David Letterman & Son

Happy Friday! This is just super cute! David was snapped with son Harry, who turns three today, in front of New York City’s Ed Sullivan Theater on Wednesday. He looks like a great and proud father!
David Letterman



  1. K.D. says

    I think unless you have walked a mile in their shoes don’t judge. I find that older fathers are so much more involved in their child’s life and more appreciative of life. Each is different and as long as they are good parents who is to say. D.L. is having the time of his life and now values life. Many other parents will tell you the same. Good for them.! so your parent is old and don’t enjoy you. SAD

  2. MickC says

    It is GOOD for some people to wait and have children..
    Your older ,wiser MORE patient etc…
    Dave and Harry look great!

  3. Kary says

    I think it’s great David has a son that can carry on his name. Whether he’s younger or older, he has the right to experience fatherhood at any age. At least he has a child with a woman he apparently loves and wants to have a child with. To me being a parent isn’t about if you can run and play ball with a kid. It’s how much you love that child and that the child knows that you love him. And if you happen to die before the child gets too old, then I would hope that child would know just how much his parent loved him. And to know that you did your best while you were alive should make everyone happy. No one can choose their parents but if some could I bet they’d choose and older David Letterman as opposed to say someone with a young abusive father.

  4. D'Anna says

    I can’t believe all the snarks.

    Letterman looks like an awesome dad. He really adores that kid. If only half the moms posted on this site were half as ecstatic about their own babies. 😉

  5. starla says

    Good lord, why would someone who is happy for Dave have to only be his PR person?

    I also love Dave and I am glad he is enjoying Fatherhood too, does that make me his PR person also?

    I would rather see an older man be a father than some teenager who could care less about the responsibilities of being a good parent. A teenager may have a longer lifespan, but that doesn’t mean he would stick around to raise his children; in fact, most of them don’t play much a role in their children’s lives.

    At least Dave is doing his job as a parent and enjoying the time he has with his child. God bless him for that

    Starla (apparently another Dave Letterman P.R. handler 😉

  6. Butterfly says

    p.r. person–I’d love to be somebody’s p.r. person. I care about people, including those who think differently. I am just a young widdowed mother who has a diverse background experience in life. I know what is like to grow up concerned about my parents and I know what is like to watch my 2 year old son beat himself up because he doesn’t even remember his Daddy. Thank you for the comment about passion (although I realize that it could have been sarcastically stated). Life is something to be passionate about! Congratulations to Mr. Letterman and anyone else who strives to live their life that way! Harry has a great example in his older, but mature and financially stable father.

  7. Butterfly says

    1. Every one of us has something about our childhood’s or our parent’s that we would like to change.
    2. Everybody’s childhood is different because we are different people. Some may be more or less affected by the age, whether it be too young or too old, of our parents. Some may be more affected by the economics or religious affiliation (or lack of it) in our parents lives.
    3. At some point, we need to look at where we are and make a choice—AND THAT CHOICE IS DO THE BEST WE CAN WITH WHAT WE HAVE
    4. David Letterman is making that choice and to ridicule his decision to be a loving father to his son is not appropriate and that is a heartless thing to do. We are not God and do not need to determine when men should stop having children.
    5. Due to technological advances, women can have children at later ages as well so the first comment about penopause was somewhat ludicrous.

    For anyone truly interested in David Letterman and his particular pair of shoes:


  8. India says

    Comment #29, OMG, Who annoyed you so much in such a way that he/she deserved to be attacked and called and IDIOT. If some1 say something bad about YOU , PLEASE ACCEPT MY APOLOGY.

  9. dori says

    Harry is adorable and although Davids an older father he’s probably a great dad. This is his first child right? He was single for many years wasn’t he?

  10. Jenna H. says

    Harry is adorable! Yes, his dad is old, but there’s nothing anyone can do to change it, so there’s really no point in arguing about it…

  11. says

    Nisa, I have heard the same fears from children whom have older parents Thank you for sharing your own feelings on a topic that you know from firsthand experience! I strongly disagree that you are playing the blame game, what a heartless statement. We can most definitely benefit from recognizing situations in our childhood that affected us, change those in our lives and our childrens lives to be better people, hardly displaced neurotic anxieties they only become these when you are not honest with yourself!
    🙁 I used to babysit (LOL many years ago) for a family that had children in their later years, they were both actors and very much into their careers. He was in his 60’s and she was in her late 40’s when their first child was born. Unfortunately Dad had a stroke when their youngest was 5, he recovered but not 100% and it definitely changed all of their lives because his mental capacity was the hardest hit. The children were devastated and his wife not only had two young children to care for but she was adjusting to a new life with her husband. She had expressed at that time that she wished she had had her children earlier, they will miss out on so much because their loving father will never be the same again.

    A friend of my mothers battled infertiltiy for many years, they had basically came to peace that they were not meant to have children after almost 20 years of TTC. Two years ago her cycles stopped assuming menopause being she was 54 but to her much delighted surprise, she was pregnant! She did have a difficult pregnancy being high risk because of her age, she had fears of birth defects which increase with age and had a very hard time adjusting after babe was here because she was so tired! She is the first to admit her patience is not what it was 15 years ago but she wouldn’t trade any of it ever!

    I believe there are postives and negatives , the age does play a small factor but the parenting is the bigger picture. No matter your age it doesn’t make you a better/worse parent, it your choices that determine that and the affect they have on your children.

  12. Nicki says

    Happy Birthday to little Harry. He is adorable. I like his sweater. His Dad looks very proud.

    People die at any age, every day. My cousin was 8 years old when she died. My friends husband died when he was 26 and left 2 young kids fatherless.

  13. minnie says

    I think the boy is cute. I thinkone has a responsibility to consider the quality of life that a child will enjoy and I think that anyone who cannot argue without resorting to insulting people should go back to their high school and demmand to be better prepared for adult life.

  14. 2kids2many says

    Once again, Lucy, why attack people? I am not an “idiot” because my opinion differs from yours. You say “grow-up”, but I’m not the one name calling like a 5 year old. Perhaps you should take your own advise. If you want to make a point, it is more likely to be taken seriously if you speak like a grown up.

  15. Anna says

    Butterfly look at the picture again Harry does look anxious, I think he is thinking, omigod this old fellas’ bones are cracking and shifting beneath my tiny bums, I better get off before I regret this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha Ha Ha……………

  16. Lucy says

    What a stupid remark about men having babies in their 70’s . First, as it’s been suggested, men DON”T have babies, and second, shame on you. What’s wrong with someone having a baby when their older.
    Grow up, idiot.

  17. Butterfly says

    Well, on second thought, Harry does look terribly anxious, right? NOT!!! If we all sit around and make excuses for our anxieties, we can all play the blame game without looking for our own happiness. I think “older” parents are far from selfish. They are usually the ones who are better able to give of themselves. So, yes, let’s think of the children and not the displaced neurotic anxieties of the adults who are looking back on their childhoods from a cup half empty stance.

  18. Anna says

    Birdie, Birdie Birdie, Abraham lived for 600 years and more, so at 100, he was a wee toddler, the comparision is misplaced, any way who wants an 84 year old staying home when he can neither play with the kids nor talk audibly for that matter!

    I support Nisa, I think people should be les selfish and think of the plight of the kids. I agree it creates anxieties on their part.

  19. eBirdie says

    Abraham was over 100 when he had Isaac!

    Anyway, older parents can retire and then be more available to their children. They have a lot of wisdom and experience to share. Younger parents can have more energy and be around for their children longer. There are good things about parenting at any age (although I wouldn’t recommend parenting in your teens or anything like that).

  20. Butterfly says

    Okay so everyone assumes that I haven’t been in that position. Your loss for not asking, but I do know what I am talking about. I have not been in YOUR shoes, Nisa, but I have been in my shoes. Regardless of age, I think that everyone could learn a lesson from looking at David Letterman or any “over the hill” parent. Instead of letting age be a deterrent, these “older” parents are doing what they can with what they have. That is all anyone can do. Do the best you can with what you have at each moment of our lives. David Letterman is definately doing that and his son is a beautiful boy. To the lady whose Dad was unable to “walk” her down the aisle…perhaps plans could have been changed to allow him to hold her hand in a wheelchair down the aisle. Try not to be close minded. Reach out and grab the opportunities that come your way and do not be afraid to become more adaptable.

  21. shirley&Laverne says

    I agree with Nisa, and regarding lettermen he IS old to have such a young kid.
    Nisa nobody here knows what you went through, my mom was 25 when I was in my childhood and I still worried what would happen to me if something happened to her, I can’t imagine my worries if she had been my grandma’s age.

  22. Betty says

    At least the “older” people take care of their children and do not drop them off on a doorstep or put them in a dumpster.. or worse…My Dad was 60 when I was born and he died at 84..I never suffered one bit..I know lots of younger men that do not take care of their chldren or have passed on..People die regardless of age. A person age should not be a factor in love.

  23. Elaine says

    I was rather surprised to see from the first comment that David Letterman was apparently in his late 70s so thanks to number 19 for confirming his age. It would be a shame if the younger women the men mentioned have married, should be denied the opportunity to have children because their husband was deemed too old. It is very sad that some children have not had a good experience of older parents – I do know of others who have found it a positive experience. I believe the fear of your parents dying is actually a stage everyone goes through regardless of the parents age.

  24. anonymom says

    Harry is a MUFFIN! and old or not (and 59 is not THAT old), Dave is so funny that he’s a total hottie!!

  25. 2kids2many says

    Nisa…don’t let them get to you. They have NEVER been in your shoes. You are talking from personal experience. They are defending a celebrity that they have no personal experience with.
    I have a friend who was in the same situation as you. In high school people teased her because her dad was so old. When she got married, her 91 year old dad couldn’t walk her down the aisle because he was too old. It broke her heart.
    Nisa, thanks for sharing your story. You don’t need to defend your opinions to anyone. Take care…..

  26. HotMama says

    I don’t care what anyone says about Dave being old, he’s not, and he has the most adorable little boy sitting on his shoulders, who obviously loves his daddy so much, I think they have a great relationship, so kudos to Dave!

  27. Nisa says

    KK and Butterfly, don’t get me wrong, I love my dad to pieces and I would never substitute him for any one else, but what I want to point out is that is that you do not choose to be anxious, may be traumatised is the wrong word, but let me tell you, by the time yoy are 7 you realise that old people die of old age and you go….oh my dad is old…… and at that age you don’t have the maturiy to chose or control your anxieties but you are anxious all the same! That does not mean you want to substitute oyur parent. Besudes not all these guys failed to have children in their youth, Julio had three and now he on rampage………mission’ repopulate spain!…….

    I am not sure a person who has never been in this situation can fully appreciate the dilemma and remember when you are little, you tend to worry about things like when parents quarrel, you are anxious and you cannot switch off your anxieties at that age but when you are older, you try to be rational, of course it is always at the back of your mind that at 87 I don’t have 15 to enjoy my father, and that doesnt feel nice at all it sucks!

    K K you are obsessed with Tomkat, I understand rich people should not find love, it is for us the less wealthy….i did not say poor……… but that is life, I accept that, I like Tom Cruise, Ironically i used not to fancy him a lot before, I prefered Ricky Martin and George Clooney, but the tomkat story is like one of those stories in Mills and Boon and I love them, even at this age. In the novels, even haters like you are part of the story line, and it even makes the story more scincillating!!!

  28. Butterfly says

    Oh, …Nisa. Are you telling us that you would rather have not had your Dad in your life at all or are you just obsessing about life or death matters? Perhaps you could learn a lesson from the OLD saying one day at a time. Live in the present, cherish what you currently have and stop trying to find a reason for not achieving your own dreams. If you are psychologically traumatized from the age of a parent, you are choosing that for yourself. Stop it or you will be the one to die…at least figuratively.

  29. kk_619 says

    At least David Letterman is out and about with his children, even at his ‘old age’. Look at some of the celeb Dads out there who are in their 30’s but never spend time with their kids. Im sure that David Lettermans little boy is going to have much more love, nuturing and happiness than Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s little baby Suri, even though her parents are like half the age.

  30. scarlet says

    Those remarks about old people having babies is pretty rotten remarks…Some people are not as lucky to have babies at a younger age…As you can see Dave Letterman an his son are enjoying the time they have while they have it…You don’t know how much time you have in this world..Age should and doesn’t matter when you have a child…What ass-holes to make terrible comments like that about age…

  31. Nisa says

    Butterfly, I am not knocking his parenting ability but all am saying is that harrisson Ford, Clint East wood, Julio Iglesias et al should not be giving birth in the first place after the age of 60. My father gave birth to me when he was 64, he is now 87, but from the time I discovered that old age kills, I have been worried that he may die any time, for some time it became my obsession to ‘enjoy him while he is still alive’ and that is psychologically traumatic, I still worry and I think that is unfair to a child and very selfish of those old men!

    I agree, the boy is cute.

  32. Julie says

    I think it’s great! Mr. Letterman looks so happy, and his little boy is just precious! He looks like his daddy!

  33. Ramona says

    Butterfly and Karen, couldn’t agree more.
    Many people who have spent their 20’s and 30’s building careers bring that same attention and focus to
    their very intentional families in their 40’s and on.
    David Letterman has made many hilarious observations about being an older father but he’s hardly Moses.

  34. karen says

    To no.6/Butterfly: Well said. I was feeling the same way after reading the few comments about old age. David Letterman is 59 years old. Hardly an “old man”.

  35. India says

    Though Harry is adorable I’m fully agree with comment #1 & 2 and Nisa, you are so hilarious by calling them grandpapas. The word need to be added into the dictionaries, hahahahaha……………owwww!!!!!!

  36. Butterfly says

    It is hard for me to believe that David Letterman’s parenting ability is being knocked because of his age. I think many women have children in order to eek some type of identity because they are too afraid to go out and work hard to achieve their dreams. David Letterman has worked hard. He is able to provide his son with love, guidance, nurturing and help his son to build a solid foundation. Last I looked, we do not posess a crystal ball to see how old Mr. Letterman will be when he dies. My children lost their father at ages 2 and 5. Their Dad was only 28. I believe that David Letterman has the ability to be a great father. Not only does he have the maturity to lay the groudwork for an incredibly grounded future for his son, but he also had achieved sucess that will enable his son to be well-cared for if something were to happen to end his life–natural causes or not. With all of the advancements in technology, women can be mothers at later ages as well. Try not to be judgmental of people who seek to give a great life to their prosperity.

  37. carleigh says

    Men don’t give birth it’s the women in their lives who give birth, technically speaking. I do however share your thoughts about older men fathering children because they will not be around to nuture, protect them and watch over them as they grow up. That is sad. On a bright note, Harry is very cute and it’s a rare instance to find any pic’s of him at all. He is a cute little imp and he has his father’s dumbo ears too! How cute!

  38. 2kids2many says

    I totally agree with you, Nisa (about the old man/baby thing). But it is nice to see Mr. Letterman with his son. This is a rare sighting. Dave is such a private man. His son is so cute! “Be careful, Little Harry. Your daddy’s bones aren’t as strong as they used to be!”

  39. Nisa says

    I am tired of men who give birth to children in their late 70s, they wil die soon, my dad is old and am only 23, i have always worried that I am not going to enjoy his life. I think these children grow up with those apprehensions too. I wish there was penopause, to stop, these grandpapas!

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