Britney Rocks!

My gracious! Motherhood agress with Miss Britney!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney is truly fulfilling her destiny! Now she is free of Kevin’s chains and full of the ultimate joy….motherhood! She is now unstoppable!



  1. says

    Olivia dont forget that Brit had another hasbund previously just hope she doese not fall in to the arms of the like of Boby Coz then the boy will smoke it

  2. michelle says

    wow, her children must be so proud that their mother has her boobs flying out all over the place and partying. WHERE ARE HER CHILDREN? probably driving a car or falling out of a high chair.

  3. michelle says

    wow, her children must be so proud that there mother has boobs flying out all over the place and partying. WHERE ARE HER CHILDREN? probably driving a car or falling out of a high chair.

  4. michelle says

    wow, her children must be so proud that there mother has boobs flying out all over the place and partying. WHERE ARE HER CHILDREN? probably driving a car or falling out of a high chair.

  5. victoria says

    im and happy that she still has her figure but she doesnt have a right to show everyone her boobs. she needs to cover up and SHES PREGNANT!!! I think they need to take that baby away she has dropped on his head 5 time. Shes a horrible mother

  6. KK619 says

    I agree that marriage should be forever… but at the same time, people DO change, and if Britt wasnt happy in her marriage then I congratulate her for leaving that fag. You should try your hardest to make your marriage work (especially with kids involved) but come on now people these 2 babies are going to be WAY BETTER OFF without Fed-X raising them. He is a bad influence on those kids, and Britt seems to be 100% more happy now, and the divorce isnt even final yet!!! GO BRITT!!!

  7. ashley watson says

    I think that brit looks more happier without K-Fed xx K-Fed was a loser and i knew that they were going 2 get a divorse sooner or l8r xx can’t wait 4 the new album 2 come out xx lol xx asha xx Brit no.1 Fan xx

  8. Louisianagal says

    69, got enough of my own money thank you. Jealous? Well, maybe. I wish I had Britneys life. All the divorce, kids, bad publicity, a hometown that doens’t even care if I come home. A career that’s dead. Yeah, I’m jealous. I’m over it!

  9. jaciannie says


  10. E says

    Divorce is not a failure. He did nothing but use her, keep her down, spend her money, and go clubbing with his friends. He had shown himself to be dishonorable before they married and she made a big mistake.That is not even a marriage. Staying with him would be the failure. Those of you with the whole “it’s for life” good luck with that. Hope you stay for life and watch all your dreams and self esteem evaporate into thin air. Holier than thou is despicable.

  11. B says

    Everytime you see her now she is smiling, before she was always crying or trying to hide. she is definately better off without Kevin!

  12. sillygirl says

    She was stupid enough to propose to him and had to buy her own wedding ring. Left his pregnant girlfriend for her! What did she think she was getting for a husband? It is hard to feel any pity for someone so stupid. She is getting exactly what she deserves. The kids are the ones to pity in this case. I think she is a good Mom, but what a loser for a Dad. I would be afraid he would burn one of the kids since he cant seem to put his smokes down. You never see him without one lit up. Biggest disgusting loser of all times.

  13. Ludmila says



  14. lucy o'merara says

    i love britney sooo much shes gourgous i h8 kevin he’s gay she can do better than him xxxxxxxxxx i love u britney

  15. bemine says

    get real!! she will always be trailer park trash. and every and anyone with any sense would have known that her marriage wasn’t going to work. after kevin left his pregnant girl friend and his exsiting child to marry her. he showed no dignity or responsilbilty then so how the hell did she figure it was going to be any better for her? did she really think the money was going to change him? it only brought out the greedy!!!! so britney HaHa!!– karma is a mother!!!!

  16. carleigh says

    I just read on TMZ that Britney is giving away the pic’s of new baby Jayden aka: Sutton. She’s not selling them to People because she doesn’t want Kevin cashing in on his kids anymore, apparently Kevin would get half of any money that exchanges hands when it comes to selling of photo’s of the kids. Good for her! It’s high time Fed-ex got his come uppance and his days of profiting off Britney are apparently over! God when she gets a clue she really get’s it big time! He needs to worry about how he’s going to support his own no-talent having ass now that he’s cut off! LOL! What a jerk he is!

  17. pagal38 says

    As For Britneys dressing Everyone dresses like that in the music industry sad but its true , it sells albums & as for her Divorce even though I’m not too fond of K-Fed I Think its sad especially since theres 2 small children involved , Hopefully for the sake of their children they can at least be civil & Be good parents .

  18. Lucia says

    actually #30, you are absolutely right…she is stuck with him now…uhhhh, now i feel sorry for her. guess i was just caught up in the excitement that she finally kicked him to the curb…well, now that that fog has lifted and i can see clearly now…i wish her all the luck and i hope the best for those boys…it’s hard growing up without a daddy at home.

  19. greens says

    Saggy boobs or not, can we say sun damage?

    This is what happens when you spend half your life lying on a beach or in a tanning bed.

  20. MissyMama says

    Lets all remember, Britney is only what 23? Sometimes dressing appropriately comes with age.

    She’s been pregnant and frumpy for the last 2 years, she finally has her body back and is excited to show it off. I also don’t particularly like the dress, seems a little to small for her (doesn’t even cover up her boobs) but hell, if I looked as good as she does 2 months after giving birth to my second child I’d want to show off too!

  21. !! says

    There is a difference in dressing sexy and dressing like a whore. I agree that you can still be a woman and a mom. But come on. If the dress got any lower her nipples would be showing. There is sexy classy and then there is come on guys look at my hot body and want me. Ya know, more like a tease!!!

  22. Heather says

    To #41 –

    Since when does being a mother = not being able to dress sexy? Is this the 50’s?

    I don’t particularly like the style and I’m no fan of Britney’s, quite frankly, but to say she’s dressed like a whore is awful prudish for this day and age.

    Being a good mother is a priority but that doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself up at home and nurse all day while knitting socks.

  23. Diva says

    Oh, no! She looks like she’s gonna fall right out of that top in the full length pic! She might want to find better fitting clothes, I agree. I think I actually felt twinges of pity for her upon viewing that pic.

    But in terms of child custody, a poor garment choice or two an unfit mother does not make. However, shouting to the crowd of young girls at your “concert” the next day that you’re single now and asking if they wanna “dance with a pimp” doesn’t speak well to Kevin’s character!

  24. Rochelle says

    I just love controversy the hottest celebs on my list right now are
    1.Britney Spears
    4.Anna Nicole Smith
    5.Matt Damon

    I wish somebody would get better photos of Matt Damon’s daughter, I wanna see what she looks like!

  25. adri says

    Its about time she woke up and realized that Kevin was no good. Its a hard decision to make when you finally decide to leave the father of your children, but its better to leave than to stay in a bad marriage. #30 mentioned that she wont be free from Kevin until both kids are 18, which is very true. It seems that he only wants custody so that she could continue to support him. I just hope the best for those two kids. They are the ones who will be most affected by this divorce, and by the irresponsibility of their parents. Its just a very sad situation. Britney now needs to be the adult and be strong for her kids, and let Kevin be Kevin. Theres not much else she can do.

  26. Nisa says

    Thanks Rochelle, I loved those picutures, actually I must confess that Katie Holmes is the main reason I blog, although I also love studying peoples responses, as a media anthropologist it is amazing how much I learn from the blogs. Hey Babyrazzi, what is happening? no more pictures?

  27. 2kids2many says

    Hey Rochelle, thanks for the “Katie” spotting on Just Jared. Of course she’s wearing black and shopping again! There are also some (new) really really cute pictures of Jen, Ben and Violet. I’m surprised that they are not on this website yet. Jen looks like she’s wearing a maternity shirt (and I know how “those kind of pictures” like to be posted on here)

  28. kelley says

    I wouldn’t say she has looked like a slut……lately. I don’t think she does now. I think the outift wasn’t tailored well at the straps so it did not give her proper support, but I wouldn’t say she looked slutty.

    She is a mom, granted, but she also still has great legs and she should be proud to show them off. I hope that having her manager back will help her, and I would love to see her take some acting classes or something else that could help her with her acting skills, but that could also teach her about carriage and how to hold your body properly. You can work out for hours and hours but if you don’t have good posture you are wasting your time. Carrying around a baby for 18 out of the last 24 months has taken its toll on her stature and she needs to work on it, that alone would help to make her chest a less prominate feature.

  29. says

    Thank you Jess1516 for your kind comments, I hope you post more regularly now! I love to ‘meet’ new people!

    I am so proud of Brit, her girls are looking great a little overexposed but she’s defiitely wanting to show KFED what he has now lost. Anyone see the interview he was doing om MuchMusic here in Canada, how hea talked all about Brit support and encouragement LOL They speculate he was texted the bad news during the interview, here’s the link

  30. JOJO says

    I think she looks like a slut, to have two children and be dressing like that is gross. She needs to stay home with her children since there dad is such a loser and she needs to not be running around looking like a whore!

  31. Think About It says

    Motherhood may agree with Britney but her clothing choices, or lack of, do not. Prepare of the wardrobe malfunction 2006!

  32. Mrs. Vreeland says

    The “babies” I was reffering to are the two she appears to be carrying around in a black sling. She’s very young and anything is possible. Word is she’s rehired her old manager. A good start. I think the gals at Go Fug expressed my own sentiments beautifully re:
    Britney and that awful man.

  33. Britney's A HO!!!!!! says

    And deserves what she gets and so does K-Fed. 2 immature people that had to bring kids into their trashy lives. I feel sorry for the kids, all 4. Nuff said!!!

  34. Tonya says

    He is only filing for custody of those kids because he is pissed his meal ticket kicked him out the door. No judge in his right mind would award him physical custody. The worst that is going to come out of it is that he will be givin joint legal custody with physical custody going to her. It is common knowledge that courts favor the mother anyway and unless he can prove that she physically/mentally abused those kids, they will be staying with her(along with the house). And taking a ride with your child on your lap is not going to be enough.

  35. vicki b says

    um, wasn’t his girlfriend pregnant with his baby when he and britney got together? that might have been a good clue that he wasn’t the settling down and marrying type. why should we be proud of her? she knew what she was getting into when she married the loser.

  36. kelley says

    And as for comment 29. I don’t think so. For two years SHE is the one who has been a parent to Sean, Fed Ex only showed up for photo ops. So I don’t think this has anything to do with her not wanting to be a mother. I mean IMO, of the two of them, he seems less likely to want to be a parent.

  37. kelley says

    Divorce is a bad thing………except when you are divorcing Fed Ex. Sorry ladies, but even though it is a bad thing, she probably feels free. She did try to save her marriage, but what can you do when only one person is trying and the other one is partying? I for one, think this is the best thing that could happen for her, as for him? Who gives a crap?

  38. !! says

    Good thought #29! Wouldn’t suprise me a bit!! You don’t see Reese running around half dressed or any of the other ones for that matter. And all this media attention like what the View did only adds to her attention addiction. Then, you watch, after this dies down, you’ll start seeing pictures of her new baby, then what will she come up with? I’m sure it’ll be a doozy! She a papparazzi “ho” ! Then she’ll be crying into her boobs that people won’t leave her alone.

    Actually Neesa, she was 17 when she got her implants. At least that’s what I read.

    Lucia, it takes 2 to have kids. She should have been more responsible with the birth control. She’s made her bed. And I don’t think she’s free. She’ll have him to deal with until her kids turn 18. She won’t be “free” until then. He’s going to make her life a living hell, so she better get ready. Stupid girl had everything going for her and she threw it out the window!!

  39. NO NAME says

    She’s a dried up has been who is no better than K-Fed. Do any of you know the meaning of “reverse pularity”? Maybe she’s saying stupid crap, dressing provocatively, and doing stupid stuff so K-Fed can get custody of the boys. Scary thought, but not out of the realm of possibility. If he did get custody, that would allow her to continue acting like she’s 15 yrs old without all the additional baggage. Just a thought.

  40. Nisa says

    oh I forgot to tell you, she had silicone implants at the age of 18 it is on record, although motherhood has also contributed to the size this time around.

  41. Nisa says

    That girl is going to have a nervous break down, I insist I dont like divorce bit come on there tomes it can be celebrated, and this is one of them, though I dont think she will make it back. Having said that, she needs our support.

  42. PS says

    Imo, Britney should have been mature enough to use birth control at least the second time. By that time she should have known what causes pregnancy. Her marriage was already on the rocks but maybe she’s one of those women that think having a kid will “fix” the problem. I find her very immature and with that she’s living her life recklessly and will have many regrets come age 30. Life if not one big party Brit. Get a clue and grow up!

  43. Louisianagal says

    I totally agree with you #19. Except for her mother thing. I don’t think her mom cares what she does or could do anything about it if she did. I’m from her neck of the woods and the talk is her mom is no better than her. The whole family used to be a wonderful church going family. Always helping in the community, etc. When Britney got famous everything changed. Morals, values all went down the toilet. I guess that’s what money does to you. Britney’s innocent little girl image suddenly turned little girl provacative and all that talk about staying a virgin until marriage was not coinciding with her sex kitten teenage image. She has contradicted herself on everything she’s done. Everyone is pretty dissapointed in her around here. Her own mother lies for her saying she didn’t get breast implants. She did and everyone around here knows it. And she does need to watch herself with the media. K-Fed will try to prove her unfit for those kids and she doesn’t have a great reputation now. Stupid girl needs to lay low for awhile. She’s just digging herself in deeper for more trouble. Another thing she needs to do is keep her big mouth shut. She says a lot of stupid things that could be used against her later on. She puts her whole personal life out there for the media. Some things could be kept to herself but I guess that’s how she gets her attention.

  44. Lucia says

    #21, I don’t think Britney has failed at all…she has been supporting that looser from day one not only monetarily but emotionally as well. We all know he has NO TALENT, yet she went out of her way to back him up and cheer for him, she gave him his space and really defended him. What the hell did he do for her? oh, give her a bad rap, humiliate her, knock her up twice (his insurance for more money in the future) and really…how many times did you see him with Sean Preston out and about? So get off Britney’s back, yeah divorce is hard but it’s harder to be in a loveless and greedy marriage with 2 little ones paying the price. She and the boys are better off with out him…at least those 2 little ones have a chance now of growing up to be real men! we’re not celebrating her divorce…we’re celebrating her FREEDOM!!!!

  45. Dani says

    Wow, i never knew she had such amazing legs! And its not called silicone ladies, its called ‘just given birth to a child’

  46. jay says

    I also don´t think a divorce is something to celebrate either especially 2 innocent kids are involved.
    They have both failed in my oppinion.

  47. TEAM JOLIE says

    Fantastic legs but definitely a boob job. But she is looking better than she has in a long time. Looks as if a weight has been lifted off her shoulders.

  48. Carole says

    As a mother and grandmother of 4, my perspective may be a bit tainted BUT, Britney looks really lovely with the new haircut plus the much more relaxed expression on her face. That being said, I would hope someone…maybe her own mother…would advise her not to overdo the attire expressing her liberation from her husband. ALL those OOPS! photographs of the various snafu’s of the past year PLUS the new, overly barechested look could come back to haunt her with her husband’s determined filing seeking sole custody of their children. A little restraint plus making darn sure she is not photographed doing something ill advised with her children or on her own would be a smart course of action at this time! Publicity is not what Britney needs right now….especially with so much emphasis on her chest!…moderation should be the key! Hope you are listening, Britney! Keep in mind the judge’s ruling on the sex tape fiasco!

  49. minnie says

    Surely there’s a certain bravery that comes with the ability to say – this marriage isn’t working, it’s causing more harm than good, my children do not need to grow up seeing thier parents arguing and fighting all of the time and would be better off with two loving parents spending time with their children and not crumbling under the strain of keeping up appearances or fighting?
    I don’t think a divorce is necessarily something you “celebrate” but I think congratulating someone on having the bravery to get out of a painful situation with an attempt at grace (no slandering in the press, so far) and offering them support etc is no bad thing.

  50. Robin says

    “Britney is truly fulfilling her destiny! Now she is free of Kevin’s chains and full of the ultimate joy….motherhood!”

    puleeze! the only chains in this idiotic relationship were the tacky ones around Fed’s RED-neck! That skinny wanna-be rapper wasn’t holding back Brit, only her stupidity was – and now Kev is going to do what any self-respecting home-boy would do…get him some child-support money to spend on more chains and baseball hats..all Kev has to do is show that pic of Brit driving with her baby in her lap and those poor kids will be his to ruin…
    what a sad, sad story….

  51. Olivia says

    I don’t actually think it is a Britney worship thing and yes any divorce is a failure, and any failure is sad situation, but it was so wrong in the first place. I tend to think Britney got what she was asking for when she stole another woman’s man and it was pathetic that that man was so much of an obvious looser. I don’t think Britney’s sons will suffer the loss of Kevin a great deal, In my opinion I wasn’t aware he was all that in the daddy department any way. The other two children will most certainly suffer now that he isn’t going to have Britney’s money to pay for their support and extra’s. You have to wonder how many more babies he will populate this world with that he can’t or won’t support financially or emotionally. I certainly hope Shar does not let him worm himself back into she and the children’s lives. That would be sad

  52. J.A. says

    I can’t believe the confetti thing!! What about the web mistress’ comment?

    “Britney is truly fulfilling her destiny! Now she is free of Kevin’s chains and full of the ultimate joy….motherhood! She is now unstoppable!”

    It’s almost like creepy Britney worship. What a shame.

  53. 2kids2many says

    Wow J.A….someone who actually thinks the way I do. A friend and I were discussing “The View” today. They actually had confetti fall in honor of Britney’s divorce. How tacky is that? A marriage failed and 2 babies are caught in the middle of it. You’re right, that is not something to celebrate! It is sad under any circumstances!

  54. Olivia says

    If it has got to be Kevin or her girls, I for one would much rather see her and her girls than her and K-Fed. He is so trashy looking, and acting. So, maybe someone can tell me, whats with the crotch grabbing thing in his video? I’m not familar with rap actually, was that a special touch he added because he thinks women find him so hot? I couldn’t stop laughing, but in an embarassed oh my god sort of way

  55. J.A. says

    Since when is getting a divorce something to congratulate? I know there can be extreme circumstances that require a couple to separate but when is it EVER something to celebrate?! I’m old fashioned I guess but I think marriage is forever, celebrity or not, trashy hubby or not. Seriously, enough of the “Way to go, girl!”

  56. carleigh says

    She needs to hoist up them girls and get herself a really good support system for both herself and her chest! OMG…they are all over the place, one of here, one down there…up-down and all around. Oh well at least their free to hang out! LOL

  57. Kary says

    Oh, I’m happy for her, just don’t want to see so “much” of her. No, seriously, does she have implants? Seems I read where she did.

    Mrs. Vreeland, some would say she deserves a break from her kids. I think she does. But, seems likes she’s been seen a lot of places in a short period of time. Where ARE the babies? And I know she’s doing that “I’m back and better than ever” thing, but where are the babies? And how long is she going to do that? She is a mother now and needs to start thinking about her babies. She had these kids and she needs to make a decision about how to balance her career and motherhood too. Can’t always be running the roads. Got to go home and face the reality of 2 kids that she’ll have for the rest of her life.

    And #6. She opted out on breastfeeding this time. Probably knew she wouldn’t have the time for it what with all the “I’m back and better than ever” thing going on. Gotta workout, get back into shape, gotta file for divorce, gotta turn up at all the right places. Don’t have time for breastfeeding. The kid will be all right with the bottle.

  58. Jess1516 says

    Ok everybody, I’ve been reading the sight for almost three months now but have yet to leave a comment. I feel it’s time. Britney looks abosolutely FANTASTIC, all you who are criticizing are CRAZY!! Her cleavage is fantastic, she is a cutie pie. She may be trailer trash but at least she lost the loser. I “grew up” with “baby one more time” and Brit seems to be returning to her cute, old self. Look at her legs–they’re great. Be happy for her and her sons. They will all be better off.

    Carleigh–keep up the hilarious posts
    Kelly May–you’re such a sweetheart. I look forward to your comments.

  59. Jacqueline says

    Holy boobs! Motherhood (well, maybe breastfeeding?) IS good for the figure!

    I think she knows the crazy cleavage is risque, but the last few days have been her “I’m back and better than ever” tour…and she knows she looks good enough in this outfit for it to be printed EVERYWHERE!

    Go Britney 🙂

  60. PS says

    I’m really glad that she’s gotten her figure back but does she have to let everything hang out? Gosh, put some cloth on that chest, girl! Nobody is going to look at her face. All eyes are going to be chest level. Is this what we have to look forward too from now on? Skinny Britney’s skin? You can say what you want, but it’s just too much information. Be modest about it at least and bring the material up just a tad!! Leave something to the imagination.

  61. Rochelle says

    Her boobs look bigger and sagging though the rest of her is skinnier.I can’t wait for her to find a new man to get with! And hopefully next time she has a baby it will be a girl!

  62. Kary says

    Ok, does she have implants that have fallen by the wayside? Seriously, didn’t she get them a long time ago?

  63. gracelyn says

    I think she looks absolutely adorable, and very proud & excited about her desicion to leave Kevin!!! I just heard that Kevin is asking for full custody of the boys, and wants spouse support. What a loser, so basically he wants custody of the kids, but wants Britney to pay for him to live? IMO, thats definately NOT gonna happen!!!
    My advice to Britney, hire a hit-man ASAP!!!


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