Violet's Picnic Playdate & Violet With Dad!

Such cuteness! Violet enjoyed a picnic playdate in LA on November 7th!

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner

And Ben Affleck was snapped out with Violet. I love the ice cream cone Robeez shoes that Violet is always sporting!

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner

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  1. rae says

    p.s. i don’t think jen is preggers…on alias she always walked with her stomach sticking out b/c of her posture/how she carries herself, so if she still has a little tummy from the pregnancy…it may look that way or maybe she’s just self conscious of the baby weight???

  2. rae says

    i hate ben affleck, but his daughter is so0o cute…thank god she looks more like mommy than daddy(you can see him, though) i love her mom! alias rules! they seem like very good parents! very loving!

  3. Judith says



  4. Violet says

    to num 22s comment. i think her ears are very very sweet and she looks a very happy CUTE child!!

  5. Miranda says

    They’re so cute. They have so much love to give their daughter. And she looks just like mom 🙂 like her shoes to, they’re adorable.

  6. sillygirl says

    Katie Holmes should take some parenting tips from Jen and Ben. You don’t often seem them without their little girl. Thank god this little girl will no what it is like to be loved and to have a mom and dad around instead of a nanny. You can tell she is the world to them.

  7. AJ Fan says

    I just love how happy Violet clearly makes her parents. You can see it in each picture, the awe they have for their child and how much they love her.

  8. says

    #22-You are SO nasty. Violet is the spitting image of her “stunning” mother! How can you say bad things about a BABY?? That takes a certain kind of person…

  9. Ms D says

    I love that second picture of Violet..she is very cute, IMO.
    And of course the picture of her with Dad is nice, too.

    And I agree that they both seem like such devoted parents, and that they just love being with their little girl. So sweet!

    It’s too bad that more celeb parents don’t feel like they can take their kids out everywhere with them..the privacy thing I do understand–but I love to see all the pictures of the ‘hands on’ parents we DO get to see. 🙂

    That’s the only reason I keep coming here! LOL!

  10. jordyn says

    ok sorry have to say it. That kid has very big ears. I don’t find her the least bit cute, ugh just plain ugly. Jen is stunning though, and she does look pregnant.

  11. pagal38 says

    It’s nice to see A Happy family! I Think Ben & Jen & Violet are the Cutest Family ! Violet is adorable but boy she sure is growing fast .

  12. carleigh says

    On another note someone mentioned Tori Spelling above. She must be pretty hard up for money or something because she sold some of her clothing and now she has sold some pic’s to OK mag for $250,000. I’m sure we will be seeing more of Ms. Tori Horse face in the coming days as the pic’s are released. I’m sorry I just don’t think there is anything even remotely attractive about that girl! UUUUUGGGGGGHHH!

  13. carleigh says

    She’s such a cute little girl! I love the little barrett she has pinning up her bangs, she’s just precious. I think Ben and Jen make a wonderful couple and there baby girl is just too cute!

  14. Essie says

    Maybe she’s just wearing loose tops because they are comfortable!!!

    Anyway, Violet is a cutie and both parents look so happy.

  15. wheng says

    I know it’s pretty early…but i want to be the first to greet baby violet affleck a happy 1st birthday….


    You really make mom Jen and dad Ben so so happy!!!….


  16. wheng says

    Baby Violet is really a cutie, resembling her mom…I wish the Affleck – Garner family the best in everything… .It’s true that they were meant for each other, and now having baby Violet in their lives makes their vows and knot more strong as ever…

    Jen Garner and violet gave color to Ben life’s, i know his much more contented and happy now with his family. I’m happy for you Ben.

    Jen having her second baby?.. wow, that’s really good news, congratulations…

    All the best to the family!!!!

  17. Lolitha says

    Absolutely love them every picture is that of perfect happiness,they have such a beautiful baby and look very normal and happy.Im a big Ben Fan and im happy hes found a good woman in Jen,i was off him during the Bennifer days when he was with Jlo im glad he married the right Jennifer.I wish them all the best in their family cute cute cute

  18. Robin says

    you go Jen! sure cant blame the gal for getting pregnant again…something tells me those two have a very healthy relationship 🙂 that WILL last! and I gotta admit I was happy to hear that Jen’s ex, Scott “Noel” Foley, is happily married now too yay!

  19. Jess1516 says

    Oh my goodness!! Look at that middle pic of Violet!! It’s so funny how you can see both Ben and Jen in her face. Those ears are so adorable. What a picture-perfect family. I was never really a fan of Ben or Jen separately, but ever since they’ve been together, I can’t enough (ok…I admit, I adore 13 going on Thirty…). I bet Jen is pregnant again…the last few pictures have been suspicious. Time will tell!

  20. 2kids2many says

    Go to Just Jared. com. They have a ton of new Jen & Ben pictures. Not to start any rumors, but her shirt (in those pictures) does resemble a maternity shirt (IMO). It’s nice to see little Violet smile. She always has such a “serious” baby face.

  21. says

    I wondered to Kary about a second pregnancy, I know the tabloids have been speculating since the day Violet was born LOL but she has been wearing loose tops lately?!?

    What a beautiful family! I love seeing their pictures!

    Has anyone seen pictures recently of Tori? She looked so huge in the last picture I’m curious how this pregnancy fairs…

  22. Ang says

    Every picture that has been out of Jen lately looks like she’s definitely pregnant. I sure hope she is, she was one of the most beautiful pregnant celebs in the past few years!

  23. Kary says

    Finally we can get off of Britney for awhile. Violet is so cute. She has a wonderful smile. This family looks like the typical loving family. Do you think Jennifer might be pregnant again? She’s wearing a loose shirt. Compared to the other woman with the jeans on. Just an observation.

  24. Nicki says

    How come it doesn’t say Jennifer was right behind Ben in last pic?
    Cute little Violet looks like a very loved lil girl, and happy.

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