Boris Kodjoe & Nicole Parker Welcome A Son

Boris Kodjoe & Nicole Parker
Nicole Parker and husband Boris Kodjoe, who met on the television series Soul Food, have welcomed their second child, son Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe.

Little Nicolas Neruda was born on Tuesday in Atlanta at 11:13 a.m. Nicole, 36, and Boris, 33, already have a 19-month-old daughter, Sophie.

The couple, who also starred together in the UPN series Second Time Around, were married in Gundelfingen, Boris’s hometown in Germany’s Black Forest, in May 2005.

“Our kids are going to be bilingual,” Kodjoe told People magazine at the time. “So that’s going to be a whole other tradition that I’m going to try to uphold.”

While discussing his relationship with Nicole and their successful careers, Boris, told People magazine in 2004: “I count my blessings every day. I really have to pinch myself every once in a while. It’s like, ‘Wow! This is really my life.'”

Recently, Nicole revealed the inspiration for their son-to-be’s name, saying they’ve picked Boris’ father’s middle name, which Nicole says, “is African, but sounds the same in English.” It means “big.”
Sophie also has an African middle name – Tei-Naaki, which is Ghanaian for “first born daughter.”




  1. Anita says

    Congratulations to Boris and Nicole on your newest arrival. What a blessing from God! I was hoping that you have a son this time. But it didn’t really matter, because another little girl would have been great also.

    You 2 were( and still are) my favorite actors on Soulfood. I really miss the show.
    I still watch the reruns!!!!

    lots of love,

    God has smiled on you

  2. Ace says

    I love this two people and love watching them on the tube. They are a great couple and have a great chemistry on and off screen. They have two very beautiful children and i wish the best for them and hope one day i will be as happy as they seem. They are absolutely georgeous together!

  3. Alexis says

    Ditto to all of ya’lls comments. I’ve NEVER seen a more beautiful couple in my life. I do remember them both from Soul Food but had no idea they had married. How very fortunate for their beautiful children to have such beautiful parents. I just hope they are as happy as their picture portrays.

  4. Jo says

    It is just not fair for two people to be so gorgeous. Boris is one sexy a*s man. And Nicole eyes are amazing.

  5. pat says

    This couple should take some type of award …..they are the most beautiful couple I think I have ever seen…….Best wishes on their lives together

  6. India says

    OMG. Boris Kodjoe is very handsome. Wow, look at those kissable lips. I think I have a huge CRUSH on him. Oops, did I hear he is a married, sorry Nicole. I’m out of here.

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