Tobey Maguire & Jennifer Meyer Welcome A Daughter

Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire, 31, and jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer, 29, welcomed a baby girl on Thursday evening. Their baby was delivered at Cedars Sinai Hospital in LA.

Tobey and Jennifer have been together since 2003. They announced their engagement in April of 2006. This is their first child.


Many thanks to a reader for sharing the happy news!



  1. maralyn and carrie says

    dear tobey and the world’s ugliest fiance,
    we just wanted to let you know that your wife is not good enough for you and we are better for you. even if we never get to meet you we want you to keep your hair the way it was in spiderman 3. especially when it was black and you flipped when you were in the office. omg! please write back to us soon.
    ~maralyn and carrie

  2. Lena says

    Some of you are sick. get a life. Congrats them on their delivery!
    They had a baby. As for u baby hater. Um u were once a baby weren’t u? Um- maybe u! were born out of wedlock. Takes a bastard to know a bastard! cheers!

  3. hamlett says

    Congrats to Tobey and Jennifer. Babies are a blessing. As for the belly grabbing anyone who has been pregnant knows that when you get further along and the baby gets bigger Its kind of neat to feel the baby move from the inside and outside (with your hand) Also sometimes depending on how you move you need to support your belly by holding it and occasionally they kick hard and it hurts a little so you put your hand there so the muscles dont streach so much. There are many other reasons as well those are just a few. In there lives right now its about them and they’re baby and I doubt they care one way or the other wether people think they let they’re relationship work in the right order. We all have our own ideas on what is right and what is wrong but life does not follow time tables. Once a baby is born and you hold your own for the first time you could care less what any one else thinks. Good Luck to Tobey and Jennifer and their new family they have started.

  4. Diana says

    Carleigh – well said, how sad can Babyhates be? She must have had a very sad childhood to call any baby by that name. I just feel sorry for them, and there very sorriful, pitiful life. My husband is an IT specialist, and believe me, and as we have seen before, she could be taken off he no problem (I am thinking of Alice to name but a few! πŸ˜‰

  5. carleigh says

    and for the record babyhates…the can trace your IP address and BLOCK you from using that portal to access certain sites…it’s not easy to do that BUT it can be done.

  6. carleigh says

    Babyhates—we didn’t say anything about the mother because we were all aghast by your “bastard” statement. What’s with you? Are you an attention-seeking, bed wetter? Were you not held enough as a child? Or is it just an impossibly large inferiority complex you have? Either way it’s pretty pathetic to pick the handle “babyhates” and then come onto a BABY site and spread around useless, nonsensical words that only YOU would use and understand. Taken in context or not, it’s just a nasty connotation towards an innocent child and you are more pathetic than you probably think we are. Go now and wash your mouth out with soap because you should be ashamed of yourself..shame, shame, shame, everyone knows your name BABYHATES!

  7. babyhates says

    Oh my god, you woman are something else to say the LEAST ……… you don’t say anything about other people calling this “illegitimate” child’s mother ugly, but say the word BASTARD is a 100 years old????? Just plain stupid of you. A very bizaree person am I at least I see thinsg for what they are, and for your stupid comment on this site taking people away there’s no way UNLESS YOU START PAYING TO SEE THE PICTURES !!!!! BEFORE YOU SAY SOMETHING AT LEAST KNOW HOW WEBSITES WORK !

  8. Diana says

    Brooke – well said. Very bizarre person if you ask me. Every child is a gift from God, and is a blessing. And Babyhates obviously doesn’t believe that, but she doesn’t need to spread her bad feeling on this site. Just because she can (as she put it) just means to say that she wouldn’t get away with it anywhere else. But I seem to recall that people like her/him were soon taken off this site when it got too much, so fingers crossed! πŸ˜‰

  9. brooke says

    Babyhates where did you come up w/ that fitting handle? I guess we don’t have to worry about YOU not having a name that fits now do we? As for the term “bastard” child…well I think that term was maybe socially acceptable around oh say 100 years ago or more but today it’s just not acceptable to use that type of labeling. It makes you sound arcaic and socially stunted…nuff said! Now go spread your Babyhates..somewhere else!

  10. babyhates says

    #15 – it might be cruel but it’s the truth… or am I lying ??? As for the name because I can !

  11. Diana says

    She may be not that pretty but she sure is successful and has plenty of money too !;-) It is nice to have someone normal on here for a change that’s for sure!! πŸ˜‰

  12. Ms D says

    Wow..they cut out part of my response..and I didn’t say anything nasty, either..I only said I was curious about the baby’s name and wondered if they’d go more normal than off the wall like many other celebs have.

    Jeez reading some of the other comments I see on this site sometimes, I have no IDEA why she’d pick on me! Seems a little unfair.

    Why does the webmistress do that??

  13. Diana says

    I get your points re the belly holder, but in this picture it does look like Jennifer is just being relaxed, and isn’t really aware of the fact that the cameras are rolling and people are taking pics of her. She just looks chilled outand relaxed which is wonderful to see!

  14. Robin says

    Im not a big fan of belly-holders either…this kid is SET FOR LIFE and beyond…grandpa is Prez of Universal Studios!!!

  15. Diana says

    Babyhates – that is so cruel! What’s your problem? And why are you on here if you call yourself babyhates? πŸ˜‰

  16. Kary says

    I hate it when moms to be are always grabbing their bellies, like, look at me I’m pregnant! I can see they are pregnant.

    Congrats to you.

  17. Ms D says

    Congratulations to them both.

    And I’m waiting to hear the name too. Curious if they are going to be ‘normal’ with her name or if they will jump on the celeb bandwagon with off the wall names.. LOL! πŸ˜‰

  18. jesse says

    Totally agree with you India in that EXCAT order. Lets just teach all these young kids that you can just go and have sex with who ever you want. And if you get pregnant, then who cares, everyone else is doing in. like common, if you are going to have sex before marriage atleast use protection so all these kids arn’t born out of wedlock!

  19. India says

    Good advise from an expert…(just kidding) but thats my opinion:
    1. Have a relationship.
    2. Get engaged
    3. Get married
    4. Have a baby..and
    5. Tolerate each and forgive each other then you ‘ll your marrying to the fullest…lol

  20. says

    Jen makes beautiful jewelry, she’s a great designer! I can’t wait to see their baby, I wonder what they named her?

    I often wondered to why they don’t get married first ? I’m the last one that should be asking that question really…
    Anothermama, LOL this question is quite often debated on here, I’m sure you’d only have to read a few posts like the Drew Barrymore post to get the idea of what others feel.

    My first babe was born out of wedlock, I was actually due two weeks before our scheduled wedding LOL. I was 11 weeks when I found out I was pregnant, had tried a new low dose BC a few months prior that obviously wasn’t strong enough. I was quite shocked and definitely not wanting to get married while I was pregnant. Hubby and I had been together for 4 years at that point so we just waited another year and married when our babe was 9 months. In retrospect I wouldn’t change anything, I had premarital sex and got pregnant, and it worked out great we had planned on trying for a babe immeiately after the wedding but she planned to come sonner then we had planned!

  21. Aditi says

    although most of em marry after the child is born im guessing because they want to look fit on their wedding day?? i dunno.. thats what was reported for katie and her weight loss proves so..
    also i guess many people wouldnt marry when pregnant as it might seem that they’re marrying just cause they are..
    different people think differently, i dont think theres any one reason..

  22. Aditi says

    I dont think its always planned that way you know..
    i dont think brangelina or tomkat would have wanted to have a kid before getting married !
    babies happen !
    frankly, i dont see a difference between having them before or after marriage but i’d personally prefer having em after marriage.. as would most people.

  23. AnotherMama says

    Well congratulations & best wishes to the new little family! Why does it seem like eveyone gets married after having a child now adays? Personally it really doesnt bother me either way, but Im curious what others’ think about this.

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