Has Girls-Only Fun Come To An End For Katie Holmes & Posh?

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

This is probably just completely fabricated silly fluff, but I thought it was interesting!

Posh said of her time in Paris: “I had so much fun with Katie. She is very tall though – I did feel like a bit of a midget.”

But the love-fest may have come to a dramatic halt over a couple of petty disagreements between fashionista Vic, 32, and actress Katie, 27.

A close pal tells us Katie isn’t best pleased after super-skinny Victoria suggested she shed a few more pounds before her big day. Posh, who has been plagued by rumours of eating disorders (which she strenuously denies), wants to help the actress get in tip-top shape for her nuptials.

We’re told: “Victoria didn’t mean any harm, she just wanted to help Katie look her best for her big day. She offered to share her diet secrets but Katie immediately got defensive, saying she didn’t need any advice.

“Katie is really proud of the weight she’s managed to lose since giving birth to Suri in April and she doesn’t think she has to lose any more.”

Victoria also recommended Katie take her man to a barber’s to get his floppy mop chopped before 18 November, when the couple will marry at a secret location.

The pal went on: “Vic pointed out that Katie will have to live with his hair in the wedding photos for the rest of her life. She recommended Katie ask Tom to get a new, fashionable haircut like David.”



  1. carleigh says

    I do not like POSH at all. I think she’s a complete flake and total fake. She amplifies all things plastic and fake from her tits to her bony ass body..I don’t like her. Maybe if she stopped trying to look like a starving supermodel (which she is NOT…she’s not attractive enough) and more like a real human being people wouldn’t dislike her so much. I just think she is a disgusting fake wanna be plastic bitch!

  2. megan says

    i just have to ask…does anyone on this site think of victoria as ‘beautiful’ or is it just me that thinks she looks like a miserable, bony, average looking girl with lots of money?

  3. says

    I LOVE KATIE she is so pretty and classy. As for Spice ya it would kill her to smile she doesn’t have to smile she has that sexy animal look going on!!! LMAO. Pretty fuuny I agree. Spice needs to get over herself and go eat something.

  4. Anna says

    Lola, Katie has been out and about with her family t her mum, dad, and sisters on saturday 28/10/06 first for tom cruise’s son football game and shopping with her sisters. You can check out the pictures at Katieholmes.com

  5. lola says

    Why do we never see katie with her family? Surely if a girl is planning her wedding day ( and I believe she has sisters) you would be doing it with your mum and sisters? Also, is she ever with Suri?

  6. megan says

    spot on carleigh!! victoria tries to kid the world that she doesn’t have an eating disorder when in actual fact she is only kidding herself.

  7. Ms D says

    Though I don’t like Tom and Katie, I still think Victoria has a heck of a lot of nerve tossing out ‘advice’ like that..IF IT’S TRUE….

  8. Bethany says

    I think Victoria has had her mouth open so much that her lips won’t shut anymore! Too much opening wide for the toilet…

  9. Lolitha says

    Is Vic Serious.David also had a mop of hair when they married back then they were also not fashionistas.I guess shes talking from experience that she might not be looking at those wedding pics of hairs(satire).

  10. carleigh says

    I wonder if Posh took Katie to the loo to show her a demonstration of her diet plan: bend over like so, insert finger and BBBBBBLAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! Nasty, who is this skeletal bitch for putting the anorexia notion into Katie’s head…Posh needs to put something in her mouth besides her fingers. Katie looks fine the way she is and I hope she told Posh to BUG OFF in the american way!

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