Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Attend "The Black Ball"

Tom and Katie attended the “The Black Ball” last night in NYC presented by Conde Nast Media Group to benefit Keep A Child Alive Hosted by Alicia Keys and Iman. Katie looks so luminous…I love her dress!

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise


  1. Eternally optimistic says

    Oprah is single handedly responsible for Tom’s jumping on the couch becoming a bad thing instead of something to laugh about and say how great, what fun. Oprah should have said If my feet didn’t hurt so much and my back wasn’t so crippled and I had a better sense of humor, I would be jumping on the couch with you!!!
    Instead what happened was that all the crazies, kooks and knowitalls came out of the woodwork and think they need to make comments on his life. Grow up all you people, put down the beer bottle and or the joint and get out there and have a life with your own family.
    When you go to church over the coming Sundays, say your thanks to God that no one feels the need to rip your life apart the way they did Tom’s and now Katie’s and the babies.
    By the way you are all wrapped up in the baby and critiquing the way she lives out of sight of the ghouls. Think about how badly you treated Brittany when she was just starting to learn about her child.and how to care for it. She would have been much better off if she had kept her kids out of the public eye the way Lisa Presley was kept. Nobody seemed to get hysterical about her life out of the spotlight.
    Give the whole family a break and a chance to have a life.
    seemingly the babies life will be next.

  2. scarlet says

    Tom Cruise is evil looking…He has his little puppet at hand..Dragging her by the collar…It is so funny to see…Katie take the kid and run..Beware…Run far and fast you stupid girl…

  3. !! says

    I think everyones comments are delightful to read. I like the heated discussions and the debates. I can’t wait to read who is going to come up with something more hurtful and nastier than the other person. And to you people out there that want to change everyone to make them nice it’s not going to happen. And you’re right Diana, no one takes it seriously, not even when they are calling each other hateful names. It’s all in fun. And please don’t take this seriously when I tell you that people with opinions are being judgemental. Read the posts, judge for yourself! At least that’s my opinion! Just picking on you! Not serious!!

  4. Diana says

    Good God – I get where you are coming from, HOWEVER, if you believe that God is the only judge and answer to our questions, they don’t be so judgemental towards the other people on this site. It makes you no better than they are !;-) I think it is just a little bit of fun on here, and nobody does take it seriously. From my past experience on here, the more it gets heated, the nastier it gets, and then nothing is achieved. 😉

  5. Nisa says

    Helen I checked out the picture, it is very unclear but it sure wetted my appetite, I cant wait for the big day, I wish them well. All the negativety will surely add fire to their relationship and bring them closer! Good luck to them am following their events closely.

  6. !! says

    #63 and #64, might as well give it up. these people never change and when they leave someone else takes their place. just shows you how being mean is overtaking being nice. pretty soon their won’t be one person on here that says anything nice about anything or anybody.

  7. sillygirl says

    Good God…………………..looking at pictures and reading comments are not the same thing. Can’t you look without reading? If you were not so interested in our comments you wouldn’t be reading them. You must have a pretty dull life as well cause your right here with is!

  8. Good God says

    No thanks, got more interesting sites to go to that don’t have all this snippy crap going on. More sites, better up todate pictures. Don’t need you! Just remember, these are just pictures, and rumors. You people believe everything you read and hear. Stupid ho’s!!! Uh, Buh bye!!!

  9. Fancy says

    Good God you got it ! I am a hopeless pathetic creature who get’s off by criticizing other people. My life is a dull grey slog lit up only by reading and contributing to the snarky remarks on this website. Happy? Good.
    Now, please stop with the self righteousness and taking yourself and these comments so seriously and say something amusing or at least interesting. I suspect a number of the posters
    on this site have some connection to the industry, so do stick around, you might learn something.

  10. Good God says

    Because I like to see the babies dumbasses!! Isn’t that what this site is about? BABY PICTURES! You people are hopeless, pathetic creatures that get off on criticizing other people. Probably because this is the only excitement in your otherwise dull daily lives.

  11. scarlet says

    SURI ALERT…On the site it show the family coming out of the plane with Tom hold the baby…

  12. sillygirl says

    Good God…………….if you don’t like the postings on this website, why are you on here reading them?

  13. Lovethebabies says

    oh Good God, really, I don’t think anyone who looks or contributes to this website takes themselves too seriously. You have to remember that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are brands and that people here are commenting on what we see those brands doing – don’t forget they have made millions off their celebrity and actively promote themselves as brands. And sites like this wouldn’t exist if celebrities didn’t want to be seen and self-promote their brands.

  14. Lovethebabies says

    wooo, kinda related, but I just saw the Chanel No 5 ad on TV. I’m not normally a fan of Nicole’s, but it is a lovely ad.

  15. Good God!! says

    Seems so funny that all you people can give your opinions on everything and everybody but when Tom does it , his love for katey, his beliefs in scientology and a few others I can’t name at the moment, he gets slammed as a bad guy. I admit he’s over the top sometimes but seems like a lot of you are over the top too. Goes to show how judgemental people are and how mean they can be with comments. I think a lot of you all try to out do the other. Who cares what these celebrities do? Is it going to keep you from getting up in the morning? Is them getting married going to hurt your bank account or something? Is them not bringing their baby out for people like you to oogle and criticize going to kill one of your kids? What is wrong with some of you? Is this what you live for? To come on here and make comments about people you don’t even know. God, I’d hate to be in a store with some of you around. No telling what you’d say about me or anyone that passed you. What happened to not being judgemental? Everyone has sinned, made mistakes and the only one we have to answer to is God himself. I don’t think any of your opinions matter to anyone at all. Is the universe going to stop because one of the celebrities did or didn’t do something? Who cares. You people need to go spend some time with your families and see what you can do to improve their lives, instead of worrying what somebody you don’t even know is doing or not doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Fancy says

    Lovethebabies, heard that same rumor. ten year ,three pic deal. He’d help her career in states, she’d beard in convincing fashion. Also, at time of Nic/Tom split that he filed when he did to come in under some ten year mark that would have altered the terms of their settlement under prenup/agreement had they been married longer. Nice guy.
    Have friends with home in Telluride. They say T.C. is anything but a nice normal guy.

  17. Lovethebabies says

    These posts all really make me laugh every time I read them!! Now I am so happy to have read your posts Derek. You know, I heard a rumour that Nic and Tom had a three movie, ten year deal and that was it. Although, my partner’s cousin has worked with Nicole and did meet Tom and said that they were both nice and normal (and seemed to be a genuine couple). I think Tom is just aging badly… and losing his mind. And hey, you know one of the richest men in Australia is also a scientologist…. Watch out Australia!!! But I do think something is odd……..Did Katie and Tom share the same publicist before they got together/around the time they got together????

  18. sillygirl says

    Like I said before, if Katie is stupid enough to hook up with this Scientologist idiot and have a kid with him, and he is stupid enough to think that this extremely younger women truly loves him for him ( it is the giant sized pre nup pay off and the vasts amount of child support she will get when the marriage falls apart) then these stupid people deserve each other and deserve everything that is coming thier way. It is hard to feel sorry for people who are that stupid.

  19. Helen says

    New Suri picture in Rome with tom with Cute outfit. Check… All the best to Tom and Katie and I hope all this nasty comments will bring them lots more good karma.

  20. Andie says

    Okay, Katie looks like an oversized tassell in that dress, and Tom looks like a bad ganster. What’s up with these two? Now, since Katie is always shopping or attending parties and gala’s, and Tom is, well wherever he is, the big question is who is home with Suri? Who is raising Suri? At least other celebrities tote their kids around with them, but these two seem to want to forget that they had a baby together, a living creature that should be spending time with her parents. Huh?

  21. Katie Holmes' Evil Twin says

    Cherisse and Diana, don’t be such old biddys! People talk about Tom and I because we are a true curiousity. Awesome but weird. If we lived down the street from them they would still talk about the pretty air headed girl, me, and the closeted millionaire cult member, Tom, who had a baby, Suri, with her in no time flat even tho’ his sperm count is lower than her I.Q. They would talk about how they never see the baby and how all the girl does is shop. It’s human nature to be intrigued by the stinky smell in the air, around here usually Suri’s diaper full of thetans. Something just not right somehow. Awesome but off. Anyway gotta go get married now. Daddy did an awesome prenup for me and Tom’s working on the monsignor. Arivaderci !

  22. Diana says

    I actually think that this site is getting worse for horrid, spiteful remarks. I think if I were a celebrity and was to read this site (not that I would as some people’s comments on here would not matter to me one little bit), I would just have to laugh at some of the comments particulary as the people on here and the paps do not have a clue what celebs are like behind closed doors. I wish Tom and Katie all the blessings in their lives. May they be happy and healthy. Boy, we all make mistakes, and yes perhaps they deserve all the attention, but they should be left alone to live their lives as well.

  23. cherisse says

    Hello it is me again i just thought about something.

    It is so funny how we like to talk about other people lives when really we do not know what is going in their homes.

    And it seems like to me for some people it is all right for them to comment on others, but it’s not okay to comment on them or their lifes. It seems to be funny how everything turns out the way they do.

  24. cherisse says

    WOW! Katie looks Great. She looks happy, maybe it is because she is finally getting married. I am so happy for the both of them. I do wish they show Suri more, in that case all the time.

  25. Lucy says

    Thanks Mary, didn’t know that is how the celeb get on the powerful list. That explains last years result, when Tom Cruise beat Oprah to be number 1 celeb even though her earning was more than Tom’s but Tom got lots of media coverage for whatever reason..

  26. Mary says

    It doesn’t matter why they’re popular. The point I’m trying to make was whatever the reason Tom is getting web hit and that is going to be used to measure the powerful list next year for forbes magazine.

  27. derek says

    mary, regarding website popularity, yep tomkat is defo one of the most talked about celebs of the moment, probably as much as paris hilton, lindsay lohan or even britney & k-fed. not to mention saddam hussain or bin laden back in those days.. my point is you didn’t mention that all these celebs including tomkat are in the public eye because they are seen in a very negative way due to various reasons or controversial things they said or did.

  28. mary says

    I’ve just been reading an article on Forbes website, how celebrities get on the most powerful list. Apparently its all down to earnings, media exposure and Web hits so all we been doing by commenting on them is give Tom another chance to be in the most powerful list in 2007. He has the earning from M:I III , which is estimated to be $60 to $70m (which includes DVD sales) and the added benefit of him running United Artist Studio and according to website popularity list @ Tom is one of the top popular actor on the web all because of us who are wasting our time on tomkat.

  29. derek says

    their life is doomed, they will never be left alone. they’ll be hassled by paps every single day of the rest of their lives. and as for suri, can’t even begin to imagine how hell her life will be with photogs following her every step when she comes out. until we know who her real father is, she will never be left alone. how sad is that. tomkat have made their bed, now they have to lie in it.

  30. sillygirl says

    Has anyone heard any stories that are beleivable as to why Nicole is never with her kids? I know she doesn’t like to be photographed with them, but those sneaky paparazzi always seem to get shots when available. Supposedly Nicole and Tom have joing custody of their kids but you sure never hear or see much of Nicole with her kids. Could be the only stable thing Bella and Conner have in their lives.

  31. Eve says

    Katie As a Mom I say this only because I have read a lot of your life with this man and don’t know how much is true but IF it is I think you should think again before you marry a man who is so filled with telling you when where and how to live and who if true does not want that Beauiful baby seen and this thing where ever you go you can’t go without the chuurch lady. Think please this is your babies future not just yours. Love a caring MOm, Grandmother, AND Great grandmother,

  32. Katie Holmes Evil Twin says

    Check out the awesome vows Tom and I will be saying at :

    clothes! food! frills! a pan! a comb! a cat! Well, Tom said we’d talk about the cat but I bet I get that too cause he is sooooo awesome!

  33. Robin says

    WHERE would your 6 month old baby be if you had a dinner party/ formal event to go to?
    GEESH people!!!

  34. Andie says

    Again, why is katie always some where else. I agree these two are very strange. Who is suri with?

  35. sillygirl says

    I hope she runs away with a large bank account . Don’t have to worry about custody of Suri because she doesn’t exsist.

  36. mary Ann says

    Oh God! Tom is so hot and handsome i love him

    but katie was a shitface. She can’t mesure to nicole, she doesn’t deseve him


  37. Robin says

    WOULD you bring your 6 month old baby to a charity event/formal occassion??? um no…In this instance its OK for Suri to be with her nanny/babysitter/surrogate Mom.

  38. Riley says


  39. Lucy says

    These two people are so weird, I can’t stand it. She looks medicated and he looks crazy. And I ask, where is the baby?

  40. Robin says

    such a strange couple I still cant get over it every time I see pictures of them together…its just too weird I mean come ON Katie..Tom Cruise??? in a couple of years it IS going to hit you what you did and you will be wishing it was Pacey and not TC you were married to…and yes, it would be nice to see Suri, if she truly exists, but come ON people this is a charity ball, you dont see anyone else with their kids there!

  41. Shea says

    Tom is wearing lifts in his shoes. Im not kidding lol. I read it somewhere today in the store. The also want a catholic wedding and no one is allowing that to happen LOL. Tom is a joke. Everyone knows it. Stupid scary little man.

  42. sillygirl says

    Once again , no Suri. There are no words to describe how pathetic these two people are, most especially as parents. I feel so sorry for that baby. I wonder if she will ever be loved. They should take some parenting tips from other celebrity parents who are always out with their children. Suri is not more special than the other kids. I think Katie took a double dose of antidepressant meds to get that pasted look on her face and Tom isn’t standing on a box, he has lifts in his shoes and he still can’t catch her!

  43. sillygirl says

    Once again Suri is at home with the nanny. Poor baby. These two people……there are no words to describe how pathetic they are, most especially as parents. Katie must of taken a double dose of antidepressant medicine to achieve her pasted on smile. Tom is not standing on a box, he has lifts in his shoes.

  44. Live says

    Steph, I can’t believe you’re also here at this board. You, who seem to hate TomKat are spending all your time on them, trying to spread your hateret for someone you don’t even know. You must be a closet fan of tomkat otherwise this can’t be good for your health, lol. I’m a fan and just found out about this site from I’m glad I saw you here coz I’ve answered your post regarding M:I 3 dvd on x17online just click on Katie holmes on left and its the last post where you posted you comment today.

  45. Helen says

    Why is it Tomkat post always gets more comments than any one elses? Some great post. some awful ones and I wonder what that person’s life is like? JUST AWFUL and I wouldn’t say those things to my enemies let alone someone I personally don’t know but I guess if it doesn’t kill them it will only make them stronger.

  46. Cam says

    Both look great and happy. I wish them the all best to their up coming wedding. Web mistress you could have picked out a better pic from all the pics that were taken that day. Live life right and life will treat you right.

    check the pics @

    Steph, you need to get a life…they have the money and can spend it on anything they like. At least some of it goes to charity so good for them. Plus I would take the story of them spending 10,000 on dinner with a pinch of salt.

  47. sick of it says

    all the bad comments made are by jealous, pitiful, bloggers, that don’t have anything else to do but whine and grip, stop being so obvious about it little girls!

  48. Ms D says

    I agree that Tom looks kind if evil in the picture..but, I think he’s a big jerk anyway, so I’m not even shocked by it. The only thing I find shocking about him anymore is the fact that he used to be considered so hot and adored by his fans, way back when and now he’s mostly just considered weird.

    I did notice that Katie had a nice smile when she was talking to that other woman..but her smile on the one of she and Tom looks very fake to me.

    I’d like to call it love..I would..but this couple has NEVER seemed ‘real’ to me, I’m sorry.

    #30 and #32..your posts made me giggle. Keep it up..I can always use a good laugh. 🙂

  49. Katie Holmes Evil Twin says

    I love Tom. He’s so awesome! He doesn’t make me have sex with him which is awesome! His two chins and jug handles just give me more to kiss and hug.Awesome! I love Susie, I mean Suri, her names Suri right sweetness? Sometimes I forget stuff which is awesome! So yeah love the baby. She’s totally awesome! I love shopping. Shopping is awesome! So everybody be awesome and keep paying to see Tom’s movies so he can pay himself obscene amounts of money and I can keep shopping! Oh yeah, Scientology is awesome! In fact it’s all so awesome, it’s the most awesome awesome thing. Ciao!

  50. Ana says

    Carleigh, some times you gotta let yourself go! Why should he stay in hip shape if you are going to slam him any way, I think all he cares about now is pleasing his lade love. Kalista Brat I love your posts, they are not bitter like some which I read and I imagine the Poster tearing out his or her hair in frustration, anger and bitterness. Get a life peeps!

  51. carleigh says

    Tom is really rounding himself out nicely these days. He has a double chin, moobs and a shaggy mop of hair that is in desperate need of a cutting..he looks like a mess. He’s letting himself go!

  52. joanna says

    leave them both alone, at the end of the day if their both happy what does it matter to us? leave them be!

  53. pat says

    Both Tom and Katie look great …She’s beautiful in this dress and you know she is excited to be getting married in the next few days to a man who loves her , and the fact they have a beautiful little girl together only adds to how great their life is right now….the media should respect this time in their lives, as well as the fans……(if you can’t be happy for this couple you need to shut-up with the nasty comments stop being the judge about everything in their lives and go look in the mirror)….give it a break

  54. Trish says

    It doesn’t cease to amaze me that a Tomkat post gets more comments than the post before and after it.That is a good thing for the mistress, becauese it just sends the message that Tomkat posts bring in more hits.And we are not talking about just baby Suri’s photos.

  55. Kalista Brat says

    Nice, Katie looks so pretty! I love her dress! Tom’s eyes are so piercing, they look good.They both look good!

  56. Lovethebabies says

    Opps, my apologies to Tom – I looked at that site Ana, and he is standing on the floor, there’s no box. Sorry Tom! Katie Holmes does look very good at the moment.

  57. surlamer says

    Wow, Steph, get a grip–chances are good he donated money to the charity, too.

    Envy is such poison. I hope it fuels their happiness.

    They pay such a price for fame and fotune.

    I wish them the best.

  58. surlamer says

    Wow, Steph, get a grip–chances are good he donated money to the charity, too.

    Envy is such poison. I hope it fuels their happiness.

    They pay such a price for fame and fotune.

    I wish them the best.

  59. Ana says

    There are more pictures on Katie Holmes .com and I assure Tom still has his energy, web mistress, try and get better pictures next time.

  60. Ramona says

    Katies last shopping for expensive useless crapedition:
    the giagunda pimply ostrich purse like my granny had in 1965?

    Tom do the words “portly gent” ring a bell?

  61. Lovethebabies says

    I remember having a boyfriend who looked like Tom Cruise – and I was so so proud. He was one of the catches of the 80’s and 90’s, wasn’t he. How old is he now?

  62. Butterfly says

    I dislike being trivial, but with that said…I guess I will be anyway. I used to find Tom Cruise a very handsome fellow…you know pictures of him on my closet when I was a teenager kind of thing. All I can say now is: Poor Katie. Her rose-colored glasses must still be working because Tom just looks awful. I think it is hair. I hope he cuts it nice and short for the wedding or no matter how much money is spent on photographs, it will be unpleasant.

  63. SuziP says

    Kate looks gorgeous in that dress. I just loved that dress! And she wears it well. She looks happy and all. I hope she is. A pity Suri is not there with her. As for Tom.. well, Tom will be Tom, uninteresting.

  64. Lovethebabies says

    I also think Tom looks evil. I think he is mad – I have no respect for the man and think he really has lost all cinema-crowd-pulling power now. Poor poor Katie. I never wanted to believe it was his baby.
    Does anyone remember the advertisement in Australia in the 1980’s about lamb roasts – it was such a famous ad at the time – the girl was giving up a date with Tom Cruise to have her mum’s lamb roast. So funny to even think about now.

  65. gracelyn says

    OMG, Does Tom look evil to anyone besides me? Looks like such hatred in his eyes!!! Katie looks beautiful, glad to see her smiling!

  66. Lauren says

    While Katie just about managed to force out half a fake smile, looks like Mr Cruise couldn’t be bothered to make the effort.. Come on Tom, go on then, show a little fake teeth for the cameras, even though you obviously wish you were somewhere else.. At least just pretend to care, even if weknow you don’t give a rat a**, just do it for the sake of the children..

  67. pagal38 says

    I Think its great Tom & Katie are finally getting married but Just wondering if Baby Suri ever gets any fresh air , we never see her out & about with her parents & I Just think everyone needs to get out . Suri is a cutie I Bet shes really growing!

  68. GG says

    Poor Kate can’t do anything without being photographed. I would love her money but not her life … Constantly having to be on guard because some stranger wants your picture. What a total invasion of privacy … all the time!

  69. Steph says

    OMG! NO WAY!! i can’t f*cking believe he actually had the nerve to show up at the ‘Keep A Child Alive’ event after he spent a whooping $10,000 on one single diner the day before!! How very dare he?!! With that amount of cash he could have fed thousands of starving children instead of wasting it on one single f*ucking meal. What a f*cking insult this man is!

  70. Lovethebabies says

    I just don’t think I have ever seen his legs look this long in photos. Must be special magic pants.

  71. Nina says

    Hmm.. she looks blissfully medicated while Tom looks like he finally ran out of energy to power those fake smiles of his. Maybe the event was too ironic for him.


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