Kirstie Alley's Bikini Reveal On Oprah

Kirstie Alley

Wow! Kirstie Alley kept her promise to strut her stuff in a bikini on Oprah one year from the date she first appeared on Oprah (and was just starting out on her weight loss journey). Kirstie is 55 and has two children. Her son William True was born in 1992 and her daughter Lillie Price was born in 1994. She certainly was courageous to do this! Though, I must say, I am shocked that her weight loss wasn’t even more dramatic, as I would have thought that Jenny Craig’s folks would be forcing her to jog 5 miles a day, hit the gym for hours and only eat fat-free protein foods and water…considering that their company’s image was riding on how dramatic Kirstie’s transformation was.



  1. alison G. says

    I think Kirstie Alley looks amazing. She worked her butt off to lose 75lbs. You rock kirstie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. capecodcookie says

    I have always enjoyed watching Kirstie anyone see her in North and South….she is a normal lady that put on a lot of weight just like a lot of us but she was strong enough to loss a whole lot I think that is great and I hope she keeps herself like she is

  3. CALE says


  4. Fancy says

    Debbie no one pre or post menopausal who is cramming between 6AND 10 THOUSAND CALORIES,
    Kirsties estimate, into their gob a day is happy. That’s a version of slow suicide. Anyone who eats that much food is eating all day everyday. They are self medicating with food. In other words they are in some form of distress and not happy, or in posession of a healthy attitude.

  5. Debbie says

    I am so glad to see post-menopausal women getting some long-deserved credit for finally accepting who they are, and having the courage to change themselves should they not like their appearance. No woman wants to look “fat,” and the super-skinny models are not the norm anymore! Hat’s off to this lady who is a single, working mother, and an inspiration to all of use who, after age 50, find ourselves not quite in sync with our hormones… you gotta say, “been there, done that,” to truly understand the plight of women our ages. This fine lady was happy before the weight loss, which is a sign of a healthy attitude! It’s that same attitude which has brought her to look more beautiful than ever.

  6. deborah burke says

    Hey ah, #2, what exactly is the term “real women”. Let me tell you one thing any person who has a monthly period, the ability to have children, sweat through menopause, and fear breast or ovarian cancer is a real woman. Weight has nothing to do with it. And by the way, why does the diet industry, make 100’s of billions of dollars each year on diet aids, gym memberships, funerals and break downs if being your interpretation of real women is true. You can never turn on a T.V. radio, video game, read any publication of any sort and not see a size 6. No I’m not saying anything over a 6 is hugh but lets face it. No one I’ve ever heard that even your so-called real women would ever turn down an opportunity to be a size 6. By the the way there are many medical reasons for a person to keep their weight down. Such as heart disease, diabetes, liver damage and cholesterol problems. To sum this all up, yes even the queen of media the BIG O, has worn herself out trying to be a size 6. Something I am and her money can’t buy. Hungry again.

  7. Fancy says

    Can I point out here that she was eating between 6 and 8 THOUSAND calories a day before her diet?
    That’s what an average American family of FOUR
    eats! It’s called gluttony folks. Even if she cut back to
    a few thousand and brushed her teeth for exercise she would of lost weight. She does look better, though the lingerie reveal was a little “wacky old auntie had a drink to many” for my taste.
    Got to hand it though, pulling a paycheck for being really fat, then pulling another one for losing the weight takes a certain genius.

  8. Fancy says

    Can I point out here that she was eating between 6 and 8 THOUSAND calories a day before her diet?
    That’s what an average American family of FOUR
    eats! It’s called gluttony folks. Even if she cut back to
    a few thousand and brushed her teeth for exercise she would of lost weight. She does look better, though the lingerie reveal was a little “wacky old auntie had a drink to many” for my taste.
    Got to hand it though, pulling a paychech for being really fat, then pulling another one for losing the weight takes a certain genius.

  9. dori says

    She looks fabulous…. losing all that weight. It’s so hard to lose weight and she really stuck with it. She’s such a beautiful woman, even when she was heavy she had a pretty face. But now…wow…

  10. Nina says

    She looks unbelievable. She doesn’t look a day older than 30. I think she looked amazing even when she was on FAT ACTRESS. She’s perfect!

  11. carleigh says

    She looks great! I only hope that I can look that good and have that much self esteem to parade around in a bikini at 55 y/o. Go Kirstie! (Both her kids are adopted)

  12. kelley says

    I hope the web mistress was just referring to the visible amount of weight loss. She looks great, but she carries her weight a lot in her legs and rear so it doesnt look as dramatic as it really is.

    I confess, I was really pissed at Kirstie and even had a letter printed in the letters to the editor section of People Magazine about it. She came out and made a really big deal about how “yes she was fat, but she loves it and herself and doesnt feel the need to comform to Hollywood standards”. Then in less then two months she is back and calling herself (as in a fat person) disgusting. And she actually used that word “disgusting”. She did a better interview a few weeks later where she explained better, but as for myself, I really hated it when she goes from saying being bigger isnt a bad thing to saying it is disgusting,

    Seeing her like this, at this size and being confident and happy makes me feel better about her, and I hope she is truly happy.

  13. gracelyn says

    I think she looks fabulous!! Why is it ok for larger women to say their thoughts on skinny people & their weight, but when a skinny person dare bring up the weight of a larger woman then all hell breaks loose?

  14. kandjsmom says

    I think she looks absolutely beautiful! A healthy role model for us normal women to aspire to! I am sick to death of ultra skinny women being the norm, it is both unhealthy and unrealistic for most people to attain! Way to go Kirstie for keeping it real!

  15. says

    Wow…that comment reminds me off that odd person running “The Skinny Website”…..very judgemental. I think that was waaaaaaaaaaay brave to put on a bikini and I also think that she looks marvellous. My God, did you seeeeeeeee the before pictures? She was huge! I think it a very dramatic improvement.

  16. jay says

    I also think she lookes GREAT.Great abs and nice culves for a woman who´s 55!!!!! Must not a size zero to look great.

  17. 2kids2many says

    Kirstie’s 2 children are adopted with actor Parker Stevens (The Hardy Boys fame). She had a very public miscarriage which caused her to become depressed and thats when she started to put on weight.

  18. sue says

    I’m wondering if the webmistress is comparing Kirstie to her more recent ads and magazine photos, where she pretty much already looks like a very healthy woman? Kirstie, no matter what size, always tended to wear clothing and dresses that were fitted on top and flowy at the bottom and I think we never got a really clear picture of what was hiding under all that fabric. I think she looks absolutely gorgeous and makes quite a statement for women of all ages, but what about the fact that jenny craig costs so much damn money?? I’ve met people who’ve done it, and it’s worked for them too, but once their finances run out, they’re off the program and gaining all the weight back. And we’re talking at least $150.00/week. Anyone here try it??

  19. Paula says

    Yes, pretty tacky Webmistress. Being 55 and loosing the weight she did in itself is a huge accomplishment. The older you get the harder it is to lose. Obviously you’ve never had a weight problem and can’t appreciate the struggle and dedication it takes to loose that much weight. Congratulations Kirsty. You’ve done a great job!!!!

  20. Tara says

    Webmaster- I hope you are a skinny 110lb waste of nothing!! Saying Kirstie should have lost MORE weight and looked more dramatic! She was a huge blob before, depressed and continuing to eat, she is lucky she looks as good as she did. Which is the result of constant training and conviction!! Give the girl a break!

  21. Rochelle says

    I thought this site was about celebrity babies and their parent’s not about some celebrity losing all this weight. This is not what I come here for!

  22. Kelsey says

    I too was extremely dissapointed by the webmistress’ coments, pretty much stating that Kirstie’s weight loss was less than dramatic! 75 lbs is an AMAZING acomplishment! And Jenny Craig is for real women with real weight struggles, so why would they want to push unrealistic results that would discourage women across the globe? I think Kirstie has a lot of courage and I applaud her for her incredible transformation!

  23. Lacy says

    you guys, i think her two children are her biological children. i saw them in a magazine. they look like her a lot.

  24. 2kids2many says

    Wow…I was really disappointed by the write-up “I am shocked that the weight loss wasn’t more dramatic” That was really uncalled for. You must be a bean pole who never had a weight problem! Who are you? Nicole Ritchie? No wonder everyone in Hollywood has an eating disorder! I am no fan of Kirstie Alley (she bugs me), but going on national t.v. in a bikini took alot of guts! Losing 75 pounds took alot of work….and she didn’t do it with surgery! She did it the old fashion way! Shame on you! I think you owe her an apology!

  25. dina says

    Kristie.., u looked beautiful before u lost the weight.., and 75lbs lighter u look amazing. God bless you and thank you for making me relieze that u dont have 2 be sick looking 2 look good.., way 2 go girl!!!!!!

  26. eBirdie says

    Shame, web mistress! Kirstie lost 75 pounds and is 55 years old! What need is there for “more dramatic”? She’s beautiful.

  27. AnotherMama says

    I believe her 2 children were adopted, right? I thought I had read that in People a few months back.

  28. amy says

    She gives me hope! She looks like she feels great . Maybe a woman doesn’t have to be a size 0 to be sexy. Good for her.

  29. kt says

    this is awesome! it would have been a terrrible thing for jenny craig to force her to lose more weight, after all, it is NOT healthy to lose so much! a person who loses more than x lbs per year is concerned anorexic by medical standards. and remember, the way to lose weight and keep it off is to do it in a healthy way! so Kirsty–you rock!!!

  30. says

    Wow, what a strong woman to do that! 75lbs is amazing weightloss! How long a year? I lost 45lbs myself in 6 months but did have some ill effects from losing it so fast and it was the diet of the time, it sure did work though!

  31. sarah says

    She looks fantastic and 75 lbs is an great deal of weight to lose in a year.

    You pretty much missed the point of her appearance based on your commentary. She’s happy with who she is, what she weighs, and how distorted Hollywood’s view of weight lose is. I don’t think Jenny Craig is complaining at all based on her results.

    Congratulations to Kirstie!

  32. Lori says

    I think she looks awesome – I’m glad she didn’t have some unrealistic weight loss that would make us real women feel even more pathetic for only losing our 1-2lbs a week. She?s healthy and a great role model.

    Way to go, Kirsty!!

  33. stacey says

    I think she looks great, i like that fact that a hollywood actress is just like us ordinary folk lol. Well done kirsty you look FAB!!!

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