Victoria Beckham Reveals That Her Son Is Battling Epilepsy

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham has confessed that her son Romeo is battling epilepsy.

Posh and Becks were “devastated” when specialists confirmed that their four-year-old middle child has the brain condition which causes violent fits.

Sufferers can die during an attack and many have to take medication for the rest of their lives.

Posh has revealed that she and David are now terrified flash photos will spark an epileptic fit that could kill him.

The lad, who turned four just five weeks ago, has been warned to avoid flashing lights known to cause potentially-fatal seizures.

The frightened youngster reacted violently after being photographed at Heathrow last Saturday as he returned to Britain from Madrid with Posh and brothers Brooklyn, seven, and Cruz, one.

Initially he shielded his eyes against the flashes as his mother pushed him through the terminal building in his buggy and out to a waiting car.

He then started screaming in terror and lashing out with his legs as one photographer pressed his camera inside the car and started flashing.

Only then did horrified Posh, 32, reveal the truth about brave Romeo’s dangerous condition.

She pulled her blond-headed son to her, shielded him from the lights and yelled: “Leave him alone.

“He’s got epilepsy. All that flashing will start an epileptic fit. You can’t do that!”

Romeo has endured a series of frightening fits and has been rushed to hospital four times in three years.

Intially it was thought his attacks were simply febrile convulsions, common in young children running a high temperature.

But when the fits continued with no clear explanation he was tested for epilepsy, which has now been confirmed.

A close friend of Posh and Real Madrid star Becks said: “They have told friends the situation. While it’s heartbreaking, he is being brave.”

“They are devastated – worried sick about Romeo. He is on medication to control the seizures but obviously things like flashing lights can trigger one at any time.”

“They can only hope the medication limits the number of fits he suffers to a minimum and he can enjoy as normal a life as possible. Epilepsy affects a great number of people and many grow out of it. They are just praying Romeo gets better.”

Plucky Romeo was first rushed to Princess Alexandria Hospital in Harlow, Essex, in October 2003, aged just one, after suffering frightening convulsions.

He had a high temperature and his face had turned blue. He was kept in overnight for observation.

Just weeks before he had two stitches in his forehead after falling on an escalator in Madrid.

Then in July last year he was taken to hospital again after suffering similar convulsions.

In October Romeo was back in hospital twice in four days in Madrid after collapsing again.

Former England skipper David, 31, postponed plans to fly off for a World Cup qualifier against Austria to be at his son’s bedside.

Romeo was first taken to the La Paz hospital for two hours before his parents were allowed to take him home.

But four days later the Beckhams rushed him to the Ruber International Hospital in Madrid where he was detained for four days for extensive tests.

Victoria has been seeking advice from celebrity pal Elton John, who also suffers from the condition. He is godfather to little Romeo and his older brother Brooklyn.

The Beckhams have had their share of medical scares with their sons. Brooklyn had a hernia operation at just six weeks old.

Last night a spokesman for the Beckhams said: “We can’t comment on any medical matters.”

But a friend of the couple added: “It’s been a harrowing period for Victoria and David. They are desperately worried about their son.”

Poor kid…that is really sad. I don’t know that much about epilepsy, but it sounds very scary. Information about epilepsy can be found here.


  1. Clara says

    Poor kid. I’ve never been big on either Beckham, but I feel bad that they have to go through this, and that he does.

  2. Tatiana says

    Carleigh – > No, not at epilepsies have triggers, rather it is how the cells communicate and sometimes the neurons fire off too much or not appropriately.
    Photosensitive/auditory epilepsy is as low as 5%, which means it is definitely not the norm. I have this image of all the readers thinking that those with epilepsy start convulsing when a light is turned on.
    I think the author of this website is screwed up if she ends the article with “It sure sounds scary”. Maybe it is my personal point of view, and my own sensitivities towards the subject, but epilepsy will remain scary and horrible and mysterious unless we discuss is informatively rather than assuming things and labelling.
    BTW I sent an email to the owner of this site commenting on her “scary” final words and did not receive a response or correction in the article. How disregarding of former website fans.

  3. carleigh says

    Tatiana how would you prefer that someone with epilepsy be addressed? I am not trying to be insensetive either, just asking a simple question. It does make them different and they do have to live with this disorder. There are things in a persons normal everyday life that can set off or trigger a siezure but as you have an epileptic 8 m/o daughter I am sure you know that. Nobody said that people with epilepsy are abnormal, nor was it implied or insinuated. However- they can go on to lead a “normal” seizure free life once they find out their triggers and if the treatment for the disorder is successful.

  4. carleigh says

    I do empathize completely with what she is dealing with re: her son’s epilepsy. I know that some forms of the disorder can be controlled with med’s and that for others there are surgical procedures that can alleviate symptoms, there is also research about implanting an electronic device into a lobe of the brain to shock the brain back into normal patterns. Whatever the outcome is for VB and her son, know that the disorder is manageable, treatable and others have gone on to live relative normal lives once their seziures are controlled and alleviated. The pap should leave them alone completely a child’s health is at stake.

  5. Tatiana says

    I’m disappointed in how you have made it out to be very scary. I’m a new mother and just found out my 8 month old girl has epilepsy and we are still trying to find the cause after doing numerous examinations. Most people have less or no seizures on anti-convulsant medication and honestly, the “they can lead a normal life” makes them abnormal by you saying that. It’s so ignorant, as if saying a diabetic can lead a normal life. And it’s great that Nikki loves epilepsy – not only does it make you “different”, but a bad speller too! WTF…

    Anyway, I’m sure the Beckhams don’t give a shit about you bible-stomping rednecks, so stop “praying” for them.
    They’re probably scientologists anyway.

  6. nikki says

    Well im Eplileptic as well ! it kinda scary 4 awial cuz its new! But i have learned 2 love it it is what makes me diffrent….he`ll get over it most cases for teens and kinds it leaves after a yr or 2!

  7. gina says

    janice…not everyone kisses posh’s ass likes you…vb learn this…”You reap what you sew”

  8. BabyFan says

    I hope the media will back off of them. The paparazzi have no idea how their actions will affect others. They should think about that before they start taking pictures.

  9. India says

    I totally agree with comment #1 that epilepsy can be controlled especially at early stage. I pray and hope that Romeo will be able to lead a normal life. Ag, shame he is such a cute boy.

  10. Janice says

    Gosh, and you stupid bitches in here who say ” I hate Poshe the bitch can’t smile” shame on you, you judge people so quickly! your disgusting!

  11. Jenna H. says

    Well maybe now the paparazzi will back off so they won’t get sued. I hope that they can control it a little better!

  12. Nisa says

    My…. oh my…… I have read this story in so much pain and sympathy, you know, I used to dislike the Beckhams and all the media frenzy around them but the more I read about Vic Becks, the more I feel guilty for ever putting her and her husband among pampered celebs.

    I think she is one tough cookie that girl. These days I admire her and her ambitions and guts not to mention sheer will. It is easy to think that celebrities have no other problems other than us the news people and Paparazzi, but I think they have to cope with a lot. I agree with Minnie and Vicki, the child needs some special protection.

    All my prayers for them and their family.

  13. minnie says

    Poor little Kid.
    His parents should sue for some kind of special protection against the paparazzi when he’s around. There must be ground for it given that it risks his life. If not the next time anyone flashes a camera at the little one (and you know it’s going to happen) they should sue for reckless endangerment.

    Even if he didn’t have this condition he was clearly upset by the paparazzi and they just kept going until Victoria said what she did. I still think that’s wrong.

  14. Vicki says

    Well i think the time has come for the paparazzi to leave them alone. No picture is worth risking the little boys life. I just hope Romeo has a healthy happy life despite his condition.

  15. thegrinchiscoming says

    My cousin suffers from epilepsy and it CAN be controlled so it is very possible that Romeo can lead a normal life; it is frightening to see but my cousin is doing great except for occasional seizures which declined sharply after her teenage years passed and of course she has to take medication.
    But it is a condition that if controlled you can actually lead a normal life.
    Posh and David: All my prayers for you and your beautiful family, you’re a strong marriage and will get through this together!! Hang in there little Romeo!

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