Kate Hudson & Ryder In Australia

Kate Hudson was snapped in Queensland, Australia today with two-year-old Ryder. Kate is there shooting a film. Kate looks so tan!

Kate Hudson



  1. Mike says

    hey dan, isn’t hitler waiting for you down below? you really *ike kate hudson? that’s the beauty of us jews we come in all forms, you should head down to D.C. to the Holocaust museum to garner with your fellow Nazi friends because its funny you mentioned the blonde comment, there is a picture and in it Hitler (your idol) is holding a boy’s hand who is blonde and blue eyes and is praising the “Aryan Nation’s Purity”—that boy was Jewish and his grandfather was the chief Rabbi of the town. How does a simple picture incite such emotion?
    P.S. this custom of cutting the boy’s hair at 3, we had one last night for my blonde and green eyed nephew, you should have been there.

  2. says

    It’s a surprise for me to learn that Kate Hudson is not cutting Ryder’s hair because she’s jewish. I believed that Kate was catholic because she’s blond and her face is european. But I can say that Kate Hudson is always a very beautiful actress. She’s talented, nicest and a prettiest girl.
    I really kike KATE HUDSON !!!

  3. Holly says

    I love Kate, she is a wonderful actress. Her baby boy is adorable! I think it is better to be sucking a binki (pasifier) than his thumb. Kate is a PERFECT MOTHER!! : )

  4. Clara says

    At first glance I thought Ryder was a girl. He’s two? Argue with me all you want, but I’m with Carleigh. She needs to get him off of the binky and cut the kid’s hair.

  5. boo says

    Having the pacifier is not a big deal, My son had one til the day before he turned 3 and talking about messing up his teeth…Well he has really nice teeth, they are perfect and straight there is no problems with them at all…And the dentist agrees with me….as for his speech and having a “sucky”.. well He is probably hands down one of the smartest kids I know…and I’m not saying that because I’m his mom…anyone I talk to can’t get over his speech…by the age of 2 he was carrying on full fledge conversations, singing songs, reading and singing the alphabet, counting, the whole shebang…I don’t at all think there is anything wrong with a child having a pacifier at the age of 3, if my 16 month old refuses to give it up til that age…then all I can say is he is going to have it til that age… they become somewhat of a safety net to little kids, and who am I to take it from him.

  6. clou says

    he looks like a little rock star with a…..PACIFIER!
    and enough of twosis bidtchfest. get on with your life already!

  7. Carol says

    Carleigh why are you such a miserable human being?. You sure seem able to dish it out but can’t take it. You must be one arrogant, conceited, stuck up, snob. Maybe you ought to reword your comments if you don’t like the feedback. I enjoyed the move over Dr. Spock comment. Obviously there is more that just me who feels the same about you. You come across as an isolated, unhappy, miserable, control freak. Carleigh’s way or no way, everyone has to agree. You and your rambling on (most of which you know absolutely nothing about) are boring. Get a life.

  8. carleigh says

    Carol, darling, please point out where I have so called “jumped” down your poor little throat???? I don’t recall even addressing a post to you so I have no clue what you are rambling about. If you can sit there and ramble on and on about your son and his experiences with his “binkie” than how is that anyway different that stating my opinion and saying NOTHING more??? If you want to be a complete and total sh*t stirring hypocrite fine w/ me but at least practice what YOU have been spouting off about above! Thank you very much now I will appreciate it if you would leave me alone to my OWN opinions which have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do one thing w/ YOU! Find someone else to play with because you bore me to pieces.

  9. loney says

    regarding ryder’s hair: i heard kate say this on a talk show. she is not cutting ryder’s hair until he’s three years old and here is why:
    there is a jewish tradition (kate is jewish) in which a baby boy is compared to a tree. for the first three years of a tree;s life, the fruit is not cut because it allows the tree to grow stronger and develop stronger roots. the jewish custom is to let the hair of a baby boy grow for three years before cutting it to give him an opportunity to grow stronger and develop first. the cutting of the hair is a time for celebration and it marks a turning point of the boy going from being a baby when everything is given to him to a time when he begins to do things himself.

  10. Carol says

    Kate is a great, beautiful hands on mom and Ryder is adorable. My son used his pacifier until he was almost 4 at night only and when I had my 2nd, the day I brought him home, my oldest said, “Mom, the baby can have this”. This was after a LONG battle to get him off it. He is now 16 and his teeth are perfectly straight and he does not need. braces. As for the hair, my 11 year old and all of his friends have long hair that he likes. He has even been called “honey” numerous times but likes his hair the way it is.

    Glad to see others who don’t care for carleigh or her comments. No matter what I post she seems to jump down my throat. She thinks she knows it all and is a very negative, miserable person. She ruins this site. I like the Dr. Spock comment. She thinks she is Queen Babarazzi and needs to get her crown knocked off her big head.

  11. TheNannyYouLove says

    Cute pic,but something seemed “wrong” with it.The darn pacifier!A kid doesn’t need to have it all the time at that age.

    Hopefully this pic was taken at a moment when he really did need the comfort.Perhaps he didn’t like the fact that he knew the paparazzi would probably be around 🙂

    Potty training normally starts at about 2-3 so it’s not uncommon for him to still be wearing a diaper,though I can’t tell if he’s wearing one 🙂

    I think he is super cute with the long hair!!

  12. gracelyn says

    Thank you Miranda! I thought I was making a good point, but its quite obvious that most of the people on here only want to be negative, and say rude things just to start an argument. To bad we all cant just act like mature adults!!

  13. IMO says

    What up with Carleigh? She ain’t got much to say these days. Must have run out of “shoving her opinions” down peoples throats.

  14. dori says

    Binkies are fine until 3 but then as the teeth errupt the
    binky,(actually better than a thumb, which lasts until much later and much harder to quit) will push the new teeth forward causing buck teeth. So quit by 3 or earlier if the teeth are comming in. Thats good dental advice ladies….

  15. gracelyn says

    To push your kids into things they are not ready for is rediculous!! Just because somebody isnt raising their kids how you are doesnt make them wrong. IMO, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with a 2 year old sucking a pacifier. Raise your kids how you want to raise them, and dont worry how other people raise theirs!!! Its quite possible to be a friend & a parent.

  16. ellie says

    all i wanna say is please get his haircut. he would look so much cuter with it short. it makes him look like a girl.

  17. Lisa says

    SO WHEN DID IT BECOME A CHILDS DECISION AS TO HOW WE SHOULD PARENT…. the previous posters are ridiculous with let the kid decide, well with that mentality we would all be eating crap, drinking bottles and crapping in our pants til god knows when. It is up to us with help from our pediatricians to gently guide our babes into development….not when our toddlers allow us to

    come on, be a parent, not a friend

  18. scarlet says

    I really think Kate Hudson secretly wanted a little girl..Hello is that a BOY? Give that kid a haircut and take that pacifer out of his mouth..He is to old to have that in his mouth…Kate get a clue…Who is the parent here?

  19. Ramona says

    Better a binkie till you’re four than a cigarette habit into
    your forties. FYI the human brain is sharper when we’re chewing/sucking on something! All that pencil gnawing during exams is for a reason!
    So, leave the little guy and his gorgeous doting mama
    alone. Our bodies have their own wisdom.

  20. gracelyn says

    I agree with everyone that says the pacifier stays!! My baby is 2 almost 3 and he will use his pacifier until he is ready to get rid of it!! Also you dont decide when you child is ready to be potty-trained they will let you know when they’re ready, any doctor will tell you that. It is sad that people say such mean things about little kids, GROW-UP!

  21. Miranda says

    I don’t think that you have take the children’s pacifier away when they’re 12-15 months! That’s too early, and as I said before, they know themselves when it’s time. When I was a kid, 3 yrs old, they took my pacifier on the pre-school, they didn’t let me have it. I was sooooo sad and cried the days through. So my mum fought for my pacifier, and she won. My pacifier was the only thing I felt safe with, cause my mum and dad wasn’t there with me. And like a year ot two later, I just let it go. I didn’t want it anymore, cause I know I was a big girl.

  22. Carole says

    To Pacifier or Not! No problem until around 12 – 15 months or so but after that, pay attention to how the little one is doing with emerging speech! Lisps, unfortunately, do develope as children are trying to talk with the “paci” firmly parked in their mouth! It can and does happen and may take several years to get straightened out! Just check with the speech specialists at public schools! Kate strikes me as a smart gal who wants the best for her son so perhaps she will rethink her decision and discontinue the use of a pacifier. The hair is all together another issue! My son and his wife just cut their little guy’s beautiful ringlets to a traditional “little boys cut” and from a very prejudice grandma, he is just the cutest! I think the remarks about how beautiful SHE is did the trick! 🙂 But with Papa Robinson, who no doubt, does have a say, what will happen on “the hair topic” is anybody’s guess!

  23. Andie says

    I’ve been on enought sites to see that you dicatee not opinie, which means gives your opinon. There is a difference you know. you come across as a Holier-than-thou person, always ready to give your advice, opinion even if it’s not called for. I think you need to chill and get a life.

  24. Sarie says

    I can handle her decision to NOT cut his hair for whatever reason. But I would have to agree with Carleigh on this one, I personally believe there is an age limit on the pacifier. It needs to go. And it is a proven fact that a pacifier will mess up the way the teeth grow in.

  25. carleigh says

    You two can go find someone else to argue and fight with……IT”S MY OWN OPINION that he needs to have a hair cut, get rid of the pacifier! Just like yours is the opposite of mine..nuff said! Have a great night ladies!

  26. IMO... says

    Andie—you took the words right out of my mouth….”Move over Dr. Spock….theirs a new baby doctor in town & her name is Carleigh….!!”

    Leave the poor kid and mother alone—you do what you got to do to get thru the day!!

  27. Miranda says

    I’m sorry, why are you complaining about his pacifier? He’s only 2! Maybe he needs it, some toddlers actually feel safe when they have their pacifier! And trust me, he’ll not have it when he starts school anyway, cause they know themselves when it’s time to put the pacifier away.

  28. sick of it says

    What a pretty little girl, she must be around 1 or so isn’t she? (cut the kids hair it would be a improvement and yes it will hurt their teeth formation check with a dentist guess she wanted a little girl with long hair that looks like bugs bunny)

  29. Andie says

    I guess you are the new Dr. Spock. How do you know he’s not potty trained, and why should she cut his hair? And further, what’s wrong with a 3 year old having a pacifier?

  30. Sue says

    I used to live in Ann Arbor and had that same Hash Bash T-Shirt she’s wearing. I so looked forward to that first week in Apri. Great shirt. I wonder if she’s still smokin’ fatties?

  31. sillygirl says

    But hey, she seems like a great Mom and Ryder is always with her and she is always loving on him and playing with him. He is a lucky boy. She should give Katie Holmes some parenting tips.

  32. sillygirl says

    For the love of god, take that kid to a barber and lose the pacifier before he messes up his teeth.

  33. mojo says

    She looks hot & sexy there – tan looks good on her. At least his hair is pulled back. I think its one of the few ones of him looking somewhat cute.

  34. says

    It seems to always be the same with Ryder, personally I think he’s a doll! Irregardless of hair, pacifier, bottle, diapers whatever?!?! She’s a first time mom, I think a lot of us can relate! There were so many things I would NEVER allow before I had children, then I became a mother! It’s actually quite comical to look back at…

  35. Alyssa says

    he doesnt need to get rid of a pacifier.. ur supposed to at least get rid of it before the age of 4 when it will actually effect u. hes only 2 almost 3 let him be if he wants a pacifier then let him. sometimes its hard to get them off of it

  36. carleigh says

    Cute kid but Kate really needs to work on this kid getting potty trained, cut his hair and get rid of the pacifier…Ryder is a toddler now, not a baby anymore.

  37. Christal says

    why is Ryder still using a pacifier?? Isn’t he almost three? He is adorable, but the pacifier is so out-of-place!

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