Kate Beckinsale & Daughter Enjoy Some Shopping

Kate Beckinsale, 33, took daughter Lily, 7, out for a day of shopping.

Kate Beckinsale



  1. Lily says

    I have always loved Kate Beckinsale, I think she’s so beautiful! And I love the fact that her daughter’s name is Lily ’cause that’s my name too! They do look great together! Lily looks so much like her dad, Michael Sheen. Great pics! 🙂

  2. Jessie says

    I agree katie about Katie Holmes Cruise. I dislike Tom and Katie… they’re… odd for me. Suri is gorgeous and it was soo weird the way she was hidden for so long and also that Katie or Tom are never seen with her or when they are, they don’t play with her or anything new parents LOVE to do with their new babies! I mean they hid her to protect her and to show they love her, but now what we see is not love at all!

  3. katie says

    i always see them together , she really seems to enjoy time to her daughter and enjoys it as well, her daughters always dressed so cute and looks well taken care of.

    she should teach katie a thing or two , shes never seen with suri only shopping around in paris with stick women with silicon ((POSH))

  4. says

    I think Kate is one of the most beautiful actresses out there-she always looks stunning but in an undertoned way. Love her daughter’s little outfit!

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