Debra Messing & Her Son Roman

Debra Messing was spotted at the pumpkin patch with son, Roman Walker, 2.

Debra Messing



  1. Ms D says

    Cute picture–Roman looks like quite a cutie pie. And Debra looks good as well..haven’t seen her lately.

    What I’m wondering is if there is some ‘celebrity pumpkin patch’ out there, what with as many pictures as we have seen recently with the celebs and their kids pumpkin-shopping.. LOL!

  2. MissyMama says

    No this is not from last year. He looks like a 2 yr old in this picture. If he was any bigger he would look like a 4 yr old!! LOL. This is a current pic.

  3. Adila says

    Ok I don’t know if you know but that pic is from last year..
    is is way bigger now

    Too Cute!

  4. 2kids2many says

    I love Debra. I miss “Will and Grace”. It’s so nice to see her out and about with her son. She needs to have a little girl…with her hair! What a beauty she would be!

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