Katie Holmes & Jada Pinkett-Smith Meet Up At Football Game

Tom and Katie attended one of Connor’s football games in California on October 28th and met up with Jada Pinkett-Smith. Jada has two children with husband, Will Smith and is also a scientologist.

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

I love Katie’s top and ballet flats!

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes



  1. sillygirl says

    Her pregnant tummy did not look right. Especially the one of her coming out the door ( side view of her). Tummy was way to low and stuck out to far. Let get them get married, it won’t last anyways and Tom will end up with Suri just like he did with the ones he had with Nicole. I will never understand how she let her kids go like that. Katie will have big regrets in a year or so when her marriage falls apart and she loses custody of her daughter. It is hard to feel sorry for such a stupid person.

  2. nikki says

    ok i ment GOOD JOB Katie only let pics of Suri out when she cracked so if everyone says it long enuf she`ll crake!
    im so brillient!
    maybe not lol

  3. Annet says

    As long as you are the publics eye, you will always be bad, it is a no win situation, that sweet girl should not read this shit, you guys are too bitter for your own good, go ensnare Brad Pitt, he and Jolie look uncomfortable togather. I tell you you will be famous and you can hide your baby all you want!

  4. anna says

    I think Tom make a mistake by marrying this goldigger with no brains.
    At the soccer game, she was with her parents, her sister, and Tom with his mom, Jada, and his cousin, actor William Mapother (Lost)
    Why? Katie is manipulating him now: do this, do that… I want this, I want that.

    She is not controlled by Tom, that’s what the shitty tabloids tell you and you’re brainwashed by them. that’s the irony. They are not, you are, idiots.

  5. sillygirl says

    I also beleive that she can’t have any friends that are not of her freak/idiots “religion”. I wonder if she can take a poop with out permission from the freak or his leaders. She doesn’t derserve to be a parent. Having a child and then letting it be raised by cult nanny’s is inexcusable. Somebody please call DFYS and turn these parents in for neglect, and Katie to the looney bin for ever getting involved with the freak.

  6. dori says

    I believe I heard jada is a scientologist
    It’s nice to see Katie looking really like her old self in these pictures
    First time she’s not putting ona show for the cameras

  7. Oak Ridge Mom says

    I think it’s so sad that Katie has dropped her old friends, and her life revolves around Tom.

    I wonder if Will and Jada say good things about scientology so as not to upset Tom – they must really like him to overlook the fact that he and Katie are in a cult.

    BTW, Scoop at MSNBC.com has a copy of the traditional scientology wedding vows that Tom and Katie might say at their wedding – the vows are very weird, as we might expect.

  8. Kary says

    To me Katie looks like she has big bones. She probably has to really watch her weight or it could go up quickly. But you’re right Jen, it does depend on what she wears that makes her weight look different.

  9. Jen says

    Katie looks nice and her weight is actually very normal. I guess it all depends on what you wear….sometimes she looks like she lost to much and other times she looks fine.

  10. Noni says

    who cares if they are both worshipping aliens…one cult they are both in is the dark nailpolish cult…..looks cool though, and is that tom sitting between them? he is so short i bet he is just out of shot!! and as for the party at brooke’s house…if it was child friendly enough for brooke’s child katie could of easily asked if suri could of come if she had really wanted her with her…

  11. 2kids2many says

    Personally, I do not like those huge sunglasses, but Katie’s outfit is cute!! Maybe Jada is giving Katie some parenting advise. She always seems to be out and about with her many children. (IMO)

  12. megan says

    that link to the famous scientologists was an eye opener Oak Ridge Mum, and your right they aren’t on the list. I have seen interviews with will were he has said that he finds scientology a ‘brilliant revelation’ etc and i have also seen interviews where jada has admitted she is open minded about scientology and other religions too…perhaps they aren’t full members and i was wrong..sorry…i still think its a cult though..and yes she is allowed non cult friends but it seems only a select few and only ones that bolster her and toms public profile such as the beckhams who are very popular in the uk and europe, just my opinion, but i have read how katies pre-tom friends complain how she has now dropped them because they aren’t scientologists…i’ve read that many times…

  13. Tia says

    I tried to post a link for pics of Katie Holmes attending a charity party at Brook Shields house but it wouldn’t wotk for some reason. but if you want to check it out its on ‘eastnews’ under Katie holmes and Brook Shileds. They gave each other a kiss and Brook was showing katie her baby.

  14. Helen says

    How do you know he is a scientology megan? I google it and there isn’t a prove they’re a scientology. I even checked the list of Scientology celebs and they not in the list.

  15. megan says

    no jada is not a ‘scientology’ anna, i’m not sure if she is a scientologist either, but i know her husband sure is

  16. one of us says

    Jada surely is a Scientologist – Katie would not be able to be out with her if she wasn’t.

  17. megan says

    hmm…. nice pic of two ‘ wives’ of the cult …. i agree that it would be nice to see katie out with her baby sometimes, though perhaps not at a crowed football match.. its good that she supports her stepchildren so often but it does make you wonder how much quality time she does actually spend with her own child…i remember someone once posting that they thought katie had ppd…i think that could very well be likely…. either that or suri is being kept very busy being brainwashed into the alien religon her daddy so fanatically follows….

  18. faithfulangel says

    I would love to see her out with the baby more – I have a little baby that I never leave the house without, even if I”m just popping into the shops – why would you rely so heavily on other people looking after it? Especially with your first? I think Katie is great but I really would like to see them in public even once…

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