Denise Takes Sam & Lola To The Park

Denise Richards took Sam and Lola to the park in Malibu yesterday…looking casually chic and polished as usual!
Denise Richards

Denise Richards

Sam looks like she needed a little comforting from Mom.

Denise Richards

Denise has also been busy filming Blonde and Blonder with Pam Anderson. That is some amazing Farrah-esque hair!

Denise Richards

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  1. says

    It’s not actually that there is any “mortal danger” they’re worrying about, it’s that they physically need an extra pair of hands to be sure all their children are safe from complete stangers taking their pictures at any expense to them or their children. Believe me, I’m not a big fan of other people raising a mother’s kids, but I do think that the circumstances here are a bit different than you or I or most people (mothers) may have encountered. For instance, have you ever tried going to the park with your kids along with 30 men with cameras in your face?? I’m guessing no.

  2. Lisa says


    yeah-keep yourself out of the limelight if you truly feel your children are at risk

    2- some foreigner-who probaly speaks broken english is ganna help, protect and defend if the children are truly in mortal danger like all you people think they are, come on now, if they are really at such risk hire a body guard to PROTECT you while you take care of your children yourself…

    what such lame excuses

  3. says

    Of course they ask for the attention, and with that comes the often hazardous interactions with the paparazzi, and therefore they need to protect their children by having an extra set of hands!!

  4. hmmm says

    If a celeb mom wants to have a normal life, perhaps she should retire! They ask for the attention!

  5. says

    I forgot to say, #13, that I am guessing that little Sam always has a sort of confused look on her face because she’s constantly got a thousand little flashbulbs in her face, poor kid!

  6. says

    Well, #12, I have 3 kids too, and am perfectly able to keep an eye on them at any playground or event. The difference, however, is that I don’t have a million pushy photographers trying to snap my picture at the exepense of anything or anyone, and I’m willing to bet you don’t either! If you knew your kids’ safety was in danger because of a bunch of mostly men swarming around you, don’t you think you’d need another hand just to feel safe? I don’t think Denise or any other celebrity mom is complaining about being tired or overworked, they’re just trying to have some sort of normal life for their kids and themselves amidst the chaos of being a celebrity. And just because there are fences doesn’t mean the photos won’t continue to be snapped, as seen here. And, on another note, let’s not forget that in today’s day and age there are SO many moms who choose and/or need ti get a nanny just to get through their days too!

  7. Lisa says

    oh come on, I have three kids-most parks and playgrounds are fenced in- “with just Mommy” come on-it is their capable parent- I have three kids and was always able to watch all three of them at playgrounds and parks- It is just gross how these poor pathetic tired, “overworked”, stressed hollywood moms don’t even raise their own kids

  8. Diva says

    For the simple reason of safety for my children, if I had more than one child and I could afford it, I would most definitely have a nanny! Another set of eyes on my children, insuring their safety… no question.

  9. sue says

    Well, let’s think here: If Denise had no nanny to help her, and wanted both her kids to be able to run free all the way to the park with JUST mommy, do you really think the photographers would allow her that convenience?? I think they’d be JUST as aggressive in getting her photo and likely run down poor little Sam or Lola in the process. Let’s face it, ladies: Yes, these celebs have brought on all this attention themselves, but come on!! They NEED extra help just to get to the park safely…we don’t have the same lives. Period.

  10. Lisa says

    These hollywood moms can’t blow their kids noses without assistance from hired nannies- Hiedi, Denise all of them-really how hard is it to play with your own kids….babysitters are for when you are not around disgusting

  11. eyesofpearls says

    I’m sick of Denise! Sick of Katie! sick of Heidi! IT’S THE SAME FACES OVER AND OVER AGAIN! !!! we know more about their children than we know about our own!

  12. Kary says

    So sick of Denise Richards. There’s got to be other celebrity moms out there besides her, Angelina and Katie.

  13. haha says

    Casually chic and polished = Trashy sweatsuit, 90s hair and orange bra? Fine with me but lets not pretend she looks polished.

  14. Paula says

    Cute kids. Looks like they were in a hurry. Maybe late for something. Poor woman can’t even console her child without getting pounced on by paps.

  15. amy says

    Did anyone else notice how Denise and her nanny are dressed exactly alike and so are the little girls? It’s pretty funny.

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