Rumors Swirl That Angelina Jolie Is Pregnant Again

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Hmmm… I didn’t post about this earlier as I thought it sounded a bit suspicious. Star magazine is reporting that Angelina has started taking prenatal vitamins again and has stopped taking birth control. Hmmm…Shiloh is only 5-months-old and it is normal to continue taking prenatal vitamins for awhile after giving birth, especially if one is breastfeeding and how do they know about her birth control?! Other rumors were that she was fainting a lot recently and has been having a hard time keeping food down. Couldn’t that be from the extreme heat in India and the natural exhaustion that comes from having three little ones! Reportedly, Brad has said that he would like to have a huge family so maybe his wish is coming true!

Here is the bulge in question!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt



  1. Babies2 says

    I had a baby April 05 and then got pregnant again 8 weeks later. I lost all the weight in between but I defiantly showed very quickly. This is because the uterus hadn’t had time to shrink in such a short period of time.
    So with the second one, it popped out very early on. I think she is prego because she looks like I did when I just got prego with baby #2.

  2. pat phillips says

    Hi!!! My very first comment ! First of all, I HATE JA, she’s so whiny!! I was amazed when Brad Pitt married her, what a mis-match. Maybe if she was more concerned with her “then” husband, instead of her career, they would be a happy family.
    I, too, agree, there are many homeless children in the U,S. I feel we should take care of our “own”, then maybe others………And what’s up with Madonna? Copy-Cat???? What a “has-been”………

  3. carleigh says

    Momstar, thanks. I haven’t responded on this thread in the past couple of days and I am glad to see things are calming down a bit. Oh well, to each their own I guess. Thanks for your post. Have a great day!

  4. Lolitha says

    Im happy if shes preggers again.Shes such a beautiful woman absolutely love those Lips.Any wedding bells though cos i want this couple to stay together.

  5. Jher says

    Holy crap, poor Angelina’s got lost in the posts somewhere. It’s a good thing we are only talking about her supposed bump and nothing something more serious, I would hate to see what the fighting would be like then (which i thought was quite annoying by the way. I had to scroll through all that crap and try to find a message that actually had the word Angelina in it. I don’t think she’s pregnant. If she had a bump like that she would have to be like 4 months preggo at least…that’s a little extreme don’t you think. The papparazzi probably got about a dozen pics and just published the one she looked fattest in and said she was pregnant.

  6. marcan says

    Sorry to leap in, but what gets me is that angelina says how all these children in the world don’t have money for this or that or food/ water and how she feels bad, but yet look at her house and her PRIVATE plane. And there a lot of children in the USA that are also in need of a home. IF she is preg congrats if not oh well. I just remember them (Brad and her) saying that they weren’t together and low and behold their spotted in africa and then their preg. OH well, I would hate to have their life, living under the microscope, but they chose that life.. PEACE

  7. To imo.... says

    Too bad you didn’t lose it all over your keyboard, we could get a much needed break from you, while you cleaned it up.

  8. momstar says

    The argument with Carleigh and IMO…or whoever, was hysterical!! Carleigh, you do sound angry but you made quite a few intelligent points, so you have my respect. Also, Carleigh, it really does not pay to argue with some people. They are stuck in their own thoughts and ways and nothing you say however intelligent will change their viewpoint. It is frustrating and vexing to say the least. You are deep thinking and very analytical. Not everyone is so.Have a good day and try not to let the opinions of everyone who comes on here get you worked up. Just blow it off.

  9. gracelyn says

    U people are hysterically funny (not kidding)!!!! It has been a pleasure reading this one, dont listen to the two that are trying to make peace, keep stating your opinions thats what this is for. If your not thrilled about a PG-13 rated argument then dont read the posts!!!

    Team Aniston you are a riot!! =)

  10. Daria says

    Maybe it’s a fake stomach for the movie she’s shooting. Mariane Pearl was pregnant when Daniel Pearl was kipnapped and murdered. Is this forum usually so, um, lively??

  11. Kary says

    Why do we always have to get our panties in a wad. Shea and I have learned a lesson. We have learned to tolerate each other’s opinions. We all just need to get along. K?

  12. Lucia says

    same here #48…i can’t remember what i was going to say about her….
    oh…i don’t think she’s pregnant, it was probably a bad angle of someone messing with the picture digitally. I don’t think with her schedule and all her kids, she would be silly enough to get preg. again.

  13. 2kids2many says

    Wow….so much anger and hatred. By the time that I got all the way down here, I forgot what I was going to say about Angelina.

  14. India says

    I’m fully agree with you Ann. People should make peace and lets keep on posting in harmony. We are all like brothers and sisters on this blog. We should not attack each. Each of us is entitled to her/his opinion. We are different and cannot have the same opinions at all. Let learn to tolerate one another.

  15. Ann says

    Guys stop it, you ae really depressing me! Instead of dissecting the lives of celebrities to help us in the writing industry, you all off bickering, please dont chase us off the blog OK TRUCE!

    Now, where were we.oh, Team Aniston, thank you for your support, Although I am not in your team ( Iam not in jolies team either, I guess am a referee) I serously think that Angelina is miserable. I think Brad has a selfish streak and Angelina cant wind her around her finger like she has been doing to all other me…….case study bob thornton- now the tables have turned and some body is using her without any security of a long lasting realationship, I mean………’ jen and I will only marry when every one in the US is allowed to marry….’ What about those guys who wanna marry their sisters, or their dogs, I read about them on Yahoo wierd news……… any way, you get my point, Brad is making Angelina do what he wants and does not tell the poor girl her station in his life, I know, the rainbow family novelty will wear off, what then Angelina will be left in limbo, she has lost so much weight, check her out with maddox on and see my meaning. Poor girl, any way she brought it on herself stealing peoples husbands when they are having marital problems!

  16. says

    To: I Hate Carleigh, oopps sorry, was the wrong person, but my apology goes out to you. Sorry.
    I just read what she wrote in here now, and ya know what, she is just doing it for attention. Must be too cold to leave the trailer today!

    Carliegh, I did not say I was stupid, I stated it was stupid to defend a person like you. I don’t know what has happened to you but I must say I feel sorry for you. Must suck to be you, you have such anger and ya know what, when you talk like that you look like a low life scum. Even if people don’t agree with you there are adult ways to relate to people. Grow up and go take a breather loser. I have no time for asses like you!!!! Everybody hates you…wonder why that is!!!

  17. imo.... says

    such anger Carleigh- to have to defend yourself to so many people. what a shame. I will say an extra prayer for u tonight, my dear. Perhaps try anger management for the sake of your poor children. they will also be in my prayers.

    Ladies, Carleigh is obviously feeling alittle stressed today. Please remember to say an extra prayer for her tonight. Perhaps she will be a happier person tomorrow.

    Thank you for pointing out my spelling mistakes. I don’t have time to be so anal.

    Peace, Carleigh.

  18. carleigh says want to talk about uneducated??? your OWN posts and then come back and tout me w/ being uneducated! I don’t find my OWN self worth on a computer blog, I use this site for stating my opinions and enjoyment most of the time. Until stupid bitches like you think they can call me out and point out my faults. Are you perfect? Hell no your not so don’t sit there from your little computer perch as pathetic as you are and tell me what you think I should say or not say and what context I may use. Half of your blah, blah blog is filled with typo’s, spelling and grammatical errors and you want to talk about me using a few choice words?
    IF I were to engage you in a battle of “wits” my dear, I would give you the advantage of time to prepare yourself. I wouldn’t have a battle of “wits” with someone of your obvious calibur because it would be a lesson in frustration and futility. First of all your intellect and I would think that you could find your equal at a swap meet or any nose picking contest.
    I never have touted how educated I am either. I happen to be in the process of going back to school to further my education and since your the expert on all things Carleigh I would expect you to know that…but I digress you do have a life outside of being my cyber stalker don’t you?
    Team Aniston-first of all I totally agree with your assertion that you are STUPID–great you can admit it! You are a total and completely certifiable, unbalanced, unequivocable—lunatic!!!!!!!!! You don’t even accept the fact that Brad and Jen are REALLY DIVORCED! Let alone live in any realm of reality! Like I said earlier go grab a cold one, put on your Team Aniston t-shirt, put on a Friends DVD, CRY your eyes out and DREAM ON! Because your brain clearly ain’t in Kansas anymore TOTO!
    Joelly -I am not going to even pick at you because you have a valid point about parental controls. But as far as controlling what my child does at a friends home, yes I do happen to know what goes on because I know my daughters friends and their families. She has enough self assurance to know right from wrong, but there is no reason to tempt her curiosity so I choose to monitor and “police” the things she does and where she goes and who she’s with. It’s my job as her mother and I take it quite seriously. I never said I was perfect and that my kids will never get into any kind of trouble. I just do what other parents do, set your kids up to know the basic fundamentals of life and how to make responsible decisions and with a lot of HOPE and prayer that they make the right decisions. So please don’t sit there and try to piss me off about your perfect parent crack because if you don’t do the same things you have NO room to talk. Any mother knows our kids are our main responsibility.

    And IMO just a case in point to hightight your obvious is what you stated above:
    I know some uneducated people have a heard time reading intellectual comments not filled with trailer trash swear words–Maybe you heard time reading but I believe the correct way to say that is…hard time reading…now who’s the intellectual here? Surely you can’t be referencing yourself??? LMAO

  19. I hate carleigh says

    oh. Team Aniston, you did reed Carleighs comment. I just left you a message on the post where you defended her. and by the way- you apologized to the wrong person. you apologized to ‘carlee hater’. I am ‘I hate Carleigh’. it was easy too confuse. their are alot of us who hate carligh. shes just so easy too hate.

  20. lou says

    can i just say, ive only read the top few posts coz im a bit strapped for time, but i wudnt be suprised if she was preg again and congrats if she is yay 🙂

    ive got three kids aged 4,2, and 1 and wud love another but money is tight as it is! i know that if i were in angelinas shoes (i wish lol) i wud have more as money and space wud not be a problem and as a mum u naturally make time and obviouslty equal love for all ure kids no matter how many u have

  21. Heather Mills says

    Okay seriously this looks fake. I mean consider the source, “Star” magazine? That has known to be an unrealiable magazine. Also, if she is pregnant, which I strongly doubt, it is their business. No matter how many kids she has, she will have enough room of love in heart. After all a mother always does. Brad Pitt has always wanted a big family, maybe his wish is comming true. I do not think Angeline Jolie has him on a leash, nor do I think he is whipped. It is unfourate what happend between him and Jennifer Anistion. Trust me I was a huge “FRIENDS” fan! But life goes on. Also, seriously we barley know them? Leave them alone, and be happy for them if it is true. But don’t bash on them. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!

  22. Joelly says

    It is very smart parenting that you use your parental control settings for the internet usage within your own home but what about the parents who are less perfect than yourself? Surely your child/children spend time at friends homes who may have a computer that your child is using, you can only control what is within your power TO control. I’m sure you have an answer to this as you seem to have an answer to everything.
    Sorry, I didn’t want to get involved in this childishness…..couldn’t help but point out the obvious.

  23. says

    #20, you have my most sinceriest apologies. Really you do.
    I defended Carleigh in another post but I see now I have been wrong about her. She has never talked like that before to me, she was always reasonable and fun to “get into” with before but she is off her rocker now so I will let her be.
    I was stupid to defend her….maybe she is just on her period though, who knows!!!

    Nisa – you are one smart lady, well said, you have my vote chickie!!!

  24. Sam says

    Well I don’t know about anyone else here, but I had my daughter 16 months ago and I still have a jelly belly! And I do crunches every day. Baby weight is the hardest to get rid of, I don’t know how the stars do it without surgery. I just think it is so funny that they are always assuming that someone is pregnant because of a little tummy pooch, my goodness, leave these poor people alone, they are human just like the rest of us!

  25. Diva says

    No need to keep ’em shorter, sweetie, except maybe in the same post you get on someone else for doing it. You know, for credibility’s sake.


  26. imo.... says

    U are absolutely correct, Diva. i’m sorry-I did go on & on & on just like Carleigh. my babies are sleeping at the moment and i just wanted to thank Carleigh for warning me to set my parental controls (incase my babies crawl to the computer & type in “babyrazzi”). I will try to keep my comments shorter in the future. I know some uneducated people have a heard time reading intellectual comments not filled with trailer trash swear words.

  27. India says


  28. Diva says

    LOL @ IMO going on and on just as long as she/he complains about carleigh doing….

    You people are too funny sometimes.

    What was this thread about? Oh, yeah, Angelina….

  29. imo.... says

    O Carleigh, honey. Y must u go on & on & on just to try & get your lame point across? does it make u feel important? Perhaps u should go & try to find your self worth somewhere else than on a blog. I find spending time with my children helps. perhaps u should try it.

    As far as u trying to start a “battle of wits” with me- honey, I refuse to fight an unarmed person. come back when u can speak like an educated adult.

    Thank u for your advise concerning parental controls on my computer. when my babies are old enough to use the computer, i’ll have to remember your excellent advise. what a shame that because of your uneducated, trailer trash language that i will have to set parental controls on a website that celebrates the miracle of birth.

    now, i must go and kiss my kids like u suggested. unlike u, I won’t have to wash my mouth out first.

    have a wonderful day, carleigh. i will be thinking about you and praying that your children have a good role model in their lives (besides a trailer trash talking mother). Take care, sweetie.

  30. India says

    Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnn…mmhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET BE PEACE ON EARTH…..LOL…

  31. carleigh says

    IMO, first of all I can and am a grown woman and can use whatever language I’d like. How can you not read what I write because I’m here 24/7, well it seems if you are reading whatever I post and you know my internet habits so well, then what does that say about you as well? It says that your here maybe even more so than I am and you think I’m sad..OK, whatever. Also, in reference to you calling me undeducated, trailer park trash mouth …this from someone who has very little grasp on language arts his/herself. I would think it wouldn’t behoove you to go get yourself a dictionary or better yet just type in and it will take you straight there. Once there maybe you can study up for me and find some better word choices for me to use since I have to censor myself just to please you, right? That’s why I am here right just to amuse and please you personally? Get over yourself, your nothing impressive. As for anyone letting their children have free reign over the internet….that’s bad parenting. I have the parental controls set and have set myself up as an administrator w/ my own password so MY children have specific limitations on what they are exposed to. Go on and critique me some more, but if your dumb enough to just assume your kids do not need internet supervision then I guess that says a lot about your parental skills as well, right? Don’t go getting on your moral high horse with me because your obviously far from perfect yourself, now go get some coffee, KISS YOUR KIDS and figure out how to set up parental controls on the computer so your unsupervised kids don’t happen to stumble across some vulgar language or worse yet..PORN!

  32. mage says

    #5, yes people say these things to “normal” couples. I have heard it all either directly or from what friends have been told.

    Blech. If they are expanding their family, wonderful.

  33. Nisa says

    Angie looks miserable and tensed with Brad, I know they deserve each other because they are both selfish but people , stop for a minute and think about most children raised in hollywood…….I said most……… they all turn out lost, strange, on antidepressants… Anna Niocle son…… and generally warped ! now imagine children raised by Angie and Brad…. two lost but kind souls, one of whom- Angie- thought she was in love but now she discovers that the other- Brad- has had enough love to last him a life time. DO we need any more kids from that couple! ESPECIALLY A LARGE BROOD WITH ATTENTION DEFICITS?!!!!!!!

    And when they separate…yes I said when…… because
    it is only a matter of time for those too- look closely at their pictures thay look like they dont know a thing about each other, any way it is their life but I wont say congs!

  34. imo.... says

    my, my, my. y so defensive Carleigh? there could be young chiildren looking at this site. they don’t need to read your offensive language. how would you like it if one of your kids went to a website to look at innocent pictures of babies and had to read the rantings of some trailer park trash who couldn’t come up with any educated words to get her opinion across so she had to use swear words. but then again, maybe that is the language that u use in front of your children, so i am wasting my breath. and by the way, how can i not read your comments. u spend 24 hours a day on here 7 days a week and u have to comment on everything over and over and over again. it is impossible for you to keep your big mouth, trailer trash talking mouth shut. and i’m sure you are going to reply to this with some foul language, trailer trash comment. After u do that Carleigh, go kiss your children with that dirty mouth.

  35. carleigh says

    IMO why don’t you go find a new hobby nobody asked your ass anyways especially me. If by chance you don’t like my language well two words for you TOO BAD! Don’t read it.

  36. Reensy says

    They recommend to wait at least 2 years after c-section to have another baby for there is a risk of the scar opening up. I wouldn’t think Angelina would be stupid enough to risk her health whilst being a mum to 3 kids.

  37. imo.... says

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions (like Team Aniston). There is really no need for such language, Carleigh, just because her opinions differ from you. You always say how educated you are…stop swearing like a jr high kid. You’ve been off this site for a few day….God, it was nice without you! Shut up and get some class!

  38. Nicki says

    17. carleigh ~~~~~~~~~~~That was a great comment. I loved the Team BLAH, but it was all point ON.

    19. PS | Her language was hardly anything worse than I have heard walking through the 6th-8th grade school picking up kids. The kids are using those two words, and I’m sure it is not because Carleigh said it here. Now I do have a problem with the C yoU Next Tuesday word, especially with younger kids,(I have heard a parent use it, around thier child, and it was the last time we communicated with them) and no I do not use the effin word around any child under 18, unless I slip while driving, only twice that I can recall, and those times the kids were 15 and a half and 17.(although if asked I’m sure they might recall a time or two more, lol, they know better than to slip around me:))

  39. carleigh says

    Team Aniston why don’t you stick it! Your such a fuckin’ drag…why don’t you go rent a JA movie, put on your TEAM ANISTON T-shirt and cry into your fuckin’ popcorn. God your a real pain in the ass with you “astute” observations. These two love each other..JA got dumped on her ass (sorry but it happens everyday and most women don’t have people sporting “Team BLAH” t-shirts).It’s sad especially when little “wanna be’s” like you sit back and make ignorant baseless remarks that show just how truly phsyco and unbalanced you really are. How do you KNOW shit? You don’t and neither do I, it’s Brad and Angie’s life not Brad and Jen’s…get over it and yourself..your scary!

  40. says

    Great, just what the worlds needs!!!!
    Talk about a desperate attempt to keep Brad around. LMAO. So much for a strong independant woman, she is like a little school girl trying to sink her claws in deeper and deeper, Brad is so stunned too, they deserve eachother!

  41. carleigh says

    If she is preggo again, she would more likely show sooner this time around because her abdominal muscles are still somewhat soft from having Shiloh. Either way if she and Brad are having another baby…how sweet! I wish them all the best w/ their mini-baseball team..I think it’s great.

  42. scarlet says

    Hey be glad it is not Katie Holmes preggers again..Heck that girl can’t even be a mother to her own baby girl…Lets hope she and Tom do not have anymore babies…

  43. scarlet says

    If she is preggers…Congrats to them both…She has a huge heart and enough love to have 50 children…A child or children are gifts and mircles…

  44. Jenna H. says

    I don’t think it’s true, like #10 PS said, Star magazine is always making things up to sell papers. It’s too soon to be showing even if she was pregnant.

  45. PS says

    Star magazine is always making stuff up to sell papers. Don’t believe everything they say. Jennifer A just sued them over saying she was pregnant. Although they did say AJ kept passing out a few weeks ago. But that doesn’t mean anything. If she is pregnant good way to keep Brad on a string.

  46. MissyMama says

    I was not impying that she isn’t going to love this one any more or the others any less if she is indeed pregnant. What my point was, is that she already has 3 small children who need her love and attention, and if all these rumors are true, i.e. adopting another baby, being pregnant, yes she is adding another child to the family to love, but when you keep addin gto the brood, the other children get a little less time with mommy.

  47. Christal says

    If it is true, Congrats! even if she is early in her pregnancy it might show more since her muscles have not had much time to rebound…muscles have a memory too!

  48. Diva says

    Do people say that to ordinary couples who choose to have a number of children close together? I’m curious.

    When you see a pregnant mother at the grocery store with three kids under 6, do you say to her… “Congratulations on the baby, but what about the other three?”

    I’ve never heard that line of thought before here. I know a handful or more couples who have 3-5 kids all under 7 and I don’t think anyone has ever said to them that having the last one or two means they don’t care about their first ones.

    Very strange comment so many of you are making. To me, anyway. I’m of the school of thought that a mother’s heart is always big enough for all her children, regardless of how many of them there are or how close together they are.

  49. 2kids2many says

    It’s headlines like this that sell magazines. If it just said “Angelina forgets to wear girdle” no one would care!

  50. MissyMama says

    Hmmmm, isn’t it possible that she still has a little bulge from having a baby only 5 months ago???

    If she is pregnant…well, congrats. But what about the 3 ya already have?

  51. Diva says

    I’m thinking bad angle, cos, even if she was pregnant again, she wouldn’t have a “bump” that pronounced yet, right?

    If she is… YAY! If she’s not… maybe don’t wear that particular ensemble again. {=0)


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