Jennifer Garner & Violet: Warning…Cuteness Overload!

Awwwww! Jennifer and Violet (who will be turning 1 on December 1st!) look so cute at the grocery store in LA on Friday! Jennifer looks like such a normal mom…hair still a little wet and just focused on her baby!

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner



  1. stellar says

    omigosh she is the most beautiful child ever-i always see pics of her and jen and ben all smiling and loving her, looks like both gorgous parents-i hope shes tall too-wow

  2. Kmyla says

    Es preciosa Violet, yo la miro y la encuentro mucho mas parecida a Jennifer que a Ben..

    Muy lndas las dos.

  3. Eve says

    Coments made for Ben was first. Second coments were for Katie about TOM and her, corrected I stand I love Ben and Wife and wish them luck.

  4. Eve says

    Coments made for Ben was first. Second coments were for Katie about TOM and her, corrected I stand I love Ben and Wife and wish them luck.

  5. Eve Carpenter says

    I think they make a wonderful family and I wish them all the luck in the future. I am a Mom, grandmother and a Greatgrandmother , Enjoy her as much as I enjoyed mine little and ground.
    Best wishes Eve.

  6. Lucy says

    All of you who say “Ben doesn’t deserve this are stupid and have no life.” who are you to say that someone doesn’t deserve a happy and healthy child just because they have been a bit wild. Are you all deranged or sadistic? Get a life. ONe more healthy child in the world is wonderful. Go Ben.

  7. Ruby Jackson says

    Violet is adorable.

    And yes, it is true that Jen is on the phone a lot! She really needs to get an earbud, she is going to get a terrible neck ache from squishing that phone on her shoulder up to her ear! Not good! Especially when you have to lift and carry a baby!

  8. Jeannie says

    Is it me, or does Violet look really different from the pictures from last week? I know babies change fast, but her face looks much older. Still, she’s cuter than cute! And her outfit is adorable.

  9. mememe says

    I haven’t said this about any other kids on here but Violet is just not cute at all. I hope she looks more like her mom as she gets older.

  10. Paula says

    There are a lot of women and men, celebrity or not that have had wild days. People mature, grow up, whatever. Not really fair to say he doesn’t deserve this after his wild days. The key word here is “AFTER”! They seem like a happy couple with a baby they both love. People need to think before they type!

  11. Chris X says

    Ben doesn’t deserve this after his wild days??? Are you nuts -? Have you noticed the wild days are behind him?
    Give me ten ex wild boys to every one of them – like Ryan Phillipe – who never got it out of his system – or that disgusting Federline – who seems never to be around any of his kids.

  12. Ms D says

    I do agree it’s nice to see another ‘hands on’ celebrity mom. Jennifer really does come across like a wonderful mother; enjoying her baby, whenever I see pictures.

    But I’d noticed too that almost every time I see pictures of her, she’s on the phone! LOL! 🙂

    And I suppose that if she is pregnant again, congratulations are in order!
    But really, though I see the “baby belly” picture, I also think that depending on how she’s holding Violet, she could be pulling up on her shirt, making it look like she’s pregnant.

  13. Jacqueline says

    I just love Jennifer Garner…she’s been my favorite actress since I first saw her in Alias, and it was a no-brainer for me to dress up for Halloween parties this year as her character from Alias, Sydney Bristow! She, Ben, and Violet look so wonderfully normal, happy, and in love, and I wish their family all the best! And if she’s pregnant again…congratulations to them!

  14. Shea says

    hmmm 2 outta 3 pics shes not on the phone…
    I think shes a great role model for other celeb mothers. They should take pointers from her

  15. ??? says

    “Focused on her baby” huh? Every time I see Jennifer carrying her baby, she’s on the phone.

  16. Ang says

    As soon as I saw that close up pic, I thought she definitely looked like she had a baby belly! When your kids are as cute as that, I say have as many as you can!

  17. Lacy says

    violet is so adorable. she looks so much like both her parents. jennifer looks like a wonderful hands-on mom. if she is pregnant, congrats to her because she is a wonderful mother.

  18. Nicki says

    Very cute family. I think Violet looks like Mom and Dad, lucky girl. Jennifer looks like a loving caring hands on Mom, no child could hope for more.
    OK that said, I like the third picture, it looks like Violet is telling her to get off the phone, pushing her chin, Jen holding her other hand. The last pics of the family leaving the studio Jen was on the phone for a minute, no big deal, but this 3rd picture, and it could be anything, looks to me she’s telling her Mom to hang up. Most kids want all your attention and it just looks cute to me.
    I think she is a wonderful parent, as is Ben, and it would be great if she was pregnant. I’m not sure if I think she is, but that pic does look it. I hope she is, they look like a very happy family. Best wishes to them if they are expecting again or not.

  19. says

    Just because she is covering her belly, doesn’t mean she’s pregnant. That’s a completley illogical statement.

    Take for instance, I buy a big shirt. Does this mean I’m pregnant? I look at baby clothes, that doesn’t mean I’m pregnant either.

    I do agree that she that both Jennifer and Violet look darling.

  20. Leonie says

    Judging by the fact that she is covering her stomach with a bag and baby, i think she is pregnant again!!! Looking at the second photo her stomach looks like she may be pregnant?????????

    Violet is cute though!!!

  21. carleigh says

    Jen is so intent and in love with her daughter it’s so sweet to see. I wish her, Ben and their precious little flower much love, peace and happiness! They are just a wonderful little family!

  22. Lucia says

    wow….such cuteness….i love this mom! she is so into her child. Why can’t most celeb moms be like Jennifer or like Reese? I LOVE to see a mom so inlove with her child!

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