Madonna With David At Heathrow


Madonna was snapped carrying David through Heathrow airport. I still can’t believe how cute he is!

Madonna and David flew from Heathrow to New York with new sister Lourdes, nine, and five-year-old brother Rocco yesterday.

Madonna will stay in Manhattan for several days filming TV interviews.

Although promoting her children’s book English Roses: Too Good To Be True, the interviews will also focus on David’s controversial adoption.

Madonna will be on NBC’s Today Show today and tomorrow is to film an appearance on Regis & Kelly.

She may also be interviewed by CNN’s Soledad O’Brien on Thursday.



  1. Nicki says

    I agree he is very cute. She is a high profile person, not one of my favorites, but in the spotlight none the less. He is getting used to his new families life. They have spent time together, Guy, Lola and Rocco(who is adorable by the way) and from the few pics I’ve seen, he looks very happy with them.
    And as an adopted child into a family who practices Kabbalah, what should he be subjected to? His dad is a Christian, his Mom was too, and from the little I’ve read about Kabbalah, the basics are Jesus based. Of course he will choose whatever he wants when he is able. I know some people who were raised into what thier parents believed and are now atheists. So I guess we all get to choose when we are older.

    Again, I am not a fan of Madonna, but an open loving heart for any orphan is a good thing. (Yes I know he has a dad living, but he was put into an orphanage for a reason, no, it isn’t a daycare center.)
    Best wishes for David and his new loving family.

  2. nikki says

    OMG David is such a cutie!!! omg I love celebs you adopt !!!
    it makes me all worm inside

  3. AJ Fan says

    I don’t know about all the comments above but I do know he is one cutie. And I hope he is happy.

  4. PS says

    I agree she should take some time off just to get him settled. I don’t think she should hide him away, just get him settled. Plus, spend some time getting to know the child and not cart him around like he’s some kind of trophy.

  5. kk_619 says

    Noni – You say that she should have taken a month off and told the world to ‘just mind their own business’. But yet, when Tom and Katie hide their baby away and tell everyone to mind their own business everyone is pissed at them stating something must be wrong because they are hiding her. I am not trying to be rude at all, I dont like Katie and Tom for hiding her either, I just think its a little hypocritical of you (or anyone on this site) to say that Madonna should be hiding her new baby away for a while to get him settled in (hating her for being out in public with him) but then thinking the complete opposite of someone like Katie and Tom with Suri.

  6. Kelsey says

    You can’t see it in this picture, but in another pic that I saw of Madonna and David, David has a Kabalah (sp?) bracelet around his wrist! I don’t think Madonna should be pressing her religion on him at such an early age! I think David should at least have a say about what religion he practices and at this age he is unable to say whether or not he wants a red bracelet on his wrist! Just my opinion though…:)

  7. litz says

    I am not saying that I agree Madonna should raise any one’s child but if an orphage is the alternative, then let her have him, he looks like he is coping any way.

    Cutie pie though he is

  8. Noni says

    so true 2kids2many!! if she has so many interviews scheduled in such a short amount of time then how much time is that boy going to spend with HER?? she should of taken at least a month or two off, told the rest of the world to keep out of her business and just made him feel settled and secure. imagine the poor thing in front of a million lightbulbs going off all over the place!! horrifying for anyone let alone a small child taken from his familiar surroundings….

  9. 2kids2many says

    (IMO) Why do celebrities always have some BIG newsworthy announcement to make (in their personal lives) when they are promoting something?…all of Katie & Tom’s BIG announcements coincided with movie openings; Britney’s suprise baby name announcement coincided with the release of K-Feds C.D. and now David’s adoption coincides with Madonna promoting her new book??! It makes them look like they have ulterior publicity motives (even though they may not!)

  10. Bethany says

    Yes, I think she should take it easy for a couple of weeks and let little David settle in. At least stay in one house and let him get used to his surroundings. I’m sure he’s having a tough time getting used to all the new people around him and hearing a new language. Jeesh! It’s enough to make an adult crazy, much less an infant!

  11. megan says

    what a whirlwind first week into his new family!! that cute little boy mustn’t know whether he is coming or going!! its a shame if she has just flown there to defend her decision to adopt as that time could of been spent bonding her new family together


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