TomKat Soccer

Tom and Katie were at another soccer game. They went together to one of Isabella’s soccer games in LA on Saturday. Katie looks very beautiful and statuesque, but also preoccupied…perhaps with her upcoming wedding!

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes



  1. Fancy says

    Nisa, still unclear what happened w/Mr.Blair.
    Vast unpopularity because of his role in Britains involvement in Iraq? the people of Britain actually got their will done and ousted him? We should be so lucky here.
    Saw “the Queen” recently. So much optimism in those heady first days, not unlike the first days of Mr. Clinton
    here in U.S.
    Well, getting control of house and senate and getting rid of evil like Rumsfeld is a start. . .Obama in 2008!

  2. Nisa says

    Fancy just a typographical error, but you cant believe our Dear Tony has no clue on what to do next, I guess he is waiting for Uncle Sam to say jump, good riddance, some how I dont think any one else can be such a poodle.

  3. Nisa says

    Lucy, you shouldn’t waste more time on them by commenting on this Blog, check out Ramsfelds resignation, it is exciting

  4. Lucy says

    Big deal . these two are so overrated and there is so much time wasted on them that’s it’s pathetic. Both should learn some parenting skills, especially Katie, Shame on them.

  5. Helen says

    carleigh, Aww that pic of Suri is so adorable! Hopefully we’ll see more of her soon. She probably changed so much now that she is 7 months old.

  6. Ramona says

    Just read through the comments. The kids are homeschooled! Yeesh the more I learn about this guy the creepier he gets. I have nothing against homeschooling but in their particular situation wouldn’t coming into daily contact with commoners be a good thing?

  7. ? says

    #78. derek | November 8th, 2006 at 10:31 am

    looks like tommy boy?s PR machine in out in force today, way to go tom! But you?re not fooling anyone..

    #94. Steph | November 9th, 2006 at 12:13 pm

    Hey looks like tommy boy PR machine is out in force today! Way to go tom 😉 ! But you?re not fooling anyone!

    Are these two the same ppl by any chance?

  8. Steph says

    by the way, those pixs are so put on for the camera it’s hilarious, the smiles are forced and fake, the kids look unconfortable. what a big masquerade! sorry i’m not bying any of it! you are so easily fooled.

  9. Steph says

    Hey looks like tommy boy PR machine is out in force today! Way to go tom ;-)! But you’re not fooling anyone!

  10. Lady says

    I found this quotes while reading TomKat message board and I though is so fitting to what people are saying about them.

    “This is a love story and like most love stories, it begins with an act of utter foolishness.- March of the Penguins.”

    “Hate is too great a burden to bare.It injures the hater more than it injures the hated-Corretta Scott-King-1927-2006.”

    Just because you have a right to______, doesn’t mean you should!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Steph says

    Wow they look so miserable now.. Looks like the puppy-love madness of the early days have worn off and reality is starting to seek in big time.. Oh dear, what a laughing stoke they have become. Their poor kids (Connor & Bella) must feel so embarrased by them. I can only hope they don’t get picked on at school because of that.. Oh yeah and Suri, i had almost forgot all about her existence.. Maybe one day she will resurface.

  12. Anne says

    Carleigh, you got me excited there, I thought we had a new picture of Suri, but Alas, I think we have to wait till the 18 of Nov, I cant wait, I keep telling myself it is only next week, I hope we get pictures of her, She is so cute. I think her eyes are tom’s but the slant is Katies, then again they both have slanty eyes. It must have been disappointing to the doomssayers that tomkat has come this far and they have such a cute doll. Dont hate, embrace

  13. Kary says

    Why do people think she’s oriental? My step grandaughter has the same eyes. She’s not oriental. My nieces had the same amount of hair she has when they were born. And it wasn’t wigs. People say the strangest things, like they’ve never seen a baby born with that much hair and eyes like that. Most babies have eyes like that due to baby fat. I wish my boys would have had that much hair but my sisters kids got it instead. My friends baby was born with more hair than that and it was red. I think she is adorable.

  14. carleigh says

    No here eyes are wide open and BLUE! She’s adorable and she may have a slant to her eyes but so do her parents. She’s just a precious little kewpie doll! I think she’s just so pretty.

  15. woman rights says

    good on ya katie to please your man’s every wish and obey his every command. you seem the submissive type, you must so be enjoying being led around like a little puppy by this mysoginist control freak. a great step backward for woman kind indeed! you and tc are suited for each other i say.

  16. lady says

    Derek, I’m assuming you’re talking about me. This is another thing that pisses me off. If you defend Tom in anyway you’re either a Scientology or Tom. Believe it or not there are people who likes him despite everthing. I honestly don’t care that much about his personal life as long as he makes good movie like he has in the past. P.S. I’m 22yrs old catholic, university student in London.

  17. derek says

    looks like tommy boy’s PR machine in out in force today, way to go tom! But you’re not fooling anyone..

  18. WHY says

    Denis, why do you care so much? you sound like you need to be convinced about tom, even though you don’t seem to like him much and have made up your mind about him. Who cares!!

  19. lady says

    Denis, Tom does have the necessary security mesures put into place that is why the camera’s don’t go inside the game and has security team for his kid. The pics are taken from far and when they leave for their car that is where the camera’s wait for them. How would you know he calls them???? They live in LA where there is a camera man every single place. Beside 2 weeks a go the paps went to the games even though Tom and Katie weren’t there, just Tom’s mum with the kids.

  20. mary says

    Lady, you’re right from the interviews I’ve seen of him, he sounds like a great dad. I remember when my son was younger my husband missed some of his games because he works on weekends sometimes, so even though I was always there I can tell my son wasn’t happy because of all the other kids father where there. Denis football is not Saturday/Sunday the whole year, they have football season and I think it ends next week.

  21. Denis says

    Lady, all Tom has to do is to stop calling the photogs whenever he goes to his kids games or at least he could just ask the paps politely that they stay away for his kids sake. I am sure the photogs would understand. And if not, he does have enough money and power to have the necessary security mesures put into place to that effect. But NO, he likes the media attention to much for that. It’s him and his image first, always!

  22. lady says

    Nicole also said when she went to games, she stayed out of the way. The same reason Tom does, and since you probably are a parent you probably know how important its for you to be at your kids games to see them and take a video. Tom said he doesn’t want to miss his children growing up and its understandable because his father wasn’t there for him. And if the only way he can be there for them is with all is BS then be it. Tom also said in an interview he wished he had his childrens life because the life he had with out his dad.

  23. lady says

    #71 Denis, Do you rather he doesn’t attend? The kids wants him there!…he always has been there for them but they don’t want him to hold their hands because they don’t want to get in the photos!!! You should watch the show where he talks about his kids and Nicole Kidman on Ellen. One think about Tom you can say is he is a great father but with people like you he is in no win situation, whatever he does is wrong.
    If i remember correctly nicole told ellen. That the kids don’t like her kissing or hugging them in public. It was a cute interview she did with ellen. She snorted when she laughed. Then that made ellen laugh then the whole audience laughing. She got so embarrassed and said she does that sometimes when she laughs lol. You can find the interview on youtube.

  24. Denis says

    #70 Lady, Oh my God, is that really true? I mean you’re saying that Tom actually KNOWS that his kids hate all the media attention because it embarrases the hell out of them and YET he STILL insists on inflicting this ordeal to both his kids EVERY single sunday/saturday. How cruel can this man be! Oh my, it’s actually even worse than i originally thought..

  25. Lady says

    #68. Denis, Tom does’t hold his kids hands becuase of all the camera’s, so the attention is not on the kids because the Kids don’t like it. Nicole Kidman has talk about this on Ellen show, saying they get embarressed and they don’t like it especially Isabella. It actually good parenting since he is thinking about the kids and not using them to get on camera like other celeb. Where ever the kids go they have a few bodyguards and other unrecognised family memebers with them all the time. Besides nothing bad has ever happened to the kids because Tom is always nice and gracious to the paps and even asks the paps not to take pics of the kids. There was actually a video at x17 of Tom asking a camera man please don’t take pics of Conner. Its understandable because the parents choose to be in the limelight and not the kids.

  26. Lady says

    Tom does’t hold his kids hands becuase of all the camera’s, so the attention is not on the kids because the Kids don’t like it. Nicole Kidman has talk about this on Ellen show, saying they get embarressed and they don’t like it especially Isabella. It actually good parenting since he is thinking about the kids and not using them to get on camera like other celeb. Where ever the kids go they have a few bodyguards and other unrecognised family memebers with them all the time. Besides nothing bad has ever happened to the kids because Tom is always nice and gracious to the paps and even asks the paps not to take pics of the kids. There was actually a video at x17 of Tom asking a camera man please don’t take pics of Conner. Its understandable because the parents choose to be in the limelight and not the kids.

  27. Denis says

    I saw this video of them on that day and i couldn’t believe my eyes!

    I mean through all this paps/photogs mess, why was Tom not holding his kids hands?!?!!!! Katie is a grown up and tall enough woman who could obviously fend for herself, but yet it’s her hand that Tom chose to hold instead of his defenceless two children who had to make their way through that scary crowd on their own. I’m sorry, but that’s not good parenting to me. As parents, both Katie and Tom should have been holding onto Connor and Isabella’s hands for dear life to ensure their safety and protect them from those crazy and agressive photographers… It really goes to show where their priority is, they don’t give a rat a** about the kids, all they bother about is themselves and making sure the whole world see “how in love they are”.. what a freak show these two are!

  28. Mrs.Vreeland says

    Lady, is also a blog so it all turns into one little he said, he said. Grain of salt, sometimes the whole shaker. As for these other actors glowing testimonials for the vertically challenged one,
    please, everyone is going to say what’s in their own best personal interest. So rolls the industry.

  29. mememe says

    To Anna:

    Yes Tom has hurt people. I personally know one person who listened to his crap and quit taking their medication. An attempted suicide followed.

  30. mememe says

    To Anna:

    Yes Tom has hurt people. I personally know one person who listened this his crap and quit taking their medication. An attempted suicide followed.

  31. Kary says

    I hope Nicole has gotten past Tom and Katie by now. After all, they’ve been divorced for years. They might have an arrangement with each other on who gets to take the kids to soccer. Who knows? Who cares?

  32. hinatha says

    i’m not saying nicole is a bad mother, she is probably home with them all the time, but she is never out with them.

    Lacy, just like Katie and Suri you mean?

    And do you really expect Nicole to show up at the games, knowing that Tom and Katie are there every week kissing and cuddling in front of tons of paparazzi?

  33. WHY? says

    I beginning to HATE this website!!! The only reason I come here is to see pics of Tom and Katie but all the pics that are posted here are awful when there are lots more nicer pics that are taken the same day. The web mistress is bias.

  34. gracelyn says

    Ramona thank-you for answering my question, but that was enough information on zenu, as I believe there is only one GOD who deserves any praise!!!

  35. ANNA says

    I just found this quote about Katie and I thought I thought I should share it with you guys

    ‘………..I absolutely think she’s fantastic. There’s an innocence and a real sweetness to her that often dissappears in people who’ve had this kind of early success. She’s shy and quiet, but at the same time she can be very funny and quite witty and goofy. And onscreen she has a quiet sexuality, a subletly to her that’s surprising- there’s so much garishness out here.” – Patricia Clarkson ‘………….

  36. Jen says

    Robbins Has High Praise for Cruise

    By WENN| Monday, November 06, 2006

    Tim Robbins

    HOLLYWOOD – Tom Cruise has won high praise from his War of the Worlds costar Tim Robbins, who thinks the new United Artists studio boss is among the most professional and positive people in the business.
    While many Hollywood experts criticize the Mission: Impossible star for his Scientology stance and bizarre behavior on talk shows, Tinseltown activist Robbins has nothing but fond memories of working with the movie star.

    And Robbins is far from surprised Cruise and his production partner, Paula Wagner, have revived Charlie Chaplin’s United Artists studio–and he’s convinced they’ll be producing hit film after hit film.

    Robbins says, “From working with him, there isn’t a more positive person on the set that I’ve worked with.

    “What he might be talking about or advocating, I think, comes from a positive point of view.

    “I don’t ever feel that he’s a destructive person or a negative person or a person that plays games or anything like that; he’s always so supportive and so positive when he’s working with you.”

    Article Copyright Entertainment News Network All Rights Reserved.

  37. Kelsey says

    I am not a fan of Tom Cruise (except for in his glory days of Top Gun) and I have a hard time liking him after his comments and attacks on Brooke Shields and her struggle with PPD. He can have his own opinions on the subject, but to call someone out and verbally abuse them on national TV when you don’t even know them is just wrong!

  38. Lacy says

    robin, nicole and tom share joint custody of their children. i’m surprised nicole is never at the games. she is never seen out with them either. thats sad, they should spend more time out together, mama and children, not just stay home all the time. i’m not saying nicole is a bad mother, she is probably home with them all the time, but she is never out with them.

  39. scarlet says

    Oh look Tom with his puppy Katie…Pulling her around like a dog on a leash…Good think this puppy is potty trained…
    Strange couple…

  40. Robin says

    LOL #51!
    I wonder if Suri is taller than TC too? anywho…The Cruise’s ARE kooky but ya gotta give them credit for maintaining composure in the midst of ALL that paparazzi! those soccer games must be a circus!
    and on a side note…where is Nicole? does she EVER go to her kids soccer games? or does TC have sole custody? just curious…although Nicole’s hubby is in rehab, so I guess she has her hands full…geesh Connor and Bella sure do have QUITE the family!

  41. says

    Helen, very well put! Tom is a beautiful person IMO, I am very excited to see wedding pictures and their gorgeous baby girl again.

    What is the new deal you were talking about Helen, what type of company is it? Good for him, I believe 100% you get back what you give in this world as it should be, we all need to be accountable!

    Those are great pictures with Connor and Bella, I definitely think those should have been included here. I wonder why not?!?

  42. India says

    I don’t want to offend some1 but honestly speaking Katie and Tom look fake together. THATS MY OPINION.

  43. Kelley says

    I actually like what Katie is wearing, but it needs a belt. Tom looks like he is wearing something out of my grand fathers closet, yuck.

    Now I am sorry if it offends any of you that I said something negative about Tom, but I figured that since this is the comments section, and that is the comment I wanted to make then it was ok.

  44. Ramona says

    Gracelyn, Zenu,( should of capitalized, proper name and all), was (?) an intergalactic ruler 75 million years ago who did all sorts of very bad things making Scientology necessary today. You can find a fuller description on Wikipedia as well as other sources. It makes for entertaining reading esp. since so many people believe it actually happened !

  45. gracelyn says

    Goodness, whats with all the goodie-goodies ! Why do you people care what is said about Tom & Katie, does it affect you that people dont like them? I like this site the way it is, reading the posts is much more fun when everyone is not having the same opinion! This site would definately be boring if there wasnt some kind of arguing.
    Ramona who is zenu? (asking out of curiosity, not trying to be mean) My opinion on these two is that they definately wont last long, although after the truth of what goes on behind closed doors comes out, they may have nobody but each other!! WEIRDOS

  46. !! says

    Mrs. Vreeland, you found a GOLD mine of pictures and you people can leave COMMENTS! WoW! On not just celebrity parents but every celebrity. You all need to go over to THAT site and have a ball. Just think of all the endless, nasty things you can say about people OVER THERE! And you can leave a BABY site Alone! Thank you Mrs. Vreeland for this information. Maybe that site will satisfy some of the mean, spiteful, hateful people.

  47. Mrs.Vreeland says

    Lady, I think everyone knows to take anything read on gossip sites w/a grain of salt. Where did I state this was a fact? Nowhere.
    Now, please tell me where this rather amusing item was confirmed not true because maybe that’s not true either. . .

  48. Lady says

    Mrs. Vreeland, that has been confirmed its not true. You can’t just report things as facts from a blog website. Anybody can start reporting something on the internet now days.

  49. Mrs.Vreeland says

    Oprahs couch may have escaped with just a bruise or two but this poor limo seat was not so lucky.
    Upolstered furniture beware, the hoppin’ hobbit is on the wedding war path, o’ deary me the stress, the stress!

  50. Jenna M says

    What a surprise, yet another picture of Tom and Katie out without baby Suri! No wonder Katie looks so preoccupied, could she be feeling guilty about neglecting her daughter yet again? Seriously, those two never seem to be at home with Suri or even taking her out for a walk. They’re not being fair on their child. I don’t care what their reasons are, media or whatever. Children need their mummies and daddies.

    Tom looks so short there! It reminds me of an interview i read with Nicole Kidman where she said that the best thing about divorcing Tom was that she could now wear high heels!

  51. ANNA says

    I love Tom,

    I have always loved him, ( am just a university student not his publicist) it boggles my mind why people attack him and ridicule him, I mean he is a person and has is own mind, he has done nothing wrong and has not hurt anybody if you ask me. What is so wrong with jumping on the couch and declaring his love? Did he fall off and break opras’ leg? no, did he break the couch?No, yet every one seems to think it was so wrong,

    Look people in that industry are always doing bizarre things, I think Ramona , carleigh and your friends should rethink your biases and prejudices, I know you are entiltled to your opinions but I think they are just prejudices, for instance, what is wrong with jumping on a couch? and since you all cant stand him, why do you complain that he is hiding his kid? I think he is a great guy and I will always root for him.

  52. Helen says

    My Opinion, thank you I was thinking the same thing and was very aware that I’ll get some comments about my post telling me to get lost but I thought I had to say something because it was getting ridicules.

  53. My Opinion says

    These people or never satisfied. They talk about everything and everybody. How people dress, how they perceive to act in pictures, how they look, how ugly they are, how they should act. Everyone is judgemental. They hate these people and can’t wait to get on here and say nasty things about them. Then get into fights over it. I just don’t get it. Watch out Helen, they’ll just tell you to go elsewhere or don’t read it if you don’t like it. People need to dig deep down and find some good in themselves. There is good in everyone, even these celebrities that they hate so much.

  54. Lili says

    Helen, I too use to be appalled at the negative press about a man who has done strictly nothing wrong or hurt anyone. They are so supportive of people who have to go to rehab for cocaine use or drunking binges and attack a man because he jumps for joy at having finally met his true mate and warns against the use of mind-altering drugs? And his religious philosophy is his business, period. Plus, he talks about it WHEN ASKED, which in my view is NOT proselytizing. It seems that if you are Tom Cruise, some people are awaiting for you to do something wrong, and if you don?t they make it up! I am truly fuming. But Tom is my man, I root for him and I know that with his awesome talent and fortitude he will come out on top, where he has always been.

  55. pat says

    Tom, Katie and the kids make a great looking family……..They are doing the best thing in keeping their daughter away from the spotlight they are right in guarding her as long as possible from the cruel, hateful, judgemental people of the world today…she’ll experience that soon enough in life…from what we have seen she is beautiful, and happy, God bless this family who lives under the lens of every Hollywoood camera out there.

  56. Cam says

    Here it goes again, here it comes the childish manner…Corie, are you a parent? you calling Isabella Ugly? she is 13 yrs old child, shame on you!!!

  57. Corie says

    Katie is knocked kneed……watch her walk….and Isabella? Ugly…….she has no neck and high shoulders….

  58. Cam says

    Things are looking up for Tom and Katie and I agree with Helen, Litz and Nisa, great post! I guess sometimes people can be adult and discuss things in a mature manner here at babyrazzi.

  59. Litz says

    I agree with Helen, I think there is Karma in every thing you do and if you are good and you work hard, you will make it to the top, I am atheist but good luck always falls my way, every one convinced me that it shouldnt be so and that with time it will run out, but upto now, i am the luckiest person I know.

    After the Sumner saga, I give tom top marks for being a gentleman, he has not returned Redstones humiliation with slur, he has just ignored him and moved on to even bigger things, now all his haters are hurting. I tell you I loving Tom more and more each day, I am always wary of choosing the losing side because it hurts in the end, so i have chosed to be on toms side, it seems to be the winning side, it is happier to be on it.

    I can’t wait for November 18 for the wedding, I hope to see Suri, I also want to see Kate in her dress, I know it is their prerogative how they treat their baby, but I really want to see it again, she is so beautiful, I like Suri, David Banda, Kingston and Violet Ann, the most but Suri is my favourite, she is gorgeous! I wish they could bring her to those soccer matches

  60. Anna says

    I’ve wondered the same thing, why is that Tom’s other kids don’t get mention here? Is it because they are not his biological kids or not as important as Suir? I know its not because they don’t take them out:) there are lots of pics of them together at the games example is the one Jen posted.

  61. Nisa says

    Helen, that was a nice lecture there, I agree with you too, why do people who hate tom always run for his blog? I wonder about their hate, I think they are envious or jelous, I mean those two are the most harmless people in hollywood, even though tom has his religion and outspoken views on anti depressants, you would think that after the death of Daniel ( anna nicole smith) people would understand what he is saying and cut him some slack.

    I like tom and i think if you are to get a husband in hollywood, he is ideal, he looks good, and is one of the very very very few people in that place who dont do drugs neither is he an alumni of the priory, he has a good husband record, he never cheats on his spouses and he is a caring person, no one who has worked with him has ever complained about him, but those who dont know him are so quick to judge him. I am glad he doesnt take sleeze about him seriously and he should teach katie too, she looks like she gets hurt easily.

    I saw the pics in they a lovely, that girk sure is pretty! I also like the one where connor is with tom.

  62. Elaine says

    What is wrong with their clothes? They are at a school sports match, not on the red carpet. I think jeans and casual tops are quite appropriate. By the way Katie was featured in a magazine on Sunday in the UK as being extremely fashionable for dressing older than she is. The other person featured was Prince William’s girlfriend, Kate Middleton.

  63. Hana says

    you’re right Jen nice pic. It makes me wonder about the web mistress’s motives by not posting his kids.

  64. Helen says

    You know what some of you are sounding like a broken record, going on about the same thing over and over again!! Tom and Katie look like they will be together for a while and are getting on with their life’s. Do you believe in God? Aren’t some of you a parent? I’ll worry about your on parenting if you are this judgemental and hateful about people you don’t know.
    Why do people actually waste their time blogging on someone they dislike? I don’t get that! I’m Catholic and it says in the Bible “Judge not, that ye be not judged” God is in charge of judging people so I’ll not judge Tom because of his faith, only God can do that. Judging and spreading rumours is also a sign that we are not really active in our faith and in our lives and only hurts others and destroys our credibility. If you check out every religion it has its problems and anti websites including Jewish, Catholic and Islam so I wouldn’t be judgmental about Tom’s religion. Tom seem to be a nice person , a good dad and Katie loves him enough to have his child.
    I used to get very upset about how some people say really hurtful things about him but not anymore. When I read the news that Tom is going to be the new top gun at United artist I remembered what my mum used to say. “If you work hard and are a good person, things are going to be OK”. Sort of like karma and thinking about that I began to think, what is happening to Tom, who seem to be a good person despite his religion believes is sort of like karma.

    1. Everybody was so negative about his relationship with Katie saying it was a PR stunt and it turn out they are still together had a baby and are getting married in Italy (romantic!).

    2. Media and bloggers started saying so many nasty things about Suri, she is deformed, doesn’t exist, alien and so on but she turn out to be healthy and one of the most beautiful celeb baby with both her parent looks.

    3. He got fired from paramount, even though his partner Paula said they stopped the negotiation a week before because they weren’t happy with the new offer…and Sumner Redstone and the haters started gloating and bad mouthing Tom to anyone who will listen but Tom had more class and kept quiet and did his thing and made a Hugh deal with united artist that will give him more power so all I have to say is take that, Sumner Redstone and the haters!

    Keep on hating and hopefully Tom’s good karma will continue. If I didn’t know he was a Scientology I’ll say someone in heaven is watching over him.

  65. Nisa says


  66. me says

    These two yo yo’s deserve each other. They don’t deserve to be parents and all their children should be placed FAR FAR away from these psycho freaks before they really caused some psychological harm to them. It is probably to late for Conner and Bella though, but one can only hope.

  67. Shea says

    Now we all know why they wear black all the time….They DO NOT know how to color cordinate! Also im sure Toms hair has more color in it then katies does.
    WHO cares if these two get married? all they will be is divorced in acouple years.

  68. Ramona says

    Side note on Vanity Fair pictures of the family Cruise.
    The pictures were taken over 5 DAYS and then retouched and edited for 3 WEEKS before Tom would give the go ahead to go to print. This is unheard of and led to much speculation as to just what all the retouching was for.
    Anyone out there know more?

  69. anna says

    There are far better ics in the fan galleries, but even on these chosen ones, tom is sexy.
    I prefer him now that he got more ‘miam!’ chair! 😀

    I think katie is a clown. She is behaving like that just to piss him off, b****!

  70. Ally says

    Lacy don’t you think maybe she looks sad sometimes because of all the mean things she sees in the media about Tom, her and Suri? Don’t you think that is probably why she feels that way? Knowing that every week they always come up with another rumor?Knowing that people say these mean and spiteful things?

  71. Rochelle says

    Can’t wait, 13 more days till the wedding. Somebody should make a count down to the wedding! Can’t wait! I hope they find the location cause I doubt Tomkat will want to show off photos of the wedding the jerks that the media have been. I hope he atleast opts to give a pic to vanity fair or something.can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait! Tomkat wedding is on the way! Suri pics can’t wait, can’t wait!

  72. Lacy says

    she looks miserable, hopefully everything is good with them for the sake of their baby, they are weirdos but i still wish them the best. she looks so serious too, have you guys noticed. she always used to be so preppy and happy. i’d like to not believe all those crazy rumors and hopefully they aren’t true.

  73. Kalista Brat says

    Suri definitely has Katie’s hair cause Tom’s hair is lighter than Katie’s.His hair has a reddish brown tone to it. I think The eyes are a mixture of both cause the top half of Tom’s eyes are slanted a bit and the bottom is a bit wider like Katie’s eyes.But I think Suri has more of her mom’s face shape so she is definitely gonna have her mom’s beautiful bone structure and dad’s piercing eyes!

  74. He's a jerk says

    Stacey, there have been NO PICTURES of them out (or in) with their baby. Only the Vanity Fair spread.

    Verrrry strange.

  75. stacey says

    Hi all, just out of interest has there ever been any pap pics of katie and tom with their baby?, seems really weird to me. xx

  76. Ramona says

    I’m sorry but ever since she had her daughter she’s been dressing like a sixty year old New York socialite.
    She’s not even thirty fer zenu’s sakes. Between her cash flow, all the time she spends shopping, and how carefully she puts herself together to leave the house
    I can’t believe she’s trying to look like Blaine Trump on
    purpose. Make a fashion don’t or two Katie, you’ll feel better.

  77. Kelsey says

    With all the money they have, you would think that they could afford clothing that not only flatters their bodies, but that is classy and looks good! I know people like various styles, but I truly have a hard time understanding how this couple always choose such drab, icky items.

  78. Angie Jolie says

    I think they are both nice people, especially Katie, never mean always sweet, and Tom’s only come out mean in interviews in wich psych drugs were brought up. So I think that for the most part if that’s all they’ve every really done they are not bad people.I hope they never stop being nice, despite the shit that we say. Cause the world doesn’t have enough nice people.

  79. Bethany says

    Maybe she is having second thoughts. And maybe she’s trying to remember what her baby looks like!

  80. carleigh says

    EEEEEEEWWWWWWWW…Tom’s clothes don’t match and he looks like he is getting some major moobs! Why oh why would she marry him? Oh wait I know…she’s brainwashed and he has lots and lots of MONEY!


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