Vanessa Bryant With Her Daughters

Kobe Bryant

Vanessa Bryant, wife of Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant, was snapped watching the Lakers NBA game against the Seattle Supersonics with their two daughters; 6-month-old Gianna Maria-Onore and Natalia Diamante, 3, in Los Angeles on November 3, 2006. They all look so happy and content!

And more cute pics of the family!

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant


  1. nightprowl32 says

    Look all you low life people need to leave kobe alone. Many greats have done the same thing look at Magic he got aids from what he did and his wife is still with him and many people give him praise for living. When it comes down to it he cheated. Also if people get their heads out of the butts you would also know that the greatest of all tiem cheated as well, yes that is right Micheal Jordan cheated on his wife and they are still together. She married KObe fresh out of high school if it was for the money she would have left him along time ago.

  2. iLUVKOBE says

    they are all happy…..thats all that matter and why are yall mad at her because she stayed with him…its her husband and maybe they worked out their problem….people make mistakes…I STILL LOVE KOBE….hes da man….

  3. India says

    OMG, Vanessa and Kobe has got beautiful daughters. Well done Vanessa for forgiving your hubby and keeping your marrying intact for the sake of your cutie lil girls. Well done gal and kudos to whoever councelled you for a well job done.

  4. RAMDRI says

    Once again it seems a need to repeat the old
    addige, “Let He Who Is Without Sin Throw the
    First Stone”. People, the end and final decisions
    reguarding( Their ) marriage is between Him,
    her, and the God they serve. Now we’re all entitled
    to our opinions, cause Heaven knows I believe
    that after having her trist w/Kobe the accuser
    blabbed to a friend/relative and They co-ersed
    her to file charges. Just like Mike Tysons’ accuser,
    Bill Clintons’ etc…. It’s 99.99% about the Money
    when it involves celebrities, come-on your not Stupid people.

  5. Jai'ma says

    Rather Kobe is GUILTY or INNOCENT, the decision has been made. I personally think the only thing he was guilty of was being unfaithful, but anyhoo, this isn;t about Kobe is it? He has a beautiful family, and Vanessa decided to save her marriage and move on…………………NEXT!!!!

    P.S. PSA to all the stone throwers, I hope you aren’t ever in a similar situation, because believe me, there WILL BE NAY SAYERS just like you…….


  6. dO says

    Oops. I mean God is a forgiving God. SORRY GUYS FOR THE INCONVENIENCE….hope u’ll bear with me.

  7. dO says

    God is a forgiving is God and he says whoever is forgiving others will also forgiven. We human being seem to pay less attention on that. Well done Vanessa and I believe and hope that God will bless u for that. GOOD EXAMPLE ESP. TO COUPLES WHO TEND TO SEE DIVORCE AS AN OPTION WHEN THEIR HUSBAND DID SOMETHING WRONG… COUPLE PLSE WAKE UP AND SAVE UR MARRIAGES..U REALLY FRIGHTNED SOME OF US WHO ARE YET TO BE MARRIED WITH YOUR UNFORGIVENESS ATTTITUDE.

  8. India says

    Welldone Vanessa, Its your life and your marriage. Nobody is suppose to make a decision for u, and congrats gal. Divorce is not the solution

  9. **** says

    all i can say is kobe sucks he is nothing but a ball hog, and if you look at him right he looks like a vulture. Ha ha ha. We all know she stayed with him because of the money.

  10. India says

    Kobe is innocent until he is being proved quilty by the court of law.. lol.. so kudos to Vanessa for forgiving him and at least give him the second chance for the sake of their two cutie daughters.

  11. carleigh says

    It’s called cheating! No matter what way you cut it! People on here are such hypocrites’s OK for Kobe to go through a very public “rape” scandal and we are suposed to just “forget it” and mind our own business. But people want to rip apart and criticize Brad and Angelina for what they deem as the same thing. Brad cheated and he get’s impaled on a stake and Kobe does it and it’s “oh forget it”, “stop judging”, “it wasn’t rape”, blah, blah, blah. Wow, IMO there’s a big difference but that is JMO.

  12. minkysmom says

    even if kobe didn’t rape the woman, it’s still rude to his wife to have had sex with her.

  13. Janie says

    how do you get raped then sleep with someone the next nite? I’ve never been raped (knock on wood), but I don’t think someone that got raped would sleep with someone less than 24 hours later and let the “rapist” go free. People get over it, the “victim” had a kid and is getting on with her life and so is Vanessa, Kobe and their family have gotten over it. All Van. and Kobe have is each other, maybe she stayed with him for loyalty and trusting that her husband isn’t the person you guys say he is.

  14. Shea says

    Moneys worth more to this one then happiness. I hope it was worth it the next time he rapes someone. No one changes that does this stuff. Its just a matter of time

  15. I hate carleigh says

    ya know, I finally figured it out—-other people state their opinions, Carleigh tries to shove hers down your throat.

    Gracelyn, you stated your comment logically without being overbearing– and I totally agree w/ you.

  16. He's a jerk says

    Yeah, that’s the ring he bought her forgiveness with. Everyone’s got a price, and hers is a $4M diamond.

    Remember Kobe’s defense, when he said there is a girl in New York who he’d been freaking would back him up by testifying that he liked it rough. It wasn’t rape, just the way he likes it!! Ha ha. What a loser!

  17. India says

    OMG, Vanessa’s kids are adorable and she is beautiful too. Regarding her hubby, no comment.

  18. babyhates says

    She stayed with him because he was about to sign a mutli-million dollar contract ! No other reason….. As for the “pathetic” comment. LEARN HOW TO SPELL IF YOU’RE GONNA TRY TO BE A BAD ASS…. maybe you and your buddies should read a book.. try CAT and the HAT, I think it might be the only thing your stupid-rapist loving ass could read !!!!!!!!!

  19. Ramona says

    Isn’t that the forgiveness on her ring finger in the 1st
    picture? Looks like he was mighty sorry.

  20. gracelyn says

    These little girls are GORGEOUS!!!! I dont think she stayed with him because she has no where else to go, she probably could have gotten alot of his money if she had left him. Its called forgivness for someone you truley love. People make mistakes!! I think this woman who claimed she was raped was trying to pull a Monica Lewinski. Of course all the she wanted was money, because I know if I was truley raped I’d rather see the man behind bars than accept his money!!! I’m sure he just forgot to leave the money on the nightstand to pay for her services and she was pissed. So she cried RAPE!

  21. carleigh says

    If you and your pathetic “BUDDYS” (spelling) have nothing better to do than sit around and read what a bunch of women are writing then maybe you and your “BUDDYS” are even more pathetic than you think we women are.

  22. @#$@# says

    my buddys and me have just spent the last hour reading things you wrote. you women are pathtic. thanks for tje laughs/ keep up tje catfigts anbd get a life. KOBE RULZ

  23. Nisa says

    I agree Kobe was as guilty as sin, through it all his pregnant wife stood by him, if she had any balls she would have left him, I don’t think she has any where to go, then again she might also have hooked him that way on one of their binge star parties where they rape girls and she is used to such life. I dont mean to be hateful but it is common for sports men and indeed other stars to engage in these parties, I have read of many stars who have been accused of mass rape with their mates.

  24. carleigh says

    This man paid that young woman an exhorbitant amount of money to buy her silence. If you want to believe the girl was a “ho” because she had three different men’s DNA in her panties then you have to believe other facts about the situation. Like instead of pursuing a lengthy and “detailed” civil trial, Kobe paid this woman a lot of money to avoid just that. Certain facts will never come to light but certain things did just to discredit that young woman. Just because no criminal charges were filed and Kobe served no time in jail doesn’t mean he was innocent–it means that a certain amount of $$$$$ exchanged hands. Remember OJ was found innocent in criminal court but GUILTY in the civil trial, Michael Jackson did the SAME EXACT thing with that first sexual abuse case of his..paid the victim and walked away….who knows what would have been the outcome if there had not been a settlement reached. He’s just as guilty as OJ and Michael, even if it’s not on his criminal record.

  25. @#$@# says

    Kobe doesnt have to rape anyone. reed the facts. she had seamen from3 different men that nite in her underware. she bragged about sleeping w/ him and cried rape the next day. she got what she wanted—CASH!!!!!!!!!!

  26. babyhates says

    He raped the woman !!!!!!!!! It’s pathetic how these woman stay with these “man” just for money ! The charges were not dropped they had a settlement, which means some one got paid to shut up !

  27. @#$@# says

    All charges were dropped against Kobe. theirs a big defference betwen cheatin on your wife and raping someone. learn youre facts before calling someont a rapiest. i agree with the first comment

  28. KobeIsNoGood says

    Vanessa is beautiful and so are those little girls, she needs to wakup and smell the java and leave that no good rapist husband. How embarassing to have a husband like that!

  29. 2kids2many says

    They look happy. Obviously, they were able to leave the past behind them! No need to beat a dead horse! Cute, cute, cute!!

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