Brad Pitt & Maddox

Brad bought Maddox a toy helicopter from a street vendor in Pune, India yesterday. Cute!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

That guy staring at Brad and Maddox must be their bodyguard..he looks scary!



  1. says

    Maddox and Pax looks like spoiled little brats. How much do they need to receive before they are happy. Them adopted kids has it made. You never see Shiloh out and getting new toys.

  2. says

    I agree with number 33. Angelina did what she had to do to make Brad and Jennifer look bad. Because they shared LOVE and HAPPINESS. Always showing affection in public with no problem. Brad needs to get out of that relation ship with Angelina, Brad’s time with Angelina is about over, By her other relationships. Brad needs to take his bio chidren and not look back. And look up Jennifer and try to make their relationship good agian. And start their own family. Along with Shiloh and the twins. Jennifer would be a wonderful mother. Hurry Brad Jennifer’s clock will start clicking pretty soon. The were a beautiful pair. Who would make beautiful babies. Brad what were you thinking, Angelina did what she had to do to mess Brad and Jennifer’s marriage. I am all for Brad and Jennifer. Let Angelina have her adopted kids. She deserves it. She made her bed and needs to lay in it.

  3. markis says

    Oh Brad & Angelina are so GORGEOUS together. Their kids are adorable as well. Brangelina will last forever. I love your Brangelina & WISH YOU THE BEST.. ignored all the losers who give you negative feedbacks THEY ARE JEALOUS & LONELY, THEY ARE FAT & UGLY WITH NO good looking kids like you.

  4. Val says

    Ok, then I will. I don’t think Brads good looking at all. I think AJ is a homewrecker and should have at least waited until Brad and Jen were divorced before swooping Brad up. She should have kept her hands to herself and anybody can say anything they want. Brad and AJ were having an affair and that’s not right. I think AJ does things for attention like adopting children from all over the world. I think she got pregnant on purpose to make Jen look bad and to keep Brad on a string. JUST MY OPINION!

  5. Val says

    Now don’t ya’ll say anythin negative about Nicki’s celebrity family. She don’t like it when you don’t like them. She’s acting as their PR person.

  6. Lolitha says

    How old is Maddox? i have’nt seen any growth for the past 3 years.Everytime i see him he looks exactly the same he did 3yrs ago.

  7. Louisianagal says

    Guess I need to check the New Orleans newspaper and the local news channels better. They had it all over the news that the streets were blocked off for the movie.
    Shows how much I care about him being here. I only get the headlines and then forget about it. I just know I have to detour every day for work. But I’m sure he’ll be here soon if that’s what he said. They also said that one may end up running in to him if we worked close to those streets. I for one don’t care, but a few in my office are going to try. Thanks for setting me straight!

  8. Nicki says

    #26- Yes that movie is being shot in NO, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and some of the crew is there shooting minor scenes. But Brad Pitt isn’t there yet. He said in an interview, THEY, the family, would be in NO the begining off December. They are expected to be there until mid or the end of Jan.
    Brad is still with his family.

  9. Louisianagal says

    #24, Brad is currently making a movie here in New Orleans. I should know. They blocked off the street and I had to detour to work. So, I guess the nannies have the kids when AJ is working.

    #25, I don’t think it’s Kelly Ripa. Could be tho, but when would she have time for this? How could we find out? I watch them in the mornings when I can and I’ve never heard her hint at anything. She has 3 kids actually. Her oldest son is 5 or 6, a daughter Lola is 3 or 4 and Jaqine (sp) is the youngest. But don’t quote me on the ages of who was born when. I forget. But she has 2 boys and a girl.

  10. says

    Wow those stats on cheating are awful 🙁 I’m not sure what they are here in Can. but likely not much different from the US. I would never entertain the thought myself, have absolutely no need to, my marriage fulfills all my needs. I guess that is why people cheat in the first place right to get what the need at home somewhere else, how sad?!?

    I don’t think it’s Kelly Ripa who runs this site, I’ve been here since it started in March and have no clue. She does have a son and a 2 or 3 year old daughter. We chould investigate this further, anyone want to help? Anyone else pick up on any other hints?

  11. Nicki says

    Jeez, we see what amounts to 2 seconds in a pic and Brad doesn’t spend any time with Shiloh. By the way, Angie is working on a movie. Brad is with the kids on the set. All 3 kids. Admit it, you wouldn’t be happy seeing a picture of Brad with Shiloh, you would just find something wrong with that.
    There is a short video of Brad carrying Shiloh from the car to the hotel. But that would probably make you rant on about how come he couldn’t carry all three kids at once? Or something as equally stupid.
    Brad is happy with his family and loves all 3 of his children.

  12. says

    Apparently it is Kelly Ripa, that is the rumor on here but you never know.

    And about this picture,

    Brad should try to spend some time with Shiloh what the hell is their problem, why are they ignoring her???? Because she is not a “rainbow” child like Angelina wanted because she is Brads BIOLOGICAL child she gets left out all the time? Like they are saying, “you have our blood thats good enough, you can sit home with the nanny”
    What a shit show!!!!!

  13. Kary says

    I love Jennifer Anniston also. I thinks she’s moved on. I know she was hurt in the beginning but who wouldn’t be? I felt for her. As for as Bran and Angie I don’t think it’ll last, but not many celebrity marriages last anyway. So it’s all good while it lasts right? I wish the best for all of them and just hope the kids aren’t in the middle if they split up.

    IMO: I don’t think Vince and Jennifer will stay together. They just don’t look like they belong together.

  14. DontBNVus says

    You make it seem like Angelina casts spells on men to make them fall for her. Apparently, they fall in love with her honesty. I mean, she has this exotic look about herself and people tend to use that against her. She and Brab are popular celebs b/c of their work in movies, not to mention their undeniable beauty. The fact that A & B are a couple now, makes the media go nuts! That is what has the attention of people. No one brings attention to themselves, the media does that shit. I mean damn, they’re human and they have to go out in publc just like everyone else. They just happen to have papparazzi lurking at every corner! As for Jennifer Aniston, I love her as well. She has moved on and seems to be happy with Vince so why the fuck don’t you guys stop feeling “sorry” for her!

  15. says

    I agree, #18, that AJ is a great mother…she seems to be a devoted mom and obviously is genuinely committed to the causes she supports. I am just a bit curious about her devotion as a “partner” (is that what we should call them?). She seems to have some sort of hold on men, and there’s no denying it: She is an incredibly beautiful woman. I guess I just see a trail of broken hearts, that seem to have been caused by her advantage. She has the ability to mess with people’s lives, and unfortunately, I don’t believe that Brad is immune to it. I hope for the sake of their sweet kids that they last, but it still really bugs me that if you think about it, they only have celebrity right now because of the causes they support, not because of the amazing onscreen work they’ve put out. It’s great they bring so much attention to such things, but like I said before, lots of other celebs put out amazing work (Spielberg, anyone??) and don’t require a following of admirers to acknowledge they’ve done it. They’re popular because of the great work they’ve done, not because they’re B-list actors who’ve gotten away with cheating and have become popular because they adopted kids.

  16. hann says

    brad and angelina inspire me with how they raise their kids. its so good to see that finally someone cares, and that the young ones get a second chance.

  17. Nicki says

    Wow, bbcc, where does one begin? Most of the stuff your talking about was 10 years ago, way before Maddox.
    Yes, Billy Bob did leave his fiance, Laura Dern, for Angelina. She never asked him to, he did and then they were together. What about BBT leaving his WIFE for Laura Dern??His wife with 2 young sons. Divorced Petra for Laura. By the way after AJ and BBT got married his ex-fiance, Laura Dern, hooked up with Ben Harper, a very much married man. One child with one on the way. She was 7 months pregnant before the divorce was final. But that doesn’t matter.
    The only reason anyone has any dirt to throw back in Angelina’s face is because she was always so honest.
    People change and if anyone has changed and grown, it is Angelina Jolie. She hasn’t done anything strange like you mentioned in at least 6 years. What is the time limit on changing your views and growing???
    Doesn’t matter, she is a loving mother of 3 beautiful children and has proven herself that( for at least 6 years) and I for one am proud to say I am a big supporter of her and her family.

  18. says

    I agree that Angelina will end up on her own, but I’m not convinced it will be because of Brad….has everyone forgotten what a crazy woman she “was” before she had kids?? Wanting to be a vampire, work at a graveyard, loved knives, blood around her neck, ect. How has all that just gone away? I read she served alcohol at her son’s birthday party, to the disgrace of Brad’s parents. She also broke up Billy Bob’s longterm relationship (engagement?) to Laura Dern. I guess I am wondering how genuine a person she really is. I believe she truly believes in what she’s doing for the world, and good for her for doing it. But in terms of this relationship, I think you have it all wrong: I think she’s in control, and wouldn’t think twice of dumping Brad. She’s fine on her own. He’s just fallen under some spell and ruined J.A’s life in the meantime. And should it play out that way, then he got what he deserved all along, and Angelina will move on to yet another unsuspecting man.

  19. Nisa says

    Carole, I didnt mean to condone cheating, I was just alluding to the latest statistical figures which put cheating at 68% in the uk and 71% in the United states, that means most have cheated or been cheated on, your parents and yourself are in the minority and even though to you it may seem like the majority since you are surrounded by moral people, it is not, sad but true, so like it or not Brad is in the majority and they empathise with him.

    Besides Brad is man devoid of feeling , the only person he likes is himself, even the kids he likes because it is novel ( though to be fair, I think he genuinely loves being a dad). Wait and see how he will treat Angie in the end, I think she is already regretting getting with him in the first place. She will end up like Britney, paying for getting with a man who treats his wife/ spouse poorly!!

  20. Carole says

    #11…..Reference cheating…..”most of us do it”! WOW! That is just great! I am not one time in 39 years of marriage even considered the idea! Nor did my parents with 62 years of mariage or my husband’s parents with now 67 years of marriage! Are you kidding….? WHAT a dreadful attitude! Perhaps the use of the word “MOST” bothers me the MOST! SOME would have been much more appropriate because I truly do not think MOST of us cheat on their spouses. NOT that we do not have major disagreements from time to time because we most certainly do but CHEAT…MOST!? I don’t think so!

  21. Carole says

    Well……#10 expressed my sentiments exactly reference Brad and Angelina! Sometimes I am just amazed at the fuss the press makes over B and A…almost to the glorification point! I am still having sad feelings for Jennifer Aniston, who was totally devastated at the end of her marriage to this cad (go back and take a look at those snaps of her on the beach sobbing while he is just sort of looking like “what do I do now?”) and if it bothered him, he sure did not demonstrate it one bit. It was just, “Ok, THAT’S done…lets get a move on this family life thing!” And, Angelina with her protestations of how she would never have a relationship with a married man…HELLO?…just who does she think she is kidding? In my estimation, just herself! Especially since she was pregnant with baby Shiloh BEFORE his divorce! While B and A involvement with situations worldwide is commendable, they are taking their three children straight into the face of very dangerous territory. But, that is their choice…hope they do not live to regret it. Discretion has not been their strong suit!

  22. Nisa says

    BBCC, I agree with your tirade, but there are marked differences between Tom and Brad, though they are both superstars, Tom has more influence in Hollywood than Brad, so in effect he is bigger and seemed infallible, it is exciting to know that he is human like the rest of us and falls in love like us, that is why it is a big deal.

    I also agree that Brad and Angelina show off a lot, many people in Hollywood are committed to the poor, for example Tom gives away a lot of money to charities but does not go on about it! So doe Emma Thomson adn Spielberg

    As to why people have not killed him for cheating, it is because most of us do it and it is hypocritical to kill him. besides it means bad things are happening to him, the world would rather bad things happened to stars than good things.

    I am still wondering up to today what Tom Cruise has done wrong. It is simple, he can’t have all that money and find love and happiness- period, love is for the poor.

  23. says

    You know, I never thought I’d be saying this, but I’m kind of getting tired of this family. I was totally into finding more and more info about them when Brad and Angelina got together, maybe because it was so conrtoversial. But now, it’s like Brad and his son buying and airplane, woopie. Who cares?! I know they do great things for the world but I am guessing there are a ton of celebs who do that too that we never EVER hear about. It wouldn’t surprise me if Jen and Vince did things like give whopping amounts of their money away too, they just don’t use their celebrity to bring attention to it. No one ever discusses the fact that he TOTALLY cheated, regardless of definition, on his wife. Why hasn’t this damaged him at all?? Tom Cruise, while admittedly losing some of his charm, gets in trouble all the time for not showing off his kid enough, but that’s about it…Brad Pitt goes and cheats, breaks someone’s heart publicly, and goes on like he didn’t skip a beat. It just bugs me he’s still so great in so many people’s eyes. He’s not even a superstar actor! Tom Cruise has been nominated at least twice!!

  24. Nicki says

    Dad Brad just flew 20 hrs after a 2 day movie premiere for his new movie, to be with his family. The point being, he loves his family and doesn’t want to be away any longer than he has too.
    Love Maddox, such a cute kid and totally rocking all his cute t-shirts. Love the fact that dad and son are having a one on one dad~son moment. Just beautiful. What a loving family.

  25. says

    Brad is so yummy! My heart goes out to Maddox, he always seems so scared in his photos, I couldn’t imagine being so young and swarmed so aggressively to just go to the store 🙁 (I am so guilty because I enjoy the pictures, I’m sorry Maddox :(:(:( )

    LOL concerned about the bodyguard!!!

  26. concerned says

    You’re all wrong, the helicopter seems very excited, brad is asleep, and the body guard started flexing when he saw the camera.

  27. Christal says

    I agree the guy in the background is scary and must be their bodyguard, but also think if I had people swarming me like they do Brad and Angelina, I would want someone just as intimidating!

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