Matthew Fox & Wife Expecting Their Third Child

In this picture Matthew and Margherita are pictured at the 2006 Golden Globes.
Matthew Fox

Handsome Matthew Fox, 40, of Lost and wife Margherita Ronchi are expecting their third child. Matthew and Margherita married in 1992. Margherita is a former model and is from Venice, Italy. They have an eight-year-old daughter Kyle and a five-year-old son Byron. Matthew and his family currently reside in Oahu, Hawaii where Lost is filmed. I was glued to the screen Wednesday for Lost….and am very sad that they are now on a 13-week hiatus! Lost is the only tv I watch! Everything else is Netflix. In fact, the last Netflix was Over The Hedge…watched with our son and it was really fun for a kid’s movie! (Sorry for the randomness!)
I think it is amazing how much Margherita looks like Bono’s wife Ali Hewson! She is gorgeous!

Matthew was quoted as saying in 1998:

“Everyone says that they’re going to be crying [a lot], and you’re not going to get much sleep but it’s difficult in a lot of ways. I was expecting some sort of epiphany,a seismic shift inside of me, and that I was automatically want to care for this child. It didn’t happen that way. You fall in love with them, and then you fall more in love than you’ve ever been with anything. But it happens [slowly]. There a lot of guilt and weird feelings… [you think] you’re not a good parent… it’s just difficult.”

Here Matthew is pictured with Kyle and Byron.

Matthew Fox

Congratulations to Matthew and Margherita!



  1. $$$$ says

    wow his wife is FREAKIN UGLY EWW. When i look at her i want to throw up. SHE LOOKS LIKE SHE IS OLD ENOUGH TO BE HIS MOM.

  2. jane says

    Im so glad Fox didnt marry the typical model that all superstares marry….she seems like she has actual depth to her, and that makes matt so much more attractive…if that was even possible

  3. sophia says

    hey, i just watched the last eposisode of lost., i’ve been hooked since it started. ITS BRILLIANT!!!! i’m really upset that its come to an end t.v’s just not going to be the same without it. ,mathew fox is the best actor around. he has beautiful kids. good luck to them.

  4. megan edwards says


  5. joy says

    I realize this article is very old, but I still wanted to comment. I live in hawaii and have seen his wife many times. Not to disparage her, but when I first saw her, I thought she was his mother! She’s not very attractive in person, but as cliche as it may sound, beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Did they ever have the third child?

  6. says

    Margherita Ronchi, spero che ci ridi spora a quello che scrive certa gente, sei una bella donna e altrettanto una bella coppia…..Io ammiro la bravura di Mattew, e amo lost tantissimo……
    Un saluto Sim

  7. says

    Sorry i have been typing fast and well i did not see my mistakes sorry> love , sandy if you need a baby sister or what ever i am here.

  8. says

    Sorry about that mistake up there i ment to say “when ” the new baby comes . SORRY!! You guys rock never change Love you all so much you guys are like my family .Love, sandy peterson

  9. says

    Mattew and his wife Congats on being another parent.Matthew you are my romoldle you act so well on tv i want to do the same thing and i know that the new baby will love you guys because if your an awsome dad and mom now you will be wenh the baby comes. I know this is random but when wach speed racer i cry because you do such a good job(L.O.L)i am your bigest fan, and i would like to meet you someday(i konw every one says that)but it is ture i am also a baby sitter i have been baby sitting for a long time and i love it i hope to go to american idol because pleople say i am good.I hear you live in hawaiiis it fun ? id like to hear all about it i know you are a busy man but when you get a chance e-mail me @ Love, sandy

  10. says

    i once loved Matthew fox and i still addore him but i now that i can not marry him. like i wish the second i saw his face his eyes. i loved him but i am young for him 10 years old in 2008. and Matthew dont let your daughter wear that shirt? but. i cant tell you what to do cause im not married too you and Evangeline lily you are very lucky to have been with him ive seen the vidoes on and i cry when i see that. ill never be with matthew so matthew if you can please send me back my email and if you cant its fine. ill just move on. and i love you

  11. says

    in my opinion his perfect,and really attractive one.he is professional in his thing that surprise me was his age,he seems younger than his age.he is so handsome.indeed congradulation for their baby

  12. jessie says

    i think this little girl is very beautiful and congrats on the new baby i have a five year old niece that wears clothes like that but thet are kids what does it hurt i guess people think it is only o.k if these grown women run around with there boobs hangin out

  13. Diana says

    I know that this article is old but I never heard of a 3rd child being born. did she lose the baby?

  14. Natasha says

    Did Matt Fox and his wife have a baby after all? I read the story late last year and its now over 9 months and no word… its not printed in any mags and surely we’d have heard something by now

  15. Ozlem says

    I am really shocked when i read those strange and sick comments about the little girls shirt.. i think this must be a joke. i live in a muslim country and my daughter and many people wear the same when they are on a summer vacation.?? meanwhile math you are great and so cool and sexy on the show. i wonder how he is in his real life..
    i didnt like tha glasses on above photo.who cares?he s still so hot.

  16. dee says

    Where do some of these “women” get off making their
    sniide remarks about a little girls outfit?
    I venture to think how their kids are dressed?

    I hate to think it but WEIRDO she Is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

  17. Gaby Louyse says

    Yeah! Actually the tatoos are really his… The guys decided for not hidden it!
    Good idea…

    Oh… sweet kids…
    And the third one… I’m anxious!


  18. dee says

    OKAY ???????????
    It is July ’07.
    Did Matthew Fox wife ever have their baby???
    If so is it a girl or boy????

  19. Rebecca Morris says

    Wow, it’s amazing to see how much Matthew and his daughter Kyle look so much like each other!

    Best wishes for them with their expected child x

  20. says

    !!!!!!!!!I i LOVE LOST !!!!!!!!! theres not an eposoide that i havent watch!

    Buy the way tell Swayer that he is hot too !!

    !LOVE YOU MATTHEW!!!! keep up the good work!!

    I love Lost and the crew!!! keep up the good work guys!!!

  21. says

    !!!!!!!!!I i LOVE LOST !!!!!!!!! theres not an eposoide that i havent watch!

    Buy the way tell Swayer that he is hot too !!

    !LOVE YOU MATTHEW!!!! keep up the good work!!

    I love Lost and the crew!!! keep up the good work guys!!!

  22. Ashlee says

    I absolutely adore LOST! i love matthew fox, josh holloway, evangeline lilly, domonic mohonagan… it it the only thing i ever watch, think about and talk about! I LOVE LOST!!!!!!!!

  23. Lilla says

    I read what Andie said ’bout Greece and Itally…Well,I’m Greek…it’s so hot here the summer u know but that doesn’t mean that kids go around nekid…

  24. Sarah says

    Congradulations to Matt if he’s reading this. I just want to say (though I’m sure you’ve heard this before), that I love lost not with an obsession but with a firey passion. I know lost is probably nothing to you compared to the love you’ve got for your kids, therefore, again, I congradulate you.

  25. Sarah says

    Congradulations to Matt if he’s reading this. I just want to say (though I’m sure you’ve heard this before), that I love lost not with an obsession but with a firey passion. I know lost is probably nothing to you compared to the love you’ve got for your kids, therefore, again, I congradulate you.

  26. a.r says

    i think your kids are cuties i love lost i have seen every episode but i gotta say josh holloway (sawyer is the hottest out of the bunch but i love u all


  27. Atiana says

    Okay with everyone just get over it. Yes Kyle is wearing a little belly shirt. Who cares. It’s not like she is a 16 year old girl walking around looking like that. She young who cares. All of you people who are complaining about it go play in traffic. She is not your kid, apparently her parents let her walk around wearing that.
    on plus side they are both adorable and he is very hott

  28. Megan says


  29. Megan says

    OMG! Matthew ur soooo HAWT! I love ur show LOST!
    P.S quit the smokin baby! I want you to live a long time!

  30. jo says

    u lot are pathetic the girls 8 for god sakes!!!! she aint wearin nothin out of the ordinary for ppl hu live in HAWAII!!!!!! its hot u no!!!! its the people hu think wot she is wearin is bad that u should b worried about!!!! weirdo’s!!!!

  31. Franceska says


  32. Franceska says


  33. Daniela says

    Are you sick people?? A little girl dressed this way is perfectly normal in warm places. The anormality is an adult who sees SENSULITY in this!

  34. Abi says

    Well i think te girl is cute and the boy and Matthew Fox and at least she aint wearin a bikini she is covered up so she is showin a belly button it aint asif she is half naked or summart

  35. bianca says

    ow I think their kids are great, Matt is so fine, he?s georgous but his wife. Does she really a model?
    she?s very ugly and kind of old too!

  36. Justyna from Poland says

    I love Matthew Fox and I thing that his wife is not beautiful !!
    He is wery wonderful !! His children are nice :]

  37. caroline says

    Congratulations for Matthew and his wife ;). I’m his and Lost big fan from Poland, so…good luck 😉

  38. jay says

    What’s wrong with what she wears and what’s wrong with you people that you see a 8 year old CHILD as a sexual object?!
    She’s not provocating anything(the word made me sick) while on the other hand you’re totally baiting pedophilie with your point of view…
    And if it’s true congratulations to the happy family..

  39. Harrier says

    Congratulations MATTHEW
    I’M freom Poland and i;’m the biggest fan of LOST
    GOOD JOB JACK!!!!!!!!!

  40. From Brazil says

    People that see something wrong with Matt’s daughter’s clothe must know very little about living in hot countries and probably never left the small town where they live.

    The gierl is wearing a perfect good outfit for an 8 year old girl. I’m sorry to see there are people that don’t have knowledge and culture.

    I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and you don’t wear a lot of clothe all year long because it is simply too hot. She’s wearing what any 8 year old would wear in Brazil too.

    Try 100 plus degrees and long sleeves and pants!

    “m actually sorry for folks that see her clothe as being wrong. I grown woman SHOULD wear longer skirts to not attract too much attention from men but a child can wear short skirts and to tanks without any problem, no harm intended and no harm done, UNLESs you are a pedofile.

    Grow up people !

  41. Diana says

    It looks like Matthew’s daughter is standing on tip toes in this pictures, and I think that if she was to stand normally her top would not look like it does in this picture. I think she looks very sweet, and completely different to those pictures of Cindy Crawford’s daughter which were very seedy.

  42. Kathy says

    I love “Lost”, just wish they’d show it more. Congrats on the new baby. Glad there is “new” news on here. Tired of the same ole, same ole!

  43. says

    What the hell is an 8 year old doing wearing that???????????
    It looks disgusting, somebody throw that girl a towel.
    God people are so stupid, how can people be so dumb????? JEZ!!!!

  44. Diana says

    Fabulous and nice to get some different news on here to the usual Heidi, Britney stuff… beautiful family. And yes, I believe that they are Matthew’s own tatoos. That’s what makes him more interesting and he is someone you wouldn’t expect would have them! 😉

  45. joanna says

    omg…..hello u r all dumb! there is nothing wrong with what that girl is wearing!! its hot n sweaty weather there! i use to wear things like that so does that mean im gonna attract the wrong type of ppl, NO! would u rather her wear a jumper n scarf? no i dont think u wud!

  46. gracelyn says

    I also think the little girl shouldnt be wearing that shirt. My 8 year old daughter wouldnt step foot in public dressed like that, no matter what the temp. It just to me doesnt seem right!!

  47. Andie says

    First of all, are you all crazy, the child is not doing anyting wrong. Has anyone been out of the country, like to the beaches of Italy and Greece and seen what kids are wearing there? It makes me sick that everyhting here is misconstucted as sexual. Secondly, these children are gorgeous and Matthew is a wonderful actor and a wonderful ookin man.

  48. mumba says

    Re. the girls t-shirt at least she doesnt have I LOVE BOYS or some equally inapropriate slogan like so many stores seem to offer…

  49. Jess1516 says

    About her shirt–they are in Hawaii people! It’s hot, sticky and she’s only eight. There is nothing wrong with that kind of attire in the tropics–at least she’s more covered than Cindy Crawford’s little girl in that photo shoot. I know I went to Hawaii when I was very young and wore similar clothes…actually, I believe i was in a bikini and shorts most of the time, just like the local kids. Don’t get you’re panties in a twist, she’s just fine to be in the tropics like that. Look at those little abs and the blonde hair. What a cutie. The little boy is adorable too…and don’t even get me started on their dad…:)

  50. AnotherMama says

    Oh I Love me some Lost too! And I do not know how I’ll deal with the next 12 Wednesday nights. Matthew Fox has adorable kids. Does he really have that tatoo? I thought it was just for the show that Dr. Jack had it. wow.


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