Britney Enjoying Her New Freedom!

This evening bodacious Britney enjoyed dinner with friends at the NYC restaurant Baldoria and then went ice-skating at the Rockefeller Center rink. She is clearly feeling celebratory!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears



  1. says

    yeh!! now you see the blue and white sweter they are the apropriete out fits for a woman whos just had 2 kids.But boy oh boy the boobs are on the waythe are too much dont somebody think so?

  2. Jamie says

    She has her own sense of style and she is going threw a divorce rite now so i think pple should leave her alone. And i KNOW tht she does’nt give a crap wht other pple think about her. She is an awesome sister and everyone should put yourself in her situation right now.

  3. t says

    you people are pathetic. you have nothing better to do than talk trash about someone you don’t even know.

  4. Chrissie says

    Can i just ask why everybody is commenting on Britney not having her baby with her?

    You never see Angelina Jolie or Katie Holmes pictured with theirs either so give the girl a fecking break!!!!

  5. Shea says

    IMO, I think that k fag does have a chance of getting the kids. I mean, britney doesnt have the greatest track record of all time for motherhood. And now it can come back and hurt her. I dont think her telling the judge “but im country ya’ll” is gonna cut it for the alleged abuse. I dont know which would be the worst parent though, I feel for her kids.

  6. !!! says

    No…I don’t think that Britney looks anything like the drugged up, messed up Courtney Love….JMO

  7. carleigh says

    Does anyone notice Britney is looking a bit like Courtney Love in the past few pic’s we’ve seen of her? ???? JMO

  8. Tami from Iowa , says

    It souds as thou some of you woman on here need a day in the life with ol pimp daddy fed ex , and see how well you would do , I think she holds the grace on a woman , and woman with pure grace ,

  9. Tami from Iowa , says

    It souds as thou some of you woman on here need a day in the life with ol pimp daddy fed ex , and see how well you would do , I think she holds the grace on a woman , and w woman with pure grace ,

  10. Tami from Iowa , says

    good for you Britt , but now everyone truly knows what a peice of dog crap he is , trying to take your babies from you , Is he for reals , where was he with shars kids , and i call them shars , beacuse your the one who was seen with the kids not him , i think you also look fabo , keep smiling , cant wait to hear your new music ,

  11. !!! says

    Well…MissyMama, you accused poor Sasha of not using any punctuation; I used “!!!” as my handle so I wouldn’t be accused of the same thing. You must be an English teacher.

  12. MissyMama says

    #45 – I hit it on accident! I wouldn’t intentionally post the same thing twice. And instead of hiding behind exclaimation marks why don’t you use your handle?

  13. babyhates says

    I think she looks good ( I hope it’s a wig)…….. am glad she’s leaving FED-EX……….. I hope she puts out a great CD and goes on TOUR… I use to like her like 2 or 3 years ago…… I hope she can make a huge come-back…. He was bad for her from the start and now I bot you he goes back to SHAR Jackson… oh well it’s life and people have to move on !

  14. jill says

    Cattyyy! Calm down people. So what if she has saggy breasts? So what if you don’t like her hair? i really don’t understand all this negativity, why can’t people be more positive?

  15. scarlet says

    Hello Brit buy a bra…Now this is an example that money can not dress a monkey…The trailer trash is in her blood…No amount of money can give a person CLASS…

  16. jenna says

    im willing to let go the sloppy boobies and the bad hair cut.
    who cares? K-fag’s 15 minutes of fame are over
    WHOO HOO!!!!!
    did you hear how she did it? by text message, and he got while in an interview with much music in canada.
    great. he rips his mic off and runs to the little boys room for like half an hour. BURN!!!!!

  17. MissyMama says

    Sasha, try using a little punctuation! Your post is nothing but a rambling run on sentence.

  18. MissyMama says

    Sasha, try using a little punctuation! You post is nothing but a rambling run on sentence.

  19. nina says


  20. Nosy says

    I agree with comment 12, I am sure Britney is with her boys almost all the time, and as a mom myself I think its nice to have some alone time without the kids:) makes it better when you come back to them!

  21. Paula says

    To me she always looks like she’s just crawled out of bed or threw her clothes on in a hurry. Hhhhmmm! Wonder why???? She really needs to look into a mirror before she goes out and make sure the twins are tucked in all straight and proper.

    As far as everyone talking about her boobs on here. If she’s gonna show em, we’re gonna talk about em!

  22. Kary says

    I agree somewhat with you Carleigh. I think she needs to clean up for sure. She’s gotten really trashy. Hanging out with K-Fed didn’t help. She hung out with the wrong crowd and picked up some of their bad habits. She at one time was on a great road up hill. Then for some reason she took some wrong turns. As far as the publicity stunts. That got her into deep doo doo. She does need to re make herself as you put it. If I were her I would keep a low profile for awhile to allow the public to forget. There have been some celebrities that have come back after a run of bad publicity. But if she doesn’t watch it and do right she won’t be one of them. She needs to concentrate on her kids now and being a good mom. She has enough money to not have to worry for awhile if ever. She needs to go on back down to Kentwood, La and live quietly for awhile.

  23. sasha says

    Brit and fed x deserve each other why could she not follow x tina of course fed x is nasty too so i think they will be back on soon looks like she wants attention me lacey and chasity was in the v i p section with him he was tring to touch multi girls boobs and really i seen him kiss at least 3 he is very attractive but is a dog she just wants him to know she is the boss she should be concerned about locking him out of checking acounts too because he spends more of her money than she does.

  24. carleigh says

    You are right Kary, she doesn’t seem to have much style. But then again I read she got rid of her publicist and decided to start doing her own interviews and representing herself in public…well unfortunately we see where this has left her. Her marriage in shambles ( I just think there are lots of people who wondered how it ever lasted this long to begin with), two little babies w/o a father, poor career choices, bad public image, ill thought out publicity stunts, poor parenting skills that are played out in the public media, being chased and hounded by the press, etc. the list goes on and on. She needs to hire a damn good publicist, start slowly coming out in public, clean up her image and remake herself again. It can be done w/ the right amount of money, time and effort invested on her part. Now we just have to see how badly she want’s to be accepted back into the public….that remains to be seen. Either way she is young, her situation is sad..but far from least she has the money and means to care for herself and her kids. She’s not going to be stuck drawing welfare and on the verge of homelessness because of a bad marriage. So she has certain advantages already in place and she’s a fortunate woman.

  25. Kary says

    Ever really look at Britneys clothes? Everything, no matter how expensive or cheap it is always looks really sloppy on her. It’s either all cattawonkus and crooked or pulled up and wrinkled like that dress she is wearing. Oversized or undersized. She never looks well groomed in her clothing. Just an observation.

  26. carleigh says

    I don’t believe those are the sheer 80’s panty hose she’s wearing. Looking at the same pic’s on I believe they are fishnets…but I could be wrong.

  27. Sophia says

    Britney looks great and she should have dumped Kevin ages ago. BUT, why can’t she cover up those awful boobs? They sag and are huge. I really think she has had them made larger at the same time she had a tummy tuck. Tummy looks good – boobs do not.

  28. Kary says

    Nisa, Britney isn’t even in Brad’s league. She’ll never be. He has higher taste in women than Britney Spears. K-Fed is as good as it’s gonna get for her. Hell, Tom Cruise is even too good for her IMO!

  29. nisa says

    I don’t think any one can be jelous of Britney, her life is not worth living even she admits that, k- fed has loser written all over him, I wish Britney had found some one like Brad Pitt, it would have boosted her career, bbut I guess he couldnt have her! K- fed makes Timberlake look like Tom cruise- to die for.

    At least she is out of there, let’s wait and see.

  30. babyhates says

    She looks okay, I think her hair looks FUGLY !!!!!!! Ummmmm………. no more needs to be said !

  31. Crystal says

    I think Britney is starting to look like a woman, I thinks she looks good – – as for Kevin it was long overdue. I think he’s been a liability from day 1 – and if he’d dump Shar like that, what does it say about him? She can do better, time for her to raise the bar, especially now that she has kids.

  32. Louisianagal says

    Oh ya, I’m so jealous! I have a bad rep. always doing stupid stuff and boo hooing because people won’t leave me alone. Then I go out and do more stupid stuff. Nobody likes me from my hometown because I contradict myself so many times about my morals, I married a nobody rapper with 2 kids already and then got knocked up by him not once but twice really close together. Now, I have to work twice as hard to get back on top because someone else is taking my place that is newer, younger and better than I am. And, I have to take care of these two babies that I’m going to have to leave with nannies all the time because I have to try and get back on top. I have gobs of money now but I want more and I want popularity too. I don’t want to be a stay at home mom and be a nobody to take care of my kids. What am I going to do now? People are going to finally get tired of my stupid antics. I’ll have to try and do something else that is stupider than the last times to keep my name in the papers so I can keep all this negative attention on me, me, me! And I’ll have to have a boob lift to make them look better because of the strain of having two kids so close together has taken it’s tole on them. And, now I’m stuck with this looser ex husband of mine for the rest of my life because I couldn’t keep my legs closed and thought it was really cool to take someone elses man from them. Oh, I’m reaping what I’ve sown. Ugh!

    Oh, ya, I’m so jealous!

  33. dori says

    Good for her! She’s out and she’s back.
    And she’s finally dumped her trashy man.
    You go girl… any of you look that good 8 weeks after having a baby??
    Stop criticizing youre obviously jealous.

  34. Lisa says

    so sure Sashs

    this woman is worth 150 million-out of money-you are a liar and you are nuts. she looks amazing for just having a 2nd baby and she is always out with Sean P. Katie is always out without Suri-there is a major difference WHY-you sound so ignorant

  35. Louisianagal says

    She’s in it for the publicity. She’s got two babies now that she needs to give her undevided attention to and now that she’s divorcing the no good father she better hope she’s still got a fan base to help support them. Cause ole K-Fed ain’t gonna be able to support the other two he’s got, let alone these two. Maybe she’ll grow up now. But, imo, she’s no better than some of these welfare moms that have come out of her same hometown. Hooking up with the wrong guy and getting pregnant back to back !

  36. sasha says

    I was dancing and parting with k fed just a week ago and i know he plays her like a dog she just wanted kids and he gets a big payoff for giving them to her she is almost out of money and he will do anything with anyone

  37. pat says

    she looks great, I do feel sorry for her divorce is bad to experience and she has kids involved… she will be ripped apart in the tabloids right alone with Tom and Katie now I’ll have to divide my sorrows between the two.

  38. Lucia says

    I’m sure she’ll bring the baby out once he’s 3 or 4 months old, that’s what she did with Sean P. But right now, WHO CARES how she’s dressing or about her boobs….she DUMPED K-Fed people!!!!!! We should all be celebrating. Hopefully she’ll return to the Britney we all liked before that looser-leech came into her life. Let’s just give her our support and be happy for her!

  39. katie says

    I think she looks amazing and good for her. I dont care what anyone says but a mother is allowd out without her baby once in a while! we’ve hardly seen her in the last 8 weeks and she’s just announced her divorce so leave the girl alone!

  40. Lolitha says

    Why is she ditching K-Fed i mean she could have done that before thay tied the now.What was she smoking when she said i do,this girl.I think she is embarrased that he cant rap and stuff.K-fed is on Messed up handsome brother.

  41. Lily says

    Britney looks great, at least in my opinoin, she has her own style. She has always gone her own way and I think that the comments on her girls are a bit misplaced. I’m rather glad that she do not have them directly under her chin like most celebs use too.

    And WHY, she didn’t take Sean out before he was a 3-4 of months old. I’m sure we’ll get some pictures in time…

  42. WHY says

    Where is her baby? 2 months and no baby and she seem to go out a lot without her baby! so why haven’t people asked this yet? is it because she is not Katie Holmes? That is a double standard!

  43. mumba says

    Best decision she has ever made to kick K-fed to the curb, shame two little boys had to be caught up in the midst but at least they are young enough no to understand.

  44. 2kids2many says

    As soon as I saw the picture, I thought “Yep! There’s gonna be a billion comments about her boobs!” Maybe this site should be called “BoobieRazzi”.

  45. says

    …and, sorry, but what’s with the terrible 80’s sheer pantyhose?? Looks awful, she’d be better to go bare, regardless of the weather!!

  46. !! says

    Yep, the little mother definatly likes to show her stuff off. She’s a mom now. She needs to start acting like one. Bet we’ll be seeing her a lot more “without” her babies, now that she’s free.

  47. carleigh says

    AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH….Those girls need a lift they look all lopsided…buy a bra for your girls to celebrate YOUR freedom Britney not theirs! LOL

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