Rod Stewart Being An Adorable Dad!

Rod Stewart

This is not a new pic, but was too cute to resist! I just love pics of fathers adoring their children! The photo was snapped on July 28th while Rod Stewart was on holiday with little Alistair and Penny Lancaster off Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Alistair will be turning one on November 27th!


  1. carleigh says

    The pic is cute and Rod seems very enamored and loving towards his littlest’s sweet to see no matter how old! A good father, a good man, a good parent……..if your lucky to have this in your life your not going to care about a thing called A-G-E, it’s only a number!

  2. Lisa says

    OBVIOUSLY ADORES HIS CHILDREN???!!!! when is the last time you saw him with his pre-teen and teenege boys with Rachel Hunter

    Personally I think it is selfish to have kids at his age, children need to grow up with active parents throughout childhood- all this bs above about it is the same to lose a parent at 10 then at 40 is utter nonsense, you do not have the emotional tools at say 10 then you have at 40 to deal with loss, grief… you do not rely on your parent to financially support you as an adult then you do as a child, so unless you emotionally stop maturing as a young child it is much different to lose a parent in childhood then as an adult

  3. Glynis says

    Enjoy Rod, my father left us when I was six, and didn’t support me in any way financially or with love. He moved from England to South Africa and only returned when I was married and my mum had passed away. I saw him twice before he died. Or on the other hand you could have a father like Rod who obviously adores his children and their memories will be etched for life. Good luck Rod, you and your music brought a lot of enjoyment to my life and I have chosen a fantastic husband who adores our two girls we may not be flushed with money but you can’t put a price on love.

  4. Diva says

    An old man can’t carry his kids on his shoulders and MIGHT die, so he shouldn’t have kids…. does this mean my friend, Inez, shouldn’t have had her kids because she’s in a wheelchair and MIGHT die, or that my cousin, Denise, shouldn’t have children because she’s Type 1 Diabetic, or my boss’s son shouldn’t have had his 3 kids because he has cancer in remission, or my friend and her husband shouldn’t have kids because he has a form of dwarfism?

  5. kelley says

    Well said 2kids. I feel the same way. I don’t think loosing a parent is ever any easier at any age. I would also go so far as to say that a child would never look back and say they wished they had never been concevied just because their father died when they were young. Besides, he’s could live another 30 years or more.

    I agree that opinions are very, so I will just say if you don’t agree with it, don’t have kids with an older man. Not being smart just stating he obvious.

    I think it is very possible that a 70 year old could hold a child on their shoulders, but if you want to make that argument then does that mean that people who can’t hike or hold their children should not have kids? Christopher Reeve for instance. Granted he had his kids before, but look at what happened. He falls off a horse when his son is 3 and Dies before he turns 60. He still made a good parent. No one knows what life has to hold. You or me could drop dead at any minute, but I don’t think I should not be able to have children. To each their own right? I am sure Alistair will grow up happy and with the love of his father and I am glad he is alive.

  6. 2kids2many says

    Lacy, not to start an argument, but its hard to lose a parent at any age…. I lost my dad at 14 and my mom at 35. One death was not easier than the other.

  7. Ruby Jackson says

    Nora Jones’ father is Ravi Shankar, and he’s about 85 now, she’s about 25. What if she hadn’t been born?

    There’s a lot to say for older, wiser, more experienced parents. It’s a tragedy if anyone loses a parent prematurely.

    Here’s hoping Rod lives a long and happy life so Alastair can enjoy him. He’s soooo cute!!

  8. Lacy says

    kelley, if you lose a father at 15, it will be way harder then it would be if you were 35. at 15 you are a teen and need guidance, at 35 you are a mature adult (hopefully). and about the wisdom thing, true, patience also comes in better at an older age, but what about strenght and support. can a 70 year old father go hiking or hold a child on their shoulders for more than five minutes?

  9. Kelley says

    Personally I don’t think any person will be happy loosing a parent be if they are 15 or 35. It’s no easier on a younger child then it is on an older child or for a grown child for that matter, so why would it be bad for a person to have a child later in life? After all, a man who has a child at 30 could be run over by a car leaving the hospital so what’s the big deal?

  10. India says

    I like Rod Steward’s music and I like him too. I think he was very handsome when he was a young man and ofcourse irresistable. Little Alistair is cute.

  11. pat says

    My dad became a ‘new dad’ at the age of 50…..My little sister never came up short on anything in life because she had a older dad than other kids had…..If anything she has a lot of things other kids her age do not…being a dad who is a lot more patient than most, a lot of unlimited time and more financial security than younger parents can give ……he loves all his kids, and it looks like Rod Stewart does to……..I had my last of 5 kids at the age of 40 I hope I”m half as good of a parent as my dad was……Thumbs up to Mr. Stewart

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