Christie Brinkley

I cannot believe that Christie Brinkley is 52! Here she was photographed with daughter, Alexa Ray, 20, at the 2006 Princess Grace Awards gala in New York on November 2nd, 2006. She also has a son, Jack Paris who is 11 and a daughter, Sailor Lee who is 8. She is truly stunning and she is being so brave after hubby Peter Cook’s pathetic behavior.



  1. Gail says

    We love Christie and she was the proudest of Mom’s at the Princess Grace Awards Gala cheering on her talented daughter’s performance. On the red carpet, she posed together with Alexa and beamed, “Yes, Sir, that’s MY baby.”
    But most of all, mother and daughter lent their support to the Princess Grace Foundation -USA who support emerging talent like Alexa Ray Joel with scholarships, fellowships and apprenticeships.

  2. Robin says

    Denise Richards and Christie Brinkley share the same unfortunate dilemma – daughter’s who look like their Dad’s!

  3. Gigi says

    I have never seen a child look so much unlike her mother. They don’t even look like they are related, much less mother and daughter! Alexa is a female clone of her dad. She does certainly look italian.

  4. Essie says

    Alexa is very talented and building a good career as a singer/songwriter/piano player. She also seems like a nice young woman, despite having a mother who seems to get married every other year!!

  5. 2kids2many says

    Her daughter also has her daddy’s musical abilities. She sings and plays the piano. She has a very unique look to her.

  6. Daisy says

    Alexa Ray doesn’t look a thing like her mother, she definatly favors her dad and has the looks of an Italian beauty. The younger two children, Jack and Sailor, however, are the spitting image of their mother.

  7. Alexis says

    Like mother, like daughter! They are both truly beautiful. Alexa looks a whole lot like her daddy. How fortunate to have such wonderful genes!

  8. Diva says

    Alexa Ray is beautiful. Maybe not in a California beach girl way like her mother, but she’s got an amazing smile and eyes!

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