Angelina Jolie & Maddox In Pune, India

Angelina was spotted out and about with 5-year-old Maddox today in Pune, India. She doesn’t look particularly pregnant, but I guess only time will tell!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt



  1. team brangelina says

    I agree w/ MichelleB. Plus they look good together. Jennifer should of gave him a kid instead of tryin to do big movie. Angelina gave him a kid & came back & do more movie. Hey jen could do the same & keep brad, but she didn’t. Oh well that’s life.

  2. MichelleB says

    Why don’t people give her and him a break! She is probably totally stressed out that “Woe is me” ex wife can’t seem to get Brad out of her system. I mean, what kind of ex continues to spend time and effort with the ex inlaws……one who wants to make waves. Poor Jennifer! Get a grip. She is a wolf in sheeps clothing.
    Angie is a great mom, super good doer for those in need – and obviously a better choice for Brad. If she is too thin that maybe have to do with the constant yo yo ride of the papparazi and Cry Baby Ex!
    Jen had him for many years! She had more than enough chances to be Mommy Pitt! You snooze you loose BIG HEADDED ONE!!!!

  3. says

    I think Brad is fooling himself into thinking that th is family life with Jolie is going to last forever. Jolie will be the one to dumpo Brad . Brad pitt’s a shallow guy who once professed his love to Jenn Aniston”I love my wife” but in the end he turns out to be weak and pittable. Why? because he never even tried to make his marriage work with Jenn and I believe she truly loved him. I believe he was the love of her life. Jen never said she did not wanta kids. Jolie works alot and has her kids. They are rich and got all kinds of people to help with the family,such as maids, body guards. chefs, nanny’s and the list goes on. Brad Pitt’s immaturity lies in the fact that he never really took the time to mourn or grieve the loss of his marriage to Jen Aniston. He met a beautiful woman named Angalina Jolie and who is her own woman; and that was it he was smitten. He forgot all about poor Jen as she struggled to accept and get over the man she wanted babies with, the man she truly loved, the man who said” I LOVE MY WIFE” Jen has made alot of progress in getting over Brad, but I think she will always love him with some pain. I truly don’t think Vince Vaughn is for her , he Is just a rebound and I would really love to see Jen aniston date the hot Matthew McConaughey. Brad pitt thinks having these babies and adopting is going to make their relationship heaven in paradise he is pathetically mistaken. He didn’t even take the necessary time it takes to get to know this jolie who won’t marry him. He’s a man with children ; but not a married man. what does that say about his relationship with Jolie. There is something special and important about saying vows to the one you love, in a ceremoniously way. It’s a time to share taht joy with family and friends and become one in spirit;but the fact that that has not happened tells me there is fear of commitment. I think Angelina is a strong individualistic woman and she will be the one to call the shots in this nonmarried with kids relationship. Angelina is a free spirit and Brad comes from midwestern traditional values and I think he would have had his dreams fulfilled if he gave his first wife Jen Aniston a loving try. He’s a weak minded man who’s lust and attraction overcame him. In the end I say what goes around comes around. Any rich star can adopt and that seems to be a new trend in Hollywood these days. He could have had what he’s got with Jen Aniston, so he didn”t his marriage vows very seriously I hope it works out but in the bigger picture I think Angelina will tire of Brad pitt. Gwayenth did not cheat on Brad Pitt. She was qouted as saying “The relationship was unhealthy”. I think he did Jen wrong. He was cold; and he gets upset that Jen is still friends with his parents. Grow up Brad I sure hope Fatherhood makes you. Ten again life is much easier for the wealthy.

  4. Nicki says

    “i recently saw a film clip of Angie and not only is she thin but soooo pale.. she looks ill seriouslyy she doesn’t look well… do you think it’s for her role as Daniel Pearls wife ?”

    Shea, I think her last comment/question is what I was commenting on. I might have misunderstood, but it looks to me she was asking if the role of MP, played by Angelina is the reason for AJ being so thin and pale.

  5. Nicki says

    #51 dori is that comment a little joke? I’m seriously asking because if it was it was funny. And if you were seriously asking and not making a joke, then no she is not thin and pale for the role of Marianne Pearl. MP was 6 months pregnant when her husband was beheaded, and she isn’t or ever was pale.

  6. dori says

    i recently saw a film clip of Angie and not only is she thin but soooo pale.. she looks ill seriouslyy she doesn’t look well… do you think it’s for her role as Daniel Pearls wife ?

  7. Shortee says

    Its true Angelina is expecting again? I just read it on MSN ! So much for the rumours being just rumours….it might just very well be true!

  8. Kathie says

    Folks, Angelina has said herself in interviews that she’s had trouble with eating disorders before.

    So nobody is making up stuff here. The pics are worth a thousand words anyway.

    I’ve known a lot of anorexics in my life and they have a much better time controlling their disease and maintaining a healthy weight when they are happy and NOT under stress. Clearly therefore either:

    Angelina IS in the early stages of pregnancy and cannot keep food down.

    Angelina is suffering from dysentery or something similar picked up in India…but I think that would’ve been reported


    Angelina is having a recurrence of her eating disorder due to anxiety, stress and unhappiness in her personal life.

    Pictures don’t lie.

  9. shan says

    hey, I don’t know if any of you have ever been to India, but the food there is crazy spicy and just a shock to the body, I lost 15 pounds when I was there for a month, and I ate like crazy! So I can understand that she is skinnier than usual. Plus carrying around a 5 year old has got to burn some calories, especially in that weather. Maddox is just adorable, I love his style.

  10. Brit says

    Robin! I can’t believe you!
    Whoppers are Burger King! Take it from the lady with the fat butt! But anyways, back to the topic. Angelina has always been thin, but not to my memory THIS thin. I can’t stand to see people look so frail…..makes me want to shove a double cheeseburger down their throats. And I”m glad to see that Maddox has grown out his mohawk!

  11. Robin says

    McDonalds hasn’t infiltrated India because Hindus do not eat Whoppers…but I bet there’s a KFC! go grab a bucket of extra crispy Ang!

  12. dori says

    I do agree that an eating disorder is totally possible. I ‘ve been on movie sets and believe me they feed you very well. All day long some people are around dedicated to preparing and serving food.Thats their only job… feeding the actors and crew. And with nannies she’s got help with the kids … so why does she look so emaciated? May be she is really stressed out… she always looks very tense.

  13. dori says

    One look at her as she is now tells me 1 more kid would be the end of her health. This movie and living in India must be taking the life out of her. Poor woman needs a break and soon.

  14. Paula says

    KellyMay, my neice had an eating disorder also. She is doing fine but we have to watch her all the time for relapse which isn’t unheard of. But I understand where you are coming from about something someone says about you. A person can say you have ugly upper arms or ugly legs and it will stick with you for years. I hope your sister does well and realizes that some people criticize others to hide their own dificiencies. I don’t know that AJ has an eating disorder. I was just responding to what you said and I think someone else must have suggested it. Sometimes I don’t read through all the posts and get confused. My fault!

    Anyway, try*414

    There are some really great recipes for lamb here.

  15. Ramona says

    KellyMay I always go to when I need
    recipes. I’m not a big foodie and there’s always something interesting on there. Happy Birthday!
    Re: A&B, I always thought of her as the cool one and him as kind of a tool. Hope the kids have helped him grow up and they’ll stay together, but keep thinking she’ll out grow him in ten years or so. Hope I’m wrong.

  16. says

    Way off topic but you gals have helped me before with recipes. Tomorrow is my B-day and I have been wanting to try lamb for awhile so my hubby picked some up for dinner at the market. Any suggestions on how to prepare chops? TIA 🙂 I heard mint is nice with it?!?

  17. says

    Paula I completely understand that! My younger sister is bulimic she has been affected by this since her teens. We believe alot of it stemmed for our childhood and many harsh comments my farther made thinking he was just being sarcastic (he’s an alcoholic). My sis is fine when she is in a relationship, it is when she is ‘alone’ that she tends to get her ill thoughts back and starts the cycle again. She has gone almost a year now without vomitting which is a big step for her, I am very proud of her and I know it is not easy but she is learning to recognize that she is very beautiful.

    My question was simply why would you think she has an eating disorder. Actually now that you pointed that out it may lead to a relapse for some in a relationship with a hot man, a means to stay thin to ‘keep’ him, interesting…Does she have a history at all. I try deperately to understand my sister, I am thankful that she is able to confide in me though 🙂

  18. Sam says

    I think she has a big heart and is a kind person, and obviously her children come first! And how does anyone know if she is unhappy with Brad, nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors, they probably don’t want to give anyone the satisfaction of getting a picture of them being romantic or anything, man! I could not even imagine cameras following you everywhere and constantly taking pics, I think I personally would have a nervous breakdown, and then to hear all the mean and untrue things that people say in magazines and baby blogs, I would totally lose it!

  19. PS says

    Yep, she’s a stick all right! She better take to wearing bricks in her drawers so she doesn’t blow away.

  20. Paula says

    Eating disorders are a disease just like drugs or alcohol. Just because your with a hot man doesn’t mean she wouldn’t be immune to one. There are a lot of people with wonderful families, wives, husbands and kids that have eating disorders.

  21. says

    Nisa , I’d watch your movie!

    Why would you think an eating disorder? I am interested how you came to this conclusion. Angelina certainly has no reason to be concerned about her body image especially being postpartum plus she is with one the hottest men around. My first thought would be drugs unfortunately 🙁 but I believe it is just stress) I witnessed a very close friend of mine lose 50lbs in a matter of months after having her 3rd child, she didn’t even realize how thin she was getting until a bunch of us showed our concern. She was so busy taking care of others that she lost sight of herself which so often happens to moms with young children.

  22. Alyssa says

    just to let u no that picture that you posted about the tabloid of her being pregnant is a picture from when she was pregnant with Shiloh.. she isnt pregnant.

  23. Kary says

    I hope Brad likes them skinny cause she has no boobs! She is a total opposite of JA! Must be like sleeping with a board! Not healthy looking at all. She better start taking better care of herself if she has 3 kids and wants more. If she’s that stressed out and having to chase 3 kids around plus do that ambassador thing, perhaps she needs to think about being a “stay at home” mom for awhile. Give herself a break. Then she’ll be able to give her kids her “full” attention.

  24. Nicki says

    #25 Anna- you are entitled to your opinion of course. But this isn’t “the adventure” of the moment, they are there working on a movie. His parents and family have their own lives and work. They did all get together when the Shiloh birth “adventure” happened.

    Maddox is adorable. Angie is beautiful, maybe a little thin right now to some, but IMO she will be just fine.

  25. Ruby Jackson says

    She looks fine to me. I love how she’s always got a frim grip on Mad. He’s so adorable.

    I used to work on films, and sometimes with the long hours and intense work, you don’t eat right, and lose weight. She’s just got so much on her plate (no pun intended) right now, with work, kids, ambassadorship, etc., etc., she’s probably just not eating well.

    Stay strong Angie and Brad. You are a cute couple and a cute family.

  26. 2kids2many says

    #24…Lucy- my comment (#7) was made in humor. I don’t know why you couldn’t recognize it as a joke…other people did! Some people need to lighten up. So I don’t need to “get real” as you told me to do. From now on, when I make a joke, I’ll be sure to note it is one (so I’m not attacked again!) Oh my gosh.

  27. Anna says

    Lucy I totally agree with you, I don’t think she a heroine of sorts, I think she has a misguided kindness, I also agree with Nisa, I think her problems are not from hard work but from stress. Am not saying this out of spite but I think she is back on cocaine. I disagree with Nikki, I dont think Brad is in it for the long haul, I think it an adventure of the moment playing families, notice that he does not involve his family- Mum dad, bros……… in this adventure, I have not seen any of them with Jolie, I dont think he will abandon the kids, but am sure he will abandon Angelina.

    I think Angielooks unhealthy, I dont know about the rest of you

  28. Lucy says

    This woman is definetely not the epitome of a healthy young mom–she looks sick, and really people it’s not from “running after her three kids,” give me a break. In regard to the other ridiculous comment that she’s in 3rd world countries, do you really think she eats at McDonalds and stays at the local hotel. Get real, these celebrities are not lacking for food or drink. This woman has a problem, and it’s not due to any child stress or lack of food, it’s a problem, probably an eating disorder. ANyhow, she needs to put on a few pounds, and the public needs to stop lauding her as some kind of female heroine or role model, she’s not, and i wouldn’t want my kid idolzing her.

  29. Nicki says

    18. Team Aniston~~~~~~~~~~~
    Go wait at the airport for you idol to breeze through. Then maybe the taxpayers won’t have to pay for her police escort and the police can get back to doing thier job. Oh but sorry, I must have missed the report about how LA is completely crimefree now and the police have nothing better to do than escort a ex-tv sitcom cast member out of the airport, because the paps were called, and were the only mob there. Can you say, tipped off, “Vince will probably with her.” Because how do you explain the fact she leaves the US, NOT one pic, she spends an few days with “might be, might not be, boyfriend, again NOT one pic, they ?? went to the theather there, but again NOT one pic. Only when she comes home is an absloute blatant display of PR whoring. Give me a break. Jen has to create her own attention, because she had ZERO until she got back. “so over”

  30. Nicki says

    14. Nisa —–Do You remember a movie she did called Sliding Doors, which by the way was a very interesting movie, I liked it, and still do.
    Well it was, without any actual confirmation from Brad or Gwyenth, but that was the movie she was shooting and right after, by the way it was shot in London, I believe, so they were apart for awhile, they ended thier engagement. No excuse for an engaged woman, actually very young woman, to cheat, but after all this time she is actually admiting “SHE was ” the reason for or should I say “the architect of her own misery.”

    And yes she does look a bit thin, but she has always been thin, remember when she was 6-7 months pregnant with Shiloh, everyone was complaining about how thin her arm looked.(when she was flying her plane, some people were saying she was hurting or trying to hurt her baby.) She had a healthy, beautiful baby.
    Brad and Angie have 3, THREE, beautiful, healthy, well-adjusted kids. They know thier parents love them, and will always be close. When Brad did the Oceans 13 shoot, which was mostly in LA, Brad had a web cam for Maddox , and for the less than week they were in Nevada they used it alot according to Brad in one gushing short interview.. And unless it was a long shoot, LA and NV is a very short, 45 min. commerical flight, and back the next AM.
    This is a man who is enthralled with his family life. He is in love for the long haul. I for one am happy for the whole family, and the all the other family members to come! Best wishes to each and everyone and the ones to becoome of the spectacularl Pitt-Jolie loving family!

  31. babyhates says

    Ahhhhh she’ so thin 🙁 I hope she’s not over doing it with work and 3 little cuties. Isn’t Brad back in LA ????

  32. says

    Angelina looks like she is back on crack!!!
    She is so gross…yuck yuck yuck.
    Icky woman.

    Nisa you said it,
    I will be right here too with a great big…
    I told you guys so.

  33. Nisa says

    Kelly May,

    This is not the first time she has worked so hard, the thing I liked about Angelina is that ,whatever the situation, she always seemed happy and glowing till she met Brad!

    As for watching the space, I plan to tell you guys I TOLD YOU SO when she finally breaks down.

  34. carleigh says

    She is a bit too thin. She’s a beautiful woman but she appears to be turning into skin and bones. Eat Angie, Eat!

  35. says

    2 kids to many,, that is so funny and likely quite true!!!

    Nisa, what do you mean “watch this space”, Interesting thoughs!

    Angelina is quite busy right now, and she does look rather thin, perhaps doing a bit too much?!? 🙂

  36. Nisa says

    Who did sweet Gweneth cheat with, I know many of us love guy so we will say any thing to make himlook good, but Nicki, you agree, Angelina does not look like a woman in love at all, right!?!? I will tell you the date!

  37. Nicki says

    Nisa, Gwyneth cheated on him when they were engaged, thats why he ended it. He was devastated with that and took a long time to get over it.
    And please tell us, when is the EXACT date thier relationship will end?

    Yes I do agree Maddox is cute, great sense of style, and he is getting really tall.

  38. Nisa says

    I TOLD YOU!!!!!! and I will say this again, this relationship is unhealty for Angelina, I have always said, she looks like she is walking a tight rope! Brad is a very tricky partner if not down right bad for ones health. In the earlier picture when they wer togather, she looked like she is scared of touching him! When she is around him, she acts like she doesnt know what to do! and yet she used to be so happy and laughing all the time, o.k ,granted most of it was heroin, but atleast she did not look this unhealthy!

    In the beginning, she had a love glow, but soon she realised Brad was using her as a brooder, but she thought he would come around and she would soon be able to twist him around her little finger, she has now realised that she was sooooooooooooooo wrong!!

    Look at Brad’s history, he leaves very nice girls, Gwen and Jen after taking them on an emotional roller coaster ,by the time he is through with them, they are total wrecks. Ironic that he seems unscathed and still moves with his usual swagger………..

    I wish some one could indulge me and let me write a movie script about those two, I can even tell the exact date their relationship is going to end, how, and where. I feel for those sweet babies. WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!!!!!

    By the way Maddox is cute I agree, I love his sense of style too.

  39. dori says

    wow her arms are sooooo thin between her work and her kids I guess she doesn’t eat much. I don’t remember her looking this thin.

  40. Jenn says

    He is just too cute! I love that we hardly see her w/o one of her kiddos. I think she is a wonderful mommy!

  41. 2kids2many says

    Of course Angelina looks thin…
    #1- She’s running around after 3 young children
    #2- Hello! Brad Pitt is her boyfriend (she probably gets alot of SEXercise.)
    #3- She’s always in 3rd World’s not like theres a McDonalds on every corner.

  42. sue says

    Ok, I just scrolled down to find the tabloid photo that suggests she’s pregnant. That’s terrible!! Doesn’t anyone realize she only recently gave birth, and there’s no way people would think the same of a regular woman walking down the street anyway! She really is beautiful, if not too thin, in my opinion.

  43. sue says

    Is there speculation that she is pregnant again? I heard, too, that she was adopting from India, but no word of a pregnancy. She actually looks unhealthily thin!

  44. Nicki says

    Tabloids said it again, and about the adoption also, again.
    She looks much thinner here than in the picture from the tabloid cover.
    Maddox sure does like his rock-n-roll t-shirts. I think he is a very cute kid.

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