1. says

    Awwww .gwen’s such a great mom .And her son kingston
    is the cutest little boy. And I love kingstons outfits……wish the two the best and hope gwen never stop singing…………amber.

  2. Andie says

    I agree with Lucy, Gwen looks stupid with that blonde blob on her head. Her son is adorable, but she is stupid looking, I can’t stand her or her cheating husband.

  3. Lucy says

    Gwen looks ridiculous with that hair. She should worry about Kingston getting older and looking at with that stupid thing on her head. Honestly, she looks like an alien. She’s embarrasing.

  4. ophelia says

    Just wanted to say that I’m so happy for Gwen. As for her baby Kingston, he is adorable. Never get tired of hearing about them and seeing pics of them. Who really cares what everyone negative says. Just don’t look if you don’t like…….

  5. Gwennie says

    Kingston is adorable!!

    Which I could say the same thing about Gwen, though. I just don’t like her style.

  6. sarah says

    Gwen you ROCK, ROCK, ROCK !!!!! Totally hands on and i love it. KINGSTON is THE most gorgeous kiddie on this site. 🙂

  7. 2kids2many says

    Her son is so cute, but I really don’t care for Gwen’s hair like that. To me, it looks like she left a big, ole’ hair roller in it!

  8. Melissa says

    Gwen is beautiful….and so is Angelina. Maybe the reason Katie goes out w/o Suri is because they don’t want the Paparazzi jumping in their faces all day. Even Victoria Beckham is upset about her son’s condition…and I would be too!! We should be grateful that we get to see sneak peek’s at these lovely people when we do. It is not our God given right to be up in these people’s faces. They are people just like us, they go through hard times…divorces…etc., They are not superbeings, and they should be given the privacy that they deserve!!!

  9. Hana says

    Little Kingston if my fav celeb baby and Gwen looks so gorgeous but seems so normal just like any other normal mum, not with loads of nannies like other celeb parents. You cans see Kingston is the apple of his mummy’s eye. He is such a cool and cutie I can’t wait to see him growing up super cool just like his mum. Suri and Sean Preston simply bore me but Kingston is fab little dude. His mum and dad are so chilled out – hes gonna have a brill life. x-x-x-x-x

  10. Ms D says

    Good point, Carleigh..I agree. Mom and dad are pretty nice if Kingston weren’t, now that would be odd! LOL!

    I also agree with Kristin..I’m never sick of Gwen and Kingston. That’s one celeb family I’m always happy to see.
    I think Gwen is just such a wonderful mother–you can tell that that baby is really the light in her life.
    (And Denise irks me a little too. Cute enough kids, but she’s annoying,IMO. Rude or not, I have a hard time seeing someone with behavior like hers and still enjoying looking at her. )

    Just my opinion! 😉

  11. MissyMama says

    Kingston is soooo adorable! His little hat is the cutest! :o) I think it is so wonderful how natural and happy Gwen seems with him.

  12. Kristin says

    I never get tired of seeing Gwen as a total hands on mom! Now Denise, on the other hand, I can do without.

  13. carleigh says

    Kingston is a total baby doll! I wanna grab those little cheeks and just kiss, kiss,kiss em! He’s a real cute little guy! But what would one expect w/ parents as good looking as he’s got! LOL

  14. JUST ME says

    Gwen rocks as a mommy. Perhaps other celebrities (not mentioning any names) could take a few pointers from her. She looks so comfortable out with baby Kingston and he is so adorable. Motherhood definately agrees with her!

  15. dori says

    I love that this woman looks so normal like the rest of the world with her child. Not like Angelina always looking stressed and tense and lately…. very pale and thin

  16. says

    Wow, I wish I could blow dry my hair, let alone get it to do that twisty thing she’s got goin on!! Her baby is absolutely adorable, I agree!!

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