……EXACTLY just what I thought.. U GO ANGIE !

  6. diane says

    How do the jolie-pitts get by with their shameful behavior? their money? I doubt Angie could adopt in the USA with her sordid past, stealing someone else’s husband. She seems to have done this twice. She is a true actor, nothing in her life seems real. and poor old Brad is running around behind her like a lapdog Get real people

  7. Carol says

    I am as fascinated by the Pitt-Jolie children as anyone. However, I am puzzled as to why Maddox is always scowling and Jahara just looks scared or sad. Also, I wish Angelina would leave Maddox’ hair natural and in a little boy haircut.

  8. Indiegrl says

    I never liked Angelina EVER!!!! I think she is the worst actor in the world. But who the hell would praise a woman for stealing another womans husband. How lame is that. Ange is known for hooking with guys on set. So I guess things like that just come natural for a w@$#%. She must have been so deperate that she needed a man in her lame life. ha ha ,
    But I guess what goes around comes around and one day they both will get what they deserve. They will not make it as a couple, I give them another year or two. Ange knows how to get a guy but doesn’t know how to hold on to them for very long. So I wouldn’t be suprised when she becomes a single mom again. And those kids, I feel sorry for what she is putting them through. Yeah they are calling Brad daddy now, but what about in a year or two. And for Brad, I really feel sorry for him. He seems like a little puppy always following his master where ever she wants to drag him. Poor man doesn’t look happy one bit.

  9. annette says

    i think they are the most beautiful family, angie and brad are great parents, this is what brad always wanted and jen was always into her self, brad is just a country guy, he never look happy married to jen, she is to high maintenance, thats why vince ran and i do not see anyone waiting in line for her.

  10. nikki says

    Do you really think i like tell`n you off all the time team Aniston??? cuz i don`t if you don`t like Angelina(don`t comment on that)& Brad
    (don`t comment on that eather)
    Oh and watch out #45 team Aniston might come and suck your blood in the middle of the night cuz you said that!!!!

    i litterly think there vampires !!!( i don`t care if you comment on that!)

    and im not trying to be funny its just how i feel !!!

    but yes team Aniston i think in a way you like Angie and brad cuz you keep going on there link ever hear of people being mean cuz they like you i meen think of the 4-5 grade!?

  11. Origin says

    And one more thing before I leave , Z is only a small child, she does not smile most of the time because she is aware of the cameras and media around her and is confused, and understandably a little intimidated. HELLO, this is not rocket science. Get over it.

  12. Origin says

    In response to #104 “doggy”. Who cares about your opinion. I feel great that you’re so bothered by my people’s brown color. That means there is something extra special there that you are intimidated about. Could it be that Scientists recently proved that all the colors we have today originated from a brown race, and could not have come from a white race? The whole family is adorable, get over it.

  13. Venus says

    Why the hell don’t you people get a freaking life…admire them for there acomplishments and what they are doing for the world. They are not selfish. People like you suck because you are trying to suck all the energy from them with your negativities. They don’t read this crap anyway! You dumbasses…appreciate them for what they do…and its nobody’s business if they fart or not we all do. You guys make me sick.

  14. Erica says

    I love Angelina and Brad as actors and I think they are also good parents. I really respect all of the unselfish love that Angelina has put into her charity work and adoptions and I think she is a great person. Though lately, she has been looking horribly miserable. I know she loves all of her kids unconditionally, but sometimes I wonder if she and Brad are really “in love.” It’s really nobody’s business but their own, but it’s hard not to get involved when they get so much publicity. I do think Angelina and Brad make a great couple, but I also think they deserve to be as happy as they can be. But who knows, they could be completely different people when the cameras aren’t on.

  15. Babs says

    If they adopt again, I hope it will be an American child. There are so many needy children here in the USA. Why are those children so sad looking?

  16. oriana says

    Zahara always looks like a sourpuss, never has a smile on her face and she never walks? Why is that? Even on the playground, Maddox was the only one playing! And in the family pictures that Brad and Angie released when Shiloh was first born, Zahara wasn’t smiling then either, she is one ugly little girl! Too bad, at least Maddox looks like he is happy most of the time!

  17. giselle says

    Hey where is Shiloh? I think she needs to rest at home. Of course, she is little baby. Wonderfully, all of you are having great time. PLease stay together family

  18. Nicole says

    #86, I agree with you 100%. My son is 8yrs old now, But I remember how cranky he would get when we travelled alot. His father is in the military, and we moved around quit a bit. It was exhausting for all of us.

  19. Nicki says

    Well jay, that is your opinion. All is good with that, huh……….

    on a more positive note she is doing good with the love of the children she adopts

    I couldn’t agree morre with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bless you+++!

  20. jay says

    i think angie is not happy unless she is taking someone else happiness.
    jennifer is better off without him, he will be back watch this space.
    on a more positive note she is doing good with the love of the children she adopts.

  21. Shortee says

    I heard that about a week and a half ago….someone else wanted to know where I read it… was on MSN, but the next day I went to find the clipping and I couldn’t. Possibility of pregnancy…for sure, Brad was said by a source on MSN that he was thrilled about Angie being pregnanat and having another baby. We can only sit and wait though 🙂

  22. SUSIE says

    About the #104 comment, I just read it and you guys are right we have no time for a sick person like that!!! Did you guys read the latest news about B&A I think she is really pregnant, they are supossedly going to tell everyone over the holidays. Brad says it is a holiday surprise

  23. Nicki says

    #105, Shortee, I totally agree that comment is-Your comment is totally uncalled for…. Thats probably why so late into this thread no one did respond to it. I saw it earlier and was mortified by it. But I realize it was only to get a reaction, and yours was calm and totally agree about the ignorant assesment of this person.

    So to add to the thread, Zahara is getting sooooo tall, I think she might be taller than Maddox in the next year or two.
    Best Wishes to the whole family. They look like a loving family, happy, and trying to deal with the paps, lots of them, as best they can.

  24. Shortee says

    #104 – Your comment is totally uncalled for….Anyone who responds to this or to even argue at what they have to say…Don’t be like this pathetic BITCH that is only trying to get a rise out of everyone!!! I could probably speak for a lot of people there “Doggy” learn to speak properly….and crude language…..why?!?!?!?! I can say one thing….to tell you a few choice words I’d love too, but just remember everyone is a creation of God and everyone is different!!!! Please everyone lets try not to start a war about this ignorant comment made from this ignorant person!!!

  25. says

    your baby is fugly and black and the most hidest thing i have ever seen but madoxs is still cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! but your little niglet is so fulgly1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. IMO says

    Diana, obviously you don’t read all the posts. Carleighs always on here (shoving her opinions down our throats). But must admit, she’s been really quiet lately. Guess she ran out of wisdom!

  27. Diana says

    Hi Carleigh – great to see you on here still! I feel like I am the only one out of the original crowd left on here – I miss Braydie, Nicola, Kelly, Kellymay’s comments. It is nice to see you on here though! How are you keeping?

  28. KK619 says

    I used to really like Brad and Angelina, now they are starting to get on my nerves. I hate it how everyone portrays them to be this ‘perfect little sunshine family’. I give them another year or two tops before everything falls apart with them. They are going to adopt all these kids then have them all deal with a divorce at such a young age. You all know its going to happen, its Hollywood!!! I wish them all the best, but I just think people need to realize that they are far from the perfect family!!!

  29. carleigh says

    B and A are amazing and very loving parents, goodwill ambassadors the world over and you can see how B has come full circle now that he has the family he has always wanted. They can never be a “normal” family in terms of privacy and obscurity because they are who they are and that’s the bottom line. There are blended, multi-ethnic families the world over but you don’t see a flock of 200 paparazzi chasing them down through the streets trying to get a “money” shot. Then you don’t have thousands of people dying to see your progeny either. We the normal people will never, ever know what it’s like to live their lives even though we make broad statements and generalized comments of how WE feel or think of them…we will never walk in their shoes. (I am done feeling sorry for JA and wish people would realize that there are women out there every single day who’s husbands/fiancee’s/bf/signifigant others cheat on them and they either let it destroy them or they hold their head high and move on. JA moved on and it’s high time everyone else has too!)

  30. Jean says

    The biological child is always left out it seems. I can’t understand that. Was she just an accident and did they just want to shop for black children? I hope she is included in family outings before she gets old enough to feel unwanted. Angelina is not the humanitarian she wants to portray herself as and Brad seems to only want the boy. This is not a normal family.

  31. Pebbs says

    I wouldn’t say AJs more beautiful. At least JA has some meat on her bones. He’s not a very good person and he will have to explain it to his kids one day!

  32. dori says

    Honey you got it so right …. stop picking on Jennifer
    how would you handle it if your husband dumped you fro a younger more beautifl woman and flaunted the relationship in public? And then had a baby with that woman ??
    Until Brad met AJ he was nothing special except for his good looks.He’a getting a free ride with Angelina.

  33. says

    Personally, Team J/P, I think Jennifer Aniston has handled herself amazingly well in light of what Godly Brad Pitt did to her in front of a world of prying eyes. She has not been immature about it and has clearly moved on with her life. When she says she still loves him. do you REALLY think she means like she wants to be with him?? Come on, she’s not an idiot. He was persuaded by whatever AJ has, and cheated on his wife and now SHE suffers for it? What about HIM? Why do all you people think he’s so great? He appears to be a good dad, and has jumped on AJ’s good fortune bandwagon, but otherwise what exactly has he got?! How can you turn this into JA’s fault and blame her for it? Whether she wanted kids or not does not justify cheating on her and making a spectacle of her life.

  34. Pebbs says

    I would hope if he did leave AJ that Jennifer wouldn’t take him back because he cheated on her, plus he would have all that extra baggage. And why…..haven’t these two gotten married yet? I read where and Indian psychic predicted that they’ll split in 2007….if you can believe any of that!!!!

  35. Team Jolie/ Pitt says

    Everyone is crying for poor little, All American Aniston. Just recently she told Oprah that she still loves Brad. She need to move on with her pathetic life. Brad will NEVER Abandon his children. ANd he certainly will never go back to a controling, whiney, wench, whom all she cares about is her career. She had him for a long time. Why didnt she give him what he wanted… A FAMILY! She is the one that blew it, and now she’s crying about it. Poor Poor Aniston.. NOT!!!!!!!

  36. carleigh says

    It wasn’t Shiloh who was hospitalized Lepseal. It was after Angelina brought Z back from Africa and adopted her. She took her to her pediatrician and they found out she had internal parasites and dehydration so she was hospitalized for observance, treated and released. Shiloh is in perfect health as far as anyone knows. Just an FYI…not trying to be an “I told you so” or something…lol

  37. Lepseal says

    Never understand why Shiloh is not out with them all.
    Maddox is at an age he needs steady friends in one school, not all over the country. He will have the time of his life travelling but will miss out on friendships, soccer team, consistency of seeing his friends. Angelina is a wonderful person to mix up the breeds wihtin her family circle but she needs to realize her children needs their friends also as they are growing up. NOT Just always travelling around with her. SHE was a bit selfish in her own way. SHILOH was in the hospital for 1 week and 1/s for dehydration and malnutrition in Africa. HOw come no one said anything about that? I wonder…………………

  38. SUSIE says

    IMO, I got it! You got it! We all got it!!!! Your an idiot!!! So get over it. sounds like you want to just start fights here on this site, but guess what idiot
    I AINT wasting my time with you. I have an opinion
    just like everyone else on this site and I will say what I want and when I want!!! GOT IT??????

  39. Diana says

    Plus, I don’t think I would be smiling 24/7 if I had paparazzi taking photos of me all the time when I was trying to chill out. And yes they may deserve it as they are in the limelight, but give them a break just this once.

  40. Diana says

    There are three pictures on this site of the child that Brad and Angelina have so wonderfully adopted in to their love and care (I take my hat off to them for this). That does not constitute them being unhappy or uncared for in anyway. Children are not always happy, especially if they do not get their own way, or have a little tantrum now and again. And I think people need to remember where they have come from and the sadness that they have experienced in their small lives prior to being adopted by Brad and Angelina. And secondly, to say Brad doesn’t look like a good Dad in these pics is too judgemental for words.

  41. dori says

    Looking at the pics they all look a bit worn out. Maybe right Carleigh the whole trip to India is wearing this family out. I can’t imagine the food is great, although I do like Indian food and ethnic foods in general in India perhaps meat is not the meat we get here in the USA. I hope they get a nice rest after all this.
    The kids are adorable of course but also looking haggered .

  42. carleigh says

    I just went to justjared and looked at all the pic’s they shot of B, A and M and Z. Z was very tired in those shots so anyone who has a two yr. old child knows and can relate. I think it has nothing to do w/ her temprament and everything to do w/ being in a strange country, being hounded relentlessly by the paparazzi, and being overly tired. Just go look at the pic’s in their entirety and you can see Z’s little eyes are just hanging and she’s clinging to A’s shoulder and look like she is just ready to drop from exhaustion..poor little girl. Maybe they shouldn’t be draggin the kids all over the place when they are this tired…leave em’ back at the hotel w/ the nanny to rest and get acclimated. That might help make for some better pic’s of Z..but she’s a cutie pie either way.

  43. dori says

    Has anyone noticed that Angelina looks very thin and pale. The stress of being in India , making this emotional movie and having the kids around looks like it’s taking a real toll on her.
    I don’t understand why they don’t use a nanny more. Angelina looks terrible.
    I guess we’d be criticizing them for that as well then wouldn’t we?
    Can’t they do anything right???LOL LOL

  44. IMO says

    Susie, souds lak you cane dish it out but you can’t eat it up. An I dont care if ya lake this site er not. Who said yer didn’t? And nope is just how us stupid folks says no………duh!!! Go on about yer biznes and leeve me the hel alon!!!!!!!! Got it?

  45. Noodlebug says

    The more pics I see of “Z:” the more I wonder about her temperment??! The comments on this site seem to indicate that she should be used to paps. Mad’s use to the attention and he seems adjusted to it. Not so much with her

  46. SUSIE says

    To IMO, you say I need to take grammer lessons?
    (just my opinion) and you think nope is a word?
    You must be the one who cannot spell or knows any grammer!!!!! And (nope) I do not need grammer lessons, I learn alot from this site, right or wrong it is interesting to hear what everyone has to say about T&K and B&A and all the other celebs. they talk about………

  47. says

    I read that AJ has threats made against her by Al-quaida (sp), I imagine this is another aspect of being a celebrity that has real fears involved. You read on this blog how angry some posters get, what if that same poster saw them in person?!? There are a lot of crazies in this world, being an A-list celeb makes you a target for all kinds of things. I don’t blame them one bit for not bringing Shiloh out more often but why put their other beautiful children at risk like they do now? Another poster had mentioned why doesn’t she use a stroller, I think it is likely a safety issue, if you need to get out of a situation quick a stroller wouldn’t help one bit.

  48. says

    Kathy, I agree with you about little Zahara. She is approaching 2 years (is she already?), and all mothers here know what it’s like to have a 2 year old, let alone be judged for their behaviour. I don’t know why they don’t bring Shiloh out, don’t really care either. Although I’ve made negative remarks before about this family, I do believe they are making attempts at keeping their children’s lives as normal as they possibly can be given their constant surroundings. So taking your kids to get an ice cream cone on a hot day is a lovely thing to do, and the baby’s probably at home sleeping and wouldn’t benefit from the heat OR ice cream anyway. And who cares if she’s with a nanny?? You do what you have to do to be a working mom. They’re just trying to be real and the fact that so many of you are suggesting anything they do has anything to do with the fact that 2 of their kids are adopted is completely ridiculous. Even the idea that Angelina is trying to bond with her kids because she insists on carrying them is sort of absurd. It’s more likely she’s protecting them. Have some compassion, people. There are a lot of celebs who fly away from their kids for months at a time while filming, and B and A keep them as close as possible. They’re not my favourite people, but leave them alone! Stop making them out to be so terrible.

  49. SUSIE says


  50. Paula says

    Personally Nina, I wouldn’t bring my 8 year old on streets like that. Doesn’t matter how old they are, they could still get injured or sick. And if AJ hasn’t bonded with this child by now, it ain’t gonna happen. Plus, in a country like that, it wouldn’t matter if your child is white, green or purple. If your child is a celebritys child, adopted or not, it’s probably worth money. Are you saying her adopted children wouldn’t be worth kidnapping?

    There is no confusion here and not embarrassed!!

  51. Kathy says

    I think this little girl gives Angie a run for her money. Not yet two but the terrible twos look like they are setting in early. She has always looked like she’s been in a bad mood from day one. But what you going to do? Can’t trade her in!

  52. Nina says

    Also, i think its pretty obvious why they dont use strollers and why they dont bring out Shiloh on trips like this..
    Strollers in a busy street like that are extremely dangerous for obvious reasons.
    These children were both adopted and though they are B & A’s children now, they need to be held and kept close as much as possible. See how Angelina carries Zahara like a baby all the time. She is bonding with her.
    Lastly, obviously a disgusting, busy, dirty street like that is dangerous for BABY Shiloh. She will get sick, injured, etc on a street like that.
    What’s more, she could also be KIDNAPPED, ABDUCTED, etc. White babies are stolen all the time in countries all over the world. You’d be crazy to carry around a baby (is Shiloh even a year old???) on a street like that.
    This all seems very obvious to me and i sort of wonder what the source could be for some of this ‘confusion.’ Maybe if you stop to think, before spitting out curses left and right like basketball coaches at each other, you might spare yourselves some embarrassment, and have a little more class.

  53. Nina says

    When i see a picture of Zahara, i’m reminded of a girl i met at college who was always cheerful and kind-hearted. She was adopted from Cambodia at age four. She told me one day that her life in Cambodia, pre-adoption, was very hard. She didn’t remember any of it, but she was physically traumatized in the orphanage. Her adoptive parents told her she didn’t smile for a month after they brought her home. I hope Zahara can grow up to be a happy child.

  54. Kary says

    carleigh, I was just asking why you feel that way. You have said that before on a previous post. Don’t get you drawers in a wad. I don’t take your posts personally because these opinions don’t mean a whole lot to me since I have my own. I was just wondering!! And I do enjoy the blog and I do leave my post and I will be done with it. Obviously you’ve changed because you have always warred and sparred over everything every one has said. You have made some interesting reading to say the least Carleigh and I’m so glad you’ve changed. At least I don’t have to scroll down 15 posts to get to someone else’s opinion. As far as Shea, just all in fun. I was just making a point that you don’t have to use bad language and name calling to get points across.

    Just asking a why question isn’t going to war. It was just a question. Sorry if you think I called you out. Ok, I’m done.

  55. carleigh says

    Kary……I am entitled to my OWN opinion. If you did or didn’t have kids that’s YOUR choice. Don’t read more into what I stated and don’t try to “push my buttons” so to speak, I saw what you did to Shea a few topic’s back and it was really pathetic. Enjoy the blog, leave your post and be done. No need to take my post personally unless you CHOOSE to do so..again that’s NOT my problem it’s yours. I left my opinion and that’s all I had to say and I’m not warring and sparring w/ you about it.

  56. babyhates says

    Joelly… It’s my right to have an opinion, and that’s what this blog is about right OPINION ??? Sorry that you think we should praise some one who hasn’t done anything for anyone but herself but I rather be a fan of this family then of some one that doesn’t do anything for anyone, unless it’s getting attention for a marriage that didn’t work out. I don’t care that you picked me out but at least me consistant because “team maniston” was attacking this family and I don’t here you crying about that. So like I said it’s my OPINION to say whatever I feel like, just like it’s everyone in here’s choice to like or dislike some one.

  57. Ps says

    Glad I can go out and “do things” as a family with out crowds around me. That must get tiresome not being able to take a step without stepping on someone taking my picture. Years from now I wonder what these kids will think? If I’d have been adopted by normal people I could go outside and play with out being bothered. But I’m sure the novelty will wear off and some other family will take it’s place in the future.

  58. Kary says

    And before you take my comment about only wanting two children out of context, I want my children but I only wanted two. Everyone puts down on JA for not wanting children, but she has the right to not wanting them just like everyone has the right to want them. I’m sure she’ll change her mind when and if the right man to have children with comes along. Maybe she didnt want to have children with Brad Pitt. I had a husband I didn’t want children with. But, I met someone I wanted to have children with. I think Jen might have made a wise decision on her part for that time in her life. So everyone needs to lighten up on her for a while. And stop thinking Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are some kind of gods to be worshipped because poor Brad finally found someone to have children with. If Angelina hadn’t come alone, somebody else would have. And somebody else will probably come along in the future. If you really think about it, all these stars have kids everywhere with different people. So what Britney and K-Fed did isn’t any different than what the others do. They just made it look a little more trashy!!

  59. Kary says

    Carleigh. why do you think the only way to be fulfilled in this life is to have children? My niece has no children and has no desire to have children and has her dogs and is very satisfied with them. She says her and her husband are completely satisfied with their decision not to have children and are living very fulfilling lives. So why do you say JA is all alone with her pathetic little dogs? I have children that are grown, only had two with no desire to have more and I have dogs now. Like I said before some people just don’t want children. Does that make them bad people????????

    And, everyone is saying these people are good parents. How do you know that? Just by looking at some pictures? How do you know any of these people are good parents just by looking at picture. They could be doing their duty and taking them out for some air, then taking them home and throwing them at their nannies. Gotta think about that too! I’ve seen a lot of regular people putting on fronts for regular people, but it’s different stories when they go home!!

  60. Nicki says

    You might always see pics of Violet Affleck smiling, because there is only 1 or 2 paps trying to take her pic. Compared to 10-15 plus trying to get any pic of this family. With that many cameras in your face I really doubt you’d have a silly grin all the time.
    This is only 3 pics, I’ve seen 20 more of this walk they took. Both kids fell asleep and guess what they weren’t smiling then either. Maybe they should “work on that.”

    I say they are happy because they are always together as a family. Thier joy comes from being together and doing things as a family. When Shiloh is a little older we will see her out more with them. Maddox and Zahara were older than Shiloh is now when she adopted them, so I’m sure soon we will have the joy of seeing the whole family out and about for years to come. 🙂

  61. nina says

    Lolitha-do you know brad? that you are saying he is a bad dad? do you know him personaly?

    “This kids better start smiling and stop looking so miserable”
    how would you feel if you would be out with your kids , family and the all world would be around you and wount leave you ….give me a break
    all we have here is pictures that it! we dont know them we dont know them once they go home and close the doors.
    you are all talking like they are your best friends.

  62. Lolitha says

    This kids better start smiling and stop looking so miserable,whats wrong with these people.I always see Pics of Violet Affleck smiling with her parents.Maybe the two Orphans get a sense of not belonging.Brad dont look like a good dad nxa.

  63. Andie says

    I’m so bored of this family. The kids are rarely smiling, Brad is always hiding and Angelina looks miserable and sickly. How can all of you say that this looks like a happy family. What’s so happy about them? Where do you find their joy? Please let me know, so we can all walk around looking like them and not feel so bad.

  64. carleigh says

    Beautiful loving little family! I love when pic’s show up of them doing loving, parental bonding activities with their pretty little kids..they are good parents and a good example of how to raise a wonderful happy family! HA HA…JA is alone all except her pathetic little dogs!

  65. AJ Fan says

    Some of these comments are hilarious.Half these people make these remarks just to get attention. If they believe it, well, thats even funnier.

    I agree with your comments Alyssa.

    They are a beautiful family. We have seen Shiloh, more than once. Where is she? None of your business, perhaps?

  66. Alyssa says

    why would they parade Shiloh around so the stupid paps have been following them everywhre and they can get paid by Shilohs pictures? i find that disgustingly humane for anyone who takes pictures of a innocent baby/child and gets paid for it withouth the Adults consent! shes only 5 months old and hey i applaud Angelina and Brad for not bringing her out and feeding the media her pics.! shes in a foreign country with air pollution really high up that a 5 month old can be endangered too. even the older ones too yes but they are old enough to go out as well.

  67. says

    Brad should try to spend some time with Shiloh what the hell is their problem, why are they ignoring her????
    Because she is not a ?rainbow? child like Angelina wanted because she is Brads BIOLOGICAL child she gets left out all the time?
    Like they are saying, ?you have our blood thats good enough, you can sit home with the nanny, we have to take our “rainbow” children out for fun?
    What a shit show!!!!!

  68. Alyssa says





    so whatver any ones ideas to this family is! itsj ust stupid!
    they are a family and hey if they dont have Shiloh with them WHO gives a crap! its not ur kid leave it alone! they are a beautiful family otherwise!

  69. jen says

    no, she doesnt look very happy. i dont think i have ever seen that kid smile, weird b/c i am sure she has everthing she could ever want. maybe its b/c her mom is a weirdo..hmmm.

  70. tam says

    Why do they never HAVE Shiloh with them? They only bring out the other two.. but Shiloh always seems to get ditched.. why? Do they find her more special so they need to leave her home?

  71. Joelly says

    Talk about attacking, what has Jennifer Aniston done to deserve your negative comments? If anyone she is the one who deserves the most RESPECT….you could have done a better job getting your point across about not attacking Angelina Jolie if you weren’t attacking someone who didn’t ask to share this family’s spotlight.

  72. Joelly says

    Talk about attacking, what has Jennifer Aniston done. If anyone in this mix she is the one who deserves the most respect…’s better make your point about not attacking Angelina Jolie if you aren’t attacking someone else. Maybe it makes you feel better.

  73. sillygirl says

    #38, there pictures would of sold for millions if they decided to keep their kids home with a nanny as well. Maybe these parents realized , hey it’s not about the money anymore, I chose to become a parent so now I am going to raise this child and I will be spending as much time with them as possible. Not how much can I get for their picture if I keep them locked away for a year.

  74. babyhates says

    TEAM MANISTON ……….. What is your problem ? I mean can’t you get over the fact that Brad is no longer a part of the pathetic CHINIFFER MANISTON’s life ? Why must you attack Angelina Jolie and her family. As hard as it is to accept the fact that AJ is way better and prettier then that “friends” has been that can’t even keep a man interested……… sorry to tell you this but your just as PATHETIC as your idol !

  75. Joelly says

    As far as Maddox and Zahara not smiling, it’s not like they are taking a family picture…keep in mind they are being stalked by strangers and if they look a bit confused or not ecstatic about it, it is understandable.

  76. says

    A picture of family bliss this IS NOT!!!!
    They all look miserable, and don’t blame it on the razzie’s they chose that life they can deal with them.
    I think that it is reality setting in that makes them all so miserable, LMAO ya get what you pay for….
    looks like all is not well in the land of adultery!!

    BTW where is Shiloh?????

    Angelina looks like JACK, from the Nightmare Before Christmas!!!!! Stupid Crack W#@*E!!!!!
    Clinging on for dear desperate is she!!!!

  77. says

    A picture of family bliss this IS NOT!!!!
    They all look miserable, and don’t blame it on the razzie’s they chose that life they can deal with them.
    I think that it is reality setting in that makes them all so miserable, LMAO ya get what you pay for….
    looks like all is not well in the land of adultery!!

    Angelina looks like JACK, from the Nightmare Before Christmas!!!!! Stupid Crack W#@*E!!!!!
    Clinging on for dear desperate is she!!!!

  78. Kary says

    You know, I’ve never seen Angie with her kids in a stroller. Seems it would save her back sometimes to either have them walk or put them in a stroller. I can understand why she wouldn’t want them to walk with all the people around them but a stroller would be good. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t bring Shiloh out. Not enough people to go around carrying them. She could get one of those double strollers and that would help. An all terrain one works good too.

  79. babyhates says

    “It doesn’e seem to bother other celebrity like Jen and Ben, Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon, Gwen, Brook Shields. They have all all alloweed their babys to be photographed and guess what? The world is still spinning”

    No offense but there baby pictures did go for 4 milion dollars either !!!!!!!!!!! Isn’t Shiloh only 6 months old? Who cares if they only take out there 2 other kids…… I use to leave my baby home sometimes also and just spend some time with my older son !!!!!!!

  80. says

    #36-Why do you think he’s making Angelina miserable? Just curious. I agree, that we never used to see him doing anything but appear on Jackass shows and on the red carpet. It’s great her goodwill has rubbed off on him, but we all know she’d be doing it with or without him. Like I said before, she has some kind of power ofver men. But it still just makes me crazy that he hasn’t suffered any after leaving Jen. He’s become even more popular at her expense and to Angelina’s advantage. And he just looks like a really devoted father, and he must be, but there’s something kind of creepy about him now. Her too.

  81. Anne says

    I agree with Silly girl, I think if Brad and Angelina showed of Shiloh every time, the Buzz about her would go down and the press would eventually flock them less, on the other hand, I don’t think the same will happen for Suri cruise. I think showing her will only worsen the Media Frenzy since it is not Tom’s style, the media would question why he shows her when he did not show his other kids.

    So I think B&A should move with Shiloh!

    I now believe Brad getting with Angelina was a calculated move on his part, I mean after breaking up with Jen, people had started disliking him and what better way to get better in the good books that prancing around with the rainbow family and doing charity, I must admit I had never seen him building houses for the poor before! Besides I dont like him because he is really making Angelina miserable!

  82. says

    Aditi, if you really have photos, bring them on! This is not the first time I ‘ve had the impression that little Zahara is a bit grumpy, so happy photos would put my mind at ease for her. AS far as Shiloh photos, the person who wrote that they’ll be harassed no matter which kids they’re with is right. Although the heat comment could be true too. But you know, A and B kind of bring this on themselves…just like the Denise Richards photos, she always has a nanny with her to protect them and maybe since they’re outnumbered and don’t want to use a nanny they leave one kid at home?

  83. sillygirl says

    #29, Alyssa, no I am not that naive! They get bombarded where ever they go so what does it matter. Besides if these stupid celebrity’s gave the media the chance for some photo ops, there wouldn’t be all the huba about their pictures. I think they do this on purpose for all the media attention they get for not showing off their celebrity babys, (but hey the adopted ones are ok to photograph) so they can cash in on them since their all so lacking in funds, they might need the cash. It doesn’e seem to bother other celebrity like Jen and Ben, Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon, Gwen, Brook Shields. They have all all alloweed their babys to be photographed and guess what? The world is still spinning.

  84. Kalista Brat says

    What the fuck? How come nobody complains about Matt Damon’s baby? Where the hell is Isabella damon? I have only seen 2 bad quality pictures of her and I couldn’t really tell what she looked like! Maybe she doesn’t exist!

  85. Aditi says

    umm i got better pics in my morning paper !!
    ( im from bombay )
    so let me know if you want to put those up..
    they’re already in print and seen my thousands of people..whats the harm in putting it up here so you guys across the atlantic can see em too ! 😛
    and stop replying to #5,cuz she just needs attention..
    and shiloh is probably too young to bear the heat..
    its really hot here right now..
    an she’d probably not be able to understand whats going on and see the gateway of india and know what it stands for so she’d rather stay home!

  86. Aditi says

    i live in bombay.. and umm my morning newspaper came out with way better happier pictures!!!!
    with the sea in the background too..
    lemme knw if u want em..
    and.. umm.. stop replying to poster #5..cuz thats just what she wants! a riot ! and thats what she is too 🙂

  87. Alyssa says

    sillygirl are that naivee???? the paps are MORE interested in Shiloh. THAT is why they dont take her out! I mean as soon as they do they get bombarded with paps all over the place! even when they take out Z and Maddox they still get paps everywhere !! they couldnt even go on a rickshaw ride with him for a quiet day! think of when they take Shiloh out! its crazzzy! thats WHY they have a problem taking shiloh out theres NO preferential treatment its the stupid medias fault i mean they are all in India for godsakes!

  88. sillygirl says

    What makes baby Shiloh so much more special than Maddox and Zahara? Angelina didn’t have any problems taking her two adopted kids out and about from the get go and letting them get photographed, but not Shiloh. Having Brad Pitt as a Dad doesn’t make her more special than the other two. Children should’nt get preferential treatment over the others.

  89. Jess1516 says

    Whoa, whoa, whoa here. Why are all you people dignifying Cas’s response with firey comments?? She’s just out to take digs at y’all. Just ignore her stupidity. Those are things you cannot change.

    On the topic–Since when does Angelina not eat? I’ve always though she looked beautiful…slender…but beautiful. Now she’s looking much like an orphan herself. I hope Brad is offering her truffles, fried chicken and mashed potatoes. Maybe she could have a bite (or the whole) of Z’s ice cream cone. 🙂 She truly is skeletal…I hope for her own sake that she sees herself in a picture and goes “OH MY GOD!!!” WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME I WAS THAT SKINNY?!?!”

    The kids are great, although I have to agree with some others that Z always looks grumpy. Being jealous of Shiloh seems plausible but unlikely. They are both so young. Also, I don’t see either Angelina or Brad tolerating that type of behavior from Z for more than two seconds. Maybe she is just scared.
    As always, Maddox looks perfectly behaved. Angie seems to have some WONDERFUL mothering skills.

    I wish this rainbow family the best of luck and I hope that B and A do eventually complete it!

  90. Yahoo says

    Cas go and fuck the baboon and give birth to a baby baboon and stop that nonsence you ugly bitch!!!

  91. Cas-Hippo says

    Cas you are stupid Hippopotamus. You better and go and swallow all the rubbish in the river and start throwing up all your stupidity, your angly asshole. How dare you call a baby a baboon you, fucking snake. Have you just finished smoking your stupid pipe full of dagga????? You mother fucker!!!!

  92. Nella says

    Comment #5, that is an insult to God’s creation by calling a human being a baboon, so you better go and asking forgiveness from HIM before late. You are Satan’s child.

  93. Witch Doctor says

    Comment #5 just wait until you ‘ll give birth to something worse than a baboon. That will be your curse by calling baby Zahara a baboon. That ‘ll not go unpunished. MARK MY WORD FOR SURE!!!!!

  94. AJ Fan says

    It’s quite amuzing how we speculate over a persons happiness based on a few snaps that paparazzi have taken and purposely chosen those particular ones to release.

    I see nothing in the photo but a very happy family.

    We have seen pictures of Shiloh, official and a glimpse of non-official photos, and although it would be nice to see more – it is up to Angelina and Brad whether they take her out everywhere. They are bombarded enough when without Shiloh and may just want to enjoy the day out together.

  95. Lily says

    You might call her a baboon but luckily she is living a better life far from yours, so jealous down!!!!

  96. **** says

    correction. #5 you suck ass, for saying somethin like that. May God forgive you, and not give you a baboon for a child. But who knows god works in misterious ways.

  97. **** says

    #5 you suck ass, for saying something like may god forgive you, and not give you a baboon for a child. But who knows god works in misterious ways.

  98. says

    #5, I am appalled by your comment. Are you serious?? Otherwise, I agree with the people saying that B and A get NO slack for no sightings of Shiloh, when that appears to be the one and only thing Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes DO get slack for. As was said earlier, do we not recall that B and A are together out of infidelity and have no plans to marry, and yet the world loves them and thinks they’re the greatest people on earth? T and K are good people too, and they’re only at fault for not showing off their child. Don’t blame ’em. And PS-#10, if you’re so disinterested in the goings on of these celebs, why are you on this site??

  99. gracelyn says

    I think the kids are cute, but I also think that Brad should hold Angelina down & force feed her. Her arm looks like its goin to snap just from holding her small child!

  100. Alyssa says

    KalistBrat i just reread ur post and u said something about Suri.. well hmm first off the only pictures we hve seen of Suri were from a Photoshoot. then nothing.. no whereabouts of her being out with her parents when they are out every single day.. at least with Angelina and Brad we got a photoshoot and there were about 4 pictures of them after that photoshoot that they were OUTSIDE with Shiloh but from a distance and cvoered up at least they do take her out but its the paps who are more interested in this baby so good for them for keeping her hidden and not feeding the paps her pics.

  101. Alyssa says

    btw they are a beautiful family together =) and those children deserve Brad and Angelina as Parents. they are so devoted its very cuute!

  102. Alyssa says

    k kalistabrat and other people who keep calling them Adopted Kids.. yea they are adopted but they are their children stop saying oh look there they are with their adopted kids i mean geez thats really mean. cant u just say oh look there they are with the older children. or Maddox and Zahara. why do u have to put in there that they are adopted we all know this.. its just very rude

  103. Heartbroken says

    You all are way too obessed. You have never even seen them, you are never going to see them, and they will never even knoow you exist. Yet, you know when they change their kids diapers!! GET A LIFE

  104. Kalista Brat says

    What jack asses!It’s true, what makes you think Suri doesn’t see the light of day? the yard in tomkat’s mansion is so big and green and grassy! On the other hand we also hardly see Shiloh and they are in India and Brangelina only takes her adopted kids out and not Shiloh!Nobody is saying poor Shiloh! Nobody is saying poor Jaydene James!

  105. Alyssa says

    Maddox almost always looks soo happy but lately the paprazzie have been everywhere they go so i mean look at his attitude now . . its very sad that last year when we saw pictures of him with Angelina he was smiling and so happy then well now that Shiloh is born the paps are getting to insane and following them everywhere that he cant spend a few minutes alone outside going out with his Mommy Daddy Zahara and EVEN shiloh

  106. Danni says

    In my opinion..Neither of the two children ever look very happy. They are, however, very cute children.
    I’d love to see all 3 children together..But didn’t I read somewhere that Sahara was very jealous of Shiloh? Wonder if that is the cause of her being so unhappy or if she has accepted her new sister yet?

  107. MEMEME says

    Cas you’re such a waste of human life; why Oh why? people like you live in this world?? I hope you get run over bu a truck pronto to spare us your stupidity!!!

  108. Anne says

    Double standards characterise our society which is a pity, if it was Tomkat every one would have been asking where is Suri? I agree with you Trish, where is Shiloh- the messiah (some stars have the nerve), at a similar age- 6 months, Angie took her other two Z and Maddox to Kenya and Ethiopia respectively and was with them out side, so I don’t buy that immunisation stuff! If you don’t ask for Shiloh, dont ask for Suri, as far as I am concerned it is a case of protecting the kids from the media.

    Though I must admit I want to see Suri again! She is soft on the eye, if you know what I mean.

    I wanted to tell you guys that Britney is not showing Jayden on purpose, she wants every one to start a count down of ‘where is Jayden’, kind of what like they did for Suri, and then she wants the same photographer Anne Leb…ski to photograph the family and sell the pictures at a tidy sum, why are you guys not indulging her? If you think I am lying, listen to this, the money from the photo shoot was supposed to go to K- Fed to promote his career.

    Let me indulge her and ask, where is Jayden James?

  109. Trish says

    Where is Shiloh PItt? They are aware that Shiloh would cause a ruckus!that is why they don’t bring her out with them!

  110. says

    My thoughts exactly. Angelina looks frail and little Zahara is adorable, but always seems grumpy. It’s a bit unusual I guess.


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