Julia Roberts & Family In Morocco

Julia Roberts, who turned 39 on October 28th, spent Sunday with hubby Danny Moder and 23-month-old twins, Finn and Hazel, frolicking on the beaches of Essaouira, Morocco. How exotic! Julia is on location there filming the political drama Charlie Wilson’s War. In the first pic Julia is with Hazel and in the second pic she is with Finn and Danny.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts



  1. grazee says

    julia roberts has more to show to the world! She gets big bucks because SHE IS REALLY A GOOD ACTRESS! THAT’S REALITY!

  2. reez says

    i’l like to congratulate Julia Roberts for having a happy family. she is really gifted with almost every womans hoping to have. she desrve it coz she is a hard worker and honest person. her smile is true and she has a kind heart! Julia keep it up! stay healthy and happy!

  3. Sofiy@h says

    What cutie pies. And to comment #3. It’s not about who kids are better looking. I’d like to see what your kids are going to look like.

  4. hanae says

    she is a good actress.i live in Morocco how ever i have never met her snif may be because she has never been to fez :p lol
    i love her baby with red hair hmm so cute

  5. Miranda says

    Sorry, haven’t been here for a while :)Carleigh, I guess some of the names here in Sweden are pretty similar to the ones in the US. We have names like Miranda, Annie, Sarah, Stella, Hannah, Vanessa, Jessica. More “US-names” are popular here too, like Haley and Milton. 🙂 But I don’t see any of them as old-fashioned. But most old ladies here has names like: “Birgitta, Alma, Alva, Hilda, Hilma(which is popular for babies too, not Birgitta, but the other ones.) But I LOOOVE the names in the US. Haley is so beautiful.

  6. Ben says

    I think “Get over it” is 100% right. Many celebrities live thier lives to a degree consequence free. She outright pursued a married man. Just as Jerry Seinfeld pursued a married woman. It is pure arrogance. The fact that several celebrities did not attend her wedding supports that. On GMA this morning as they are gushing over her wonderful life and accumulated wisdom, at the bottom of the screen is the phrase “America’s Sweetheart.” That ship sailed by 1995.

  7. Jess says

    Got to agree, Hazel is cute-ish , Finn is not so cute! Maybe they ll grow up to be…. who knows , who cares really.

  8. PS says

    Carleigh, are you asking me about old fashioned names in Sweden,or are you asking Miranda? I don’t know anything about Sweden names! But I like Pauline, Mabel, Mary, Kathleen, Evelyn and a few others.

  9. Heather Mills says

    I think Hazel is truly one of the prettiest celebirty babies there are. She has nice wide eyes, and cute blonde hair. I do agree her son isn’t the cutiest child, but he is not ugly. It is not the nicet thing to do judge sweet innocent babies? Julia Roberts is a good actress. But to all those who are juding the babies, and wondering why we are bashing on Julia’s acting abilities is because is simply comes with the profession of acting. But her kids did not chose this, and unless we have something postive to say about them. Then we should not be saying anythng at all. Remember the old saying, “If you have nothing good to say, then do not say anything at all”.

  10. carleigh says

    Hazel is a very old fashioned and not a very typically preferred name here in the US. I do love old fashioned names myself as well like Annabell, Emma, Lydia and there’s a ton more. What kind of names would be considered old fashioned in Sweden PS?

  11. PS says

    Miranda, I would consider Hazel and old fashioned name. You don’t hear that name too often these days and some may consider it “out of date”. Personally, I like old fashioned names such as Claire, Anne, Irma….yes, I said Irma and names like that. I’m not sure about Phinnaeus tho. Can’t say I’ve heard that name and I really don’t know how to pronounce it. Hope this helps you.

  12. Miranda says

    Hey you all 🙂 just want to say that Hazel and Phinnaeus are sooo adorable. (even if there?s people with an other opinion). And I just want to ask you one thing, and I hope I?ll get an answer.:) I?m from Sweden, and in my ears, Hazel sounds like a really sweet name. How is the name in USA? Is it like an old-fashioned name or something? Sorry if you think my question is stupid, but you know it?s a bit hard when you?re from Sweden, cause we have names here that may be old-fashioned but sounds really cute if you?re from USA. Take care, and I would be really happy if some of you answered. =)

  13. Kary says

    Every celebrity has something in their past or some part of their life that they are not proud of. Somebody stole somebodies husband or wife and if they aren’t divorced they are fooling around. They are having kids and adopting kids with no guarantees of sticking together til death do them part. They get the publicity whether it’s good or bad but somebody is going to be remembered no matter what they do. Everybody has their opinion! Some people like Angelina or Julia or Brittany or Kate whoever. But to me all of them are basically the same. They live the celebrity life. And making movies, making babies or making it with someone elses spouse is what they do. It’s called Hollywood.

  14. Olivia says

    Wel ladies, I was an adorable baby, a gawky toddler, a not so beautiful teen, but baby you say wonderful things ABOUT ME NOW WHEN YOU SHOW MY PHOTO’S NO THIS SITE.

  15. Get over it says

    Whoopie freakin la la la.

    How many times was Julia ‘engaged’ to be married before she found the guy she wanted to steal from another woman? She’s a home wrecker who had an affair with a married man. Think of how Danny’s ex, Vera, feels when she sees these pictures and hears everyone say what a nice family Julia has. Vera had a nice family too, before Julia stole it.

  16. PS says

    Why are people basing Julia on her movies? She’s had some flops just like a few other well known celebrities. She’s also had a few good ones. She seems to be a devoted mom. I’m sure she loves her children very much. Is this what this site is……..a beauty contest?

  17. Diana says

    I totally agree Jordyn. Some people are just plain rude on here. Tiffany I would get of your high horse if I were you love. I seem to recall a good few movies that Julia has been in, and may I not forget that she probably has a lot more money, love and happiness in her life than you probably doing being so nasty about her 😉

  18. Jordyn says

    Okay, here’s my thought…. Im amazed at the cruelness here. Cant you see this little toddler looking up at his mom, pointing at who knows what, Julia obviously “engaged” in him…and dad right there with his hands ready to catch him if he trips??? THATS what I see! I dont see a nanny raising them, dragging them along to Target for the 19th time of the week buying them whatever, stressed, and the kids filthy??? Being cruel to a child by calling him ugly shows YOUR character.

  19. Annet says

    That girl- Hazel is never going to be a beauty, I know Julia is not one either but I was suprised her baby is worse than her!

  20. Robin says

    its been 15 years since Pretty Woman and Julia is now Mediocre Woman at best – she is not the looker/’hooker’ she used to be…

  21. Louisianagal says

    I love Julia. I loved her in Pretty Woman. She might not be the most beautiful actress but she’s pretty in a down to earth way. Loved her in Sleeping with the Enemy also.

  22. greens says

    You guys are right. I was reading it wrong.

    First post and big D’uh! to me.

    Way to make a good 1st impression!

  23. Ms D says

    I looked at the pictures on People..I noticed it said she was there with her husband and twins Finn and Hazel (not pictured)..couldn’t it be that they meant that HAZEL wasn’t pictured in that shot? She wasn’t in the picture that they showed (just like the one I saw here)..

    Not that I really care, but I do have to wonder who the kid is if it’s not hers? :-/

  24. greens says

    The second photo with the red headed boy is NOT Julia’s son. These pics are taken off of People magazines web site and they clearly say that.

  25. Ms D says

    Nice to see at least one of her twins got Julia’s red hair! 😉

    Also always nice to see them happy and out and about.

  26. Bethany says

    I think Julia is very pretty, and baby Hazel is a cutie, too. I think she’ll be very pretty when she grows up. Finn’s hair is a pretty color, but not too fond of the long hair on boys.

  27. Bethany says

    I think Hazel is cute, but I’ll bet she’ll be a real beauty when she gets older! Julia is pretty, too. I like Finn’s red hair, but again, not fond of long hair on boys.

  28. Essie says

    It’s evil to call a baby ugly!! Really evil!!

    Julia and her husband look so happy. It’s wonderful the family are all together while Julia is working. Not good to be apart too long in show business!!!

  29. AnotherMama says

    A super looking family! They look happy and healthy! Wow look at his red hair – I bet they get lots of comments about that. Very cute!

  30. carleigh says

    Julia is a great actress, though she has had a few stinkers in there occasionally (Mary Riley, Mona Lisa Smiles) to name a few. Her kids are cuties! Love Finn’s red hair and Hazel is just sssssooooo precious! Her hubby ain’t bad either..lol (wink*)

  31. says

    I love his hair!!! I think Julia is beautiful, I feel in love with her acting when I first saw Pretty woman 🙂

    Oh way to sad about Reese and Ryan 🙁 🙁 🙁

  32. sarah says

    sorry tiffany i have to disagree, imo i think she is a beautiful woman (but beauty is in the eye of the beholder i suppose), her children are cute. her little girl is adorable. A nice family.

  33. Tiffany says

    Sorry folks, but I don’t think those kids are cute at all and I rarely ever say that about kids and I don’t see what all the hooplah is about Julia. I never have thought she was anywhere near pretty. She has a mouth like a monkey and big, weird looking eyes and she is not a good actress. Danny wouldn’t have ever split with his ex wife if Julia had worked at McDonalds. The only thing she’s got going for her is big bucks.

  34. Diana says

    Gracelyn – that is very sad, I thought they had a very solid marriage. Very sad. These two children of Julia’s are gorgeous! 😉

  35. gracelyn says

    This doesnt have anything to do with this topic, but it is definately confirimed that Reese Witherspoon & Ryan Phillippe are getting a divorce although they have not filed the papers just yet.

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