Heath Ledger & Michelle Williams Out For A Stroll With Matilda

Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger were snapped in their Brooklyn, New York neighborhood during a peaceful stroll with 1-year-old daughter Matilda Rose on Saturday.


  • Molly

    i miss Heath to! when i heard he had died i started to cry! i never met him…and im not related but i dont understand why godd gives us beautifaul people inside and out if he is just going to snatch them away!! talking about heath and seeing his photo’s makes me sad! im only 15 but i really miss him!!

  • Katie Brister

    i love this pic its great but i will miss you heath….r.i.p and ill see you when i get up there!

  • Sarah

    Shut up don’t bash on Michelle and call her “stunted” or too skinny. You probably are fat and are just jealous and to make your self feel better you make fun of other people.

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  • ash n chris

    heath looks really good and that baby is cute! i seen her on another website!!!

  • Camille

    Why don’t you all start worrying about something else? Your own life – just a suggestion! I think it’s ridiculous. Be concerned towards your self, not famous people you don’t know.

  • Lucy

    Michele looks fine. she’s a small woman, and after a year, she’ s back to her normal size. Why don’t you all ask why Angelina looks so sick or that ridiculous Heidi Klum who lost all that weight in 6 weeks. They are a cute couple. I also see them aroung the neighborhood and they are very normal and very nice.

  • carleigh

    They make a cute family and their little girl is completely adorable!

  • Lolitha

    Michelle looks very tiny

  • dave

    what is that on his head,,,,,

  • http://www.myspace.com/kellymay77 KellyMay

    Heath and Michelle openly hate the paps, I think there are more pics of them fashing the ‘bird’ then smiling!

  • Essie

    Sorry, I just looked her up and she was born in September, 1980 so she just turned 26.

  • Essie

    She’s wearing all black!! Perhaps that’s why she looks skinny to you. Actually, I just saw a picture of her dressed up for something or other (without Heath) and she looked pretty normal, weight-wise!! Not too skinny at all. And to say she looks “tired and worn out” is ridiculous!! Maybe she was just tired of the cameras. Also, she’s 30 years old, I believe.

  • Diana

    They both look like normal parents out for a day time stroll, and no nanny in sight. I think Michelle is beautiful but needs to put on a few pounds thats for sure!! ;-)

  • lostfan

    totally agree with no.3 Robin, they look like a norm family and Katie holmes is always posing for the camera and image is everything, so sad that she cant even see it.

  • http://www.lallayahoo.com alaina

    i think they are a lovely family heath really change he look different in the movie ten things i hate about you

  • Shea

    i think heath looks hot there. hes a big guy any one would look tiny next to him, michelle might be skinny but shes not overly skinny. I think she looks pretty here.

  • sue

    How come Michelle never gets any slack for how tiny she is?? Look at her legs, they’re like little twigs. And Heath, although completely hot in movies, always looks so disheveled and messy.

  • Robin

    a one year old tends to make you look stunted, tired and worn out…
    Michelle looks like a MOM – unlike her Dawson’s Creek co-star, Mrs. Tom Cruise!!! who shops and drinks and only holds her child for Vanity Fair spreads!

  • Kalista Brat

    They don’t look happy, Michelle looks tired and worn out !

  • ANNA

    She looks like a child herself! How old is she? Is she stunted?