Reese Witherspoon & Ava Go Shopping

Reese and Ava, 7, enjoyed shopping together on Saturday in Brentwood. Hopefully, Reese and Ryan will have a amicable separation and the kids will be okay. Sadly, Ava is old enough to be quite devastated I would imagine, but obviously both Ryan and Reese are very loving parents.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

Credit to Keystone Press


  1. Tonya says

    Good for Reese for having enough respect for herself for not letting Ryan get away with his cheating ways. It’s a shame too because she was always working so hard on her marriage and he has to go blow it with some floozy no name. I guess her career taking off more than his was too much for him in the long run.

  2. pagal38 says

    It’s so sad To hear about more Divorces ,I Know Going through A Divorce Is Difficult Especially When you Have children, But It seems Like More & More Couples are Opting for Divorce Instead Of trying to work things Out. Noone said Life would be easy,marriage would be easy but theres always the option of getting help & working it out.

  3. Bethany says

    Poor family! I wonder what happened. Reese does look pretty rough, with reason. Ava is a cutie..she is getting so big!

  4. Kary says

    Then Brad and Angelina and Tom and Katie better just stick to having kids and not get married. Celebrity marriages are hard and statistics show they don’t last. Too many issues and hardships and temptations.

  5. Lisa says

    Ben and Jen got married in a shotgun wedding because they were pregnant-the statistics of those type of marriages working coupled with the pressures of Hollywood-I wouldn’t give them too much of a chance

  6. Lolitha says

    I don’t know what to say,Why Reese,Why Ryan,can’t you work it out this was my last fav celebrity couple and now they are separating.okay i’ll just keep my fingers crossed this does not happen to Ben and Jen Affleck.Does this has to do with Reese winning the oscar?I hope they reconcile.can’t i be their marriage counseller.

  7. Alexis says

    Tooooo much stardom and celebritism. Had they lived in a small, private, town in good ol’ USA, who knows, they may have had a chance of making it work.

  8. Tonya says

    I thought that if any couple in Hollywood could make it, it would have been them. It’s so sad to see them split. Those poor kids are probably so upset.

  9. says

    Oh no, this is so sad 🙁 I hope they can reconcile if that will work, they always seemed so happy. My kiddos are the same age as Ava and Deacon, I’m sure if that happened to our family both our children would be devastaed. Wow, it’s amazing how quickly life can change!

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