Stephanie Seymour & Children For Generation Gap

Stephanie Seymour

I am so excited! I love Stephanie Seymour and have posted about her in the past. Stephanie and her extremely gorgeous family are featured in this Generation Gap ad that is part of Gap’s holiday campaign. Stephanie is 38 years old and is the mother of 4 children! She is married to Peter Brant and resides in Connecticut with her large family. Dylan Thomas Andrews (born in 1991) is her oldest child and is from a previous relationship with Tommy Andrews whom she divorced in 1990. With Peter Brant she has sons Peter Brant Jr. (born in 1993) and Harry Brant (born in 1997). Daughter Lilly Margaret just turned 2 on October 28th! Peter Brant (a media mogul) left his wife (with whom he had 5 children) to marry Stephanie in 1995.

Apologies for the approximate dates of birth for Stephanie’s three sons…not sure of their exact birth dates..just years of birth!

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  1. says

    Excellent post. I was checking constantly this weblog and I am inspired! Extremely helpful information specifically the last section 🙂 I handle such information much. I was looking for this particular info for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  2. Frances says

    Stephanie is a goddess…I’ve had a ‘girl crush’ on her since 1992. hehe! Love love love her.

  3. Susie says

    Heather, This is Susie. It has been a while, but if you want to get a hold of me try facebook (Susie Wessel) Augusta Georgia network. Tell me something only we would know.

  4. Jilli says

    Just a little factual nit-pick, Beth. Stephanie did compete in the Elite Model Search, but she didn’t win. Obviously didn’t hurt her, career-wise, though! 🙂

  5. Malro69 says

    Stephanie is absolutely stunning and its such a pity that things didn’t work out between her and Axl, because according to Axl, they considered each other soul mates while they were together. Axl had a really close bond with Dylan, and was devastated when he and Stephanie left.

  6. HAYDEN JAMES says


  7. Irene says

    Peter Brant’s marriage was already over when he met Stephanie Seymour. In fact, his ex-wife turned lesbian on him.

  8. Irene says

    Peter Brant’s marriage was already over when he met Stephanie Seymour. In fact, his wife turned lesbian on him.

  9. jamie says

    The funny thing is that she gave birth exactly 9 mos after she left Axl to her second son imagine that boy is Axl’s son and Axl doesn’t know that and she kept that fact hidden cause she hated him!

  10. Jens says

    Axl Rose will soon release his album Chinese Democracy, wich include the song “there was a time”. It’s a song about Axl and Stephanie… Poor Axl – he has never recovered. The song is very heartfelt – you can hear it on youtube.

    Broken glass and cigarettes,
    writing on the wall,
    it was a bargain for the summer,
    and I thought I had it all.
    I was the one who gave you everything,
    the one who took the fall,
    you were the one who would do anything,
    the one who can’t recall.

    Where she was while she was sleeping,
    in another woman’s bed,
    or the doctors or the lawyers,
    or a stranger that she met.
    If there’s nothing I can gain from this,
    or anything at all,
    it’d be the knowledge that ya gave me,
    when I thought I’d heard it all.

    It was a long time for you,
    it was a long time for me,
    it’d be a long time for anyone,
    but looks like it’s meant to be.

    Social class and registers,
    cocaine in the hall,
    all the way from California,
    on the way to your next call
    to those non-negotiations,
    to simulate a call,
    all the bad of learning evils and
    your ways around the laws
    that keep you UP AND sitting pretty,
    on a pedestal of MEN
    and now you’re sleeping like an angel,
    near the man who reaped it in

    If there’s something I can make of this,
    or anything at all,
    it’d be the devil hates a loser and
    you thought you had it all.

    It was a wrong time for you,
    it was a wrong time for me,
    it was the wrong time for everyone
    but looks like I’ve got to see for myself

    If I could go back in time to the place
    in my soul, there all alone,
    lonely tear drops,
    ooh, are calling you.
    but I don’t wanna know it now,
    ’cause knowing you it won’t it change a damn thing.
    but there was a time.

    yeah, there was a time,
    didn’t wanna know it all,
    didn’t wanna know it all and
    I don’t wanna know it now,

    yeah, there was a time,
    didn’t wanna know it all,
    didn’t wanna know it all and
    I don’t wanna know it now,

    Oh, I would do anything for you,
    there was a time,
    I would do anything for you,
    oh, I would do anything for you,
    there was a time.

    There was a time,
    I would do anything for you,
    yeah there was a time,
    didn’t wanna know it all,
    didn’t wanna know it all,
    I don’t wanna know it now,
    didn’t wanna know it all,
    didn’t wanna know it all,
    I don’t wanna know it now

  11. Natalie says

    Stephanie did not break up Peter Brant’s marriage. His wife is a lesbian and she left him for another woman. Sandra Brant is now dating Ingrid Sischy, who used to write for Interview Magazine, which Sandra Brant had co-owed with Peter at one time.

  12. Jamie says

    Its a shame they never lasted cause apprently he still loves her very much and it still saddens him that they broke up! She broke his heart and it was a shame that she never let Axl see Dylan after the break up even though he aint his child but that was still selfish!!!!!

  13. Jamie says

    I wonder if Dylan ever contacted Axl since Axl loved him so much! She was very lucky to have dated Axl Rose!!!!

  14. Harry Brant says

    Dylan is my step brother and a mother is the so sweet and kind andnever yells or does aqnything wrong in the slightest. Dylan ran away last year and it really hurt her. Oh and I was born on August second petey on december fourth and lily on october 27.

  15. Beth says

    Stephanie Seymour was a freshman at Poway High School the year she won the Elite Model search. I was a senior there, and did not know her, but I remember the school paper putting in a picture of her after she won, then off she went. Not too long after that she was all over magazine covers from Cosmo to Seventeen and Sports ILL. I worked at a local grocery store and was friends with a few people who knew her, and we were all over it, when we saw her pic’s in the magazines. It was pretty cool to have a small town girl hit it so big. She has a beautiful family!!

  16. heather says

    it’s a family reunion! now, let me break it down. everyone needs to back off of my aunt, cousins, and uncle. and even axl rose, he is a sad man after all. talking about people you don’t know is petty. stephanie and dylan have great souls. by the way, susie if you see this, message again and we’ll get in touch because i would love it 🙂

  17. Jenny says

    She is gorgoues, I have always wanted to look like her. Anyone who has ugly things to say anout her is jealous.

  18. ME says

    Stephanie is gorgeous and apparently her children have interited her great genes! I happen to love Axl Rose but I don’t think he would have provided a stable home life which it seems Stephanie was looking for.

  19. catherine says

    hello everyone i am dlyan’s cousin and he is an ausome guy he is by far my favorite boy cousin in my family as far as stephine and you all questioning her charater i am very offended you all dont even know her how can you say that she is a qoute “homewrecker” that is obviously jelously and envy talking. Stephine has known my parents seince the tender age of 12 and they have said nothing but great things about her. she recentally sent my grandmother a blanket. i am the neice of tommy andrews and dlyan looks exactally like him, I think that all you jelous people should stop questioning her character because the truth is how would you know?? you dont and you dont know the full story it makes you look much worse if you are judging someone without true facts and quite frankly its pathetic

  20. kristi says

    wow what a beautiful family i am the neice of tommy andrews and my cousin dylan is the oldest son that all u girls are drolling about hahaha but back off i happen to know he has a girlfriend well i love this family stepine i have heard so much about u i only wish i rember you and susie my dad and mom have said wonderful things aobut you this family is gourgous expecially stephine and dylan i love you both!

  21. Susie says

    I was married to Stephanie’s eldest son’s father, Tommy Andrews (after Stephanie.) I looked up this web site to see more pictures of Dylan. Boy you have changed. I cant believe how much you look like your dad now. God bless you Dylan. I’ll always cherish the times we had together in Malibu and Colorado. The last time I saw you, you were 6 years old (the most beautiful child I’ve ever seen.) Dylan, your heritage from your dad is in the truth and wisdom of the Lord Jesus. May you find God.

  22. Lucy says

    Whatever! She’s pretty, but again, whatever. She had an affair with a married man who had 5 kids, and because she’s pretty that’s suppose to make it okay. Gap should think about the character of the person they are dubbing “Gap generation.”

  23. Lisa says

    despite her personal issues no one with a set of eyes could look at pictures of Stephanie Seymour and call her unattractive she is a world renowned beauty

  24. thegrinchiscoming says

    I’m sorry but I don’t find her attractive in the least, least of all after learning she is just a homewrecker. what a ho.

  25. Ramona says

    This gal won the genetic lottery. 5’10” Incredibly built and beautiful face. I remember her from her Axl days too. More recently famous for wearing very demurely cut but very sheer clothes to public events. And yes she does have the bod to do it! Gorgeous kids.

  26. MissyMama says

    She was a Victoria’s Secret model, Sports Illustrated too. What I got from the post is that Mr. Brant left his wife for Stephanie (probably before she had their 1st son) then they finally wed in 1995.

  27. kelley says

    Holding her like what? It is her oldest son, I confess I had to look twice, but that is her hand on her hip and his is on her arm. Her oldest son is really cute, he could be a model himself. It is funny to think she could have ended up with Axl Rose.

    I’m going to take a pass on the character thing.

  28. Amy says

    So she had an affair with a married man, Peter Brant, had a child with him in 1993 while he was married to someone else (and had 5 children). Then they got married in 1995?
    She’s very pretty, indeed, but what about her character?

  29. ? says


  30. Lacy says

    she is very pretty, and has a very beautiful family. yes, it would be very odd for her and her kids if they saw naked pictures of her.

  31. AnotherMama says

    I remember her from back when she dated Axl Rose. She was in a Guns N Roses Video too. Funny now to think of her with Axl.

  32. PS says

    I wasn’t sure who Sephanie Seymour was so I googled her and all I came up with was naked pictures of her. Very pretty woman, tho. I must be behind because I don’t know her. She has great looking kids. Hope they don’t see her on the net.

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