Pamela Anderson Suffers A Miscarriage

Here Pamela is pictured on the set of Blonde and Blonder.

Pamela Anderson

Canadian actress Pamela Anderson is asking for privacy after suffering a miscarriage in Vancouver.

A rep for Pamela, 39, confirmed that she had a miscarriage while shooting Blonde and Blonder last week.

Tracy Nguyen asked that “Pamela’s privacy be respected at this time.”

Sources told US Weekly that the pregnancy was in the early stages. Pamela was reportedly not hospitalized but a doctor was brought in to verify the miscarriage.

Pamela, who may have been eight weeks pregnant, started bleeding during a break from filming scenes at the River Rock Casino in Richmond, B.C.

It is the second known pregnancy heartbreak for Pamela, who suffered a miscarriage while shooting Barb Wire in 1996.

Pamela married musician Kid Rock, 35, in August. She has two sons with former husband Tommy Lee – Brandon, 10 and Dylan, 8.

Blonde and Blonder also stars Denise Richards, who was involved in an altercation with the paparazzi. Denise threw a laptop that belonged to a photographer off a balcony and it landed on an elderly person in a wheelchair. There were no serious injuries fortunately. How bizarre though!

Deepest sympathies to Pamela and her family.



  1. Donna says

    P.S. Team Aniston…lots of women are opting to have babies after 30 & it is perfectly fine. it is after 35 you have to be careful if it is your first. I know plenty of women even having healthy babies at 40 so just a fact from a doctor’s wife.

    Women these days are not running around barefoot & pregnant. We have careers & lives we lead.

    I am 33 & healthy & plan to try again to have a baby soon my first. So, I am fine according to my doc husband & my ob-gyn.

  2. Donna says

    I am sorry for Pam’s loss. Is she mother of the year? Probably not, but I also miscarried & it was my first time being pregnant. Not fun & to have it in the public spotlight even worse.

    I do not care for her lifestyle from what I’ve seen in the public eye, but you still do not wish that on anyone.

  3. says

    How selfish!!! I was outraged to learned she was preggers again and had the nerve to even be trying, you would think with her money a doctor would enlighten her!!!!
    Don’t get me wrong, I know it is VERY sad, no woman should have to go through that. But really what does she expect, lucky she has the two she has!

    1. She has had numerous sexual partners (and yes it can affect fertility)

    2. She drinks like a fish (if she wants to get preg. you think she would have slowed down)

    3. Histroy of drug use in the past (drugs chemically change the cell formation in the body)

    4. Her age (Fertility goes down by 38% by the time a woman turns 28)

    5. She has had sexually transmitted diseases (leads to scarring on the reproductive organs and weakens the uterus)

    6. She has Hepatitis (that alone can cause miscarriage, and ew it has to come out of there and it is transferable to the baby. How selfish to even be trying JMO, she made choices in life and got the hand she chose (all our actions have consequences) and now she wants to put a baby’s health at risk just becasue she wants one. ARGH)

    7. Her work schedule (working does not cause miscarriage but stress can be a factor and not being “allowed” to gain weight right off the bat, becasue of scripts doesn’t help either)

    8. The man’s habits are a factor too, drug use in males deformes sperm and weakens them so even if all is well with her, a partners habits will also be a factor. The sperm is not able to grow and reproduce normally so the females body in most cases gets rid of the embryo when it does not develop normally.

    So yes it is still very sad, and having money doesn’t make you a good parent. Better off.

    Pam should be happy she has the two she has lots of people who want will never experience what it is like to be a parent due to infertility. Because of her disease and other factors she puts a baby at huge risks, ones that if she really loved her child would not want to see a new baby suffer with complications.

    I am not being mean either so don’t take this the wrong way.
    As sad as it is facts are facts. Be happy with what god gave you and move on.

    Everything happens for a reason.

  4. Ramona says

    Poor Denise she can’t win for losing. Read she was
    comforting Pam when the laptop incident happened.
    The woman wasn’t hurt and is not pressing charges.

    Sympathies to Pam. Been there and it’s a hard place.
    Pam, hang in there, love will alway find a way.

  5. India says

    OMG, Denis throwing lap tops at paps then hitting an elderly person, mhhhhhhhh, lets hope is not my granny, otherwise I’ll skin her alive. She is so pathetic.

  6. says

    Pamela is Hep C positive, personally I don’t know if I would take that risk possibly transmitting the disease to my child. I know the risks of transmission are fairly low like 5-10% but still I would be so worried.
    Either way a miscarriage is difficult espcially when you don’t have time to mourn your losses 🙁 I hope she keeps well, emotionally and physically!

    Holy cow, Denise throwing lap tops at paps then hitting elderly people 😮 What’s up with that? Wasn’t it speculated that she was calling them to photograph her and Richie togther? Perhaps she was trying to protect Pam at the sensitive time?!? Who knows?

  7. Ms D says

    Well I’m sorry for Pamela–I’m not a huge fan of hers, but no matter what, she has lost a baby–and though I’ve been fortunate enough to never have had to face that, it’s got to be difficult…and I do feel for her.

    So was her last miscarraige when she was still married to Tommy Lee? Just curious is all.

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