Miss Britney Continues To Party Hard!

Britney was snapped at a private party thrown by Brandon Davis last night. She looks cute and very celebratory!
Britney Spears

I have been a little shocked and left speechless by Britney’s recent escapades…and haven’t been able to post some of the more revealing images of Miss Britney obviously! I know she is letting off steam, but it seems she is going for a partying world record! Hey…to each their own. I know it must be hard to be under constant scrutiny, but she should have a “handler” of some sort…that protects her from the paparazzi getting unseemly shots and guides her a bit…I don’t know…just thinking out loud!

Jennifer Garner Snaps Out Of Mommy Mode!

Jennifer Garner snapped out of mommy mode for the GQ Men of The Year Awards (Ben is featured in the issue) last night in a Versace dress and gorgeous peep-toe pumps! She looks so amazing! She looks great all the time, but I love her glam look!

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

And it sounds like more babies may be on the way for Ben and Jen! The father of Violet Anne Affleck, who turns 1 on December 1st, says he wants more children with wife Jennifer Garner – though just how many more seems open to discussion.

Ellen DeGeneres, broaching the topic with the 34-year-old actor on Wednesday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, asks: “Will you have more? Should I ask that question?”

Ben’s response: “You know … sure, I would love to.”

“Many? A lot?” DeGeneres wonders aloud, prompting Ben to say, “Okay, let’s back it up there.”

Suggesting, however, that “some people” would want “five or six” kids and would “love to have a large family,” Ellen is told by Ben: “I think I should probably talk to my wife before I talk to you.”