Britney Putting On A Brave Face Despite Kevin's Nonsense

Brit looked festive this morning (at around 5:30 am!) leaving a NYC CVS drugstore!

Britney Spears

Here Britney was snapped at Sony Studios in NYC yesterday. She is reportedly heading down to Miami very soon to work on her upcoming album more.

Britney Spears

I can’t even believe the things Kevin is coming out with…he is trying to get all the money he can from her and is suing for sole custody of one-year-old Sean Preston and eight-week-old Jayden James.
Britney Spears
One source told The Sun: “He wants to fight Britney every step of the way.” On top of a generous lump sum settlement, 28-year-old Kevin also wants Britney, 24, to pay his legal fees and spousal support. You have to be kidding…spousal support?! I also heard that she has an iron-clad pre-nup though, so who knows how it will all work out, but just the fact that he is being such a jerk is truly awful. Thank goodness she knew enough to get rid of him. And rumor has it that Britney is now planning to give away pictures of little Jayden James for free as the proceeds from photos of Sean Preston and Jayden James were slated to go to Kevin if they divorced. That seems incredibly strange that something that specific would be in a pre-nup but I guess it could be true! We’ll see!
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  1. Terri says

    For the love of god Britney buy a comb and hire a stylist and get your ducks in a row. You are worth millions start treating yourself like it. I think that you could be big again but jesus step outside with your boobs in, your panties on, and a comb through your hair come on now!!

  2. duh says

    K Fed was her husband, not her boyfriend. There is a big difference. And, she married him out of stupidity so she deserved everything she got. Stupid chick should have used her brains. Uh, oh, that’s right. She doesn’t have any!

  3. sinead says

    You know what i think? i read a post on here saying for a long time now she always looked like she just dragged herself out of bed. Well look at the pictures of her onhere from recently, fair enough she still looks not quite as great as she used to, but its definatetly an improvement, she looks pretty again and a bit more groomed.
    I personally think that being with such an @sshole of a husband emotionally drained her so much that she couldnt be bothered to do anything with herself and it knocked her confidence so much that she let herself go.
    Like I said, its not a full improvement on how she used to look ut look what difference a few days has made since she left him, shes making more of an effort with herself, i bet within a few months shell be stunning again. Thank god she ditched that loser I et her parents are so pleased to see their daughter coming back to life too xx
    god bless britney and all the other women who have had to endure asshole boyfriendsxx

  4. !! says

    You can bet since she is trying to get her career going again you won’t be seeing her near as much with her kids. The only reason you saw so much before is she wasn’t working being all big and pregnant. What else was she gonna do but drag the kid everywhere. But of course people will say she won’t want the papparazzi taking pictures of them because of K-Fed ex getting them. But, she isn’t going be to that great of a mother. She’ll get tired of that really quick!!

  5. pagal38 says

    I’m just Wondering why We used to see Britney Carrying Sean Preston Everywhere & Now We never see Sean nor the baby out & about with her. Its good when you see Moms Being Moms & Doing things with their little ones like going to the park etc: Being a Mom should be the #1 most important thing to her right now especially .

  6. says

    you are pertyful and your tow sons are so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and your x dog toy is a jerk and you should get some one better

  7. Pebbs says

    What a mother!! Saw some pictures in US magazine of her downing Ameretta sours. Hope she isn’t breastfeeding. Hope she’s aware of second hand smoke around her little ones.

  8. MissyMama says

    To be fair…the post that said Britney was not breastfeeding is the same post that said the baby’s name was Sutton Pierce and the family called him “Pierce” for short.

    We can’t rely on everything we hear. But I do agree, I don’t think she is breastfeeding, and those girls seem a little too perky to me to be real.

  9. says

    #47…That is NOT from breast feeding! Boobs do not get round from milk. I have had many experiences with this! I agree with #48…she got a boob job a long time ago & won’t admit it. Besides, she doesn’t breast feed and Jayden is 2 months now, she would have shrunk in her first 2 weeks.

  10. dori says

    Hello there’s nothing new about Britneys style you just haven’t seen her out for a while. Think back now to her performing days she always was a little trashy/sexy in her clothes. This is not new folks. She looks great for a woman who just had a baby a couple months ago. It’s hard work ….. shes done a great job!
    and that Kevin…. I’m so glad she dumped him… what a piece of work he is. I doubt her lawyer would give in to these alleged demands of Kevins .
    threats of tapes won’t get him custody of the children, it would only work against his own custody case, so I doubt any of it is true.

  11. MissyMama says

    It’s being reported now that K-Fag is threatening to sell their sex tape if Britney doesn’t give him 30 million and custody of the boys.

    What a total waste of human life. What sewer did this piece of sh*t slither out of?

    I am not a huge Britney fan, but I hope she doesn’t cave into his demands just to save some face. So what if there’s a sex tape. Pam Anderson and other celebs have made it through sex tape scandals without really hurting their careers. We all have sex, just the majority of us are smart enough to not tape themselves!

  12. nicola says

    Who cares if she`s had a boob job?
    It`s her life, like any1 would be bothered if the average Joe got 1. Havin a boob job isn`t a crime

  13. IMO says

    Scuse me Team Aniston, but Brit got a boob job a long time ago and she didn’t breast feed this last kid. Didn’t you get the post on that? Even tho she denies getting one, she did! She can lie all she wants. They have just dropped like most of them do after so many years.

  14. says

    I think it is called breast feeding, her boobs are probably full, when she is done they will look like the rest of us. Post kids, ha ha, that’s awsome, not saying she get a boob job when she is done breastfeeding, and she probably feels liberated after getting rid of that ass “Kev the big rapper dude” (loser he is)
    I say good for her, only one way to go from here up, up ,up!!

  15. Donna says

    Britney looks better. She should have looked in the mirror before she stepped out, but good for her. She needs to focus on her kids.

    P.S.-Allison #43 posting all I can say is learn to spell or use spell check. Jeesh!!!

  16. nicola says

    I`ve heard ova here in the uk that he has a sex tape of them both durin their honeymoon and unless he gets 16 million AND custody of the kids, he`ll sell it . Apparently, he`s been offered 26 million for it…………………….I always though that blackmail was illegal……..?
    The guy can`t look afta himself let alone his kids……….THANK GOD BRIT`S SEEN SENSE.
    The pre-nup that was signed only entitles him to 2 million and half of the sale of their home……..
    LEGALLY, he`s actually only entitled to 160,000 cash. Any gifts Britney bought durin the marriage, worth ova 6,000, she`s allowed 2 take back… Basically, to sum it up, he`s worth nothin

  17. allison says

    why the hell are you peolpe so hard on her and to the person that commented about her being a bad muther because she was at the drugdstore at 530 am so what maybe her kids needed something ahhhhhhh…lol like medicne or milk duh ..thats a mothers job lol get a life

  18. Mike Radoina says

    Britney is about time you make this distion abot keven is was for you…….. and you look great i love in it

  19. Mike Radoina says

    Britney is about time you make this distion abot keven is was for you…….. and you look great i love in it

  20. Karina says


  21. Shea says

    um lets see….OTHER then the car seat issue, im assuming you meant the one where she didnt have him in the correct car seat. What about him falling out of a highchair, Her driving with him on her lap, Her almost falling with him countless times. Theres been more then one thing that he can hold against her that we all know about, and im sure a few more we dont know about… Sorry but i have not drove with my infant in my lap, nor has he fallen out of a highchair. As a police officer i can say he does have a chance, all he has to do is show why shes unfit. Even though i hope he doesnt get them, I KNOW he does stand a chance showing just cause.

  22. says

    Of the three things that I know about that were all highly publicized in regards to Sean P, the carseat incident was the only time she made a bad choice and endangered her child. I personally do not think that based on what we see she is an unfit mother and I doubt highly that Kfed has a fleeting chance at those children. She’s real and has made mistakes like most new mothers have.


  23. JOJO says

    why is she out at 5:30 in the morning what about her baby what if he needs her and she is out in her christmas stocking cap real mature brittney, some people should not have children if this is how they are going to act!

  24. MEMEME says

    OH and BTW Britney is 24 not 84; she can dress however she wants to, she has an awesome body. Team Britney!!!

  25. MEMEME says

    she I totally agree with you, I’m tired of prudes sayng ” you’re a mother now”

    Does this mean that our sensuality, sexiness, right to wear skirts or show cleavage, are dead and buried as soon as we pop out a kid, I don’t think so.

    I think people who say that just have a fat ass and can’t really show their bodies because it would be jello all over the place.

  26. India says

    I do rather marry a single person or a widower rather than some1 who left some broken heart, espec. for a pregnant woman behind. Your reap what you sow…lol

  27. Shea says

    OH and Amy…just becuz your a mother doesnt mean you have to dress like june cleaver. she has this body after two kids ….I say wear what makes you feel sexy.

  28. Shea says

    I said this in another post but I think IMO that k fag does have a good chance to get the kids. Look at everything she has done in the past to S.P. All he has to do to show just cause, showing britney is not a fit mother is all the videos pictures and everything else that he has that she has done wrong. We all know she isnt the picture of mommy of the year. BUT no matter how much I cant stand britney spears, i hope he doesnt get them. He doesnt care about them. All he see’s is $$$$ when it comes to his kids with britney. Notice he never wanted his kids with Shar? Cuz Shar has no money.

  29. carleigh says

    From what I have read Britster is back w/ her old manager and is back in the studio cutting new material. So apparently she really realized she needed to cut FED-EX loose before he ruined her whole entire life. Oh well it’s only two years out of the rest of her whole life and she has two beautiful baby boys out of it…Kevin was a loser going into the relationship/marriage and he’s an even bigger loser on the way out..if that’s even possible! Farewell K-FAG don’t let the door hittcha on the way out!

  30. says

    Kaisha, I thought the same thing especially when he was sitting with her and his family at his release party while his wife was crying upstairs. Shar did seem wayyy to calm to just let hin walk off to Britney?!?

    I don’t think Brit got new boobs, I was really full postpartum for atleast 3 months with my first whom I didn’t nurse and with my second whom I did I had those girls the whole time but when we weaned it was a different story…

    Who is dressing Brit? Do you guys remember before Kevin how she was on almost every worst dressed list, she can’t be doing this on her own? She does look great!

    I just read that K-fed is advertising his single status to the ladies at his concerts, what an a$$! I hope for the sake of those two prescious boys they stay with their loving momma!

  31. Debs says

    I’m sure her kids are fine, she seems like a devoted mom, and her own mother is probably helping out alot.

    I don’t mind what she wears; it’s what she’s like as a person that counts. And hopefully, she’s a good person. Just a bit dim.

    For someone to slander the mother of their children is just messed up, that’s getting me angry. He’s the classic example of a deadbeat dad, and everyone’s right- there’s NO WAY he’ll get custody, because not only will Brit’s lawyers argue that he was always out partying, the judge will have to take into account what kind of a father he was to the children he already HAD. His lawyers will no doubt bring up the child-on-the-lap-while-driving incident… Kevin should not get custody, or a CENT. He would not take care of those children, that is obvious to anyone. If they grant him visitation, he probably wouldn’t even go. Although Brit might be cunning and perhaps pay him to see his own kids, just so they could have a daddy. I’m getting totally ahead of myself.

    I agree with whoever said the thing about his other children knowing what happened when they get older. It makes me sick what some people “inadvertently” do to the children they bring into the world. Have some responsibility for God’s sake. A child should be protected from these things, at least for a little while, not taken head first into such a shameful mess by their own parents. When you have a child, you ALWAYS have to think of what you’re doing and how it might affect them.

    But… how could someone fall in love with a guy who left his pregnant girlfriend and mother to his first child, in the first place? Just horribly sad.

  32. Debs says

    Totally possible I suppose, but then I am a cynic. I do hope you’re wrong though, because that would be way too upsetting and disgusting.

    Still can’t believe he’s meant to have said mean things about her. What did he say?

  33. Debs says

    **I live in the UK; what are these bad things Kevin has purportedly said about Britney??** I can’t believe how long people pretend things are fine, and then as soon as it ends, all the you-know-what hits the fan!

    I was so happy when it was on the news yesterday that they’re getting divorced! And she does look happier now. I agree, it’s so sad those children were brought into the world in the first place. What utter carelessness, it seems, on her part… Perhaps naivete.

    I just hope those cute tots grow up well and happy, despite the fact their parent(s) are idiots, and now divorced as well (NOT to say they should have stayed together, but obviously having divorced parents is more often than not a difficult thing).

  34. kaisha says

    Here a thought……..maybe Kevin and his ex(the mother of his kids) had a plan for him to be with Britney and on some level get all he could from her so later on, he and his ex would get back together. She’s been so calm still saying great things about this looser who rarely sees his children and doesn’t pay child support. I read an article where Shar said “he doesn’t pay child support but he pays for their school and they go to an expensive school.” So from that I gather Britney pays for their school because he’s a back up dancer and no one takes him seriously. Also, as a woman who has two children with a man who got married while I was 4 months pregnant, I’m still not over the situation. Shar Jackson has been extremely nice as far as he’s concerned. Going on the Howard Stern show bragging about how huge is penis is and she’s gotten fame from this as well. So they both win. I just feel sorry for the children because they are always the ones to be caught in the middle, trust me, I know. I’m sure Kevin and Shar will be photographed as a couple in the months to come. Just wait and see!

  35. Amy says

    #1 Of course KFed is being a jackass. He left his ex while she was pregnant! It doesn’t get much worse than that.#2 I agree that she should put on some clothes. She’s a mother now!! #3 Why on earth do we care so much about her that we know what she bought at a drugstore at 5:30 this morning? #4 Where are her kids??

  36. Ms D says

    My heavens, could these two be any MORE of a train wreck??

    And she does seem to be proudly sporting her stuff lately, doesn’t she? Good grief!
    Apparently he is too, though–as I read earlier that he was at one of his shows and announcing to the fans that he was about to be a single man, like he was so proud..gosh, what a catch. If only I weren’t married.. ;o)

    But wouldn’t her boobs have shrunk down within the month from her pregnancy with the baby? I thought I’d heard she chose not to breastfeed–and if they aren’t being used, they dry up, don’t they? I mean I know they do (as I didn’t bf either), but I can’t remember how long it takes…?

    And that’s PATHETIC that he’s trying to get spousal support from her. I can’t see how that man will EVER be taken seriously. And what the heck would he do with those boys??
    Can you even begin to imagine him raising kids by himself?? Ooh, to raise a couple more boys to make them just like him..sad, really. 🙁

    Eh, it’s just a ploy trying to get more cash out of her, IMO.
    Probably why he was so quick to have kids, one right after the other.. $$$$$
    At least she’s seen what a loser he is before he empregnanted her again. (we hope! LOL! )

  37. says

    #14-This was exactly my thought when I read he wants sole custody. Completely shameful, really.
    The other thing was that I couldn’t genuinely understand why everyone kept putting down Kevin throughout their marriage-we didn’t really know much about him except that he was a dancer with 2 kids and didn’t make as much money as his wife…THEN I read he likes to refer to himself as a pimp and talks like a complete moron and leaves his wife who just gave birth to go and party, and sure enough, I realized I’d been too naive to see what white trash he was all along. She’s just made the BEST decision of her life, leaving him, and I think we all know the courts will side in her favour, since he already has 2 other kids he never sees. SUCH a loser.

  38. says

    Just had a thought – Kevin wants sole custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James but didn’t bat an eyelash to get sole custody of Kori and Kaleb. How do you think they are going to feel when they’re older and understand that? Not very good, that’s for sure. Kevin wants custody of SP and JJ for the money. Sad.

  39. gracelyn says

    I’m pretty sure that the baby’s are with her in New York, because it was said on another site that she bought baby stuff & chocolate at this drugstore. I’m sure she wouldn’t be buying things for her babies at a drugstore unless it was something they needed right then! I think she looks great, shes obviously happy!! I dont understand why everyone still wants to be so negative about her, everyone wants her to leave Kevin & when she does, you then find other reasons to put her down!
    I’m sure that none of you are any better than she is, so get over yourselves!!!

  40. says

    She’s already looking and acting much better on her own. She just needs to put some more clothes on…a t-shirt is not a dress. She def. got new tata’s. I’ve NEVER had a bra that did wonders like that. Let me know where I can find one. They are way too round to be real…no one’s breasts look like that…not even a miracle bra could make them look like that. This is the fist time she’s worn a bra since last week. They were still round without a bra. Fake.

  41. Kary says

    Oh, even the media’s noticed her breast baring.

    #6 those aren’t new, just old and saggy. Push up bras do wonders.

  42. Lisa Marie says

    Tam, while i doubt that, i guess you cant be suprised w/ brit, but its probably due to being filled w/ milk. i know after i had my kids, my boobs looked amazing when they were milk filled/engorged. and rock hard. hers do look rock hard, lol. but it could also be a push-up bra.
    glad she got rid of kevin.
    but to be honest, she should never have got w/ him in the first place. love truly is blind. and so is lust

  43. Nisa says

    Britney should have seen this coming, I mean any hare-brain knows that you do not marry a man who has left a pregnant girlfriend! if she wasnt on the verge of an emotional break down, would say serves you right, but as it is she needs our support for the sake of those kids.

  44. Mrs. Vreeland says

    In the words of the great Nora Ephron: “Never marry a man you wouldn’t want to be divorced from.”

  45. carleigh says

    Oh and at least she’s obviously wearing a bra in these pic’s…like she read our minds…LOL

  46. Louisianagal says

    She just needs to go topless and get it over with.

    As far as K-Fed being a jerk. Of course he’s going to be a jerk. You never know your spouse until you divorce him. This divorce is going to get very nasty.

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