Katie Holmes Attends The WIN Awards & Dines With Tom

Katie attended the WIN Awards (given by the Women’s Image Network to honor people who enhance women’s image in the media) at UCLA yesterday. Then she joined Tom for a romantic dinner at Maestro’s in Beverly Hills.

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise



  1. Lolitha says

    This girl bores me i dont know what shes really about.I think she is an Alien like her lover,She dont represent anything not honesty,not humility nothing.She dont look real she bores me to death.

  2. one of Carleighs "Idiots" says

    it is totally impossible for you to ignore ALL the people that you have pissed off w/ your big mouth Carleigh. look how many of us there are?

    must be kinda sad to be the MOST HATED PERSON on Babyrazzi??

    Again you will comment cuz you are physically unable to keep your BIG ENORMOUS HUGE GIGANTIC pie hole shut……………….!

  3. carleigh says

    Olivia let’s just ignore the idiots! Who cares anymore it’s just getting old and ignorant. Oh well they got have their fun somehow right?

  4. Janice says

    Leave Tom Cruise alone!Leave Katie alone and leave their innocent baby alone.If you think she’s such a bad mother for spending some time away from her baby, then your idea of bad mother is really pathetic, go bash the mothers who abuse their kids and kick the shit out of them! I’d rather have a mom like Katie Holmes who is sweet and doesn’t stay home all day and is out and about living life!

  5. Tomkat haters are so obsessed with Tom Cruise says

    I swear to god, my friend Trina hates Tom Cruise, but yet she’s always looking up Tom Cruise shit and trying to write hate messages over and over again. She really needs to get a life. And you Tomkat haters need to too. When the baby Suri pics came out she was googling the web like a psycho stalker for the photos and leaving all these hateful comments about the baby.Makes me think some of you Tomkat haters are total freaks!

  6. Jess says

    I’m positive Katie is a great Mum and step Mum. Its the paparazzi that constantly follow them. Im sure Tomkat would love nothing more than to show up to support the kids at a soccer game with no photographers there flashing cameras in their faces. At the end of the day they are human beings just trying to live except they choose acting, ending up being good ones and the public are obsessed with them!

  7. Kalista Brat says

    Hehe, you people who pretend to be me and use my name are pathetic. Can’t wait to see a new Suri pic!

  8. I hate Carleigh AND Olivia says

    Oh look, honey– I’m hiding behind a new handle now “I hate Carleigh AND Olivia”

    How vulgar.

    its so much fun getting people like you and Carleigh going. you fall for it everytime. you just can’t keep your big mouth shut. you have to comment on everything.

    thanks for the entertainment . I’ll be looking forward to your next “I’m going to put you in your place” comment.

  9. Olivia says

    She has pissed me off, you idiot. Unless your trying to hide the fact you change your name regularly, if indeed your a long time commenter, you should know I have been here for quite some time and yes indeed Carleigh and I have disagreed many many times. However, perhaps it is your maturity that is in question. Perhaps it is your attitude of strike out hit hard with vulgar comments, act like an ass and then change your name until you make an ass out of your self once again and change again. Vulgar little wanna be girls behave as you do, get over it ,make your comments and leave the playground vulgarity at recess. I’ve never hid my handle and neither has she, it’s called put your money where your mouth is, Honey!

  10. Nicki says

    That little note of reality might work ring true if she wasn’t overseas for 4 + days, without her child.
    It seems she is only shown when needed. Remember Tom-fired. Bang pictures of Suri. I’m sure we will see pictures of them with her when they need pr. I wonder if the poor neglected baby will even make it to the wedding, or just stay home.

  11. labeachbird says

    LOL, I see the insanity continues.

    Here’s a little note of reality: If your picture were plastered all over the place when you stepped out of the house, it would look like you were never home either.
    You’re doing just fine Katie.

    Carry on, gremlins.

  12. star says

    I am starting to think that suri was all a fake. come on we would have already seen a picture of her. don’t you think we would have seen them giving the poor child some fresh air. taking her out so that she could see the world. and yes tom looks gross, and he does need a hair cut. she needs to wake up and run away.

  13. Nicki says

    63. Carmela | November 3rd, 2006 at 2:38 pm
    I feel so sorry fore Kate & her baby. Tom is so controlling of his family. I wouldn?t be to surprised after they are wed that kate leaves tom of his ?controlling? ways. I know I would.

    Why wait until they are married??? If she can’t see him as you (or anyone really) does why wait until she is married. I think she is in love with the little twit, and has waited this long , maybe out of a request from her parents. Just please wait and see. But she is blinded by the total unlimited $ amounts for shopping trips, and overseas for days and days, by the by, without baby, and smiling and looking happy. WHO the hell could be happy away from thier , what is she 5 or 6 or 7 months old, baby for that many days unless something isn’t right at home…. I know they have money, but they also have a private jet, a really big one, so how come Suri can’t travel with Katie or at least both of them??? I don’t know thier deal, but no way in hell, wedding or not(she can call up ANY designer and they will fly to your house, money tslks) that she has to leave her baby girl to do the pr crap she is doing.
    I don’t give a crap if we ever see a picture of Katie or her blow hard boyfriend again, and I do hope they make it for Katies hopes and dreams.
    I’m not sure about Tom as a father except that he is involved, CDonner & Isabella do live with him. I do wish all the children, Isabella, Conner and Suri, only the best wishes in all thier live!!!

  14. I hate carleigh says


    and why do you need a “pick-em-up”, Carleigh—i thought that you didn’t care what people thought of you & your opinions. you really piss alot of people off with your big mouth. stick around Olivia it won’t be long until she pisses you off too!!!. and I will be right there to say TOLD YA SO!)

  15. Olivia says

    Hello???? You hate Carleigh? You don’t even know her. I don’t know her personally, but I have been coming here long enough to make a pretty good guess as to her personality. So your comment appears to be comming right back at you. Do you honestly think only non-celebrities read this column and comment on it? Do you honestly believe only non-celebrity’s eat at KFC? Did it ever occur to you it is entirely possible celebrity mom’s may just be sitting back laughing at you and talking as much trash about you? Not very often, But I assure you your just not very impressive

  16. I hate carleigh says

    CARLEIGH-No one has to use your handle to make you look like an ass—-YOU DO THAT ALL BY YOURSELF! (your recent posts speak loudly)

  17. Nicki says

    73. India —– that has been rumoured for many years. Also about John Travolta. Sciencetoligists believe they can cure that in people. Maybe thats why people were saying they joined, to “get cured” of it. Who knows. Basically just a long time rumour.

  18. India says

    I like Katie and Tom together, but I’m lil bit worried when I read a comment about Tom on Perez Hilton’s blog regarding his sexual orientation. I really don’t to believe it , otherwise is sooo dissapointing

  19. Nicki says

    67. Kalista Brat ————-So is that is why for the last two days crap keeps coming out of your mouth?

    I’m sorry, I know that wasn’t the real Kalista Bratz, but it would explain some things.

    On topic: I think Katie is cute, and if I remember way back to the picture, Suri is too. I still think Tom is moronic idiot.

  20. jenny says

    Does she spend any time with the baby? She is out and about more than any other celeb and is *never* with the little one.

  21. India says

    Its OK carleigh, the better way to deal with whoever trying to make funny out of you, is just to ignore and go ahead with your normal posting. Its not easy but it ‘ll work. I bet you.

  22. carleigh says

    India it’s was NOT me who posted that. I have used the F word before but that was not me. I have another issue with IMO on another thread and obviously someone is trying to continue it over here and it is truly pathetic. I hope whomever is using my handle is having fun being a phsycopathic cretin! If you don’t know what cretin is—please look it up! IDIOTS!

  23. kk_619 says

    Anybody who thinks it is okay to leave your newborn baby as much as Katie does, seriouslly must have some issues. Some posts have been mentioning “what about working mothers?? does that make us bad mothers for leaving our children every day to go to work??” Well no it doesnt make you a bad mother to work, but are you working and leaving your child ever single day when it is still so young?? NOOO!!!!! Maybe once the child is a year or two old yet, but not from the day it is born… Thats just sad and how could you not feel sorry for poor little Suri!!!

  24. India says


  25. Carmela says

    I feel so sorry fore Kate & her baby. Tom is so controlling of his family. I wouldn’t be to surprised after they are wed that kate leaves tom of his “controlling” ways. I know I would.

  26. mage says

    again, if there are no babies in the pictures, then they belong on another board.
    i like shabby trimmed chubby bears but not all the black. not that anyone cares one wit what I think.

  27. Nicki says

    LMFAO, this is a riot.

    Tom is a complete moron. JMO, and many others.
    Katie is cute, but how can she be with her child when she is overseas shopping, yet again, with plastic Posh Spice, for 4+ days. Didn’t she miss her baby? Alone time is one thing but for the love of Suri, days on end away from her?
    I think I remember seeing a picture of Suri a long time ago, and if I can recall, I think she was cute.

  28. Ramona says

    You know when I posted an entire article I got my dainty hand smacked ,so, in the interest of fairness
    links only please Helen, Cam, and Ali. We wouldn’t want to crash the site w/too much information now would we?
    Re: Tom’s investing in a studio to play with, he won’t see one cent of my money, and though I very much doubt he’ll notice, just the same, not one penny.

  29. kt says

    i think they are fab. i love tomkat, and iam happy for them. if i were them, i would NEVER bring my child out in public. i think they way they are doing things seems great.

  30. Diva says

    Ali…. Why can’t she be like that all the time???? She was wonderful, and you’re right, I do see her in a different light. I just wish she’d show more of THAT side than the creepy, mannequin, zombified fashion-slave one she usually does! At least I can see now that she looks like a great mom, and that’s a relief.

  31. Kathryn says

    Wow Kalista Brat and Claire you really have issues….I’m in awe of your language and disrespect for other people – people you don’t even know. Hope your kids are proud of your potty mouth – in fact you should be so proud of yourselves for displaying yourself to tastefully and with such class on these boards. LOL (walks away shaking head and rolling eyes)

  32. Nisa says

    I disagree with all those saying that suri is ignored, I mean Katie is not working any more and she is a stay home mum, to me that time is enough compared with most of us working mothers who leave our kids for long periods.

    She has given up work to stay with the child and I think she appears to be every where because her pictures sell alot these days- I work for a magazine- I bet if she was in the house or she appeared in less pictures, the same people would complain tha tom has locked her away for scientology reasons. She can’t win with you guys!

    Any way beat this: I LOVE TOM AND I STILL DREAM ABOUT HIM- so for those of you who have nothing to do other than criticise him, I think you fancy him (LOVE AND HATE ARE TWOSIDES OF THE SAME COIN) that is why you are on this blog in the first palce, notice that it has most comments after such a short time, so get it


  33. Ali says

    From Star Magazine


    What’s Tom Cruise’s M.O. when he attends his son Connor’s football game? Well, Star’s got the scoop! Tom headed to Chatsworth High School in L.A. on Saturday, Oct. 28 to cheer on his nephews and his son who played in separate games. Tom arrived at 11 a.m. with an entourage of about twelve people including one of his sisters, at least two bodyguards, his son Connor Cruise, nephews Aiden (#88) and Leo (#9) Bromody.

    Tom, dressed in brown pants, chic black leather motorcycle boots, a hunter green pullover, dark sunglasses and Bulldog sunblock, was standing at the top of the bleachers, aiming a Sony HDV camera at his nephew Aiden and his teammates. He would often yell encouraging words like “Go Aiden!” while filming. A young fan noticed Tom from under the bleachers and shouted, “Why are you here?” and Tom happily replied, “my nephew, Aiden, #88 is playing and my son is playing later this afternoon.” Tom then walked over to where a woman was sitting by herself, watching the game. He looked right at her, flashed his world-famous grin and said, “Hi! How ya doin’?” The woman replied, “Fabulous! How about yourself?” Tom beamed, “I’m GREAT!” and went back to filming his nephew’s game.

    And Tom sure is chatty! Another parent asked Tom what he and his family were going to do for Thanksgiving. Tom said, “Thanksgiving? I don’t know what we’re going to do yet.” He paused. “I don’t even know what we’re doing for Halloween,” which was three days away. And during a break in the action, a blonde female parent approached Tom and asked if he’d sign her new white baseball cap. The actor did, pulling a new dark-blue Sharpie felt-tip pen from his pocket. “I’m glad you had a good pen!” the woman said. Tom replied, “I am too. I always bring it to the games.”

    On the field, Tom’s son Connor made a good tackle near the yard of scrimmage. “Good tackle, Connor!” Tom’s mother shouted. And Tom cupped his hands: “Way to go, son!”

    Aww…and the award for superdad goes to…Tom Cruise! Meanwhile, when was the last time Nicole Kidman went to Connor’s game?

  34. imo.... says

    tsk. tsk. theres carleighs trailer park uneducated foul language again. perhaps you should invest in a thesarus, honey.

  35. Diana says

    I think sadly the paps may actually take pictures of Tom and Katie when they are without Suri to get tongues wagging! Also, it is not like we endlessly see pictures of them out on their own, its just the ones that we do see are not of Suri with them. They may also be protecting her from the outside world too and people like us who want to see lots of pictures of this beautiful baby. What a wonderful couple, however I feel for their souls in this horrible cult they are mixed up in. May God save them.

  36. Lisa says

    between the trips to Paris, hanging out with Posh, football and soccer games, dinners out, runway shows, parties where other celebrity babies are, award shows, shopping every day who knows when she sees her baby-it is appalling i always know what celebrities have kids because they are actually seen with their children-even Brangelina (and they are photographed more then these two sickos)
    justify all you want, but I too feel bad for Suri…

  37. Ali says

    #40. Mina, He did not buy the studio! Do you know how much it will cost to buy a studio say around a billion or 2 and Tom only has millions. Read the article properly on #39 again its from TIME.com trusted source and not where ever its you got your info.

  38. Ali says

    #40. Mina, He did not buy the studio! Do you know how must it will cost to buy a studio say around a billion or 2 and Tom only has millions. Read the article properly on #39 again its from TIME.com trusted source and not where ever its you got your info.

  39. carleigh says

    Kallista Brat…do you really think I give a shit what you think about my opinions? Nope, last time I looked over my shoulder it was a free country. If you don’t like what I have to say then that’s your RIGHT! You don’t live w/ TC and Katie either so while you want to ask me how do I know?? Well, it’s called an OPINION you moron! Get one, form one, write it down and BLOG about it! I am of THE OPINION that TC is a weirdo and SCIENTOLOGY is NOT an organized, recognized religion like Catholicism, Baptist, Episcopalian, Muslim, etc. Members have to PAY to join this WACKO cult…do some research and them come back to me and we can debate religions and the sanctity of a “REAL” religion vs. a brainwashing, alien worshiping, wacko cult….UUUUUUUMMMMMMM K!

  40. sorry about her luck says

    He is gross. Im not jealous just honest. Look at his hair – his big ugly head/face and that old gaining body. She’s looking ok – but too bad she’s not as into her child as she is into her boyfriend. God he is just Gross though!

  41. Noni says

    Kalista Brat – i have to say that it was pretty damn ignorant of you to label us mothers who use this site ‘pc zombies’ and to say that suri is going to have a better upbringing than our own children, just as you tell us we have no idea how much time they do or don’t spend with suri, you have no idea how much time we spend on line, or how we raise our own children. i happen to browse this site for five to ten mins every couple of days whilst my children are tucked up in bed, you seem to post quite regurlarly so that makes you a pc zombie just like us….i suggest you hurry up and log off and go cash your weekly pay cheque from tom…can’t be anyother reason why you passionately defend a mother who so obviously doesn’t spend as much time with her young infant whilst out doing such self centred things such as clothes shopping, clothes shopping and trips abroad to , um, clothes shop..not like katie is out all hours of the day scraping a living to feed her family….

  42. Reensy says

    Notice how as soon as Katie started going out with Tom, she started dressing so much like Nicole!!

  43. Mina says

    To 38 & 39, i heard the news as well. Apparently he bought a share of the company so in other words he wasn’t hired, he bought himself a job. Still, the challenge here is, is he going to be able to pull this off.. So many movie-goers have now been turned off by him and his stance on scientology that he may never get his image back. I for one will never ever go see another of his movies ever again, as long as he will associate himself to scientology. And i for sure am not the only one in the case.

  44. Cam says

    Take That, Sumner! Tom Cruise Gets His Own Studio

    Less than three months after Tom Cruise suffered an ugly brushoff from his long-time studio home Paramount Pictures, the sidelined star has done what any self-respecting, really, really, really rich and famous guy would do — he got his own movie studio, and one with a storied Hollywood pedigree at that. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. (MGM) has announced a deal with Cruise and his production partner, Paula Wagner, to relaunch the United Artists studio (UA), the company founded by Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and D.W. Griffith in 1919 and responsible for such iconic film franchises as James Bond and Rocky.

    UA’s future seemed uncertain after Sony, Comcast and a group of private equity firms acquired its parent MGM in 2004. But now, along with “substantial ownership,” Cruise and Wagner will set United Artists’ production slate and Wagner will serve as CEO. Cruise will star in and produce films for the re-vamped company, which plans to deliver about four movies a year to start. Marketing and distribution will be handled by MGM.

    “Tom and I are excited to take this classic brand into the future and create a new, artist-centric, artist-friendly company driven by strong business principles,” says Wagner, who likened their vision for UA to that of the Medici family’s patronage of the arts during Italian Renaissance. In the works since early September, the UA deal has left Wagner and Cruise “completely open right now” to all varieties of film projects, Wagner told TIME, “ranging from high concept to smaller, character-driven films.”

    In the eyes of many in Hollywood, Paramount—where Viacom Chairman Sumner Redstone publicly blamed Cruise’s “inappropriate behavior” for the disappointing box office returns of Mission: Impossible III—is no longer such a place. Under Cruise/Wagner Productions’ unusually generous Paramount deal, the studio paid out as much as $10 million a year in overhead and development.When Cruise began jumping on Oprah’s furniture in rapture about fiancée Katie Holmes and finger-wagging about psychiatry on the Today Show, “He was embarrassing the studio,” Redstone says in December’s Vanity Fair. Not to mention costing Paramount, the outspoken executive estimates, $100 to $150 million on Mission: Impossible III in lost ticket sales.

    Cruise’s first post-Paramount professional announcement was underwhelming for a star who had generated $3 billion at the box office in his 14 years at the studio. In August, Cruise/Wagner secured a two-year financing deal with First and Goal L.L.C., an investor group headed by Daniel Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins and chairman of the Six Flags amusement parks. Since then, Cruise seemed more interested in cheering at his kids’ soccer games and planning his wedding to Katie Holmes this month in Italy than acting or deal-making.

    But by helping to revive UA as an artist-led studio, Cruise will be the latest entrant in an old-school Hollywood tradition. Like Chaplin’s original vision, Francis Ford Coppola’s American Zoetrope and Steven Spielberg, David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg’s Dreamworks SKG (now owned by those baddies at Viacom), Cruise’s UA will, apparently, attempt to nurture a creative environment for filmmakers. In an ever-more bottom-line conscious era of movie-making, it sounds like an impossible mission. But then, we hear this guy has experience with that sort of thing.


  45. Helen says

    Tom Cruise Is Hot Again
    Hollywood star revives fortunes in United Artists deal

    His critics thought he was washed up, but Tom Cruise has proved them wrong.

    Just two months after he was sacked by Paramount Pictures for allegedly losing his sex appeal, it has been revealed that Cruise and his business partner Paula Wagner are to revive United Artists.

    Cruise will produce and star in the studio’s films and Wagner will be chief executive. The deal also gives Cruise the freedom to star in films produced by other studios.

    A subsidiary of MGM Studios, United Artists has its roots in Hollywood history. It was founded in 1919 by Hollywood greats Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, and D.W. Griffith.

    The United Artists brand name is more than familiar to most film fans. The studio was responsible for a range of classics including “The African Queen,” “Some Like It Hot,” “The Magnificent Seven,” “The Misfits,” “Rocky” and “Bowling for Columbine.” It is also behind the James Bond and Pink Panther franchises.

    Cruise has declared his respect for the studio’s rich history and promises “to create an environment where film-makers can thrive and see their visions realized.”

  46. Cass says

    What gives people the right to judge anyone-and in this case what gives people the right to judge Katie as a mother. She is no out everyday as some of you suggest and you seem to forgot that she has a wedding coming up! I’m sure Katie is a hands on mum, i mean she goes to toms adopted kids sprots events every week. This couple do not want to expose Suri to the madness that is the paparazzi. When she had Suri everyone was saying where’s Katie after the birth! It appears to me that this couple cannot win whatever they do. Is Katie on a movie set-working long hours and leaving the baby-NO. She has put her career on hold to look after the baby

  47. Kalista Brat says

    Tonya you ridiculous loser mother!You seem to think that Katie was out shopping for more than a few hours from just a few pictures, obviously you assume things without evidence, and NO that other person using my name is not me, that is why I said it wasn’t me telling Ramona she has an ugly name, though I think It’s an ugly name along with names like ….Bertha, FAtima and Tonya!LMAO!

  48. 2kids2many says

    On Ebay, someone is selling “FREE SURI” t-shirts! I would buy one, but they’re $24.99. That’s like a whole meal at KFC. 🙂

  49. Tonya says

    Ok so no big deal, someone leaves their kid for a few hours once a day. But to leave your infant for several days to go shopping in Paris is kind of not so great. I have a 3 year old and can not even now imagine leaving her for a few days, let alone a child Suri’s age. There is just something wrong there. Oh and on a side note, though it is none of my business, Kalista why don’t you scroll up and actually read what you wrote, you did tell Ramona she had an ugly name. Of course, you and ally are probably the same person so it doesn’t matter.

  50. haha says

    I ALWAYS take my kids to KFC when I go. I order some potato wedges, drop them all over the floor, and let them graze for a while so I can enjoy my bucket of chicken.

  51. Kalista Brat says

    Ramona I don’t understand your scientomology lingo so stop using it! Can’t you freaking read? Ally didn’t like your name. I didn’t say what she said you enuiche! But I can agree that your name is ugly! You really are strange!

  52. Kalista Brat says

    Ramona I don’t understand your scientomology lingo so stop using it! Can’t you freaking read? Ally didn’t like your name. I didn’t say what she said you enuiche! But I can agree that your name is ugly!

  53. Top says

    Leaving your baby once a day every day is too much? So therefore working mothers are bad mothers??
    I am the last one to defend TC – I really, really don’t like him but I don’t think leaving your baby with her father or a nanny a couple of hours a day makes someone a bad mother. Most of us leave them with a sitter for many more hours a day than that while we are at work.

  54. Ramona says

    That must have been a different Kalista Brat in post #16. Maybe your evil Thetan nemisis, eh?
    And yes, thanks for your concern I can read very well.

  55. Kalista Brat says

    Ramona when did I say I didn’t like your name? Why are you confusing me with Ally? Can’t you read?

  56. Kalista Brat says

    Carleigh do you live in Tomkat’s house? Do you see how much time they spend at home with her? NO I don’t think so so shut up!You might as well suggest to all the christians and muslims out there to burn their bibles and koran’s too if you’re going to disrespect anybody’s religion and tell them to burn their sacred books!

  57. carleigh says

    I think TC’s weirdness has infiltrated some members of this blog who shall remain nameless…to all you who are currently reading Dianetic’s BURN THE BOOK, quit the classes and RUN! LOL

    I wish they would show more pic’s of Suri and that Katie wouldn’t always looks so robotic in her pic’s. I don’t think they’re bad parent’s because you would have to spend time around a child to be considered a parent. Giving birth does not by default make someone a mother, bonding, nurturing and BEING with one’s child..those things are what a MOTHER does. Katie seems to be more involved w/ Connor and Isabella than she is with Suri and that’s pretty sad. Hope she knows what she’s in for when she marries Tom, she’s in for a rude awakening.

  58. pat says

    Tom and Katie are a good-looking couple and I wish them the best of everything….Suri is a lucky little girl …..Everyone else needs to get a life and mind their own business…..Who’s business is it to judge others? Only one person and I think we know who that is………….

  59. says

    Claire, you are RIGHT.
    Jez you guys, you aren’t with Katie 24/7 so she goes out for supper, a good mother knows that “me time” is important to the health of the mother and the baby. You guys don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. I think Claire is right,because you can’t go out and have soem alone time you critize others who do have that luxury, jealously..yup sounds like it to me.
    So some people have different beliefs and different ways of raising thier kids, it may be “wrong” to you but it is their life and I am sure that sweet Katie and Tom (who has wanted a bio child forever) are and will always do what is best for sweet little Suri.\
    Relax..it’s their baby! Not yours and they have to deal with her, so let them be.

  60. Ramona says

    Kalista you really are a brat! I’m sorry you don’t like my name but do stop yelling and stomping your tiny foot you naughty little girl. And to think Kalista means “good” in greek. . .

  61. Ally says

    Kudos Kalita Brat! Ramona I think the taste of vomit in your mouth is the residue left from you binging and purging!lol!You must be jealous of how great Katie Holmes looks that you have to talk crap!

  62. Kalista Brat says

    Tom didn’t bring Connor or Isabella out in front of the paparazzi until they turned one!Don’t expect him to do otherwise!Suri is gonna have a better upbringing than you pathetic pc zombies on here who claim to be mothers!Go get a freaking life!I’m sure Suri get’s enough socializing at home with her two grandma’s, Katie’s dad and brother and 3 sister and their kids and Tom’s sister’s kids and Connor and Isabella!The house must be full right now with everybody getting ready for the wedding!I don’t feel sad for Suri at all, she looks like a smart, happy baby in the vanity fair pics!

  63. Kelsey says

    Claire, I think it is unfair to jump to conclusions about the readers of this blog. Do I ever wish I had more money? Absolutely! However, I have an amazing family that I adore and wouldn’t trade for the world! I am not remotely envious or jealous of what Katie has…in fact, looking at her life I feel all the more blessed.

  64. Kalista Brat says


  65. Ramona says

    Claire, Claire, Claire, if Katie were holding hands with:
    Mr. Depp, or , Mr. Beckham, or in the spirit of ya never know, her majesty Queen Latifa, or even my own D.H., I would be most sincerely green.
    T.C just gives me that little taste o’ vomit in my throat
    if ya know what I mean and I think you might. . .

  66. Kary says

    Can we not name call here people? We can get our point across without the vulgar language. There could be kids reading these posts. Anyway, I eat at KFC and upon occasion I go out to a nice resteraunt. I’m not sure what Katie does about Suri or how much time she spends with her but if she took her out there would be pictures. Only stands to reason. No celebrity can run from the pappas. So she must never take her out.

  67. scarlet says

    I vote for mother of the year Jennifer Garner…Maybe Jennifer could give Katie Holmes some tips on what a mother is..Katie obviously lacks the skills of caring for a baby…It is clear by her actions in the street…She is out at events, shopping, eating..Never home with there baby..What a shame…

  68. kk_619 says

    Claire – we all know that its good for a mother to go out without her child every once in a while to have a social life of her own, but come on now. Even leaving your new born baby once a day, every day, is way too much!!! Going out for a nice dinner/movie once or twice a week ya, but not every day!!! And why is it that you imply we all “Dine at KFC”… you dont know us, to assume that we dont dine at such nice places as Katie and Tom, I mean how do you know that one of us on this message board isnt a celeb mom ourselves?? Or even just a Mom who makes more than $15,000 per year for that matter, Im sure you are the one who dines at KFC!!!

  69. They are so creepy says

    Claire, you are so wrong!

    The papparazzi are on her 24/7, so if she EVER took her baby out, there would be a picture. Just think about Gwen Stephanie, Brooke Shields, Gwynneth Paltrow, and Denise Richards. They have their kids on tow all the time. Like attentive, caring, INVOLVED mothers.

    Jealous? No… but I do wish I had a fraction of their $$$$!!!

  70. Claire says

    Shut up you jealous bitches. If you lame-o moms go out even once a day (as Katie does in these photos) then you are all hypocrites. WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THAT BECAUSE YOU SEE HER OUT ONCE A DAY, SHE IS NOT SPENDING TIME WITH SURI? You are so stupid. The difference is Katie is dining in Beverly Hills, and you are dining at KFC. Just admit that she is everything you wish you were.

  71. Psychlori says

    How about enhancing her image in the media as a working, yet attentive mother and take that kid out of the house sometime!

  72. Marti says

    I wonder if Suri EVER gets out of the house? Hopefully, the nanny takes her out to get some fresh air & sunshine, cuz it’s obvious her Mother doesn’t. 🙁

  73. scarlet says

    The puppet master has his puppet…Tom get cleaned up you look like a slob..Katie get home to your baby..What losers those two are…

  74. 2kids2many says

    She looks like a little puppy being dragged around by her master.

    I wonder if she won an award for “enhancing women’s image in the media” She certainly isn’t trying to win the Mother of the Year award.

  75. MissyMama says

    Tom looks so gross. Get a hair cut already! Hey Katie, how about spending some time with your baby!

  76. Robin says

    when I think of little Suri I get sad…I just wonder if she knows Katie is her Mom and not the nanny…

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