Britney Goes Incognito At Kevin's Album Release Party

Britney did not appear when Kevin took the stage on Halloween eve at the West Hollywood Carnival, but did try to go incognito in a bright pink wig and white sunglasses at Kevin’s album release party later that night.

Britney Spears

I thought she would unveil her rockin’ post-baby body at Kevin’s album release festivities, but I guess she didn’t want to outshine him. That is very supportive and considerate of her. But I was hoping for it to be Britney’s big night!

Sorry video clip doesn’t play, but you can see it here at TMZ!



  1. Elisa says

    It is a sad thing when a young family disintegrates. It would be even sadder if Britney continued in this one sided, selfish relationshsip with K-Fed. He is a loser and would eventually drag her deeper into despair and a failed life. Good for you Britney. God bless you. All the best to you as you make a HUGE COMEBACK!
    Cheering for you…Elisa

  2. Alexis says

    K-Fed makes my skin crawl! He is soooo gross!! If it were not for Britney, record producers wouldn’t be giving him the time of day. He was a nobody when he was with Shar Jackson and in my opinion, he’s still a nobody. His acting skills (or lack thereof) imitate his singing ability–ZERO, NILCH, NOTTA!!

    Good-day folks!!

  3. Anna says

    I read in the news yeasterday that some of K- feds gig for launchin his album are going to be ancelled because of poor ticket sales, I know i think he is wrong for Britney but I felt sorry for him……… poor, poor him

  4. star says

    We all know why Britney wore that hidious wig. It’s because she was too embarased to be seen out cheering for that nasty ass k-fag. Sad so sad…………

  5. Nisa says

    You are spot on Dori, that is where she is headed, you know, I would support her if it was this truly, madly, deeply love, but that lukeworm relationship she has going is getting her nowhere!

    The loser (read k-fed) even has such a bad attitude, and now that she has two children, she will have this misguided duty to stick in there, while she goes further down the drain, it is not as though she has got the greatest musical talent! Atleast I can put my money on whitney to bounce back with the right manager

  6. dori says

    Well, Whitney had her Bobby Brown and Britney has her Kevin I hope she doesn’t go through what Whitney went through and ruin her career for the love of a loser. All these years later and Whitney is just comming back around.

  7. Ann says

    I cant stand it, this is not about you guys so stop it and give useful comments.

    k-fed is th ebiggest joke in the entertainment industry and no one comes close, from which hole did Britney get him? She ruined her life the day she went near him, I agree with her- remember her leaked …..’am pissed/ belching/ my life is over ‘ internet video- when she said she is only 24 but she cant stand her life any more. I say throw out the loser, but even then, the britney glory days are long gone!

  8. says

    I know #15, and as I stated in another post, you have my up most sincere apologies. I was just trying to play peace maker. So sorry, I won’t be doing that again. I don’t know what has happend to her but whatever I don’t care, I learned my lesson. BIG TIME.
    You have my vote girl go to town!!!!

  9. I hate carleigh says

    Team Aniston…you obviously have not read what Carleigh said about you in another post-or else you wouldn’t be defending her.

  10. says

    Carleigh is one cool chick, I know. I have had my “discusions” with her in the past. I was taken back by comment #3 but anyone who knows you Carleigh knows that somebody is just trying to be a dumb ass. There is no need to put you hate anyone on here, jez Carleigh and I have gotten into very heated talks, but I respect her opinion and she listens to mine without name calling and the rest of it, So # 11 you need to relax. She must have really hit your nerves but hey its all good. We don’t always agree on things but thats what makes it interesting!!
    Carleigh rocks…

  11. India says


  12. carleigh says

    I guess Never thought of it that way. It’s just frustrating when someone does this because it’s cowardly and under handed. Oh well, I guess your right in a way I can look at it like you suggested and I get a good giggle out of it in the

  13. amy says

    Carleigh, you should feel very flattered. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Maybe someone who has no thoughts of their own is jealous?

  14. carleigh says

    Oh and BTW I went to TMZ and saw the K-Fag video link and he really does suck! He thinks he has talent…OMG…he’s awful and got booed at the end of his set. If Brit want to go incognito she should have just showed up in her hillbilly, trailer park trash look she sports most days and people would have left her alone.

  15. carleigh says

    WTF is that crap above? First of all if someone wants to be me then fine more power to them…but to type all that nonsensical jibberish above…please that is NOT me. I may have the occasional typo’s or not spell every word correctly but I do now how to articulate myself better than that feeble attempt. Word to poser…..get a dictionary and USE your spell check, it helps for those weakened attempts at stealing my handle. Have a nice day and better luck next time! Idiot!

  16. megan says

    why do people come on using other peoples names….?? people that use this site regurlarly know that the usual carleigh just doesn’t speak like that….not saying i like the real carleigh as i often disagree with her, but its pretty gutless to try to pretend to be her…from what i have seen, if you have a problem with her, she definately isn’t afraid to respond to you..this is a page for comments on how stupid brit looks in that fluro pink wig trying to make sure all paparazzi lens’s are on her…

  17. carleigh says

    I believe I am just carleigf. My 2 daughters are stuck with a wannabee mr. Birthmark and father. myMAN sucks karlee. braydee in homeland saecurity NOSES

  18. says

    I don’t know what to think. She looks good now, I am still waiting for the Hollywood secret to post baby weight loss!!! LOL.
    I just think Kevin needs to wake up and smell the coffee, he will never be anything more than Mr. Britney Spears, I don’t get it, I really don’t. But to each their own I guess I don’t have to wake up beside him everyday….eeewww just got a picture in my head, GROSS!!!
    Have a good night.

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