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Happy Halloween! Here’s to the kids being happy with their costumes (no last minute dissatisfaction with the costume already bought resulting in last-minute scrambles to the store), everyone having a safe and happy trick-or-treating, and no children having a candy corn induced sugar-high explosion!



  1. Kary says

    Soon everything is going to be politically correct. In our state I’ve noticed last year that their were no Merry Christmas signs out. They all say Happy Holidays. We were told at out offices not to answer the phone Merry Christmas, we might offend someone. No one has said anything about Halloween but I’m sure it’s coming.

  2. Ms D says

    I agree, it should be up to the parents.

    I think the oddest thing my daughter dealt with was though they haven’t BANNED Halloween parties (yet) at her school, they were told ‘only healthy treats for the party..no candy or sweets.’

    How ridiculous is that? No candy..on HALLOWEEN?? I think they are taking it too far. I mean I know Mcdonalds has gotten blamed for obese kids recently..but as for my own kids, why should I have to go by what they determine to be ‘bad for them’..? If I want to raise a bunch of roly-poly kids (though none of them are at this point) then that’s MY call..why should the schools ruin a fun kids holiday? Way too PC for my taste.

    At times I do miss the ‘old days’..LOL! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. kk_619 says

    Everyone’s costumes for their kids sound really cute. I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween. That makes me really mad the they ban Halloween in some states (I am from BC Canada). I know some people think of it in the sense that it might ‘offend someone’ to celebrate Halloween, but dont you think it offends the rest of us who celebrate Halloween to not have it being celebrated anymore?? Its just ridiculous, I dont know what this world is coming to. Annoys the hell outta me!!!

  4. Minnie says

    I had a baby mouse and a mini husband – he chose it himself “I want to look like daddy” so I made him a teeny tiny pinstripe suite and a briefcase. I guess there’s noting scarier than a tiny little lawyer!

  5. 2kids2many says

    Lisa, the little “character parade” for the little kids sounds really cute! But…for the older kids, I’m sure they weren’t too thrilled. I couldn’t even imagine putting a restriction on Halloween! Our town goes ALL OUT decorating. We even have our own website: http://www.tillson-haunt.com Check it out! Those were last years pictures. This year, it was even MORE spectacular- with (literally) thousands of people flocking our streets to trick or treat. Feel free to visit next Halloween!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Lisa says

    it is in New hampshire

    in Kindergarden they dressed up for Halloween but it had to be a literary character and they brought in their books to share-it was called a character parade

    last year they barred dress up and had the black and orange party and in March or April they had their literacy character parade

    this year same thing

    heavens forbid-let us not offend anyone

  7. PS says

    KellyMay, your kids are so cute! And you are a very pretty girl. You look like a cross between a younger Gina Davis and Jennifer Garner. IMO

  8. PS says

    Halloween is such fun. My kids are grown but I like to have the trick or treaters come to my house. They are so cute.

  9. 2k says

    Banning Halloween? What state is that in? What’s next Christmas! Wow! People take things alittle too seriously sometimes. My kids have been to 7 Halloween Parties this year! They love Halloween!

  10. Suze says

    KellyMay…we haven’t had snow yet (well about 5 minutes worth), but it’s been the coldest, wettest, crappiest October I can remember!!!!

    Here’s to a sunny November!!!

  11. Lisa says

    my daughter is a good witch-with purple glitter and all

    her school has barred Halloween they had a black and orange party (not halloween) and were not allowed costumes

  12. Ms D says

    Happy Halloween!

    And to answer KellyMay’s question..
    My oldest son is going to be a ‘guardian of the abyss’ or something like that (he’s 13) and he’s wearing a robe, a cage-looking mask and carrying a sword…? I don’t quite get it. ๐Ÿ™‚
    My daughter is wearing a costume called ‘double trouble’–split right down the middle, she’s half angel, half devil (she’s 9 1/2)..not much of a costume, really…LOL! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    My youngest son is going as a lion..he’s four and the fourth child in the family (oldest son, nephew, step-nephew, and now him) to wear a costume I made about ten years ago. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Suze says

    Happy Hallowe’en!! My two boys (5&7) are both going as ninjas. It’s a windy day here, hoping the rain holds off for tonight!!

  14. says

    Happy Halloween everyone!!!!

    What are your children going to be?

    For school today my daughter was a princess and my son was a knight! Tonight they are both going as Dracula, I love to dress up with them too so I am going as a victim LOL basically some torn clothes, pale skin with bite marks on me and my hubby is going as a dracula too:) Hope everyone is safe!

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